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Which candidate would make the best U.S. President?

      Take one minute to read the information below, and we estimate that you'll
      know a lot more than most Americans about this topic.

                                     Why This Topic?

      Our readers asked, and ProCon.org agreed, that it was time Americans had
      a reliable and easy-to-use source to understand the presidential candidates
      better and to learn where each candidate stands on important issues.

      The next U.S. Presidential election will be held on Nov. 4, 2008 and, similar
      to other presidential elections, it will be a major battle of ideas and dollars.
      The U.S. President is considered by many to be the most powerful position
      on earth.

      According to the U.S. Constitution, any "natural born" U.S. citizen over age
      35 who has lived in the U.S. for 14 years can run for President of the United
      States. Some of the President’s duties/roles include:

             Commander in Chief of armed forces
             Head of the Executive branch of federal government
             Signing Congressional bills into law or vetoing them
             Making treaties with foreign governments (with 2/3 approval of
             Appointing federal officers, ambassadors, and federal judges
              including Supreme Court justices
             Granting pardons or reprieves
             Using the power of his/her office to shape public opinion

      In Mar. 1845, Congress declared that presidential elections would be held on
      “Election Day” - the Tuesday after the first Monday in Nov. of every fourth
      year, starting in 1848.

      The large amount of money being spent on advertising (for example, the
      Democrats spent $250 million and the Republicans spent $240 million in the
      2004 presidential election) combined with partisanship, dirty campaigns, and
      biased or incomplete reporting often makes it difficult to figure out where
      candidates stand on important issues and, therefore, who to vote for.

      Our website has created detailed biographies for each Democratic,
      Republican, and major third party/independent candidate. Our site shows
      their positions on abortion, the death penalty, gun control, war in Iraq, global
      warming, gay marriage, and about 20 other important topics.

      This site also contains the candidate's position statements and, if their
      position changed, we have displayed their original and changed views. We
      archive each candidate's information as they withdraw from the race.
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