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                                                                                                         Special Feature:
                                                                         Trade vs. Road Shows
                                                           By Toni McQuilken                             shows tend to draw significant numbers          educational opportunities for attendees.
                                                           The debate in recent years has grown          of attendees from around the country or         We might host an event to help customers
                                                           by leaps and bounds, helped along by a        globe, making them ideal for showing            adopt environmentally-friendly technol-
                                                           struggling economy that has everyone          products to many people from one loca-          ogy and business practices, facilitate the
                                                           looking for ways to save on costs and         tion. Road shows are much more focused          migration to digital book printing or tran-
                                                           maximize return on investment. What           on attendees who are interested in a spe-       sition from print provider to integrated
                                                           is that debate? Trade shows versus road       cific subset of the market, i.e., workflow or   marketing services provider. Customers
                                                           shows—the large-scale events where            digital printing, and generally come from       enjoy an opportunity to learn more about
                                                           everyone brings their best and biggest,       a defined geographic area. Road shows           the technologies and solutions available
                                                           or the smaller scale events that go to the    often are put on by a single company, cre-      to help them solve their business issues.
                                                           users, and feature just a single company.     ating unique opportunities to meet with         What’s more, they can experience the lat-
                                                           Printing News asked a few industry play-      defined customers and prospects about           est hardware and workflow technologies
                                                           ers to weigh in on their thoughts when        defined topics, products and solutions.         and meet with Océ product and technol-
                                                           it comes to which is more effective and       Road shows are good for creating person-        ogy experts, who are on hand to address
                                                           what they plan to look for in the future.     alized experiences for each attendee.           customer needs, answer questions and
                                                                                                                                                         run demos.
                                                           The participants are: Simone Wilker,          KK: We view the primary difference as
                                                           owner, AlphaGraphics of Paramus, N.J.;        being that a road show is driven by a           PN: What are the primary benefits of a
                                                           Scot Draeger, manager of product strat-       manufacturer with a specific direction,         trade show?
                                                           egy, HP Exstream; Jeff Hayzlett, former       while a trade show has a broader purpose
                                                           chief marketing officer and vice president,   and brings together a wider spectrum of         SW: The primary benefit of a trade show
                                                           Kodak; Kevin Kern, senior vice president,     attendees. While a road show is orches-         is to expose the capabilities of the par-
                                                           marketing, Konica Minolta Business            trated entirely by a manufacturer, the          ticipating vendors to a large number of
                                                           Solutions U.S.A.; and Sheryl Pattek, vice     trade show brings many different compa-         potential buyers. The vendors are able
                                                           president of marketing services, Océ USA.     nies and audiences together.                    to showcase their wares. Buyers learn
                                                                                                                                                         first-hand how vendors can benefit their
                                                           PN: In your mind, what is the difference      SP: A trade show is typically a large           company and buyers can compare the
                                                           between a trade and road show?                event hosted at a central location where        offerings easily.
PRINTING NEWS, MONDAY, May 31, 2010 www.printingnews.com

                                                                                                         multiple vendors come to demonstrate
                                                           SW: The difference between a trade show       their goods and services. Alternately,          SD: Visibility to a targeted audience,
                                                           and a road show is the size of the show,      whether it’s an event hosted in a hotel,        the ability to engage with many custom-
                                                           which in turn determines the venue of the     at a demo room or a truck that takes            ers/prospects/press/analysts in a short
                                                           show. I think of the trade show as being      products on the road, a road show is            time period; the ability to see what
                                                           very large and the road show as being         an event that showcases a company’s             competitors are showing/doing; and
                                                           smaller and more intimate.                    products and services on a more personal        generating awareness through all of
                                                                                                         basis, to smaller groups in a more inti-        the trade show activities, programs and
                                                           SD: A trade show is where you go to one       mate setting. Both events are intended to       marketing vehicles plus educate people
                                                           location for several days with the idea you   accomplish similar objectives, whether          about your solution.
                                                           are going to have a lot of people walk by     it’s creating brand awareness, launching
                                                           your booth and it is up to you to entice      a new product, developing new business          JH: Trade shows offer 
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