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									                 Role:                                       Human Resources Assistant
                                                             (Undergraduate Student Placement)

                 Directorate:                                Chief Executive

                 Salary Band:
                 Post reference:                             XXX

                 Role statement of purpose:                  To provide comprehensive learning experience for
                                                             an undergraduate student part way through a formal
                                                             HR or business related degree course. The role will
                                                             give the post holder a strong grounding in HR
                                                             employment practice.     The post holder will be
                                                             directly assisting the Human Resources team in
                                                             delivering a high level service to the management
                                                             and employees of GMPTE

                 Reports to:                                 Human Resources Business Delivery Manager

                 Key Role Outputs(KROs)                      Key Actions
                 these set out what must be achieved for     These set out how the KROs will be achieved – the activities required.
                 the post holder to be successful in the
    1.           Effective understanding of                          Prepare and distribute associated letters and
                 how      the      organisations                      information packs
                 administration operates within                      Receive and process completed applications
                 the Recruitment and Induction                        ready for short listing
                 process      using    standard                      Arrange Interviews
                 documentation                                       To sit on interview panels of suitable roles
                                                                      relevant to grading
                                                                     Complete internal paperwork and update
                                                                      Human Resource records accordingly
                                                                     Post vacancy adverts and arrange interviews
                                                                      as required
                                                                     Production of new starter letter and standard
                                                                      terms and conditions as requested by the
                                                                      Human      Resources      Business    Delivery
                                                                     Collation of new starter pack
                                                                     To send and chase references passing to the
                                                                      Human      Resources      Business    Delivery
                                                                      Partners for review
                                                                     Prepare personnel and induction files for new
                                                                     Identify and implement all requirements for
                                                                      new staff such that they have the facilities to
                                                                      commence work on their first day
                                                                     Provide relevant departmental induction
                                                                      orientation,   information   and   procedural
    2.           Accurate and timely Data input                      Set up employee and none employee records
                                                                     Enter any changes as required after receipt of
                                                                      the change request form from the Human
                                                                      Resources Business Delivery Partners
                                                                     Enter leaver details in good time for payroll
                                                                      cut off.
                                                                     Understand and observe all data check and
                                                                      control activity as required
                                                                     Awareness, understanding and active support
                                                                      of the Data Protection Policy
                                                                     Ensure data entry is accurate and complete
                                                                     Ensure all Human Resources annual leave
                                                                      and sickness absence is accurately recorded
    3.           Competently     specify   the                       Produce correspondence relating to changes
                 Human               Resources                        in employment including:
                 administration of the "life                              o Change to hours
                 cycle" of employees                                      o Change to pay
                                                                          o Change of name
                                                                          o Home address
                                                                          o Change to job title
    4.           All personnel files are created                     Create employee and none employee
                 and maintained In accordance                         personnel files
                 with the policy                                     File documents in the personnel file within
                                                                      agreed timescales
                                                                     To archive files as requested
                                                                     To retrieve files as requested
    5.           To have an awareness of all                         Spreadsheets include
                 KPI      (Key     Performance                            o Corporate Induction
                 Indicators) and ensure that                              o Probation Periods
                 data     spreadsheets     held
                 outside the Human Resources
                 system are up to date
    6.           All Learning and Development                        Attendees      receive   appropriate   joining
                 training      events       are                       instructions
                 administrated effectively                           Trainers receive appropriate delegate lists
                                                                      and joining Instructions
                                                                     Training evaluation forms are collated
                                                                     Facilities for training events are booked to
                                                                      include training equipment

    7.           Leavers                                             Send standard confirmation of termination of
                                                                      employment forms as result of receiving letter
                                                                      of resignation or confirmation of end of fixed
                                                                      term contract from Human Resources
                                                                      Business Delivery Partners
                                                                     Ensure exit interviews take place and that
                                                                      appropriate documentation is reviewed for
                                                                     Effective communication of leavers to payroll
                                                                      and pensions teams
                                                                     Leaver details entered onto the system
                                                                     Letter sent out to employee
                                                                         Ensure passes and equipment are returned

    8.           Have a clear appreciation of                            To     undertake      the    preparation    of
                 the     Administration       &                           documentation with regard to Occupational
                 management        of       the                           Health referrals
                 Occupational Health service at                          To produce reports and information on
                 GMPTE                                                    absence management case work
                                                                         To collate and produce documentation for
                                                                          possible     retirement   and    security   of
                                                                          employment processes
                                                                         To ensure appointments are made according
                                                                          to procedure
                                                                         To attend welfare meetings as required
                                                                         Act as a liaison between employees and OH,
                                                                          arranging appointments and counselling
                                                                          when required.
                                                                         Collate     background      information    for
                                                                          appointments and produce assessment
                                                                          reports to managers.
    9.           Effective team working with                             Excellent communication with team members
                 Human Resources Business                                 and business partners (Human Resources
                 Delivery Managers, Human                                 Business Delivery Partners and Payroll and
                 Resources Business Delivery                              Pension Teams)
                 Partners and the Payroll &                              Highlighting concerns about requests
                 Pensions Team.                                          Working in partnership with the HRPB's to
                                                                          provide a "seamless" service to all customers
    10.          To administer procedures and                            Disciplinary Procedure
                 produce         documentation,                          Grievance Procedure
                 including note taking at                                Capability Procedure
                 meetings and hearings, in                               Absence Management Procedure
                 accordance with legislation                             Other as relevant
                 using high quality word
                 processing skills

   In addition to the above the following Key Skills learning areas are deemed important in developing a
   fully rounded HR professional:

    11.          Disciplinary and Grievance                              Ensure compliance to GMPTE Disciplinary
                 issues managed appropriately                              and Grievance policy and process.
                                                                         Advise managers as required ensuring full
                                                                          understanding and implications of decisions
                                                                          they make.
                                                                         Effective administration of Disciplinary and
                                                                          Grievance issues including filing
    12.          Cost effective and sensitive                            Ensure     excellent      communication     as
                 management of organisational                             appropriate at times of organisation change
                 change                                                  Support and coach managers throughout their
                                                                          management of "difficult" conversations.
                                                                         Effective application of GMPTE Human
                                                                          Resource policy and process.

    13.          Active       project   based                        Ensuring statutory, regulatory and policy
                 contribution        to   the                         obligations are met and best practice identified
                 development of the Human                             and applied
                 Resource function in one of                         Effective contribution to team meetings
                 the following areas                                 Research, advise and update on particular
                                                                      area of responsibility from one of:
                                                                      o Pay and Grading
                                                                      o ER/IR
                                                                      o Recruitment and selection
                                                                      o Policies and Procedures
                                                                      o Diversity
                                                                      o MIS
    14.          Demonstrate               clear                     Ensure all role profiles are produced in the
                 understanding       of      the                      appropriate format and are graded through
                 relationship           between                       GMPTE Pay & Grading Evaluation process.
                 competency based role                               Advise and support line managers in the
                 profiles and person                                  production of established roles within the
                 specifications for all jobs                          approved structure
                 within GMPTE and how roles
                 are graded within the agreed
                 pay structure

    Key Interdependencies

    Key Contacts                      Head of Human Resources
                                      Human Resources Business Delivery Managers
                                      Human Resources Business Delivery Partners
                                      Human Resources Team Members
                                      Pay & Pensions Team
                                      Occupational Health Service
                                      GMPTE Administrators
    Direct reports                    None
    Budgetary                         None
    Location                          GMPTE, 2 Piccadilly Place, Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 3BG

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     Created Jan 09
     By:                             Sept 09
     Caryn Mellor/
     Lee Goreham


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