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					                            STATE BANK OF INDIA
                          MUNICIPAL AREA BRANCH

Application-cum-Interview Form for Traders Easy Loan Trade &
Service Sector

01. Name of the unit:

       Address of the unit:

        Pin Code:
        Phone Number/Fax Number:

       Activity: Trading in/ Services
       Constitution:
       E-mail/ Web Address:
       Name of Proprietor/ Partners/ MDs
 Name       Age     PAN     Qualification   Residential   Phone   Mobile    Net
                    No.                      Address       No.     No.     Worth

Name of the Key Person

02. Address of the Registered Office (in case of Corporate)

       Address for correspondence with Phone No.

       Premises: Owned/ Rented

03. Date of commencement of business:

       Experience in the line of activity:
       Constitution:
      Details of reconstitution in the recent past

04. Details of existing banking arrangement:
      Name of the Bank &   Facility       Limit      Outstanding   Banking since

      (In case no credit facility is enjoyed and only a current account is
      maintained, please advise specifically)

04A. Limit Sought:                                                 (Rs. in lacs)
    Facilities                 Existing Limit            Proposed Limit
    Term Loan
    Bank Guarantee
    Letter of Credit

05. Details of other business or identical business (Associate/Sister
    Concern, if any)
      Name of the   Name of Proprietor/   Banker’s       Limit      Outstanding
      unit          Partner               name

06. Details of Registration under Shops & Establishment Act.
    (Sales Tax/ Service Tax/ Any other Act):

07. Position regarding Statutory assessment under IT/ Sales Tax/
    Any other, Year upto which assessment been completed:

08. Previous years performance (For information purpose):
                                          31.03.0        31.03.0      31.03.0
      Net Profit
      Other Income
      Cash Accrual
      Repayment of other TL, if any
      Total payment of interest
      Repayment of TL installments
      Average gross DSCR

09. Details of Security:

          Primary:
         Hypothecation of stocks and receivables (nature and value of
         stocks/ receivales held to be furnished as on date of application)

         Collateral:
         Immovable Propery-
      Description    of     Name of the     Value       of   Basis     of   Realisable
      the      property     Owner           property         Valuation      Value
      (with survey No.

         Liquid Securities-
      Description           Name of the     Face Value       When           Present
                            Owner                            acquired       Value

     * [If owner is other than the proprietor/ partner of the firm (i.e., guarantor),
     details of the guarantor viz. name, age, residential address and phone number etc.
     should be furnished].

Declaration: I/ We declare that the information given in the application form are true,
correct and complete and that they shall form the basis of any kind of facility State Bank
of India may decide to extend to me/us. I/We shall furnish all other information that
may be required by the Bank in connection with my application. The information may
also be exchanged by you with my application. The information may also be exchanged
by you with any agency you may deem fit. You may take appropriate safeguards/action
for recovery of bank dues including publication of defaulters name in
websites/submission to RBI. I/We confirm that I/We have no borrowing arrangement for
the unit with any bank except those indicated in the application. I/We also confirm that
I/We are not defaulters of any Bank/FIs. I/We also confirm that their are no overdues/
statutory dues owned by me and that I/We have/had no insolvency proceedings against
me/us nor have I/We ever been adjudicated insolvent. I/We undertake to abide by the
Rules and Regulations of State Bank of India in respect of the facilities being extended to
me/us. I/We undertake to abide by the Rules and Regulations of State Bank of India in
respect of SBI Traders’ Easy Loan.

Details of the Guarantor, if any (If the property to be mortgaged stands in
others name)
Name               Address             Age    PAN No.           Business       Net Worth

I am willing to stand as guarantor to the proposed Traders Easy Loan to
the above-mentioned applicant. I have been explained the implications of
offering the property as collateral.

Signature of the Guarantor

Date :

Documents to be attached:

1. Copy of the title deeds of the collateral security being offered.
2. Latest copy of income tax return/ Assessment order etc.
3. Statement of account from the existing banker, if any, for the last six
4. Copies of relevant license, documents pertaining to the ownership/ tenancy/
lease agreement etc. in respect of premises where activity will be carried out.
5. Latest tax paid copy of the property to be mortgaged.
6. Encumbrance Certificate (Up-to-date).
7. Photos of applicant, guarantors.
8. Copies of Trust Deeds/ Memorandum and Articles of Association, if applicable.


CIRCLE: BHUBANESWAR                      BRANCH:

Proposal For:
(A)Sanction for:
(B)Approval for:
(C)Confirmation for:

1. (a) Name of the Unit:
2. (a) Constitution of the Unit:
   (b) Activity:
   (c) Date of last Renew/ Review:
   (d) IRAC Status:
   (e) % of Sales/ Incomes routed through account (for existing unit):
   (f) Existing limit/ Proposed limit:               (Rs. in lacs)
    Facility               Existing Limit          Proposed Limit

   (g) The proposal falls within the powers of                    as Total
      Indebtedness is Rs.           or Term Loan is Rs.     for Corporate/
      Non-corporate/ Proprietorship concern.

   (h) Present Proposal:

3. Brief Background: (Comments in brief regarding promoters, existing/
proposed business and activity)
4. Performance and Financials:                              (Rs. in lacs)

As on 31.03.            200         200           200             200
                      (Actual)    (Actual)    (Estimated)     (Projected)
Sales/ Income
Op. Profit
PBT/ Sales%
Cash Accruals
Current Ratio
DSCR (Gross)

5. Performance and Financials: (Brief comments on the trend and
estimates and acceptability)





6. Assessment of Traders Easy Loan:
(i) Details of property mortgaged/ proposed to be mortgaged as security

                 Existing                         Proposed
(ii) Status of Title Investigation Report-        Yes/ No
       Whether referred and (TIR) obtained
       or to be referred :

    (a) Name of the advocate:
    (b) Address:
    (c) Date of Report:
    (d) Whether Original Title Deed is available
(iii) Status of Valuation:

    (a)Whether valuation done by Bank’s empanelled valuer
    (b)Name of the Valuer:
    (c) Address:
    (d)Date of Report:
    (e)Valuation of Property:                             (Rs. in lacs)
          Market Value           Realisable Value            Distress Value

    (f) Remarks of the Branch :
      (Whether valuation as per prevailing market rate)

7. Loan applied for:

8. Loan Eligible:

(a) Working Capital:

    Requirement of WC- (The limit may be assessed as per Circular Letter No.
    CirCo/ Adv/259/03-04 dated 31.01.04, or limit may be assessed under Holding
    Period Method, Limits assessed under SME Smart Score, SME Credit Card, ABF
    Method, Cash Budget Method etc. Projection may usually be accepted upto 25%
    over the last year’s achieved sales/ incomes-assessment may be done in a
    separate Annexure).

(b) Eligible Bank Finance- 90% of (a)
(c) 65% of Realisable Value-
(d) In case of Term Loan :
(Cost of the project and purpose):

9. Limit recommended:
   (b), (d) (in case of Term Loan only) or (c) whichever is less.

10. Calculation of DSCR:                               (Rs. in lacs)

    As on 31.03           20         20         20          20         20
Net Sales/ Income
Cash Accrual
Intt on TL
Repayment of TL
Intt on TL
Gross DSCR
Gross Avg. DSCR

11. Comments on Associate Concerns, if any:

12. Whether the name of the Company/ Directors appear in the
RBI list of Defaulters/ Willful Defaulters List:

13. Whether the name of the Company/ Directors appear in the
CIBIL list of Defaulters.

14. Status of Auditors’ Remarks (in case of existing unit):

15. Rate of Interest:

16. Insurance:

17. Inspection:
18. Repayment Schedule:
(a) Working Capital: On demand, subject to review/ renewal every year

(b) Term Loan: (For TL interest as and when due have to be paid)

19. Other Terms and Conditions, if any: (Submission of Stock Statement,
Compliance of stipulations of earlier sanctions, if any, etc.):

(i) Submission of Stock Statements:
(ii) Re-verification of Title Deed:
(iii) Revaluation of Property:

20. Loan Recommended:

21. Submitted for Sanction/ Approval/ Confirmation.

Credit Officer                                Manager
Date:                                         Date: