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									                                                                                                   by Debra Thompson

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Can Your Team
Compete in the New
          here are some signs that the economy has begun          “We must remember that it’s not the numbers that drive the
          to recover. The real question is: Will you be ready   people, but the people and team that drive the numbers…to
          to take market-share when the economy really          build a strong organization, you must build your core founda-
          does start to turn up?                                tion—consisting of your people and team. Without a strong
  If you haven’t been reevaluating every aspect of your         core, you’ll have weak energy, weak performance, and weak
business during the last year or so, you had better get         results.”
moving now. This recession was very different than any            —Jon Gordon, author of “The Energy Bus”
we have ever had. In the past when the economy would
turn up, we could go back to business as usual and pretty         “Those who build great companies understand that the
much continue where we left off. This time when the             ultimate throttle on growth for any great company is not mar-
economy turns up, there will be no business as usual.           ket, or technology, or competition, or products. It is one thing
  The structural change that has taken place over the last      above all others: the ability to get and keep enough of the right
couple of years has permanently changed the landscape of        people.”
business. The supply chain has changed, relationships are         —Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great”
different, vendors have consolidated, outsourcing versus
doing more in-house is a concern, and more automation             “Companies that manage people right will outperform com-
is necessary. Many of you have seen your customers disap-       panies that don’t by 30 to 40%.”
pear or consolidate. Also recognize that your customer’s          —Harvard Business Review
customers have changed too. Figuring out who your next
competitor will be is even scarier. It may not be the printer     “A competent, stable, well led workforce is critical to gain a
down the block, but may be a new online source offering         competitive advantage.”
lower cost and faster response.                                   —Debra Thompson, co-author of “No More Rotten
  In addition to all the external changes that have taken       Eggs”
place, many of you have made internal changes to help
weather the storm. You cut staff, or wages, or hours, or        Only Good Eggs Need Apply
all of the above. You worked hard to reduce operating             Below is a mini-check list I recommend you use today
expenses wherever possible, held back on equipment or           to ensure you are ready to thrive as the market turns up:
technology purchases, and just hunkered down in the               Review your vision and mission statement along with
hope that the recovery would soon sweep you up again.           your strategies to make sure they reflect the structural
The bottom line is that you may have helped your com-           changes that have taken place. If you went through seri-
pany survive, but you may have injured its ability to           ous decline, it may be because your old vision was outdat-
thrive in the future.                                           ed. As Jim Collins p
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