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					Product Liability

Plunkett Cooney has a longstanding reputation as one of the Midwest’s premier product liability
firms. Our attorneys routinely handle cases involving a multitude of products, including motor
vehicles, construction and manufacturing equipment, pharmaceutical products, medical devices,
chemicals, recreational products and the full spectrum of consumer goods.

Product liability practice, in general, has become increasingly complex and requires an expertise
and level of creativity beyond that which is typically demanded in routine personal injury litigation.
Plunkett Cooney’s practitioners in this area have been widely recognized for possessing these
attributes and obtaining the right results. They frequently lecture, and have been published, as
specialists in their field, both nationally and internationally.

When the firm’s clients are called upon to defend their products in Michigan, they understand that
they must do so in a rather unique legal landscape, as the evolution of the common law of
product liability in the state, as shaped by the appellate courts over the last several decades, has
resulted in certain theories, doctrines and nuances not found in other jurisdictions. Sweeping
product liability reform legislation enacted in the mid-1990’s has only served to further distinguish
Michigan in this regard. Our clients take great comfort in knowing that they can count on Plunkett
Cooney’s depth of knowledge and experience in this area to help them successfully navigate
their way toward the optimal resolution of any product liability claim they may face in Michigan.

Plunkett Cooney’s product liability lawyers have developed their individual expertise over the last
50 years. When appropriate, each attorney practices with the full support of a team, which may
include attorneys from the firm’s other practice groups, library support staff, computerized
research assistants, paralegals, nurses and all other resources of the firm.

In addition to its Midwest practice, Plunkett Cooney is proud that its attorneys have been at the
forefront of major product liability actions across the country. The firm’s ability to provide
coordinated team representation at the national and/or state level to resolve complex matters
efficiently and effectively is largely responsible for its success.

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