Migrating to IP- Infinova's V1770 high definition (HD) 360 continuous rotation megapixel IP PTZ dome camera with 1.3 megapixel resolution provides high-definition video output as both an IP and an analog YPbPr signal and delivers 30fps with an 18x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom. The camera leverages a 1.3-megapixel progressive-scan CCD. Visit www. 156.

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									PRODUCTSHOWCASE                                          Megapixel Cameras

                               Longest Range Active Infrared—Bosch                  Dual Mode and HD—The
                               Security Systems announced a new configuration        AV2805 1080p camera from
                               for the GVS1000, billed as the industry’s longest-   Arecont Vision operates
                               range active-infrared system, facilitating easier    in full HD Mode, provid-
                               integration with Bosch head-end solutions. With      ing full high-definition
                               support for Bosch’s Bi-Phase protocol, customers     (HD) video with 1920 x
                               can now control the GVS1000 with the Divar,          1080 pixels (2.07 megapix- els) at 30fps.
                               DiBos series of digital recorders, as well as the    Available in color, day/night and color auto-iris
Bosch video management and VIDOS systems. The GVS1000 uses two sets of              versions, users can digitally pan, tilt and zoom
active infrared illuminators for both long and medium-to-short range nighttime      live with multiple zoom windows while recording
imaging. Visit 150.                          the full field-of-view in full HD 1080p. Post-event
                                                                                    forensic zooming is also possible from archives to
Automatic Camera Configuration—The autoIP™ network                                  extract recorded details. Visit www.securityin-
camera series by GVI Security provides high quality, 1.3                   155.
megapixel resolution video in the demanding light
conditions and is compatible with the autoIP                                        Migrating to IP—Infinova’s V1770
open platform video management software for                                         high definition (HD) 360 continu-
quick plug-and-play installations.  ONVIF com-                                      ous rotation megapixel IP PTZ
pliant, additional features of the camera series                                    dome camera with 1.3 megapixel
include a 1/3-inch CCD progressive scan image sensor, IR cut filter and Wide         resolution provides high-defini-
Dynamic Range capability. H.264 compression retains the high video quality          tion video output as both an IP
at a low data rate. Visit 151.               and an analog YPbPr signal and
                                                                                    delivers 30fps with an 18x optical
                Mini Indoor Network Dome Camera—Compact,                            zoom and 12x digital zoom.  The camera leverages
                powerful and surprisingly affordable, the Sarix IM                  a 1.3-megapixel progressive-scan CCD. Visit www.
                Series is the latest offering in the Pelco product fam-    156.
                ily. The IM Series packs the most popular features
                and functionality of Sarix technology into a discreet                                 Performance Upgrade—
               and value-driven indoor dome enclosure. Available in                                    Vicon Industries introduced
            high-definition 1.3 megapixel or standard-definition 0.5                                     a new camera module within
          megapixel models, the IM Series delivers high image quality,                                 its low-cost line of 4.5-inch
H.264 compression, consistent color science, built-in analytics and more.                             fixed camera domes. Several
Visit 152.                                                    new features and improved per-
                                                                                                   formance specifications include:
Easy Way to Focus IP—ToteVision’s MD-700                                                         digital noise reduction; better
is a fully functional Windows-embedded mobile                                       dynamic range and 560 TVL resolution; a joy-
PC designed to focus and position IP-based                                          stick-controlled, on-screen menu system replac-
network cameras. This custom security camera                                  
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