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					                                         WARMUP DRILLS

All typists should practice to improve their speed and accuracy, below are drills which
will help you develop and reinforce proper stroking techniques.

Type each drill ten times before going onto the next drill.

Drill 1                         Second Row (Home Row)     (66 stokes)


Drill 2                         Second and Third Rows     (68 stokes)


Drill 3                         Second and First Rows     (68 stokes)


Drill 4                         Second, Third, and First Rows    (72 stokes)


Drill 5                         Second and Third Rows     (68 stokes)


Drill 6                         Second and First Rows     (68 stokes)


Drill 7                         Third and Second Rows     (68 stokes)


Specialised Training Services                                                     Typing Tutorials
Strike F and J                  1 fff jjj fff jjj fff jjj fff jjj fff jjj
                                2 fff jjj ff jj fj fj fff jjj ff jj fj fj

Strike D and K                  3 ddd kkk ddd kkk ddd kkk ddd kkk ddd
                                4 ddd kkk dd kk dk dk ddd kkk dd kk dk dk

Strike S and L                  5 sss lll sss lll sss lll sss lll sss lll
                                6 sss lll ss ll sl sl sss lll ss ll sl sl

Strike A and ;                  7 aaa ;;; aaa ;;; aaa ;;; aaa ;;; aaa ;;;
                                8 aaa ;;; aa ;; a; a; aaa ;;; aa ;; a; a;

Strike the guide                9 fdsa jkl; fdsa jkl; fdsa jkl; fdsa jkl; fdsa jkl;
keys                            10 asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj

Review the guide                11 aaa ;;; sss lll ddd kkk fff jjj aaa ;;;
keys                            12 aa ;; ss ll dd kk ff jj aa ;; ss ll ddk

Word practice                   13 a as ass; a as ass; a ass lass; a lass;
                                14 a lad lads; a lad lads; a salad; salads
                                15 a as ask asks; a ask flask; ask flasks;
                                16 a jaf jaffa; a jaf jaffa; a jaf jaffas;
                                17 a all fall falls; a add adds; lads fall
                                18 sad; lad; fad; sad ; fad; fad; lad; sad; lad;

Phrase practice                 19 a lad asks; alas a lad falls; ask a lad
                                20 add a jaffa; a jaffa falls; all jaffas;
                                21 dad asks; dad asks all; alas dad falls;

Specialised Training Services                                                          Typing Tutorials
Review guide                    1asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdf
keys                            2 fj fj dk dk sl sl a; a; fj fj dk dk sls
                                3 a; sl dk fj a; sl dk fj a; sl dk fj a;a
                                4 asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj asdf ;lkj

Reach to H                      5 jhj jhh jhj jhh fhj dhj shj ahj khj lhj
Use J finger                    6 jhj has had haf; jhj haj hak hal ha; hj
                                7 sh shah; ha had has; all hall shall; hj
                                8 a lad had half a salad; alf shall dash;

Reach to E                      9 ded eee ded eee ded eee ded eee ded eee
Use D finger                    10 ded eeh ded eej ded eek ded eel ded ee;
                                11 ded eel eel ded eld eld ded elf elf ded
                                12 dea deal dell deaf desk deed ekes elks;

Reach to 3                      13 ded d3d; ded d3d; ded d3d; ded d3d; d3d
Use D finger                    14 d33 d33 33 desks; 33 deals; 33 dash; 3d
                                15 d3d; 33 deeds; 33 sheds; 33 leads; 3 he
                                16 she had 33; she sees 3 elks; he had 333

Practise the keys               17 lee; shall shale sheds heels keels held
you know                        18 ask asks self shelf ease lease she shed
                                19 adele has had a jaffa; jeff fed a seal;
                                20 she seals 33; he has 33; ed had 33; 33;

Build your skill                21 a lessee had a lease; a lad had a desk;
                                22 lea sees a dead leaf fall; a shed falls
                                23 della shall sell leeks; she held a sale
                                24 he adds 3; she had 33; she has had 333;

Specialised Training Services                                                Typing Tutorials
Review                          1 de dee ded eah eaj eak eal ea; ;ea lea;
                                2 de d33 d3d 3dh 3dj 3dk 3dl 3d; ;3d l3d;
                                3 33 hake 33 jeff 33 feel 33 deal 33 sake

Reach to T                      4 ftf ttt ftf ttt ftf ttt ftf ttt ftf ttt
Use F finger                    5 ftf ttf het jet ket let hate kate state
                                6 ftf fast last jest test that thee these
                                7 the test; the east; the tale; the taste

Reach to I                      8 kik iii kik iii kik iii kik iii kik iii
Use F finger                    9 kik ida kik ike ike kik ide ide kik
                                10 kik hit hit kik kit kit kik sit sit kik
                                11 kiss kite site tide hide tile tilt this

Reach to 5                      12 f5f f55f f5f 55 fish f5f 55 fits f5f 5f
Use K finger                    13 f55 f55 f5f 55 fists 55 fills 55 files;
                                14 f5f 55 falls 55 fails 55 fates 55 flakes
                                15 hide 55 files; held 55 fetes; 55 fleets

Reach to 8                      16 kik k8k; 88 kids; kik k8k; 88 keels; k8
Use K finger                    17 k8k k88 k8k 88 is 88 if 88 it 88 ida 88
                                18 k8k 88 kilts 88 skates 88 lakes 88 kits
                                19 the 88 skiffs sail; the 88 kites failed

Practise the keys               20 test the jet; let the flat; fit the tie
you know                        21 tell tessie that the date is the fifth;
                                22 see if lettie hill has the title deeds;
                                23 she states that hilda is 58; she is 85

Build your skill                24 teddie is a thief; taffie is still tall
                                25 she tied these kites; fit these skates;
                                26 tessa hid the 85 tiles; this is site 58
                                27 the date is the 5th; this is the 585th;

Specialised Training Services                                                 Typing Tutorials
Phrase practice                 1 to have; can have; you have; they have;
                                2 very, very much, very good, very happy,
                                3 give it; give me; give them; give some;
                                4 to save, can save, may save, will save,

Sentence practice               5 Valda saved Varlie. Valda is a marvel.
                                6 Vi and Dave Varley went to the Minerva.
                                7 Order Nos 383 and 577 and invoice No 89.
                                8 Your delivery docket number is FV45567.

Paragraph practice              9 We provide a very good delivery service for valve repairs. We
                                have proved that we can save you time and money. If you give
                                us the chance to prove our service you will be very pleased
                                indeed. Leave your valve repair problems for our team of seven
                                skilled men to solve properly.

Review                          10 aqa ;p; sws lol ded kik frf juj ftf jyj
                                11 sxs l.l dcd k,k fvf jmj fbf jnj fgf jhj
                                12 poddy happy silly baggy furry carry vi.
                                13 jemmy bonny kerry tally worry queer ox.
                                14 12 and 23 and 34 and 45 and 56 and 7890
                                15 A; S; D; F; G; B; T; V; R; C; E; X; W;;
                                16 Ha Ja Ka La Pa Oa Ia Ua Ma Ya Na Ha Jaa

Specialised Training Services                                                          Typing Tutorials
Upward reaches                  1 tree pope toys kiwi view crow pier iris were zero peep quit
                                2 worry poppy trips eerie terry fewer quote petty terse prune
                                3 queries terrier gutters totters oysters retails upright tie
                                4 Enter quickly and quietly; the two youths are still asleep.
                                5 The tennis players are preparing for the first set already.
                                6 Terry thinks there were three tall fir trees in their yard.

Downward                        7 man bin nib can mix box vex ban van cox cam cab vim van
reaches                         bun
                                8 bone buzz zone cone comb bomb babe verb moon cane numb
                                9 crumb bunny bream comma colon zonal bacon mimic vixen
                                10 Norma had a number of comics in the back room of the cabin.
                                11 Vivian is mixing six banana cakes for my picnic at Vermont.

                                Alternate hand drills

                                12 saw you red kin are him bat ilk arc hop beg ill art hum ate
                                13 bet inn ass hip ace ink cat joy car kip caw lip dad mop dew
                                14 acre hill best hull base inky cave join bear hump beef kiln
                                15 cede junk daze kohl case jump crag kink deaf kill dear lino
                                16 raze loll serf milk seat moon safe mill test mull text mini
                                17 verb monk were nook waft noon wave oily west null zest only
                                18 exact jolly freed union facet milky grade minim creed nippy
                                19 expert mummy stead ninny treat nylon wrest homonym axe
                                20 I visited Uki and looked with interest at your garden plot.
                                21 Alan, Mark and Kenneth are having a happy time in Adelaide.
                                22 She is going home to prepare for her wedding next February.
                                23 He was indignant when his dad mentioned the prices charged.
                                24 Paul can provide quantities of grapes, mangoes and oranges.
                                25 The ornaments were unique; thy had been made by islanders.
                                26 Kim was jealous when Nancy won prizes at our annual
                                27 John fell into a pool when he tripped on a protruding rock.

Specialised Training Services                                                            Typing Tutorials