Education Funding Blueprint Plan

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educatioS FUNDING                         By Natalia Kosk

 Education Funding Blueprint Plan
 Opportunities do exist but knowing how to take advantage
 of additional funding is the trick

           A            lmost 17 months has passed since the na-
                     tion first started feeling the hard impact of
                     the recession (though others may confirm
           that they’ve been feeling the impact of the recession
                                                                        for, $275 billion was set aside specifically for con-
                                                                        tracts, grants and loans, according to the U.S. Trea-
                                                                        sury, Federal Agency Financial and Activity Reports.
                                                                        Of that $275 billion amount, $105 billion in funds
           since way before than), and the road to recovery con-        has already been paid out.
           tinues to be a struggle for many. The number of fami-           The ARRA, Recovery Act provided approximately
           lies that lost homes to foreclosures only continued to       $100 billion to the U.S. Department of Education
           grow. The country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)             with the initial goal of delivering emergency educa-
           was falling at an unbelievably fast rate. Hundreds           tion funding to States. Over $67 billion in formula
           of thousands of jobs were being lost each month.             grants were awarded as of September 30th, 2009.
           Less than one month after taking office, President               On February 1, 2010, President Obama released
           Barack Obama enacted the American Recovery and               his Fiscal Year 2011 Budget for the U.S. Department
                              Reinvestment Act (ARRA), a recov-         of Education, in which he proposed two key aspects
                              ery package that in essence helped        that would affect the education sector:
                              the country get back on its feet.              Increase funding for the Department of Home-
                                  And with the ARRA came oppor-              land Security: the Budget provides $44 billion –
                              tunities for funding across many               nearly a $1 billion dollar increase over the 2010
                              sectors, including education. Fund-            enacted level – for the Department of Home-
                              ing can clearly be a struggle for              land Security (DHS).
                              most but the education space, de-              Reform elementary and secondary school funding
                              spite the obstacles that the econo-            by setting high standards, encouraging innova-
                              my has faced and in part overcome,             tion, and rewarding success: the budget provides
                              has improved and holds a number                a $3 billion increase in funding for K-12 education
                              of opportunities. Additionally, it is          programs authorized in the ESEA, including $900
                              essential for any school to under-             million for School Turnaround Grants, and the Ad-
                              stand that funding is available but            ministration will request up to $1 billion in addi-
                              it is not going to be handed to you.           tional funding if Congress successfully completes
                              Whether K-12 or at the college                 ESEA reauthorization. Together, these measures
                              or university level, it is up to the           would represent the largest funding increase for
                              school to use the resources it has             K-12 ESEA programs ever requested. 
                              available to go out and take advan-          So how does all of this affect the security of our
                              tage of what funding is available in      nations schools? Although there are not any fed-
                              education.                                eral grants or grant programs specifically for those
                                  “There are millions of dollars that   schools looking to get some sort of security sys-
                              are available from federal, state and     tem in place, there are programs available to cre-
                              local governments,” confirmed Pat-         ate awareness in schools that an emergency effective
                              rick Fiel, public s
Description: The education experience, once you're on the campus, is about ease of movement in the campus, and most K-12 environments are going to be a large single building, especially in a grade school," explained [Chris Kieta]. "It is typically intelligent video and in many cases IP based video systems; not a lot of card readers in this space but the programs that are being rolled out are typically district-wide.
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