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A. "I see a number of different formats out there. Typically I see fire alarm in buildings and grounds of the maintenance department. It's kind of a service-oriented life safety device so it's kept over in that department. Security and cameras and access control, since they're becoming more network based, is migrating over to the IT department.

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                                 can’t do it without you. Be clear about what you              tion and recommendations is key to making
                                 need from them, the requirements of the system                sure your needs are understood and keeping
                                 and be very specific and accurate about the so-                your services relevant. Familiarize yourself with
                                 lution’s impact on a network. Create a compre-                IT terminology and basic network topology and
                                 hensive checklist that outlines everything you will           present your solution using terms that IT will
                                 need and give them plenty of time to react. (For              understand. Rather than saying you’re going to
                                 example, don’t wait until you’re on site to ask for           install a 3.2 megapixel camera, tell them how
                                 an IP address.) And be sure to present your solu-             much bandwidth you need so they can quantify
                                 tion as a business system and not simply equip-               the load to the network. And if there’s something
                                 ment, box, camera or device.                                  you don’t know, don’t fake it. Keep your cred-
                                                                                               ibility and professionalism high by working to-
                                 Come prepared with suggestions                                gether with IT to figure it out instead.
                                   Anticipate IT concerns with your solution and
                                 come prepared with ways to resolve those is-
                                 sues. For example, bandwidth is often a concern                                 Keith Deming is the director of IT at 3VR
                                 for already constrained networks. Determine if                                  Security Inc. 3VR is s global leader in
                                 video content will need to travel over the WAN
                                                                                                                 Intelligent Surveillance and Search,
                                 or the LAN and have recommendations to help
                                 ease the burden of the traffic increase.                                         working together with physical security
                                                                                                                 integrators to offer a faster, more reliable
                                 Speak in their language                                       and less expensive way to fight crime, ensure people’s safety
                                    The way you communicate about your solu-                   and improve business efficiency. Learn more at

FOCUS                                                                                                    By Natalia Kosk
              Getting in touch with the right school contact makes it work
        This month we went straight to the integrators to ask them               is migrating over to the IT department. But I’ve seen building
      the following questions:                                                   and grounds handle it all and I’ve also seen IT handle it all and
                                                                                 I’ve seen a combination of both so I don’t see a cut and dry way

      Q.      How should an integrator approach an installation for a school
              environment? Who is an integrator’s primary contact and
      what is the relationship between the integrator and that source?
                                                                                 of how that is handled. There are a lot of school districts—the
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