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Singapore Fling


Singapore Air not only has to its advantage a great economy class section, but also Singapore itself. Even if your travel plans take you elsewhere in Asia, a long stopover in Singapore lends the perfect opportunity to stretch both body and mind.Though Singapore is a (relatively) small citystate that's big on stuff to do, and you really cannot do it in a day, Singapore's sparkling airport amenities make it possible to do a 24-hour vacation-within-a-vacation day that's perfectly paced for anybody.I was just slightly chagrined, especially as a fellow traveler on our Singapore-bound flight raved about the jewelry treasures to be found at [Mustafa]. However, as the bus dropped off other travelers at the city's iconic Singapore Flier Ferris Wheel, my friend (who has done numerous stopovers in Singapore en route to India) assured me Orchard road was really just a larger version of Rodeo Drive.

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