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									           Oregon High-Need Schools Eligible for OQAT II Participation*
                                                 December 2003

                        School District                           OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
         Adrian SD 61                                         Adrian Elementary
         Amity SD 4J                                          Amity Elementary
         Annex SD 29                                          Annex Elementary
         Astoria SD 1                                         Astor Elementary
         Baker SD 5J                                          Brooklyn Elementary
                                                              Haines Elementary
                                                              Keating Elementary
                                                              South Baker Elementary
          Bandon SD 54                                        Harbor Lights Middle
                                                              Ocean Crest Elementary
          Beaverton SD 48J                                    Aloha Park Elementary
                                                              Barnes Elementary
                                                              Beaver Acres Elementary
                                                              Vose Elementary
                                                              William Walker Elementary
          Bend-Lapine SD 1                                    Bear Creek Elementary
                                                              Juniper Elementary
                                                              Lapine Elementary
                                                              Lapine Middle
                                                              Marshall High
                                                              R.E.Jewell Elementary
          Bethel SD 52                                        Cascade Middle
                                                              Danebo Elementary
                                                              Fairfield Elementary
                                                              Malabon Elementary
          Blachly SD 90                                       Triangle Lake School
          Brookings-Harbor SD 17c                             Brookings-Harbor High
                                                              Kalmiopsis Elementary
                                                              Upper Chetco Elementary
          Burnt River SD 30J                                  Burnt River School
          Butte Falls SD 91                                   Butte Falls Elementary
          Camas Valley                                        Camas Valley School
          Cascade SD 5                                        Aumsville Elementary
          Centennial SD 28J                                   Centennial Learning Ctr
                                                              Harold Oliver Intermediate
                                                              Harold Oliver Primary
                                                              Lynch View Elementary
          Central Curry SD 1                                  Agness Elementary
          Central Point SD 6                                  Patrick Elementary
                                                              Sams Valley Elementary
          Central SD 13J                                      Ash Creek Intermediate
                                                              Henry Hill Elementary
                                                              Independence Elementary
                                                              Talmadge Middle
          Chenowith SD 9                                      Chenowith Elementary
* Criteria for high-need eligibility provided at the end of the document.
                School District           OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
                                    Chenowith Middle
                                    Wahtonka High
Coos Bay SD 9                       Bunker Hill Elementary
                                    Madison Elementary
                                    Millicoma Middle
                                    Sunset Middle
Coquille SD 8                       Coquille Valley Middle
                                    Jefferson Elementary
Corvallis SD 509J                   Garfield Elementary
                                    Lincoln Elementary
Creswell SD 40                      Creslane Elementary
Crook County Unit SD                Cecil Sly Elementary
                                    Crooked River Elementary
                                    Ochoco Elementary
Crow-Applegate-Lorane SD 66         Applegate Elementary
                                    Lorane Elementary
Culver SD 4                         Culver Elementary
David Douglas SD 40                 Aim High
                                    Alice Ott Middle
                                    Cherry Park Elementary
                                    Earl Boyles Elementary
                                    Floyd Light Middle
                                    Gilbert Heights Elementary
                                    Lincoln Park Elementary
                                    Menlo Park Elementary
                                    Mill Park Elementary
                                    Sch For Non-Schooled Youth
                                    Ventura Park Elementary
                                    West Powellhurst Elem
Dayton SD 8                         Dayton Grade School
                                    Dayton Junior High
Diamond SD 7                        Diamond Elementary
Double O SD 28                      Double O Elementary
Douglas County (Days Creek) SD 15   Days Creek School
                                    Tiller Elementary
Douglas County SD 4 (Roseburg)      Eastwood Elementary
                                    Fir Grove Elementary
                                    Green Primary
                                    Rose Elementary
Drewsey SD 13                       Drewsey Elementary
Eagle Point SD 9                    Eagle Point Junior High
                                    Elk Trail Elementary
                                    Lake Creek Learning Center
                                    Little Butte School
                                    Mountain View Elementary
                                    Shady Cove Intermediate
                                    White City Elementary
Echo SD 5                           Echo School
               School District         OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
Elgin SD 23                      Stella Mayfield Elementary
Elkton SD 34                     Elkton Elementary
Enterprise SD 21                 Enterprise Elementary
Estacada SD 108                  Eagle Creek Elementary
                                 Estacada High
Eugene SD 4J                     Harris Elementary
                                 Howard Elementary
                                 Ida Patterson Elementary
                                 Looking Glass
                                 Meadowlark Elementary
                                 New Roads School
                                 North Eugene Alt. High
                                 Opportunity Center
                                 River Road Elementary
                                 The Village School
                                 Westmoreland Elementary
Falls City SD 57                 Falls City Elementary
                                 Falls City High
Fern Ridge SD 28J                Fern Ridge Middle Elementary
Forest Grove SD 15               Cornelius Elementary
                                 Echo Shaw Elementary
                                 Joseph Gale Elementary
                                 Neil Armstrong Middle
                                 Tom Mccall Upper Elem
Gervais SD 1                     Brooks Elementary
                                 Eldriedge Elementary
                                 Gervais Elementary
                                 Gervais High
Glendale SD 77                   Glendale Elementary
                                 Glendale High
Grants Pass SD 7                 Allen Dale Elementary
                                 Lincoln Elementary
                                 Parkside Elementary
                                 Redwood Elementary
                                 Riverside Elementary
                                 South Middle
Greater Albany SD 8J             Lafayette Elementary
                                 Sunrise Elementary
                                 Tangent Elementary
                                 Waverly Elementary
Gresham-Barlow SD 10J            East Gresham Elementary
                                 Hall Elementary
Harney County SD 3               Henry L Slater Elementary
                                 Hines Elementary
Harney County SD 4 (Crane)       Crane Elementary
Harper SD 66                     Harper School
Hermiston SD 8                   Armand Larive Middle
              School District         OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
                                Desert View Elementary
                                Rocky Heights Elementary
                                Sunset Elementary
                                West Park Elementary
Hillsboro SD 1J                 David Hill Elementary
                                Minter Bridge Elementary
                                Mooberry Elementary
                                Peter Boscow Elementary
                                W L Henry Elementary
                                Witch Hazel Elementary
Hood River County SD 1          May Street Elementary
                                Mid Valley Elementary
                                Parkdale Elementary
                                Pine Grove Elementary
                                Wy'east Middle
Huntington SD 16J               Huntington School
Jefferson County SD 509J        Jefferson County Middle
                                Madras Elementary
                                Madras High
                                Metolius Elementary
                                Warm Springs Elementary
                                Westside Elementary
John Day SD 3                   Mount Vernon Middle
Jordan Valley SD 3              Jordan Valley Elementary
                                Jordan Valley High
                                Rockville Elementary
Joseph SD 6                     Imnaha Elementary
                                Joseph Elementary
Junction City SD 69             Laurel Elementary
Klamath County SD               Altamont Elementary
                                Brixner Junior High
                                Chiloquin Elementary
                                Chiloquin High
                                Fairhaven Elementary
                                Gearhart Elementary
                                Gilchrist School
                                Lost River High
                                Malin Elementary
                                Merrill Elementary
                                Stearns Elementary
Klamath Falls City Schools      Fairview Elementary
                                Joseph Conger Elementary
                                Klamath Union High
                                Mazama High
                                Mills Elementary
                                Pelican Elementary
                                Ponderosa Junior High
                                Riverside Elementary
              School District         OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
La Grande SD 1                  Willow Elementary
Lakeview SD 7                   Fremont/Hay Elementary
                                Union Elementary
Lebanon Community SD 9          Cascades Elementary
                                Green Acres Elementary
                                Hamilton Creek School
                                Pioneer School
                                Riverview School
                                Seven Oaks Middle School
Lincoln County SD               Arcadia Elementary
                                Delake Elementary
                                Lincoln City Career Tech High
                                Mary Harrison Elementary
                                Newport Early Childhood Center
                                Oceanlake Elementary
                                Siletz School
                                Taft Elementary
                                Taft Middle
                                Waldport Elementary
                                Waldport Middle
                                Waldport High
                                Yaquina View Elementary
Mapleton SD 32                  Mapleton Elementary
McMinnville SD 40               Columbus Elementary
                                Cook Elementary
                                Grandhaven Elementary
                                Newby Elementary
                                Wascher Elementary
Medford SD 549c                 Howard Elementary
                                Jackson Elementary
                                Jefferson Elementary
                                Oak Grove Elementary
                                Roosevelt Elementary
                                Washington Elementary
                                Wilson Elementary
Milton-Freewater Unified        Central Middle
                                Ferndale Elementary
                                Freewater Elementary
                                Grove Elementary
Mitchell SD 55                  Mitchell School
Molalla River SD 35             Molalla Elementary
Monroe School                   Alpine Elementary
                                Monroe Middle
Morrow SD 1                     A C Houghton Elementary
                                Columbia Middle
                                Sam Boardman Elementary
Mt Angel SD 91                  St Mary's Public
Myrtle Point SD 41              Maple Elementary
                School District         OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
                                  Myrtle Crest
Neah-Kah-Nie SD 56                Garibaldi Elementary
                                  Nehalem Elementary
Nestucca Valley SD 56             Nestucca Valley Elementary
Newberg SD 29J                    Edwards Elementary
North Bend SD 13                  North Bay Elementary
North Clackamas SD 12             Clackamas Elementary
                                  Oak Grove Elementary
                                  Whitcomb Elementary
North Douglas SD 22               North Douglas Elem
North Lake SD 14                  North Lake Elementary
                                  North Marion Middle
                                  North Marion Primary
North Santiam SD 29J              Mari-Linn Elementary
                                  Stayton Elementary
Nyssa SD 26                       Nyssa Elementary
                                  Nyssa High
                                  Nyssa Middle
Oakridge SD 76                    Oakridge Elementary
                                  Westridge Elementary
Ontario SD 8c                     Aiken Elementary
                                  Alameda Elementary
                                  Cairo Elementary
                                  May Roberts Elementary
                                  Ontario Middle
                                  Pioneer Elementary
Oregon City SD 62                 Candy Lane Elementary
Oregon Trail SD 046               Cottrell Elementary
Parkrose SD 3                     Parkrose Middle
                                  Prescott Elementary
                                  Russell Elementary
                                  Sacramento Elementary
                                  Shaver Elementary
Phoenix-Talent SD 4               Orchard Hill Elementary
                                  Phoenix Elementary
                                  Talent Elementary
                                  Talent Middle
Pine Eagle SD 61                  Halfway Elementary
Pinehurst SD 94                   Pinehurst Elementary
Port Orford-Langlois SD 2J        Blanco Middle
                                  Driftwood Elementary
Portland SD 1J                    Applegate Elementary
                                  Arleta Elementary
                                  Astor Elementary
                                  Atkinson Elementary
                                  Ball Elementary
                                  Beach Elementary
                                  Binnsmead Middle
School District         OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
                  Boise/Eliot Elementary
                  Bridger Elementary
                  Brooklyn Elementary
                  Chief Joseph Elementary
                  Clarendon Elementary
                  Clark Elementary
                  Clinton Street School
                  Creston Elementary
                  CTC Jefferson
                  Faubion Elementary
                  George Middle
                  Gregory Heights Middle
                  Grout Elementary
                  Harriet Tubman Middle
                  Hosford Middle
                  Humboldt Elementary
                  James John Elementary
                  Jefferson High
                  John's Landing School
                  Kellogg Middle
                  Kelly Elementary
                  Kenton Elementary
                  King Elementary
                  Lane Middle
                  Lee Elementary
                  Lent Elementary
                  Madison High
                  Marshall High
                  Marysville Elementary
                  Meek Elementary
                  Monroe Program
                  Ockley Green Middle
                  Peninsula Elementary
                  Pivot Program
                  Portsmouth Middle
                  Rigler Elementary
                  Roosevelt High
                  Sabin Elementary
                  Scott Elementary
                  Sitton Elementary
                  Sunnyside Elementary
                  Vernon Elementary
                  Vestal Elementary
                  Vocational Village High
                  Whitaker Middle
                  Whitman Elementary
                  Woodlawn Elementary
                  Woodmere Elementary
            School District         OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
Redmond SD 2J                 Edwin Brown High
                              Evergreen Elementary
Reedsport SD 105              Highland Elementary
                              Jewett Elementary
Reynolds SD 7                 Alder Elementary
                              Davis Elementary
                              Fairview Elementary
                              Glenfair Elementary
                              Hartley Elementary
                              Hauton B Lee Middle
                              Reynolds Middle
                              Wilkes Elementary
Riddle SD 70                  Riddle Elementary
Rogue River SD 35             Rogue River Elementary
                              Rogue River Middle
Salem-Keizer SD 24J           Auburn Elementary
                              Bush Elementary
                              Claggett Creek Middle
                              Four Corners Elementary
                              Grant Community
                              Hallman Elementary
                              Hayesville Elementary
                              Highland Elementary
                              Hoover Elementary
                              Houck Middle
                              Keizer Elementary
                              Kennedy Elementary
                              Lake Labish Elementary
                              Lamb Elementary
                              Leslie Middle
                              Mary Eyre Elementary
                              Middle Grove Elementary
                              Miller Elementary
                              Myers Elementary
                              Parrish Middle
                              Richmond Elementary
                              Salem Heights Elementary
                              Scott Elementary
                              Stephens Middle
                              Swegle Elementary
                              Waldo Middle
                              Washington Elementary
                              Weddle Elementary
                              Yoshikai Elementary
Santiam Canyon SD 129J        Gates Elementary
                              Mill City Middle
Seaside SD 10                 Seaside Heights Elementary
Sheridan SD 48J               Chapman Grade
              School District         OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
                                Faulconer Elementary
                                Sheridan High
Sherman County SD               North Sherman High
Silver Falls SD                 Scotts Mills Elementary
Siuslaw SD 97J                  Rhododendron Primary
South Harney SD 33              Fields Elementary
South Lane SD 45J3              Bohemia Elementary
                                Delight Valley Elementary
                                Dorena Elementary
                                Harrison Elementary
                                Latham Elementary
                                Lincoln Middle
                                London Elementary
South Umpqua SD 19              Canyonville Elementary
                                Coffenberry Middle
                                Myrtle Creek Elementary
                                Tri-City Elementary
South Wasco County SD 1         Maupin Elementary
                                Wasco County High
Springfield SD 19               Agnes Stewart Middle
                                Brattain Elementary
                                Centennial Elementary
                                Douglas Gardens Elementary
                                Elizabeth Page Elementary
                                Goshen Elementary
                                Guy Lee Elementary
                                Hamlin Middle
                                Maple Elementary
                                Moffitt Elementary
                                Mt. Vernon Elementary
                                Riverbend Elementary
                                Springfield Middle
St. Helens SD 502               Lewis and Clark Elementary
St. Paul SD 45 St.              St. Paul Elementary
Stanfield SD 61                 Stanfield Secondary
                                West Elementary
Suntex SD 10                    Suntex Elementary
Sutherlin SD 130                Sutherlin Middle
                                West Sutherlin Intermediate
Sweet Home SD 55                Crawfordsville Elementary
                                Foster Elementary
                                Hawthorne Elementary
                                Holley Elementary
                                Sweet Home Junior High
The Dalles SD 12                Colonel Wright Elementary
                                Dry Hollow Elementary
Three Rivers/Josephine Co       Evergreen Elementary
                                Fleming Middle
                             School District                             OQAT II 2002-03 eligible
                                                                 Fruitdale Elementary
                                                                 Ft Vannoy Elementary
                                                                 Illinois Valley High
                                                                 Lincoln Savage Middle
                                                                 Lorna Byrne Middle
                                                                 Madrona Elementary
                                                                 Manzanita Elementary
                                                                 Williams Elementary
                                                                 Wolf Creek Elementary
          Tillamook SD 9                                         East Elementary
                                                                 Liberty Elementary
                                                                 Tillamook Junior High
          Umatilla SD 6r                                         Clara Brownell Middle
                                                                 McNary Heights Elementary
                                                                 Umatilla High
          Vale SD 84                                             Vale Elementary
                                                                 Vale Middle
                                                                 Willowcreek Elementary
          Wallowa SD 12                                          Wallowa Elementary
          Willamina SD 30J                                       Grand Ronde Elementary
          Winston-Dillard SD 116                                  McGovern Elementary
                                                                 Tenmile Elementary
                                                                 Winston Middle
          Woodburn SD 103                                        French Prairie Middle
                                                                 Heritage Elementary
                                                                 Lincoln Elementary
                                                                 Nellie Muir Elementary
                                                                 Valor Middle
                                                                 Washington Elementary
                                                                 Woodburn High
          Yoncalla SD 32                                         Yoncalla Elementary

* Criteria for high-need eligibility:

OQAT II determined eligibility by identifying school districts with at least one school in which 50% or more of the enrolled
students are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

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