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*Please note that the organizations listed have already been approved and have accepted interns in the past. You must call to
verify that the organization is accepting interns. If there is an agency/company you would like to intern for and is not on the
list, please contact the internship coordinator with the information regarding the internship site along with a contact person
and phone number. The coordinator must approve the agency/company before the student may register.

AGENCY                          CONTACT               CONTACT INFO               PROGRAM DESCRIPTION
AAA-Aging                       Henri Eatorl          362-5200
ACCION Texas                    Jordana Barton        507-4283                   Positions in Marketing and
                                                Outreach/Fundraising. Provides credit to small
                                                                                 businesses that do not have access to loans.
AGORA                           Edgar Ackerman        270-7421
Adoption Affiliates             Janus Couve           824-9977
Alamo Area Mutual Housing       Tina Ramirez          210-731-8030               Develop outcome measures that will demonstrate
Association                     (Resident service       the effectiveness of housing based learning
                                Director)                                        centers in meeting the needs of residents
Alamo Area Community            Anna Cooksey          210-207-6007               Multi-sector coalition working together to
Information System (AACIS)                                                       provide access to information resources for
                                                                                 purposes of improving educational, social, and
                                                                                 economic circumstances.
Alamo Area Council of                                 210-362-5217 or            Helps persons of any age care for loved ones
Governments-Bexar Area                                362-5254                   over 60 years of age or older regardless of
Agency on Aging                                                                  income
Alamo Children’s Advocacy       Leah Collisson        210-675-9000               Provides services in a safe environment for child
Center (Child Safe)                                                              and teen victims of sexual abuse
Alcohol Rehabilitation Center   Darrel Vankirk        210-633-0201               Offers residential treatment including counseling
                                                                                 and structured living for recovering chemically
                                                                            dependent men.
*Alpha Home                   Melanie Lanes       210-735-3822              No Undergraduates: Residential and outpatient
                                                                            chemical dependency treatment to medically
                                                                            indigent adult women.
AmeriCorps*Vista Go Center    Jennifer Tywater    512-427-6198              Manage in Communities in Schools to encourage
Program                                           Jennifer.tywater@THEC     and motivate students to enroll in college
American Cancer Association                       210-614-4211              For positions select
                                                                            professionals and then location
American Cancer Society       Aracley Torres      595-0225
American Heart Association    1)Sarah Patterson   1)210-614-4121          Provides research, health education, and CPR
                              2) Ginger McAnear   2) 210-617-2600         training. For employment opportunities
American Red Cross          Karen Smithart        210-224-5151 ext 248
Any Baby Can of San Antonio                       210-227-0170            Support center helping families whose children
                                                                          have chronic or critical illness and disabilities.
ARTPACE                       Megan Smith         210-212-4900            Educational/curatorial as well as PR
                                           development internships available.
Association of Retarded       Sonya               210-490-4300            Provide services to small caseload , assessment,
Citizens                                          www.thearcofsanantonio. referral, home visitation, and family support.
Austin-Travis County Mental   Cindy Martinez      512-209-7032            Provides intervention and prevention of drug and
Health-Mental Retardation                                                 alcohol abuse, truancy, and gang activities.
Center (Roving Leader
Avance Family Support         Rita Sandoval       210-220-1788 ext 245      Teaches economically and educationally
Services                                                                    disadvantaged parents practical skills for
                                                                            improving their lives, nurturing their children,
                                                                            and transmitting values
Battered Women’s Shelter      Melissa Schulz      210-733-8810              Provides safe shelter, transition to self-
                                                        210-930-3669 (violence     sufficiency, counseling, and advocacy for
                                                        and prevention services)   victims of family violence
Basilica of the National Shrine   July Moreno De        210-734-4002               Please call.
of the Little Flower              Lopez
Bexar County Community            Cindy Aguirre         210-335-7464
Supervision and Corrections
Bexar County Juvenile Justice     Harris Leonard        210-281-0764
Academy and Alternative
Education Program
Bexar County Juvenile             Richard Garcia        210-531-1941
Probation                                               Richard.a.garcia@bexar.
Bexar County Legal Aid            Noemi Galvan- Eling   210-227-0111               Assist attorneys in consumer protection, family,
Association                                                                        housing and income maintenance
Bexar County Resolution           Marlene Lobenz-       335-2941
Center                            Hough

Big Brothers Big Sisters,         Jenna Harkins         210-225-6322               Promotes the positive development of youth
Alamo Area                                                                         from single-parent families by providing
                                                                                   opportunities for them to experience healthy one-
                                                                                   on-one relationships with caring adult volunteers
Boy Scouts of America             Jaime Guiterrez or    210-341-8611               Educational programs that instill values and
                                  John Coyle                                       develop character in youth in order to make
                                                                                   ethical choices.
Boys and Girls Club of San        James Watson          210-436-0686               Build pride, provide role models, teach social
Antonio                                                                            skills, and develop leadership abilities in
                                                                                   children ages 6-18
Boysville                         Jan Curren            210-659-1901               Residential care facility for children who cannot
                                                                                   live at home.
Brighton School, Inc.           Amy Patterson          210-826-4492            Serves children 0-three yrs born with
                                                                               developmental disabilities, and their families
                                                                               through multifaceted approach involving
                                                                               education, therapy, mainstreaming, and
                                                                               community awareness.
Brooks Air Force Base Youth     Yolanda Phillips       210-536-2515            Activities for military youth that develops
Activities                                                                     effective skills, relationships and family
CAMP (Children’s                Susan Relley           210-292-3566            Residential camping, respite and rehabilitation
Association for Maximum                                                        for children with severe medical, physical, or
Potential)                                                                     mental
Catholic Charities Medicaid     Sandra Jones           210-354-2447            Provides program awareness to the San Antonio
Outreach                                                                       Community that include outreach, training,
                                                                               application assistance, and presentations.
Center for HealthCare                                  210-731-1300            Provides mental health services to children, teens
Services                                                                       and adults in Bexar county.
Center for Health Policy        Charlene Doria-Ortiz   210-520-8020
Centro del Barrio               Matt Munoz             210-922-0103            Provides medical, dental, mental health, nutrition
                                                                               and social services to economically
                                                                               disadvantaged, homeless and medically
                                                                               undeserved people.
Centro Med, Inc.                Roland Flores          210-227-2801            Social Services
Children’s Bereavement          Alisa Juarez           736-4847                Support children 3-24 who have lossed a loved
Center of South Texas                           one
Children’s Shelter              Cindy                  210-224-1153
Christian Assistance Ministry   Hugo Garcia            210-223-6648 ext 202    Provide counseling, nutrition and budget
                                                                               education, household necessities, qualified
                                                                               financial aid, employment assistance, and Bible
Christian Senior Services       Alexis Kadleck        210-735-2589           Deal with issues of elder abuse
Christus VNA Home Care          T.J. Dolotina         210-581-5200           Professional and volunteers providing home
                                                                             health and hospice care to residents of Bexar
                                                                             county and surrounding areas.
City of San Antonio             Liz Valvida           210-207-7192           Provides services to youth and families with life
Department of Community         Deborah Vasquez                              skills training, counseling, and referral services.
Initiatives (Youth Services
Community Clinic Project        Joe Barber            805-8106
Communities in Schools          Dr. McDaniel          210-520-8440           School based program that promotes an educated
                                pemcdaniel@cissa.or                          workforce and improved quality of life.
Council on Alcohol and Drug     Jane Salazar          210-225-4741           Dedicated to breaking the cycle of addiction
Abuse                                                                        through innovative outreach and prevention
Council on Independent          Robert Martinez       210-599-7711 ext 109   For individuals with severe physical disabilities
Living                          Abrey Briggs                                 who possess the ability and desire to live
                                                                             independently, Provides pre-transitional living
                                                                             training, individual needs for accessibility, and
                                                                             transitional living training.
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation      Suzanne Taranto       20-829-7267            Public relations, marketing, fundraising,
                                                                             volunteer management, event management
Daughters of Charity Services   Fred Cardenas         210-334-2301           Helps strengthen families and relieve the harmful
of San Antonio                                                               effects of poverty.
Ella Austin Community           Lucy Pantoja          210-224-2351 ext 115   Works in conjunction with SAPD to eliminate
Center Family Assistance                                                     domestic violence in the community. Offers
Crisis Team – San Antonio                                                    crisis intervention.
Police Department
El Centro del Barrio            Ana Maria Garza        210-977-8173              Community outreach and special events
Family Service Association of   Kristina Walston       210-299-4494              Assist activities for children and lonely seniors,
San Antonio                                                                      better parenting classes, repairing homes for the
                                                                                 elderly, and delivering holiday gifts to needy
Family Violence Prevention      Melissa Schulz         210-930-3669              Provides services to both women and children.
Services, Inc.                                  May do either direct which includes placement in
                                                                                 an agency or indirect which includes fundraising,
                                                                                 education etc
George Gervin Youth Center      Frances Lee            210-804-1786              Provides outreach, assessments, referrals,
Mentor Program                                                                   parenting classes, life skills training, tutoring,
                                                                                 mentoring, daycare, support groups, and focus
                                                                                 groups on critical teen issues.
Good Samaritan Center           Jill Oetttinger        210-434-5531              Offers Child Development program, youth
                                                                                 development program, and adult, family
Goodwill Industries             South Campus           210-924-8571              Integrates persons with disabilities into the
                                Northwest Campus       210-614-1656              community, fostering independence.
                                Northeast Campus       210-599-7107
Habitat for Humanity            Emily Cronenberger     210-223-5203              Internships are in volunteer services, family
                                emilycronenberger@                               services, and research and educational
HACU (Hispanic Association      Lisa Anaya             210-576-3250              Minimum 3.0 GPA; Positions in corporations
of Colleges and Universities)   (Associate Director                              and federal agencies
National Internship Program     of Student Services)
Healthy Solutions Clinical      Jeanette Davolt        210-533-9515    
I Have a Dream Foundation       Eva Ramirez            210-229-1535
Inman Youth Counseling         Carol Garcia             210-222-9641                Offers free substance abuse treatment,
Center                                                                              multifamily support groups, and experiential
Intercultural Development      Dr. Abelardo             444-1710
Research Association           Villareal
JOVEN (Juvenile Outreach       Jessica Witten           210-924-0330                Dedicated to outreach, counseling, and structured
and Vocational Education                                                            activities for youth at risk of chronic
Network)                                                                            delinquency, school failure, gang involvement
                                                                                    and substance abuse.
Juvenile Outreach              Virginia Vanez           210-924-0330                Curriculum
Vocational& Education
La Fe Policy and Advocacy      Juan Flores              210-208-9494                Research in health insurance and disparities in
Center                                                  jflores@lafepolicycenter.   health care access among Hispanics in Texas.
                                                        org                         Research assistance w/ possible pay.
La Hacienda Treatment          Located in Hunt          1-800-749-6160
Center                         Texas
Making Connections             See list in Internship
                               Coordinator Office
Mental Health Association      Jessica Haviland         210-614-7566
                               (Director of research
                               and development)
Methodist Hospital             Yvonne Noble             210-575-4543                Social Service/Case Management

Metropolitan Partnership for   Chris                    210-224-7278                Anita Ledbetter []
Energy                         Anita Ledbetter
Mexican American Legal         Marisol Perez            210-224-5476
Defense Fund

Mission Road Developmental     Reverend Jim De          210-334-2417                A residential center for persons with mental
Center                        Hoog                                               retardation

Native American Center        Irma Mathis            210-432-6336
Northwest Vista College       Colleen Smith Arrey    210-358-2083
Office of the Attorney General Hortencia Chapa       255-6404
Child Support Division
Parents Anonymous                                    210-599-1960                Offers parents confidential, non-judgmental
                                                     210-657-4748                mutual support or educational groups with
                                                                                 round-the-clock availability and assistance for
                                                                                 helping parents break patterns of abusive
                                                                                 relationships with their children.
Parent Child Incorporated     Priscilla Garza        210-922-7075      
(Head Start Program)
PEACE (Putting an End to      Patricia Castillo or   210-533-2729                Assist in monitoring the courts and reporting on
Abuse through Community       Monica Lopez                                       court activity. Will be trained in the criminal
Efforts) Initiative                                                              justice system as well as family violence issues.

Planned Parenthood            Tanya Khalfan          210-736-2244 ext 319        Provides affordable family planning services to
                                              women as well education in family planning.
Rape Crisis Center            Deana Buril            210-349-7273                Advocates for the rights of rape victims to
                                                  receive proper medical care, sensitive police
                                                                                 response, and vigorous prosecution of the
RK Catering                  Rcastaneda@therkgr                                  Sales, procurement, management, contract
                                                                services, and accounting
Roy Maas’ Youth Alternatives Jennifer Farias         830-816-2425                Services for youths that have problems with
                                                                                 homelessness, abandonment, or has been
                                                                                 removed from the home for reasons of
                                                                                 abuse/neglect. Services include counseling and
                                                                      residential placement
Salvation Army               Cathy Tompkins    210-352-2000 ext 231   Operates social services center, home for girls, a
                                                                      boys & girls club
San Antonio AIDS                               210-225-4715           Provides in-house hospice and health care
Foundation                                                            services to people with HIV/AIDS

San Antonio College          Regina Pino       733-2347
Disability Services
San Antonio Council on       Pam Armstrong     210-225-4741 x101
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
San Antonio Food Bank                          210-337-3663           Seeks to overcome hunger by collecting and
                                                                      redistributing food to emergency pantries and
                                                                      on-site feeding agencies in 22 counties
SAISD Transition Programs    Estella Garza     210-227-1206x126       Collaborative efforts of school districts serving
                                            homeless families.
San Antonio Independent      Gloria Binik or   210-281-1878           To help enable people with disabilities to live
Living Services (SAILS)      Sandy Flanagin                           independently by providing training in life skills,
                                                                      job placement, advocacy, information, and
                                                                      referral counseling.
San Antonio Kids Exchange    Shannon White     210-733-3349           Dedicate d to helping children and parents in
                                                                      divorce situations redefine and restructure
                                                                      families through this transition.
San Antonio Kidney Disease   Kim Cooper        210-228-0774

San Antonio Metropolitan     Karen Williams    210-220-1240 ext 230   Offers comprehensive programs that move
Ministries (SAMM) Shelter                 families and individuals from crisis to self-
                                                                      sufficiency through housing and education.
San Antonio Youth Centers    Jim Rowland       210-223-3131           Serves inner city youth at five locations in the
                                                                      city during out of school hours
San Antonio Youth Literacy     Susana Dias       210-299-1533           Promote literacy skills of San Antonio children
(SAYL)                                                                  who are at risk of school failure because of poor
                                                                        reading skills. Internships include supporting the
                                                                        Program Director and the Community
                                                                        Development Director.
Seton Home                     Cindy Cliffton    533-4354               Seton Home’s goal is to help our clients progress
                                                                        from crisis to self-sufficiency through a model of
                                                                        care that interrupts the recurring pattern of teen
                                                                        pregnancy, child abuse and neglect and provides
                                                                        a brighter future for the teens and their children.
Shepherd of the Hills         Kark Reash         692-1638
South Texas Injury Prevention Camerino Salazar   210-567-7826           Projects focus on injury prevention with an
and Research Center                                                     emphasis on traffic safety, driver behavior, and
                                                                        impaired driving.
Student Conservation                            Must submit all applications by February 2006
Association                               for consideration of Fall 2006.

Texas Department of            Mario Trejo       210-337-3181 
Protective and Regulatory
Services (Formerly known as
Child Protective Services or
Texas Youth Commission         Roberto Ruiz      210-242-7852
United States Department of                                   

United States Marshals                                        

United Way                     Suzanne Carter    210-352-7057           An umbrella organization to many non-profit
University Hospital Child Life

University of Texas Health                                          
Science Center

United States Bureau of                                             

UTSA Student health              Kathleen Cerosoli   458-4142
UTSA Mexico Center and           Harriet Romo        458-2549
Community Action Inc
UTSA Office of Institutional     Brian Cordeau       210-458-4705
USO                              Julie Nichols       210-227-9373 ext 12      Planning and execution of events, business
                                                                              office, community center, and airport reception.
Visitation House Ministries      Yolanda Tarango     735-6910                 Education of homeless single mothers and their
                                                     yolandatarango@sbcglob   children
Volunteers in Service to         Lisa Bernal         210-207-7999             Committed to increasing the capability of low-
America (VISTA)                  Norma Hampo         210-207-2754             income people to improve the conditions of their
                                                                              own lives.
YMCA                             Social Relations    210-246-9622             Comprehensive system of programs and services
                                 Department                                   supporting families with the care and education
                                                                              of children, and developing healthy, responsible
YWCA                             Alma Smith          210-228-9922             Programs and activities to promote positive
                                                  youth development.
Youth Against Gang Activity   Charles Adamson    210-226-4156   Intervention as well as prevention programs
(Y.A.G.A)                                                       designed to increase self esteem, prevent drug
                                                                and alcohol abuse, prevent/delay gang activity,
                                                                and prepare community advocates.
Youth Empowerment Services Claudette Yarbrough   210-735-2341   Mentoring and curriculum implementation

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