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					Model letter confirming dismissal with notice following a final written
Private and Confidential

Dear [name],

Confirmation of dismissal

I am writing to confirm the outcome of your disciplinary hearing with [name and position of
company representative] on [date] [at which you were accompanied by [companion’s name]] to
consider allegations that you [provide brief descriptions of the allegations of misconduct].

Having considered all the matters raised at the meeting, it was decided that your employment
should be terminated in accordance with the final stage of the company’s Disciplinary

The reason for your dismissal was [summarise the company’s findings and relate to the
allegations in conduct cases].

On [date] you were issued with a final warning in accordance with the company’s Disciplinary
Procedure. At that date you were warned that if your conduct did not improve, you were likely to
be dismissed.

The following applies to your dismissal:

   a)      Your final date of employment is [date].

   b)      You will receive payment in lieu of your contractual notice.

   c)      Your final payment of salary shall be made on [date], subject to normal deductions of
           tax and national insurance contributions. We shall forward your P45 to you in due

   d)      Your holiday entitlement for this year, calculated pro rata up to your final date of
           employment is [number] days. You have taken [number] days to your date of
           termination. You therefore have [no outstanding holiday entitlement] OR You have
           [number] days outstanding for which you shall receive payment in lieu along with
           your final salary payment] OR [You have taken [number] of days in excess of your
           entitlement as at your termination date and, we shall deduct these from any final
           salary payment due to you [in accordance with your contract of employment].

   e)      You must return any company property including [detail any company property that
           needs to be returned, for example mobile phone, lap top etc].

   f)      [You remain bound by the following clauses in your contract [clause number] in
           respect of confidentiality obligations and restrictive covenants].

You have the right to appeal against your dismissal. If you wish to do so, you must do so in
writing to [name] by [date] setting out in full the grounds on which you are appealing. Any appeal

will be dealt with in accordance with the company’s Disciplinary Procedure. [A [further] copy of
the company’s Disciplinary Procedure is enclosed].

If you have any queries in respect of this letter, or your right of appeal, please do not hesitate to
contact me.

Yours sincerely,

[HR Manager]

Encl: disciplinary procedure