Producing DSLR Time Lapses With the Pclix LT Intervalometer by ProQuest


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                                                             Producing DSLR Time Lapses
                                                             With the Pclix LT Intervalometer
                                                             David Himot

                                                             The Pclix LT intervalometer

                                                             with many types of cameras, not just DSLRs. Its infrared
                                                             LED can be programmed to trigger any camera that
                                                             has an infrared sensor, including Canon PowerShots,
                                                             Nikon, Olympus, and Pentax cameras. It can also trigger
                                                             a camera by connecting the correct shutter release cable
                                                             to your camera (sold separately). For a complete list of
                                                             supported cameras, go to
                                                                With the custom shutter release, the Pclix LT can
                                                             control almost all DSLRs. The device runs on a pair of
                                                             AAA batteries. The batteries can continually trigger the
                                                             camera for a week, many times longer, before needing
                                                             to be changed. If you have projects that may last
                                                             longer, Pclix offers an AC/DC transformer that can

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                                                             be purchased separately.
                                                                Getting started with the Pclix was a bit confusing.
                                                             It has a very basic interface, by design. There is an
                                                             on/off switch, two program dials, two LEDs, and a
                                                             shutter release button. At first, this is a little disarming.
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