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                                                                                                                                 Easy to use,
Simply select and sew!                                                                                                           trendy and cost
It‘s perfect for anyone who needs a versatile sewing machine, with a modern look and
very practical features. Plus, they are so easy to use! You‘ll love the Easy Select System,                                      efficient:
which lets you choose from the wide variety of quality Pfaff stitches with just the touch
of a button. And don‘t forget the original IDTTM – only available from Pfaff! Get
acquainted with the Pfaff select line.You‘ll want to start sewing – we guarantee it!          The smart range by Pfaff!
                                                                                              Discover the hobby of sewing! The smart machines by Pfaff
                                                                                              are the perfect choice for everyone who wants to discover
                                                                                              the sewing hobby. They offer you practical features for
                                                                                              sewing or machine embroidery.

                                                                                                Smart 100s                           Smart 200c

   • IDT-Integrated dual feed, even               • IDT-Integrated dual feed, even fabric
     fabric feed from the top & bottom              feed from the top & bottom
   • 27 stitches                                  • 40 stitches
   • Free motion sewing                           • Free motion sewing                                   sewing                    computerised sewing
   • High presser foot clearance                  • High presser foot clearance
   • Electronic needle piercing power             • Electronic needle piercing power          • 28 high-quality stitches         • Easy to use!
   • Easy select system                           • Swing away accessory tray with insert       guarantee the right stitch for   • All accessories to get you
                                                  • Easy select system                          every sewing project               started, including presser foot
                                                                                              • Lightweight sewing machine         for free motion quilting.
                                                                                                with extension table             • 101 stitches, including block
                                                                                              • All accessories to get you         alphabet
                                      ClassicStyle Quilt 2027                                   started                          • Built-in memory
                                                                                              • Adjustable presser foot          • One-step buttonhole. Sew
                                      42 stitches, comes with 2 extra presser feet, a           pressure                           the perfect buttonhole every
                                      must have for any quilter – the free-                   • Sturdy hard cover                  time!
                                      motion/quilting foot, and the 1/4" piecing foot.                                           • Needle up/down
                                                                                                                                 • Built-in needle threader
                                      Free-motion sewing position, extra high presser-
                                                                                                                                 • Adjustable Presser Foot
                                      foot clearance, and includes a hard cover!
                                                                                                                                 • Sturdy hard cover

  Hobby 1142
  • Drop in bobbin
  • Integrated needle threader
  • Over 30 stitch functions                                                                    N Smart 350p
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Hard cover                                                                                      Embellisher

                                 Inspira Needles
                                                                                              • The Smart 350p is not a sewing machine. Instead of using
                                                                                                thread, it works with several specially shaped needles. Just lay
                                                                                                two or more materials on top of one another and you’re ready

      N                                                                                         to go. The needles of Smart 350p meshes the fibres together.
                                                                                              • The Smart 350p has the exclusive Auto Needle Up feature that
                                                                                                makes it easy to work with felting, the needles stays in the up
                                                                                                position every time you stop by pressing the foot control.
                                                                                              • Needle Guard
                                                                                              • Slender free arm, great for projects on sleeves, trouser legs,
                                                                                                small necklines, bags etc.

                                 Instore NOW                                                  • Change individual needles.
 EW                  Performance 2058
      Choose your own personal combination of decorative stitches to create a
      blouse that is uniquely yours. The sewing instructions for this gorgeous
      blouse can be found at

      The Performance 2058 features:
      High resolution touch screen, electronic kneelift, automatic tie-off, 241
      utility & decorative stitches, up to 9mm wide plus 4 alphabets, the
      unique stitch creator, and the programmable presser foot lift that allows
      you to set the presser foot to raise to a low, medium or high postion
      depending upon the technique or fabric.

                                                                                                                         “One of the best sewing
                                         Stitch creator - unique!                                                        and quilting machines in
                                         Combine existing decorative stitches for exciting                               the world!”
                                         new results or design your own 9 mm decorative
                                         stitches with the unique Stitch Creator. That is

                                                  quilt expression2048                                                             expression2038
                                                  •   120 stitches                                                                 •   80 stitches, 1 alphabet
                                                  •   2 alphabets                                                                  •   Simply Lovely: the NEW 9mm stitches
                                                  •   IDT                                                                          •   Precise buttonholes
                                                  •   Simply Lovely: the NEW 9mm stitches                                          •   Needle up / needle down
                                                  •   Extra Large Illuminated graphic                                              •   Large Graphic expression window
                                                      expression window                                                            •   Tapering function
                                                  •   Free motion sewing position                                                  •   3 memories
                                                  •   Extra High presser foot clearance                                            •   Only from Pfaff! The ergonomic work
                                                  •   6 memories                                                                       surface!
                                                  •   Instant and permanent reverse
                                                  •   Many needle positions!
Ask us instore about our fantastic offer on this model.                                         Ask us instore about our fantastic offer on this model.

                                                                                                                                coverlock 4862

 For all your quilting needs

  Grand Quilter
  • 1600 stitches per minute
  • Free large extension table 600 x 400mm
  • Large working area 225 x 150mm
  • Perfect thread tension
  • Easily selected sewing speed - slow or fast                                                                                Stitch, finish and hem all in one step. 2
                                                                                                                               needles, 4 threads and 13 stitch programmes.
                                                                                                                               Automatic thread tension and easy pass
                                                                                                                               through colour coded threading. Reliable
                                                                   Next Generation Quilt Frame                                 and professional stitching every time.

                                                                   • Engineered for high speed vibration free quilting
                                                                   • High precision bearings for smooth professional
                                                                     carriage motion
                                                                   • Patented Fabri-fast fabric attachment
                                                                   • Multiple sizes - 120" & 60" available in the              hobbylock 4752
                                                                     one package
                                                                   • Easy step-by-step assembly (DVD included)
                                                                   • Easy grip handles
                                                                   • Laser included - Quilters Stylus
                                                                   • 24 easy Pantagraph’s included

                                                                                                   only   $
      Grand Quilter & Quilt Frame Package                                                                  3898                 The 4752 is a four thread differential feed
                                                                                                          Save $500             machine, is easy to thread and great to use.
                                                                                                                                Built in rolled hem.
    Introducing the new                                                                                The Pfaff HD Screen is the heart
                                                                                                       of the machine.
    TOP OF THE LINE from Pfaff!                                                                        The large touchscreen
                                                                                                       with its high resolution, absolutely realistic
                                                                                                       3D representation of your embroidery
                                                                                                       design in true colours, and an intuitive
                                                                                                       graphic interface makes the creative vision
    The more you want the more you get.                                                                clear, well structured and easy
                                                                                                       to understand.

    The new Pfaff creative vision is a sensation – in every respect.

    It looks different than any other sewing machine – and it is different.                            Precise Positioning is a revolution for everyone
    Just like the Pfaff brand itself, the extraordinary minimalist design                              who loves large embroideries.
                                                                                                       The joining of large embroideries has never been easier
    originated in Germany. It is perfectly designed, down to the                                       and the results have never been so perfect!. These are
                                                                                                       only a few of the highlights offered by the Pfaff
    smallest detail.                                                                                   creative vision.

                                                                                                       Visit your authorized Pfaff dealer to experience this
                                                                                                       extraordinary sewing and embroidery machine
                                                                                                       yourself – you’ll be amazed! Learn more on the
                                                                                                       Internet at or ask your authorized
                                                                                                       Pfaff dealer for more information.

                                                                                                       * Standard accessories of the creative visionTM
                                                                                                       include the creative DELUXE HOOP, 360 x 200 mm.
                                                                                                       Optional accessory: the creative GRAND DREAM
                                                                                                       HOOP with it‘s sensational 360 x 350 mm. Available
                                      The largest hoop on the market!                                  at Pfaff authorized dealers.
                                      creative GRAND DREAM HOOP
                                      Expand your creative potential with a sensational 360 x
                                      350 mm hoop to embroider large designs without having
                                      to rehoop the fabric! Exclusive large designs are included.      Learn more on the internet at
                                      Find more embroideries on                               or contact us on
                             The creative GRAND DREAM
                                      HOOP is available as an optional accessory at your               02 4337 3737 for a free
                                      authorized Pfaff dealer.                                         information DVD
   Find more embroideries on

4D Embroidery Software, You are the Creator!
The 4D Embroidery Software System is a technically advanced, yet highly user-friendly
range of software. It has extraordinary possibilities to help you create your own
personal embroidery designs with a minimum of effort. Designed by the makers of the
first embroidery software for the domestic sewing machine. Adding their many years of
experience, to come up with this market leading software.
Suitable for most Brands of Embroidery Machines.

• Create, edit and display all designs in true 3D reality with zoom ability.
                                                                                                       Optional:                              Sketch elegant stitches to     Enhance the invitation
• Make your choice of background colour and select from seven different fabric                         Inspira 4D Drawing Kit! Inspira        highlight the beauty of a      for your special day with
  textures.                                                                                            drawing tablet and pen, 5000 clipart   picture on printable fabric.   wonderful embroidered
• Design with your choice of 13 000 threads, even specialty threads, from 27                           images and 5000 photos to use with                                    Calligraphy.
                                                                                                       your 4D Sketch software.
  manufacturers or design your personal palette.
• Unlimited Undo and Redo in most modules.
• Sketch your own design right on the screen using the wonderful sketch features.
• Edit and size your designs by recalculating the stitches.
• Make embroideries up to a metre in size and split them, adding perfect aligning                                          Find out more at
  stitches so you can sew them in your own personal hoop for your brand of machine.
• Automatically Digitizes you own design.                                                                      
• Send To options make it quick and easy to send designs to your machine.
• Help is always at hand thanks to a printed User's Guide, Quick Reference Guide
  Cards, Internet FAQs and On-line Learning Centre with interactive tutorials.

   170 Picture
                                      Create your own free-motion                                   So many packages in one
and 52 Calligraphy                    embroidery designs!
     included.                        creative 4D sketch                                            Compatible with
                                      Like a free-motion embroidery artist, you                     most brands of
                                      can bring your treasured pictures to life by
                                                                                                    sewing machines
                                      enhancing them with embroidered
                                      textures. Use the amazing Motif Motion                        find out more at
                                      feature to draw your favorite machine               

                                                                              Absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and bottom! During sewing, the
                                                                              fabric is fed simultaneously from both the top and bottom. Absolutely nothing
                                      Absolutely even fabric feed
                                      from both the top and                   can slip when working with fine fabrics or several layers (it’s also wonderful for
                                                                              quilting). Even long lengths of heavy fabrics (typical for home decorating
                                                                              projects) can easily be sewn from beginning to end. IDT guarantees that the feed
                                                                              dogs are perfectly synchronised –
                                                                              you can even sew in reverse with IDT engaged!
Sew like a pro with the right accessories!
  Stitchlink 2                             Wireless internet
                                          connection for your                                                                                                                 EW                              EW
                                                                                                                                                                             N                               N
                                            sewing machine
                                    rrp $                                    save
                                            599 now $499 $100
                                                                                                  The Narrow Edge                       Lovely                             Achieve perfect                 Great for joining
                                                                                                  Foot -                                free-motion effects!               1/4 inch pieced                 pieces of fabric!
                                                                                                  perfect for precision                 The Open Toe Free-motion           seams!                          The Clear 1/4 inch Quilting
                                                                                                  topstitching                          Foot from Pfaff is wonderful for   The Clear 1/4 inch Right        Foot from Pfaff. It gives clear
                                                                                                                                        free-motion stitching. It has an   Guide Foot                      visibility when sewing 1/4,
                                                                                                  The metal guide in the center                                                                            1/8 and 3/8 inch seams.
                                                                                                                                        extra-large opening cut out in     Simply run the fabric edge
                                                                                                  of the foot keeps the two
                                                                                                                                        the front to give you an optimal   along the guide.
                                                                                                  fabrics evenly spaced.
                                                                                                                                        view while working. Just lower     The clear foot gives great
                                                                                                                                        the feed dogs and move the         visibility when sewing.
                                                                                                                                        fabric any way you wish.           The distance between the
Inspira Fab-U-Motion                                                                                                                                                       needle and the right guide is
                                                                                                                                                                           1/4 inch.
The healthy alternative for all your free motion
The ergonomically designed Fab-U-Motion eliminates the
stress of neck and back strain of free motion sewing &
quilting. No more pushing or gripping the fabric under the
needles - your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck will
be free of strain & pain!
Free motion sewing on any brand machine model with
finger tip touch! Great alternative for quilters with limited                                     Chenille Foot                         Creative Bobbin Case               Decorative Trim Foot            Adjustable Guide
                                                                                                  Embellish your projects with          Create beautiful bobbin work,      Embellish your project with     foot
space!                                                                                            Chenille effects using the            also called reverse decorative     different types of trims by     The Adjustable guide foot
                                                                                                  Chenille Foot. This foot will         stitch embroidery, with the        using the Decorative Trim       with IDT guides your
No Strain ever again!!                                                                            easily guide and stitch layers        creative Bobbin Case.              Foot. This foot will easily     topstitching and decorative
                                                                                                  of chenille strips wherever                                              guide the trims through the
Fits any brand machine!                                                                           you want a chenille effect.                                              opening at the front and
                                                                                                                                                                                                           stitching perfectly. The presser
                                                                                                                                                                                                           foot has a "ruler" with an
                                                                                                  Great for embellishing                                                   though the groove under the     adjustable guide designed so
                                                                                                  clothes and home dec.                                                    presser foot.                   you can place the guide
                                                                                                  See instore for our range of                                                                             anywhere you want.
                                                                                                  16 colour chenille-it strips

                                                              Fabumotion rrp $499

 More embroidery fun with the right accessories!
                                creative                                            Pfaff
                                RECTANGULAR HOOP                                    Embroidery
                                120 x 115 mm                                        Designs
                                The creative Rectangular Hoop is
                                ideal for smaller pieces of fabric
                                or fabrics with a striped or diagonal
                                pattern. This hoop is available as
                                an optional accessory from your
                                authorized Pfaff dealer.

                                                                                                    Fabric Creator                      Winter Whimsicals                  Greetings from the              Floral Monograms
                                                                                                                                                                           North Pole

                                                                                Looking for that special embroidery?
                                                                                Make sure to visit
                                                                                                                   New Inspira Cards

      Embroider a design beyond the dimensions
      of your hoop
      without having to repeatedly re-hoop your fabric! Pfaff
      has developed an embroidery hoop twice as large as
      standard hoops —                                                          With more than 17,000 elite embroidery
      with an embroidery surface of 250 x 225 mm!                               designs in all formats from the best
      The creative GRAND HOOP.                                                  international designers, digitizers and                            Kimono Art                    Flower Girls              Love Letters
      For more information, see your authorized Pfaff dealer.                   sewing celebrities!

                                                                                                                                                               Your authorised Pfaff Dealer
 Save with Pfaff Vouchers                                                      Save with Pfaff Vouchers

      15% OFF                                            *                           15% OFF*
                                                                                       all Pfaff sewing machine &
     all Pfaff & Inspira Embroidery
    designs with presentaion of this                                                    overlocker feet with the
   voucher instore during the month                                                   presentation of this voucher
              of November.                                                              instore for the month of
        *valid on Multi-format Embroidery Disks / CD's only                                      December
                   valid 01/11/07 - 30/11/07                                           *excludes kits and packages. Valid 1/12/07 - 31/12/07                                                                       Head Office Tel: 02 4337 3737
                                                                                    Pricing and specials valid until 31st December 2007
                                                                                    unless otherwise stated at participating dealers

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