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					                            MANATABA MESSENGER
CRIT receives
A Publication of the Colorado River Indian Tribes                                         Volume V Issue I                                       February, 2007

grant for child
                                                                New Tribal leaders take reins

crisis shelter
$825,000 will go toward construction
of new facility to serve Tribal youth
     CRIT children facing difficult circumstances
will soon have a safe, protective and homelike
environment available while they await foster
care, or when they need emergency shelter
     CRIT recently secured an $825,000 grant
from the federal department of Housing and
Urban Development to build a new shelter for
abused and neglected children.
                             “This grant will allow us
  See related             to build something really
  story, “Long-           nice, something really
  awaited                 good for the kids,” said
                          CRIT Deputy Attorney             (Above) Eldred Enas is sworn in as Tribal Vice
  juvenile facility                                        Chairman. (Right) Dennis Welsh, Jr. was elected to
                          General Lola TaNeil Wood.
  on the way,                                              the Council for the first time in the December
                             The home, which will be
  Page 5                  built near the Indian            election. Photos courtesy of Valerie Welsh-Tahbo.
                          Health Services Hospital,
will have 20 beds. A Request for Proposals for the         New Vice Chairman, three new
design of the facility will be announced soon.             council members take office
     “We hope to be up and running by this time
next year,” said CPS Administrator Janice Patch.               CRIT’s three new Tribal Council members
“This will make a world of difference for us. I’ve         took their oaths of office on Jan. 2 inside the
been with the tribe since 1999 and we’ve always            Council Chambers.
seen this as a need.”                                          Eldred Enas, who resigned his seat on the
     Patch said that when a situation requires CPS         Council to run for Vice Chairman was
to take temporary or permanent custody of a                victorious in a three-way contest in the
child, the first step is to try and place the              December 2 Tribal elections. Enas defeated
youngster with relatives or a foster family.               incumbent Vice Chairman Russell Welsh and
     However, that is not always possible,                 Edward Kennard Yava Sr.
particularly on weekends, holidays and after                   Daphne Hill-Poolaw, Dennis Welsh, Jr. and

                                                         CRIT challenges businesses violating law
                                                                               Please see COUNCIL, Page 12
                        Please see SHELTER, Page 5

      In This Issue...
                                                             Two Parker-area businesses could face              Davis Building Supply. Expulsion does not mean
     Leaders thanked for hard work, Page 2              expulsion and three others in Big River could be       the businesses will be forced to move from their
                                                         fined thousands of dollars for failing to obtain       current locations, but, if the cases are successful,
     Photo contest results, Page 3                      Colorado River Indian Tribes’ business licenses.       they will not be able to make deliveries “or
     Photos from Mega-Throw, Page 6                         CRIT officials filed complaints in Tribal Court    otherwise conduct business on tribal lands or
                                                         on Dec. 28 against Big River Market, One Stop          Indian lands owned or occupied by tribal
     Profiles of new Tribal Council                     Hair Shop and the Dock Restaurant in Big River,        members,” said CRIT Attorney General Eric
    members, Page 7                                      as well as Domino’s Pizza and Davis Building           Shepard.
                                                         Supply in Parker for alleged violations of the              The Tribes are pursuing expulsion because
     Upcoming events, Page 8                            Tribes’ Business and Professions Code.                 failing to obtain a tribal business license puts the
     Photos from November’s Fall Gathering                  All five businesses are located within the         health, safety and welfare of tribal members at
    event, Page 11                                       Reservation.                                           risk.
                                                             In addition to seeking damages, CRIT is also
                                                         seeking to expel the Domino’s franchise and                                Please see TAX CODE, Page 9
Page 2 — Manataba Messenger

          News & Information From Your Tribal Council

Daniel Eddy, Jr.   Eldred Enas       Daphne Hill-        Valerie Welsh-     Dennis Patch      Herman “TJ”         Fernando “Bo”     Richard           Dennis Welsh, Jr.

                                                           Gaming victory gains national attention
Chairman           Vice Chairman     Poolaw, Treasurer   Tahbo, Secretary                     Laffoon             Flores            Armstrong

Messenger bids farewell to
Welsh, Aspa and Homer                                                                                              negative tone, presenting the perspective of
                                                            CRIT court ruling covered in USA
     The election of 2006 is behind us and CRIT is                                                                 federal auditors in the first paragraph and
                                                            Today; McCain comments unfortunate
moving forward with three new Council                                                                              claiming that the ruling had crippled their
members. This is an exciting time for CRIT as                    CRIT’s recent federal court victory               ability to examine operations at Indian casinos,
newly elected members Richard Marvin                        preserving Tribal sovereignty and preventing           raising concerns that the $22 billion Indian
Armstrong, Dennis Welsh, Jr. and Daphne Hill-               unlawful bureaucratic overreach by the National        gaming industry could be increasingly
Poolaw, as well as new Vice Chairman Eldred                 Indian Gaming Commission has gained national           vulnerable to corruption.
Enas, will surely bring new ideas, energy and               attention.                                                 CRIT strongly disagrees with that
perspectives to the vital policy discussions that                An article printed in USA Today late last year    assessment. And it was disappointing to note
impact the Tribes’ future.                                  put a national spotlight on CRIT’s victory, which      that the American Indian perspective was not
     But it is important at this time to also               upheld a legal decision that NIGC does not have        included until the seventh paragraph of the
recognize the efforts and contributions of three            the authority to regulate “Class III” gaming such      story. In that section, Ernest Stevens Jr. of the
hard-working and dedicated leaders who each                 as slot machines and blackjack.                        National Indian Gaming Association accurately
gave so much of themselves over the years in                     The case stemmed from NIGC’s attempts to          noted that states are already providing accurate
service to CRIT.                                            audit Class III gaming activities at the BlueWater     gaming oversight.
     The Manataba Messenger would like to thank             Resort & Casino several years ago.                         The NIGC “does not need duplicative
departing Tribal Council Vice Chairman Russell                   CRIT objected to the audit and was fined by       federal rule-making authority over matters
Welsh and Council Members Ray Aspa and Sylvia               the NIGC, but a federal judge later agreed with        already addressed by tribal law and the tribal-
“Cindy” Homer for their esteemed service and                CRIT’s position.                                       state compact process," Stevens told USA Today.
hard work on behalf of the Colorado River                        The United States Court of Appeals for the            CRIT has been particularly surprised by U.S.
Indian Tribes.                                              District of Columbia Circuit then upheld the           Senator John McCain’s comments on the matter.
     Public service is a difficult and often thankless      federal trial judge’s ruling that the NIGC had         McCain seems strangely more interested in
job. That is why CRIT owes these three leaders a            overstepped its statutory authority.                   furthering unlawful, duplicative federal
profound debt of gratitude. Your contributions                   Unfortunately, the USA Today article struck a     regulations.
will never be forgotten. They made a positive
difference for our people.
     We wish Council Members Aspa, Homer and
                                                                        — Letters to the editor —
Welsh all the best. And we sincerely hope all will         County supervisor thanks residents                      lives in Washington?” I said, “Jim Willett,” and
remain active in the community and continue to                                                                     the caller said, “that’s the name!”
be a positive influence on the Tribes’ future in           for support in stopping recall vote
                                                                                                                        Here’s another little fact. Andy Jones has a
other arenas. The new council members have                     I learned on Dec. 5 that the recall attempt         business tie with Jim Willett, the owner of
some big shoes to fill. We know they have the              against me has failed.                                  Yakima, a Washington-based company that had a
wisdom, energy and commitment to do just that.                 This was the first time in the history of La        sludge business in La Paz County. Remember
                                                           Paz County that a FINANCED recall had been              now, Andy’s wife was the Treasurer of this recall
                                                           attempted.                                              movement.
                                                               People were hired to circulate petitions,                Jerry McGuire was the Chairman of this
      We want to hear from you!                            commercials were made and time was purchased            recall movement. What’s his story?
           What’s on your mind?                            to run ads on the radio. Newspaper ads were run              Mr. McGuire has told at least one person
              Write us a letter!                           time and time again.                                    that he was offered so much money that he
                                                               The residents of District 1 did not fall for it.    couldn’t turn the “job” down. After he turned in
            The Manataba Messenger                         They showed me tremendous support and I am              the recall petitions, he told others that, “he
      encourages letters to the editor.                    so thankful to all of you who encouraged me to          would need to find other work now that he was
          Share your thoughts on key                       stay strong.                                            out of a job.”
                                                               The paid circulators used deception and still            Two of the petition circulators that stood at
        issues and tell us about things                                                                            the various stores around town and went to your
                                                           they failed to get enough valid signatures. They
       the people of CRIT might find                       told some people that signing the petition would        homes time and time again, show their
         of interest. We will publish a                    be a way of supporting me.                              addresses to be hotels in Phoenix. What does
      maximum of 250 words; longer                             They changed their tactics when they                that tell you about the people that were hired to
                                                           knocked on doors and told some people that              circulate the petitions here?
      letters will be edited for length.                                                                                When this recall attempt started, I said I had
                                                           they “had to sign the petition.”
            You may send letters to:                           Here is what I know for sure about this recall      faith in the citizens of La Paz and specifically
               Route 1, Box 23-B                           attempt: I received a phone call in late May,           those that live in District 1. The recall attempt
               Parker, AZ 85344                            from a person in Phoenix who told me that a             failed because you saw this for what it was.
                                                           man from the state of Washington was                    Thank you.
                          contacting firms in Phoenix so that he could                 Gene Fisher
                                                           hire them to coordinate a recall against me. The             County Supervisor, District 1
                                                           caller asked, “Who did you ‘(blank) off’ that                Parker
                                                                          Manataba Messenger — Page 3

Photo contest spans from Parker to Paris

              Submit now, win big in April                      the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (top right).
                                                                     • Rochelle Drennan for her photo of her
                  First place in the Manataba Messenger         nephew Avier Webb (bottom left).
              photo contest for February goes to Judy                • Mia Sanchez for her photo of her family
              Hooper for her photo of grandson Tyler Eddy       celebrating several birthdays (top right). It was
              and the 19-pound largemouth bass he caught        Sanchez’ 41st birthday along with David
              in the Colorado River (below right). She will     Sanchez’ fifth birthday (he’s in the maroon
              receive $100.                                     sweater).
                  Second place goes to Feather Evanston for          The deadline for submissions for the April
              her photo of Leon Evanston after what she         1 issue is March 15.
              called a “spaghetti catastrophe (top middle).          You must be a tribal member, and no
              She will receive $50.                             professional portraits are eligible. Send your
                  Third place goes to Stephanie Enas for her    picture to: Manataba Messenger, C/O Rose &
              photo of Sofia Rodriguez on Halloween             Allyn, 7051 E. 5th Avenue Suite B, Scottsdale,
              (middle left). She will receive $25.              AZ 85251.
                  Honorable mentions go to:                          Or, you may just e-mail the entry to
                  • Tristen Harper of Parker for her photo of
Meth coalition
Page 4 — Manataba Messenger

attends summit
    CRIT Meth Coalition (CMC) members had
the opportunity to attend Governor Janet
Napolitano’s 2007 Arizona Methamphetamine
Strategic Action Planning Summit on January 10
and 11. More than 400 people attended the
summit, including tribal, county, state and federal
representatives. The two-day summit offered an                                                                                                                                                                              Better than a
overview of other national, state and local
programs that are also trying to combat the meth
problems in their communities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            lump of coal
    The summit also allowed the 22 different
coalitions to define the problems that they are                                                                                                                                                                             Lisa Logan was the winner of the
facing at the State and local level. It allowed CMC                                                                                                                                                                         Giant Christmas Stocking
to express their concern regarding the state grant                                                                                                                                                                          Drawing, held December 21 at the
funding language forfeiting their sovereign                                                                                                                                                                                 CRIT Library. Lisa is the 10-year
immunity. Each coalition defined five problems,                                                                                                                                                                             old daughter of Eva Logan.
barriers, and possible solutions for their                                                                                                                                                                                  (Submitted by Gil Harper)
community. The CMC presented their findings
to the full coalition at a meeting on January 31.
Please note: The CMC meets the last Wednesday
of every month in tribal chambers at 5:30 pm.
    The CMC also presents a monthly community
awareness nights. The topic for January was the
effect of methamphetamine on babies, by Patty
Fritz, I.H.S. Public Health Nurse. The topic for
February 7 will be traditional parenting. The
awareness nights are held in tribal chambers at 6
p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month.
    If you have any questions or are interested in
joining the coalition, contact Bylli Esquerra, Vice
Chairperson, at (928) 669-6577.

                                                                              PUBLIC NOTICE
                                   Designation of Area of Potential Effects on Historic Properties
                                    and Request for Information about Historic Properties for
                                    Siemens Water Technologies (formerly US Filter Westates)
                                            Under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
                                    Siemens Water Technologies is a hazardous waste           Criteria for Identifying Historic Properties
                                treatment facility on the Colorado River Indian Reser-        and Adverse Effects
                                vation near Parker, Arizona. The U.S. Environmental               EPA will use NHPA criteria in determining whether
                                Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of making a         a site or structure within the Area of Potential Effects
                                permit decision at Siemens.                                   is a historic property and whether a Siemens permit may
                                                                                              cause adverse effects to the historic properties. Under
                                Designation of Area of Potential Effects                      the NHPA, a historic property may be a building, struc-
                                    As part of the permit decision, EPA must comply           ture, site, object, or district that is important in American
                                with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).           history, architecture, archeology, engineering, or culture.
                                In compliance with the NHPA, EPA is designating an            The term ìhistoric propertyî also includes properties of
                                Area of Potential Effects on historic properties for          traditional religious and cultural importance to an Indian
                                its permit decision at Siemens.                               Tribe. Under the NHPA, an adverse effect to a historic
                                                                                              property is any effect that would diminish the integrity of
                                    The map to the right shows the Area of Potential          certain aspects of the property such as location, design,
                                Effects on historic properties. EPA is designating this       setting, or feeling.
                                Area of Potential Effects after consultation with the
                                Colorado River Indian Tribes, the Arizona State Historic          To learn more about the NHPA process and criteria
                                Preservation Office, the Town of Parker, and Siemens,         for identifying historic properties and adverse effects you
                                and with consideration of public comments on a pro-           may access ìCitizenís Guide to Section 106 Reviewî at
                                posed Area of Potential Effects. You may find informa- and ìHow to Apply the
                                tion about the comments EPA received and the basis            National Register Criteria for Evaluationî at
                                for our designating this Area of Potential Effects on         gov/nr/publications/bulletins/nrb15/. You may also obtain
                                EPAís website, at local public repositories listed to the     these documents by contacting EPA or visiting the public
                                right, or by contacting EPA. Contact information is           repositories.
                                noted to the right.
                                                                                              Next Steps
                                                                                                  EPA must take possible adverse effects to historic
                                        Please note that this Area of Potential Effects is
                                                                                              properties into consideration in making its permit
                                   for potential effects only on historic properties                                                                              A detailed map and additional documents regarding
                                                                                              decision. If EPA determines that there are no historic
                                   from EPAís permit decision regarding the Siemens                                                                           the steps leading up to this determination are available
                                                                                              properties within the Area of Potential Effects, or that a
                                   facility. Under a separate authority, EPA is also                                                                          at public repositories at the Parker Public Library and
                                                                                              Siemens permit will not cause adverse effects to any
                                   requiring Siemens to conduct a human health and                                                                            the Colorado River Indian Tribes Museum. You may also
                                                                                              historic properties, then EPA will issue a public notice
                                   ecological risk assessment which will evaluate poten-                                                                      obtain these documents and information, as well as
                                                                                              making this determination, and this will complete the
                                   tial human health and ecological effects up to 30                                                                          information about Siemens and the National Historic
                                                                                              NHPA process. If EPA determines that there are historic
                                   miles from the facility due to Siemensí operations. In                                                                     Preservation Act, at the public repositories, by contacting
                                                                                              properties within the Area of Potential Effects and that a
                                   the future, EPA will publish separate public notices                                                                       EPA at the address or phone number to the right, and at
                                                                                              Siemens permit may cause adverse effects to the historic
                                   regarding the risk assessment and other EPA actions                                                                        EPAís website at http://www.
                                                                                              properties, then EPA will consult with the consulting
                                   at Siemens, such as the draft permit decision. If you                                                                      siemens/.
                                                                                              parties to determine whether mitigation measures are
                                   would like to receive future public notices in the mail,
                                                                                              necessary. EPA will then issue a public notice either
                                   please let us know by phone, email, or mail, and
                                                                                              proposing mitigation measures, or making a determi-
                                   weíll put you on our mailing list.
                                                                                              nation that mitigation measures are not necessary.                 To comment, or for more information,
                                                                                                  We are interested in any information
                                                                                                                                                                        you may write, email, or
                                Determining Whether There May Be Adverse                                                                                              call Karen Scheuermann at:
                                Effects to Historic Properties                                    you may have on historic properties
                                    EPA must now determine whether a hazardous                    within the Area of Potential Effects
                                waste permit decision at Siemens may cause adverse                                                                                         Karen Scheuermann
                                effects to any historic properties within the Area of             If you have information on historic properties within                  US EPA Region 9 (WST-4)
                                Potential Effects. EPA will make this determination           the Area of Potential Effects, including possible adverse                    75 Hawthorne Street
                                after researching public records, consulting with the         effects from a Siemens permit to the historic properties,
                                consulting parties noted above, and considering com-          please let EPA know by March 5, 2007. Any information
                                                                                                                                                                         San Francisco, CA 94105
                                ments from the public. Therefore, EPA would like to           you submit will become part of the public record. How-
                                hear from you about any historic properties that you          ever, if there is information that you would like to prov-     
                                know of within the Area of Potential Effects and about        ide, but that you believe should remain confidential either
                                any adverse effects you believe a Siemens permit may          for your anonymity or to protect the historic property,
                                cause to the historic properties. For each historic           please contact us by phone, and we will explore options
                                                                                                                                                                             Phone: (415) 972-3356
                                property, please describe why you believe it to be a          for keeping the information confidential. You may contact
                                historic property and please describe the specific            EPA at any time during the process to advise us of con-                Toll-free number: (800) 231-3075
                                adverse effects you believe a Siemens permit may              cerns or comments you may have regarding the NHPA
                                cause.                                                        process at Siemens.
 Long-awaited juvenile facility on the way Tax preparation
                                                                                                                       Manataba Messenger — Page 5

                                                                                                          available for free
                                                                                                          through CRIT, IRS
     In addition to the grant to build a new          Indian Affairs. The policy calls for removing
 children’s home, CRIT has also secured a             juveniles from tribal detention facilities and
 similar grant from the federal Department of         transporting them to other states. Tribal law
 Housing and Urban Development to begin               enforcement officers used for these long trips
 construction on a new juvenile detention             are then not available to patrol on the
 facility.                                            reservation, or to provide security at tribal
     The $825,000 grant will cover about one-         detention facilities.                                    The CRIT Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
 fourth the cost of construction. CRIT tax                 Putting juveniles into far-flung detention     program and the IRS recently announced free
 revenue will also contribute to the cost of          facilities, away from their communities and         tax help is available throughout the Parker area.
 construction. The facility is now in planning        families, has greatly increased their chances of         The free tax help site is located in the
 phases with an architecture firm working to          re-offending upon release.                          Employment Development & Training Office,
 complete the building’s design. The facility is           And, despite its obligation, the BIA has       13390 1st Avenue in Parker, and is by
 slated to be open early next year.                   failed to pay for this mandate.                     appointment only.
     Unfortunately, this facility is being built in        This is a dangerous and unacceptable                Local residents need to call (928) 669-8555 to
 response to a crisis spawned by a dangerous          situation and CRIT is only one of at least seven    schedule an appointment between the hours of 8
 and irresponsible juvenile detention policy          other Arizona tribes that have spoken out           a.m. to noon and 1-5 p.m.
 currently being undertaken by the Bureau of          about the situation.                                     IRS trained volunteers will discuss and
                                                                                                          determine eligibility for important federal tax
                                                                                                          credits such as the Child Tax Credit, the Earned

  SHELTER,                                              “We want (the new facility) to have a
                                                                                                          Income Tax Credit and the Telephone Excise Tax
  From Page 1                                           nurturing environment, a home-like                     Tax credits can reduce federal income taxes
                                                        setting where they feel safe and                  and may result in refunds.
                                                        protected.”                                            Tribal members and other area residents are
  business hours.
                                                                                  — Janice Patch          asked to bring: photo identification for
      “We were really struggling on weekends,”                                                            themselves (and their spouses); Social Security
  Patch said. “Staff was having to take children                                CPS Administrator
                                                                                                          Numbers or Individual Tax Identification
  home if they couldn’t find relatives.”                                                                  Numbers for each person listed on the tax
      One aspect of the shelter’s design that         or there’s no proof of paternity. They can file     return; all wage and earnings statements (Forms
  Patch is adamant about: It will be as much like     for enrollment, but the Enrollment Committee        W-2); interest and dividend statements (Forms
  a normal home as possible.                          only meets quarterly.”                              1099); a copy of last year’s tax return and any
      “We want (the new facility) to have a               It costs CRIT between $300 and $700 a           other information concerning income and
  nurturing environment, a home-like setting          month to provide CPS care for a non-enrolled        expenses for 2006.
  where they feel safe and protected,” Patch said.    child. Patch doesn’t agree with the BIA policy,          If filing jointly, both spouses must be present
  “We don’t want anything that seems                  but it’s been a trend for several years.            to sign the required forms.
  institutional.”                                         “The BIA’s responsibility is to pay for              Free electronic filing is offered at the CRIT
      While speaking about the new shelter,           Native Americans, however they do not unless        site. Electronic filing provides the highest degree
  Patch also raised another issue that has hit the    the children are enrolled,” Patch said. “They       of speed, accuracy and security in filing tax
  CPS budget hard in the past two years.              have been steadily scaling back and phasing         returns.
      That is the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ policy    out. We’re getting to self determination slowly,         And Direct Deposit can increase the speed of
  of no longer paying for services for Native         but we’re not ready yet.”                           your refund to as little as 10 days and your check
  American children who are not enrolled with a           Wood stressed that CRIT is “always in need      can’t get lost or stolen.
  tribe.                                              of new foster families; we’re always looking.”           Last year about 300 people took advantage of
      “Parents need to enroll all children; it’s          For more information on how to become a         the service. For information about other free tax
  gotten really costly,” Patch said.                  foster parent, call Social Services at (928) 669-   help sites, contact the IRS at 800-829-1040,

CRIT online learning partnership with AWC moving forward
      “Parents either don’t enroll their children     6093.                                               Monday thru Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., or
                                                                                                          visit the IRS’ web site at

    As reported in the last edition of the                                                                and universities. As problems arise, they are
Manataba Messenger, the CRIT Education                  “The cohort approach has been                     addressed quickly.”
Department is working with Arizona Western              successful in other academic settings for              Two groups of cohorts will be identified. One
College to offer online-learning Associates’            American Indian students because it               will consist of college-ready students, and the
Degrees to Tribal members and other Native              provides peer and academic support that           other of high school students who will begin
Americans in two beneficial subjects.                                                                     coursework while in high school and continue on
                                                        is often missing from many colleges and
    To further assist students, the CRIT                                                                  after graduation.
Education Department has created helpful                universities. As problems arise, they are              CIS and Health Education are two areas
checklists of course requirements to assist             addressed quickly.”                               where Native tribes could use more educated,
students with their online learning programs.                                      — Dr. Jay Cravath      trained professionals.
    The checklists can be e-mailed or faxed to                           CRIT Education Administrator          The program is also a good fit for students
students easily — just call the Education                                                                 who have received a GED rather than a high
Department if you would like one, or stop by                                                              school diploma, Cravath added.
their office.                                         part of the learning process.                            In the area of CIS, the prospective student
    The degrees will initially include Computer           “We are getting students for the programs       can choose the certificate and or degree they
Information Systems (CIS) and Health                  and are looking at an April start-up,” said CRIT    wish to earn. These programs will include an
Education.                                            Education Administrator Dr. Jay Cravath.            online orientation course, an online
    The degrees will be offered as part of                “The cohort approach has been successful in     Entrepreneurial Education Course, and technical
“cohort” programs, where students learn               other academic settings for American Indian         CIS certificates
primarily through online classes but are              students because it provides peer and academic           For more information, call the Department at
encouraged to work together in groups of 5-10 as      support that is often missing from many colleges    (928) 669-8831 or visit
Page 6 — Manataba Messenger

Mega Throw revives the sounds of bird singing

    Traditional Mohave song and dance was
the order of the day at the Ase S’maav Mega
Throw III, which was held on January 20.
    The Mega Throw is a celebration of
Mohave culture through the “preservation of
the Bird Song and Dance through CRIT
Mohave youth,” according to organizers of the
    Bird songs are songs sung socially by
Mohaves, and most importantly, sung during
funeral rites.
    The “Mega Throw” is named for the use of
the traditional Mohave gourd.
    The popular event included traditional
Mohave music, dancing and dress.
Performances included Tribal members and
singers from other tribes as well.
    Photos courtesy of Valerie Welsh-Tahbo
Hill-Poolaw returns to Council, promises fiscal stability
                                                                                                                              Manataba Messenger — Page 7

    With her re-election to the CRIT                                                                                       the history and showed confidence in
Tribal Council, Daphne Hill-Poolaw is                                                                                      me,” Hill-Poolaw said. “All I can say is
leaving behind one vital occupation for                                                                                    thank you. I’m going to do the best I can
another. For the past six years, Hill-                                                                                     to protect the assets of the tribe and
Poolaw has served as the tribe’s                                                                                           make sure finances are maintained
Enrollment Administrator. There she                                                                                        properly and accordingly.”
oversaw the continued transformation of                                                                                        Hill-Poolaw is also active in water and
enrollment into one of where declaring                                                                                     land issues, and is concerned about social
“I am an Indian” was sufficient into the                                                                                   ills affecting CRIT families.
modern era where documentation of                                                                                              Hill-Poolaw’s responsibilities add to an
membership is required when applying                                                                                       already full plate. She is Vice Chair of the
for education, home sites, health and                                                                                      Colorado River Residential Management
housing benefits.                                                                                                          Corporation, helping tribal members
    But now, with her swearing in on                                                                                       secure low-income housing and tax
Jan. 2, Hill-Poolaw begins a new role as                                                                                   credits to achieve home ownership. She is
CRIT’s Tribal Treasurer. Hill-Poolaw was                                                                                   also Chairwoman of the Business
appointed by her colleagues to assume                                                                                      Enterprise Board, which oversees CRIT
the role formerly held by newly elected                                                                                    Air and CRIT’s sand and rock enterprise,
Vice Chairman Eldred Enas.                                                                                                 Colorado River Building Materials store,
    “It’s a new arena, but one I feel                                                                                      and the Aha Quin Resort. She is also Vice
confident in,” Hill-Poolaw said.               Daphne Hill-Poolaw is sworn in as a Tribal Council member for the second Chair of the Health Board.
Hill-Poolaw based much of her                  time after her election victory in December.                                    And of course, many CRIT members
campaign on vows to end any                                                                                                know Hill-Poolaw as their minister and
overspending of the tribal budget, throwing her                Hill-Poolaw is already busy working through        spiritual advisor. Hill-Poolaw is pastor at the All
support behind efforts to cease loans, grants and         the Tribal budget in what will be a two-year stint      Tribes Sonlight Mission, a non-denominational
use of tribal vehicles for personal use. It’s a vow       as Treasurer. She will be eligible for re-              Pentecostal church in Poston.
Hill-Poolaw intends to keep.                              appointment. Though technically a new member,               “I’m pretty busy,” Hill-Poolaw said, in the
    “It’s my vision and goal to make sure all of          Hill-Poolaw is a familiar face on the Council. She understatement of the year.
our accounts are balanced correctly, to make sure was appointed in 2003 to serve the remaining two                    She said that she swore to defend the U.S.
we get out of the red and come up to the status           years of another member’s term after that               Constitution against all enemies, and carry out
quo,” Hill-Poolaw said. “We’ve got to make sure           member resigned to run for higher office.               faithfully and impartially the duties of her office.
we get our priorities in order and make sure our              “I want to thank the membership, especially             “My goal is with the help of my constituents

Full Circle: Armstrong returns home to serve on Council
finances are minded accordingly.”                         the elders that really sat me down and gave me          to balance the books. It’s a priority,” she said.

     For Richard Marvin Armstrong, his                                                                                   the BIA as a law-enforcement officer.
election and swearing to the Tribal                                                                                         “I steadily rose up the ranks from
Council on January 2 was sort of a                                                                                       there,” he said, completing over 3,000
homecoming.                                                                                                              hours of basic and special training over
     After a 30-year career in federal law                                                                               the years.
enforcement that has taken him                                                                                              Armstrong retired in 2005 as the
throughout Indian Country and the                                                                                        Special Agent in Charge for the Great
continental United States, Armstrong                                                                                     Plains Region in Aberdeen, South
has come full circle by returning to his                                                                                 Dakota, where he oversaw 12 bureau
home reservation to serve as one of the                                                                                  agencies and 37 tribally contracted
newest members of the Tribal Council.                                                                                    programs.
     Armstrong has never held elective                                                                                      Armstrong said his law enforcement
office, but reiterated that his long stint                                                                               career was rewarding in many ways, but
working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs                                                                                 there was one downside.
has prepared him well for the politics                                                                                      “Unfortunately, I have seen the worst
associated with public service.                                                                                          of the worst of what Indian people can
     “It’s not a huge learning curve,”                                                                                   do to other Indian families. That’s the
Armstrong said. “It’s similar, but much                                                                                  sad part. For me it’s worse than going to
more intimate. Many of the various                                                                                       war, because you see relatives hurting
responsibilities are the same, but here                                                                                  other relatives. I suppose it made me
it’s your family.”                           Richard Marvin Armstrong is sworn in for his four-year term as a Tribal     somewhat callous. But as I’ve gotten
     Armstrong said his first goal in office Councilman in the January inauguration ceremony.                            older I’ve let all of that go. I’ve become
is to help CRIT get its budget in order.                                                                                 more emotional.”
     “To just make sure there is accountability for   notoriety as a star in football as an offensive and            After retiring, Armstrong spent about a year
all funds, whether it’s tribal money or federal       defensive tackle. Armstrong went on to play               as magistrate for the Fort Mohave Tribal Court,
grants or what have you,” Armstrong said. “The        junior college football at Palo Verde Junior              and attended and completed training at the
program coordinators and directors must be            College and then at California State-Fullerton.           National Judicial College in Reno, Nevada during
accountable, and so must the Tribal Council, to           His first job in law enforcement was as a             this time. During his law enforcement career,
get the most bang for the buck, if you will.”         detention officer for CRIT in 1973, and later as a Armstrong stayed in close touch with the CRIT
     Armstrong was raised in the Parker Valley and patrol officer. He eventually left to become the             community, returning home to visit family and
attended the old Valley School, then LePera           Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the Fort                friends several times a year.
Elementary School, and graduated from Parker          Mohave Indian Tribe.                                           Armstrong and his wife, Donna, have four
High School. As a high-school athlete, he gained         In 1975, Armstrong left Fort Mohave to join            grown daughters who all live in the Phoenix area.
                                                     Respect important at CRIT cemetery
Page 8 — Manataba Messenger

 Upcoming Events
Events coming to BlueWater Resort                    Committee asks members to conduct                          The Committee is reminding CRIT members
                                                                                                            to be more respectful because traditional verbal
     • Rain, a tribute to The Beatles, will          themselves with respect at funerals
                                                                                                            requests asking the offending individuals to leave
perform on February 14 in the Bingo Concert                                                                 have not been successful.
                                                         Members of the CRIT Cemetery Committee
Hall. They will be performing two shows that                                                                    At a recent Cemetery Committee meeting,
                                                     are asking Tribal members to maintain and
night, with the doors opening at 4 p.m. for the                                                             Cemetery Director Dale Howard stated that he
                                                     cherish their culture and traditions when
first show at 5 p.m. and reopening at 7:30 p.m.                                                             and other Big House staff are unable to handle
                                                     attending a loved one’s funeral.
for the second show at 8 p.m. Ticket prices are                                                             the situation for fear of physical assault, Tsosie
                                                         There have been increasing reports of open
$20 in advance and $25 day-of-show.                                                                         reported.
                                                     drinking and drug use at funerals, a direct
     • The inaugural “Dam to Dam BlueWater                                                                      CRIT Police Chief Ken Schwab said he is
                                                     violation of Tribal custom and practice, said Dr.
Big Bass Classic” bass tournament will be held                                                              aware of the trouble at recent funerals and is
                                                     Michael Tsosie, CRIT museum director and a
on February 23-24. Local anglers will vie for the                                                           taking steps to correct the situation.
                                                     member of the Cemetery Committee.
guaranteed $1,000 first prize for this event, with                                                              Because of manpower, Schwab said that
                                                         “Several Mohave women cited open
payout to 6th place based on numbers of                                                                     higher-priority emergency calls will take
                                                     containers of alcohol, illicit activities in the
entries. The tournament is limited to the first                                                             precedence over policing funerals. But he does
                                                     parking lot and bathrooms, as well the wearing of
30 teams to enter. For more information,                                                                    plan to have officers or security personnel at
                                                     dark sunglasses inside the Big House as
contact Dempsey Holt at (928) 669-7035 or e-                                                                future funerals.
                                                     unmistakable signs of the problem,” Tsosie said.
mail                                                                                    The key, Schwab said, is communication
                                                         In particular, impaired Ichiyere singers have
     • Roy Clark returns to the BlueWater Resort                                                            between members and the police department. He
                                                     caused offense at several functions, Tsosie
& Casino on March 3. There will be two shows                                                                encouraged families or members of the Cemetery
that night, with the doors opening at 5 p.m. for                                                            Committee to provide his office with advance
                                                         However, it is also a sign “disrespect and
the first show at 6 p.m. and re-opening at 8

                                                     Welsh-Tahbo leaves Career Development
                                                     contempt for the deceased and the family” when         notice of any funerals so that he can arrange for
p.m. for the second show at 8:30 p.m. Tickets                                                               an officer to be on hand.
                                                     mourners are also impaired, Tsosie said.
are $25 in advance and $30 day-of-show.
     • On March 10-11, BlueWater Resort &
Casino will be the host property for the annual
Parker Ski Marathon. This race attracts the top
marathon water ski racers from around the            Will focus on her duties on Tribal                     maneuvering its way to become more and more
                                                                                                            dependent on effectuating the Education Code,”
world. For more information on this event            Council and new office of Secretary
contact Dusty Schultz at (818) 222-4161.                                                                    Welsh-Tahbo said.
     • The Billiards Club of America makes its            In her final act as administrator of the CRIT          “Until this past academic year our office
return to the Bluewater Resort & Casino for its      Career Development Office, newly elected Tribal        hasn’t really seen a trend to move in that
2007 Arizona State 8-Ball Championships from         Secretary Valerie Welsh-Tahbo thanked her staff        direction until now.”
March 23-25. This three-day event will be held                          as well as all the higher                The deadline to apply for CDO assistance is
in all the conference rooms at the resort. For                          education and adult vocational      June 30 (Oct. 30 in the fall). The whole process
more information contact Mike Howerton at                               training students that she has      can take four to six weeks, so the sooner a
(480) 251-3452 or                             come to know since 1994.            student starts the better.
                                                                            She also reminded students           A meeting with Parker High School juniors
                                                                        to keep a close eye on the June     and seniors and parents will take place later this
Dig Lounge Schedule                                                     30 deadline to apply for tribal     month (February) to review program
                                                                        higher educational aid.             requirements and begin paperwork for the June
     • For the months of February and March                                                                 30 deadline.
there will be live entertainment in the Dig          Valerie               Career Development assistant
                                                     Welsh-Tahbo        Olivia Smart will serve as acting        In addition to Smart and Enas, Welsh-Tahbo
Lounge on Wednesday through Saturday from                               director until the position is      also thanked support staff Tim Stevens as well as
8 p.m. to 2 a.m. DJ Billy Joe Preston will be in     filled.                                                former staffers Kenton Hough, Ora
the Dig Lounge Sunday and Tuesday and there               Welsh-Tahbo said she has “the utmost              Humeumptewa, Rosie Leivas, Billie Jean Stillman,
will be Karaoke on Monday night from 8 p.m.          confidence” that Smart and receptionist                Vanessa Barley, Eileen Garcia, Marlon Gary Short
to 1 a.m.                                            Stephanie Enas “will forge through the award           Jr. She also mentioned Deanna Patch, a current
     • February 7-10 — Pilot, with a female          process with the courtesy and professionalism our      student who designed the CDO web site.
fronting a three-band band playing Rhythm &          office has always bestowed.”                           Other programs the CDO offers include Direct
Blues from the 50s and 60s, Top 40 dance,                 Welsh-Tahbo also urged students to stay in        Employment, youth programs and Boarding
classic rock, Old School and disco.                  close contact with Smart to learn how the              School.
     • February 14-17 — Suite 33, a high-energy

                                                     Head Start program provides info for families
                                                     Education Code, passed in 2002, will affect them.           For more information on CDO programs, call
variety dance band featuring Top 40, classic              “The current Education Committee is               1-800-809-6207 or visit
rock, 50s and 60s and dance music.
     • February 21-24 — John Encinio and The
Full House Band, playing country/western,
classic rock and Tex-Mex.                                • Health screenings will be held for children      application can be delivered or mailed. Parents/
     • February 28-March 3 — Swift Kick, with a      from birth to four years of age from 9 a.m.-12         Guardians must have the child’s birth certificate,
female fronting a three-piece band specializing      p.m. March 8 at CRIT Head Start.                       immunization record, proof of income and Tribal
in current dance music along with selections             Children up to three years of age will receive     Membership if applicable.
from the 50s through 90s.                            developmental screenings and children three to             • CRIT Head Start actively recruits children
     • March 7-10 — Kelly J. Band, with a            five years of age will receive vision and dental       with disabilities.
female fronting a four-piece band playing            screenings and a physical exam.                            The program works with Parker Unified
country and Rock ‘n’ Roll.                               Please call the Head Start office for an           School District to provide services to children
     • March 14-17 — Suite 33.                       appointment at (928) 662-4311.                         with disabilities. If you think your child has a
     • March 21-24 — Voo Doo, with a female              • Head Start is taking applications for the        disability (hearing, vision, speech, developmental,
fronting a three-piece band playing Top 40           2007-08 program year. Eligible children must be        physical/orthopedic problems) contact Charlotte
dance and classic rock.                              between ages three and four as of August 31.           at 662-4311.
     • March 28-31 — The Crush, playing hits         Applications can be picked up at the center                All children must have a health screening and
from the 70s and 80s, classic rock, dance music,     located at Indian School and Mohave Road.              Tuberculosis (TB) test completed before being
disco and alternative dance.                             If you are unable to go to the center, an          placed in Head Start.
Recall effort against supervisor fails
                                                                                                                               Manataba Messenger — Page 9

                                                                                                                 TAX CODE,
     In a victory for Tribal issues and advocacy at      Parker area residents Jerry McGuire and Cynthia
                                                                                                                 From Page 1
the county government level, a recall effort             G. Jones, faced a host of problems with their
against La Paz County Supervisor Eugene Fisher           petitions, which were circulated by a paid
has failed.                                              signature-gathering firm.                                   “Each of the five businesses received repeated
                       Fisher, who represents the            Those problems included signatures from             notices of violation, and has had many months
                    CRIT reservation, has been a         non-registered voters, signers who lived outside        and opportunities to comply with tribal law,”
                    strong advocate for Tribal issues    the district, duplicative signatures and a small        Shepard said.
                    since taking office in 1988.         number where the signatures did not match                   “Over 600 businesses on the reservation have
                       And that will continue to be      those on registration records.                          obtained the required licenses.”
                    the case after dual recall efforts       The recall committee needed 331 valid                   These five businesses have repeatedly refused
                    against both Fisher and Board        signatures to force a recall election of Fisher. The    to comply. Their actions are illegal and unfair to
                    Chairman Clifford Edey failed        petitioners turned in 535, but only 284 were            other businesses.”
                    to garner enough valid               valid, according to the Pioneer.                            The Tribes have the power to regulate
Gene Fisher
                    signatures.                              Fisher said he was extremely gratified by the       businesses on the Reservation to protect and
     “This is great news for CRIT,” Tribal               support he received from CRIT members during            preserve the political integrity of the Tribes, and
Chairman Daniel Eddy, Jr. said of the failed recall      the recall effort (see related letter to the editor).   the health and welfare of tribal members.
effort against Fisher. “Supervisor Fisher backed             “The comments that people would make to                 Among these powers, CRIT can place
CRIT on its bid to restore the La Paz Lands and          me on the street like ‘keep your head up,’ ‘stay        conditions on non-Indian conduct or presence on
on many other important issues, and I'm sure we          strong,’ and ‘we’re behind you,’ that was so very       the Reservation.
will continue to show their strong support and           humbling,” Fisher said. “I have been so very                “Conducting business on the reservation is a
faith in him."                                           proud to represent this district, and I do feel so      privilege, not a right,” Shepard said.
     According to the Parker Pioneer, the                much for the tribe. And I’m certainly pleased               According to tribal law, a tribal business
organization Time for a Change, headed up by             that it is finished.”                                   license is required of every business upon any
                                                                                                                 land subject to the Tribes’ jurisdiction.
                                                                                                                     The cost of an annual business license is $100.
                                    Announcements                                                                    Some of the businesses cited did have tribal
                                                                                                                 business licenses for some prior years, but ceased
  Birthday Announcements                                 cousin Justin                                           complying with the law.
                                                              February 14 — To my Father, “Pops,”                    One Stop Hair Shop, Domino’s and Davis
     I would like to wish Happy Birthdays for            “Papa,” Carlos J. Martinez II — I wish you a            Building Supply never complied with the business
  January 2007 to...                                     very happy birthday!! Sorry I can’t be there,           license requirement.
     Avis Whipple (Grandmother)                                                                                      None of the five businesses have paid the
                                                         but much love and respect!! I also want to
     Ethelyn McCowan (Aunt)                                                                                      license fees and penalties due. Nevertheless, each
     Ephraim McCowan (Nephew)                            thank you for being there for me and Rosita
                                                         through hard times! Love and miss you. Love             continues to conduct business in violation of
     Lindsey Evanston (Brother)                                                                                  tribal law.
     — From Feather. Love you all.                       your son, Jason Martinez
                                                              Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Mohave                 As of press time, none of the businesses had
     Also, to Blake Martin for Leon Evanston.
     For February...                                     sisters on our CRIT reservation. Keep your              responded to the complaints. After the
     Lena Nez (February 4)                               heads up and stand strong ladies! Don’t let             businesses answer, the cases will proceed in a
     Katrina Nez (February 11)                           nothing get you down!! Jason Martinez                   normal fashion before the Tribal Court.
     From your big sister Feather Evanston and                Happy Birthday to my beautiful lil’                    On Jan. 11, the Tribal Council took action to
  your nephews.                                          Valentine Rosita Martinez, Daddy loves and              cease conducting business with the Domino’s
                                                         misses you with all my heart and soul! Be good          franchise in Parker and Davis Building supply
                   ———————                                                                                       effective immediately.
                                                         and behave, I’ll be home soon! Love Dad,
                                                         Jason Martinez                                              That means no tribal department or
                    Introducing our little boy,                                                                  enterprise will conduct any business with the
                  Oscar Cousins Patch. Born                   March 3 — Happy Birthday Kyle Scott.
                                                         From your brother Justin                                stores. The Council urged the Tribes’
                  October 2, 2006, 6 lbs. 15 oz.,                                                                membership to follow suit.
                  19.5 inches, 5:38 a.m.                      March 4 — Happy Birthday Andrew Scott.
                    — Oscar and Tracy                    From your uncle Justin
                                                              March 7 — Happy Birthday Leeanna
                  ———————                                Yazzie. From Justin                                         Got something to
      January 5 — Happy Belated Birthday Sheila               March 26 — Happy Birthday Judith
  Anderson. From Justin                                  McCowan. From your brother Justin                            share with CRIT
                                                              March 27 — Happy Birthday Justine Leigh.
      January 12 — Happy Belated Birthday
  Ethle McCowan & Maggie Scott. From your                From your dad Justin                                       members? Write us!
  nephew and brother Justin                                   March 31 — Happy Birthday Douglas Scott,
      January 21 — Happy Belated Birthday to             Jr. & Deborah Scott. From your brother Justin
                                                              April 5 — Happy Birthday Chelsee Scott.
  Jacob. Love Mommy & Julie Bear
      February 8 — Happy Birthday to Julie Bear.         From your brother Justin                                           MANATABA
  Love Jake & Mommy                                                        ———————
      Happy Birthday Mike T. Love Jake & Jules
      Happy Birthday Mom. Love your kids and
                                                            March 2 — Happy Birthday Kevin "Dad"
  grandkids                                              Lomayesva! Love, Samson, Eythan, Marilyn
      Happy Birthday Dad. From your girls &              and Monroe                                                        E-MAIL address:
  Jake, Jules, Camden & Kaitlyn
      February 10 — Michael Scott Martinez —                  The Manataba Messenger accepts                 
  Happy Birthday Brother, wish you many more             announcements on graduations, awards,                            Letters to the Editor
  to come! Much love and respect. Your brother,          engagements, obituaries and many other special
  Jason Martinez                                         occasions and events. To submit an announcement,
                                                                                                                          Article Submissions
      Happy Birthday Michael Scott. From your            see the contact information on Page 12 of this issue.             Announcements
Local student up Tobacco education program offers tips
Page 10 — Manataba Messenger

for national award Make 2007 a smoke-free year and
                   improve your health and well-being
                                                                                                                 • Remember, urges only last 2-3 minutes.
                                                                                                                 • Light an incense candle instead.
                                                                                                                 • Exercise or go for a walk.
    Lynnis Gonzales, a CRIT member and Parker
                                                          Is your New Year’s Resolution to quit                  • Keep your hands busy (do a puzzle, write
High School Senior, has been nominated to
                                                       smoking or just try to cut back?                      a letter).
compete in the national Principal’s Leadership                                                                   • Take a shower.
Award (PLA) scholarship program, sponsored by             Here are some simple and quick tips
                                                       courtesy of the CRIT Tobacco Education and                • Call a friend or family member for
the National Association of Secondary School                                                                 support.
Principals (NASSP).                                    Prevention Program that can help you kick the
                                                       habit for good.                                           • Call the Arizona Smokers hotline at (800)
    One hundred national PLA winners will be                                                                 556-6222.
                   chosen this spring to receive       Before you quit
                   $1,000 college scholarships.            • Select a date to quit and stick to it!          Remember the 4 D’s
                   Parker High School Principal            • Tell everyone you are going to quit.               * Delay (2-3 minutes).
                   Dr. LeRoy Shontz announced              • Postpone your first tobacco use of the day         • Drink a glass of water.
                   the nomination late last year.      by one hour each day.                                    • Deep Breathing.
                     “Lynnis has demonstrated              • Don’t carry tobacco with you or make it            • Distraction.
                   great leadership abilities as an    convenient to use.
                   outstanding student, athlete,           • Create a survival kit (Small bags available     For your successful tobacco-free life...
Lynnis Gonzales and through her involvement in         at CRIT TEPP office).                                     • Celebrate your success! Treat yourself to
student government,” Shontz said.                                                                            something nice with the money you would have
    High School principals from across the             On the day you quit                                   spent on tobacco.
country were able to nominate one of their                • Throw away all tobacco, ashtrays, lighters,          • Ask a friend or spouse to quit with you.
student leaders.                                       and spittoons.                                            • Don’t think in terms of never using
    Nominees were selected based on their                 • Keep very busy.                                  tobacco again, take it one day at a time.
leadership skills, participation in service               • Go places you can’t smoke or chew (mall,             • Find ways to handle trigger times and
organizations and clubs, achievement in the arts       movies, etc.)                                         places(drinking coffee, driving after meals).
and sciences, employment experiences, and                 • Surround yourself with non-tobacco using             • Brush your teeth or use mouth wash after
academic record. They were also required to            people.                                               meals.
write an essay.                                           • Clean your clothes to rid them of tobacco            For more information contact Bylli
    Gonzales has been Student Body President,          odor.                                                 Esquerra, Coordinator of the CRIT Tobacco
Class President her freshman, sophomore, and                                                                 Program, at (928) 669-6577 or e-mail
junior years, and a standout athlete in volleyball     Handling the Urges….                        
and women’s basketball.

                                                      police reserve unit and is looking for more            this amazing history to the tribe,” Tsosie said. “All
           CRIT Briefs                                volunteers. Volunteers that are accepted will          of this work was inspired by my uncle, Dennis
   News from around the                               receive training in basic patrol procedures, traffic   Patch, a great supporter and student of history.”
                                                      control, laws governing arrest of suspects, public     Tsosie hopes that younger Tribal members will
     CRIT Reservation                                 relations and other law enforcement skills.            develop pride in themselves by learning more
CRIT Recreation hosting events                            Reserve officers will then be teamed with full-    about the great achievements made by their
                                                      time police officers to work on patrol shifts. The     ancestors and families.
    CRIT Recreation will host several sporting        time commitment for reserves will be at least 16           “Hopefully these lectures will be the structure
events in March and April, including:                 volunteer hours a month.                               for a book on our history,” he said.
    • 11th Annual Men’s Open Six-Feet & Under             “This is a great opportunity for individuals to        Tsosie is a nationally recognized scholar in
Basketball Tournament — March 23-24. Entry            give back to their tribal community in an              American Indian studies and has lectured at
Fee: $200.00 (no personal checks). Deadline:          interesting and worthwhile endeavor,” said Tribal      prominent colleges and universities all over the
Wednesday, March 21. There is a $100.00 deposit       Police Chief Ken Schwab.                               United States and Canada. Tsosie has
due by deadline.                                          For further information contact Schwab at          contributed to such diverse disciplines as
    Eligibility: Must be 18 and older (proof of age   (928) 669-1251.                                        anthropology, history, literature, gender studies
required), and must be 6 feet tall or under.                                                                 and American Indian studies.
    • 40th Annual All-Indian Men’s Basketball         Lectures on Tribal history offered
Tournament — March 30-31. Entry Fee: $200.00                                                                 Meeting to move Poston forward
(no personal checks). Deadline: Wednesday,                 CRIT Museum Director Dr. Michael Tsosie
March 28. There is $100.00 deposit due by             will offer a series of public lectures on tribal            There will be a Poston Project meeting on
deadline. Eligibility: Must be 18 years and older,    history. The first two lectures will be from 6 to 8    Saturday, Feb. 24, in Los Angeles. Topics include
Native American from a federal recognized tribe.      p.m. February 26 and 28 in the Tribal Council          information regarding the new nonprofit
Player must show proof of enrollment of tribe         chambers.                                              organization (Poston Community Alliance) set up
(Tribal ID, CIB).                                          Tsosie’s lectures will provide a comprehensive    to work on getting a museum on the site, an
    • 37th Annual Boy’s Open Pee-Wee Class “C”        outline of the tribal history followed by specific     architect’s proposal to develop a master plan.
Basketball Tournament — April 13-14. Ages 8-10        topical lectures of interest to local tribal           The recently-passed legislation by Congress to
years (co-ed), 11-13 years (Boys Only). Entry Fee:    members. Tsosie has more than 20 years                 fund restoration of the 10 former internment
$150.00 (no personal checks). There is a $100.00      experience in research and scholarship on the          camps will also be discussed. Specific information
deposit due by deadline.                              history on the tribes of the Colorado River Indian     on the meeting site is below. All who are
    For more information about these events,          Reservation. He utilized the world-respected           interested in this project are welcome to attend.
contact the CRIT Recreation Department at             libraries of Harvard University, University of              For more information call (928) 669-8831 or
(928) 669-1350.                                       California-Berkeley, the Library of Congress and       visit
                                                      the Smithsonian Institution, as well as archives all        The meeting will be at start 8:30 a.m. (coffee
CRIT Police Reserve seeks members                     over the country, including the National Archives      & tea) and go from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Centenary
                                                      of the United States.                                  United Methodist Church, 300 Central Avenue
   The CRIT Police Department has formed a                 “I am really pleased to be able to give back      Los Angeles (Downtown Japan Town).
                                                                    Manataba Messenger — Page 11

Fall Gathering celebrates Tribal dance, music

                Music, garments take center stage
                    CRIT members and visitors from Native
                American communities throughout the
                region enjoyed a celebration of traditional
                song, dance and garments at the 2006 Fall
                Gathering, held at the BlueWater Resort &
                Casino on November 18.
                    The CRIT Office of Tourism sponsored
                the event to preserve traditional song, dance
                and language of the tribes. It was the sixth
                year the event has taken place.

                    (Top left and bottom left) The Hopi Dancers
                share their water maiden dance. (Top right) The
                Young Mohave girls step to the Bird Dance
                Singers’ songs. (Middle left and right) The White
                Mountain Crown Dancers share their culture with
                the people. (Bottom right) The CRIT Hopi Dancers
                perform their corn dance.
                    Photos courtesy of Ron Charles.
                                                Vacancies open on boards, commissions
Page 12 — Manataba Messenger

   We Want To Hear From You!
                                                    The following Tribal Boards and                Tero Board

   T   he Manataba Messenger is a
       publication of the Colorado River
   Indian Tribes.
                                                Commissions currently have vacancies that are
                                                open to Tribal members.
                                                    Those interested may pick up an application
                                                                                                      (Two-year terms, expiring February 2009)
                                                                                                      Three vacancies

      If you have a question, story idea,       at the Tribal Executive Office. The deadline for   Big River Development Enterprise Board
   suggestion, letter to the editor or          submissions is Friday, February 9 at 5 p.m.            (Two-year terms, expiring February 2009)
   anything else you’d like to see in the                                                              One vacancy
   Manataba Messenger, call or write us...      Business Enterprise Board
                                                   (Three-year terms, expiring February 2010)      Education Committee
           Route 1, Box 23-B                       Two full-term vacancies                            (Two-year terms, expiring February 2009)
           Parker, AZ 85344
                                                   One unexpired term (February 2009)                 Two vacancies
           (928) 669-1233 or
            (928) 669-1223
                                                CRIT Farm Board                                    Liquor Control Board
                                                   (Three-year terms, expiring February 2010)         (Two-year terms, expiring February 2009)
                                                   Three vacancies                                    Three full-term vacancies
       Also, for a comprehensive listing of
   key tribal information, back issues of The                                                         One alternate unexpired term (Feb. 2008)
   Manataba Messenger, tourism information      Health Board
   and other CRIT Tribal information, visit        (Two-year terms, expiring February 2009)        Pesticide Control Board
   the Tribes’ web site:                           Three vacancies                                    (Two-year terms, expiring February 2009)
                                                                                                      One full term
                    Parks & Recreation Committee                          One unexpired term (February 2008)
                                                   (Two-year terms, expiring February 2009)           For more information, visit the Tribal
          Don’t forget the                         Three vacancies                                 Executive Offices.
        April photo contest!

                                                                                                   Page 7 of this issue. Profiles of Enas and Welsh,
                                                                                                   Jr. will appear in a future issue of the Manataba
     Advertise With Us!                         From Page 1                                        Messenger.
         Now you can reach the 3,500                                                                    Council Member Valerie Welsh-Tahbo was
       members of the Colorado River                                                               appointed by her fellow Council Members to take
                                                Richard Marvin Armstrong also were sworn in to     over as Tribal Secretary, the office that was held
       Indian Tribes directly. Manataba
                                                their seats on the Council.                        by Homer.
     Messenger, the official publication of
                                                    Incumbent Council Members Sylvia “Cindy”            Because of her new duties, Welsh-Tahbo
      CRIT, is distributed by mail to all
                                                Homer and Ray Aspa were not re-elected in the      relinquished her longtime role as Tribal Career
        members and at newsstands at
                                                December election.                                 Development Administrator (See related article
     prominent locations throughout the
                                                    In all there were 16 candidates running for    Page 8).
     Parker area, including the BlueWater
                                                the three open seats.                                   Tribal Council members are elected to four-
               Resort & Casino.
                                                    Additionally, Hill-Poolaw, CRIT’s longtime     year terms.
     For more information, please call
                                                Enrollment Administrator, was chosen by the             The next election is scheduled to be in late
       (928) 669-1233 or 669-1223.              Tribal Council to be Tribal Treasurer, a role      2008, when the office of Chairman and four
                                                formerly held by Enas.                             additional council seats will be up for a vote of
                                                    Hill-Poolaw and Armstrong are profiled on      Tribal membership.

                     COLORADO RIVER INDIAN TRIBES                                                                                       U S Postage
                     Colorado River Indian Reservation                                                                                      PAID
                     Route 1, Box 23-B                                                                                                  Phoenix, AZ
                                                                                                                                        Permit #1383
                     Parker, AZ 85344

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