; Case of Legislation, Part 4
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Case of Legislation, Part 4


The customer wants to give a printer garbage files and have the printer fix them. Many printers consistently do this. What the customer needs, however, is for someone to train them to prepare the file for printing so that the job can be produced faster. Most printers won't do this, fearing they cannot tell customer what to do. But if we don't, then we eventually will lose the job to a printer who can do it faster. How can they do it faster?

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									                                                                                                   by Tom Crouser

       case                  study

Case of Legislation,
Part 4
         eaders lead. They do this partly by legislating      tralize in order to conserve their time so more patients
         standards without being rude, crude, or unat-        could be treated. Had they not done that, seeing a doc-
         tractive. The leader formulates a series of real-    tor today would be far less convenient, for getting an
         istic expectations that they hold themselves up      appointment would take much longer. How did they
to as well as other members of the team. This includes        accomplish the change? Doctors legislated that patients
the hours when people work, what they do when they            should visit them if they wanted to be seen right away.
work, skills they must possess, and when they take vaca-      House calls were available, but took longer. Overall,
tion. They take the fear, uncertainty, and doubt out of       consumers chose the quicker office visits.
the workplace. They let workers know what is expected           Wants and needs. Customers always choose fulfilling
of them, what their job is, where they fit in, how they       their needs over their wants in the long run. What does
are doing, and how they are being paid as well as how to      this have to do with legislation? If you want gas, then
get ahead. But that’s not all. Legislating and enforcing      pump it yourself. If you need to see the doctor, come to
standards goes beyond workers. It includes customers          the office.
as well.
  No business in the world can always do what the cus-        Legislating Change
tomer wants any more than you can always do what                What does this have to do with printing? Most still
your teenager wants you to do. All businesses, as well        cheerfully stick to the fiction that they give such great
as parents, must deal with what is needed; not what is        customer service, the customer will never leave. We
wanted.                                                       dismiss the VistaPrints of the world, much like the
                                                              neighborhood gas station owner dismissed the threat
Choosing to Change                                            from convenience stores. And we, too, will go by the
  Customers need for you to satisfy their needs with as       wayside unless we deal with what customers need, not
little waste as possible. Because of that, we innovate.       what they want.
However, innovation isn’t always what the customer              Customers need a price and we want to give them a
wants at the time it happens. But since it deals with         perfect price, so we estimate it by putting it in a stack
what they need, successful innovation looks brilliant in      and getting back to them later. It has been measured, in
hindsight.                                                    my experience, that the closing rate drops dramatically
  For instance, at one time, many wanted someone to           when we wait overnight to return a price to
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