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									                                             N E W S O F T H E Q U I C K P R I N T I N G I N D U S T R Y AT A G L A N C E

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 “Without a solid bro-                    20, 2010 at the                              Print Oasis 2010 Print Buyers
chure for your company,                   IRgA Convention                              Conference & Exhibit
product, or service, you                  in Palm Springs,                             July 19-20
                                          CA. Bosworth cur-                            Washington, DC
are at a disadvantage in                  rently serves as the              
your inquiry fulfillment                  president of Rep-
and sales effort.”                        roMAX.                                       Franchise Services Conference
                                           directory.myprint-                          San Antonio, TX
  Author Robert W. Bly in                                   July 21-25
                                                                 RICK BOSWORTH
         Target Marketing                    file/10006071                   

                                            AMERICAN Thermoplastic Compa-              The Bennett Group MIEBA Program
worked more than 16 years in the          ny received three awards in the 2010         August 9-14
graphic arts industry.                    Binding Industries Association Prod-         Rochester, NY    uct of Excellence competition, includ-
                                          ing the top awards for both multi-col-
  VINCENT GI-                             or screen-printing and digital print-        Mutoh Hands on School of Wrap
ANNETTI was                               ing of loose-leaf products. ATC won          Basic & Intermediate
recently named di-                        the Product of Excellence Award for          August 16-17
rector of envelope                        digital printing of plastic loose-leaf       Mutoh Hands on School of Wrap,
operations for Mo-   
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