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Sonnet Qio High-Speed File Transport Center by ProQuest


Sonnet Qio High-Speed File Transport Center is reviewed.

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									in the
                                                                Sonnet Qio High-Speed
                                                                File Transport Center
                                                                Anthony Burokas

                                                                           Sonnet’s Qio

                                                                            spoke with the Sonnet engineers, they explained
                                                                            that it took quite a bit longer than they
                                                                            expected to achieve the lofty engineering goals
                                                                            they had set for themselves. But unlike with
                                                                            RED and other beta hardware, they wanted to
                                                                            make it right before releasing it. My testing has
                                                                            shown that the Qio does what it says it does. In
                                                                            this case, that alone is sort of a marvel because
                                                                            it does a heck of a lot.
                                                                               The Qio is a diminutive box that seems to be
                                                                            nothing more than a glorified media card

l     aptops are an interesting breed. With today’s chips,
      they do things that required a desktop just a year ago.
      But laptops have always had limited expandability.
Over the years, companies such as Magma have offered
PCMCIA and PCI expansion to an external PCI box, and
                                                                reader. If I can get a 45-in-one for $20 at the local
                                                                electronics store, how could the Qio possibly cost $999?
                                                                The answer lies in the engineering that doesn’t just give
                                                                you a media card reader but actually extends the PCI
                                                                Express bus out of the computer and puts it inside the
those solutions have limited success for those who need         Qio box. Sure, you could connect any and all flash media
that functionality. But the onus is on you to fill the          simultaneously and copy all of them to a hard drive
expansion box with the solutions you need to make               simultaneously (limited to a total aggregate bandwidth
everything work together.                                       of 250MB/sec.), but the Qio offers even more than that.
  Today, digital video and still cameras all use flash media,      The slots on the front of the Qio are labeled with the
and 32GB chips are readily available. That’s a lot of data      most appropriate professional flash media: ExpressCard
to move. But data offload and transfer is a constant of the     slots are labeled “SxS,” PC Card slots are labeled “P2,”
tapeless live production workflow, and fast and efficient       and the CompactFlash (CF) card slots are labeled, well,
transfer capability is essential to doing the job. The speed    “CompactFlash.” However, they really are fully available
attained with eSATA is several times that of current USB        for any type of interface card you want to use. For
and FireWire solutions. Lastly, the typical file sizes of       instance, if you wanted to add multiple FireWire busses
both stills and video continue to g
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