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									   The Dallas Morning News                       OBITUARY EXAMPLES
                                                                                7.5" with Photo
                                                                                      Doe, John
            Doe, Jane
Age 95, of Dallas, died July 10, 2008.
Grace Funeral Home 214-555-5555             5" with Photo
            Cost:   FREE                         Doe, Jane

   2" without Photo
             Doe, John


            Cost:   $168

    3.5" with Photo

            Doe, John

                                                Cost:   $420

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The Dallas Morning News                                        OBITUARY ENHANCEMENTS
                                                    Native Texan

                                                        Doe, John
                                                                                                                        ICON WRAPS
   PREMIUM                                                                                                      ICON WRAPS are symbols that enhance and
                                                                                                                personalize an obituary. Add meaningful graphics
 ICON WRAP                                                                                                      to an obituary by choosing from our gallery of
                                                                                                                religious, professional and other symbols.
 NATIVE TEXANS are proud to
 distinguish themselves as not only
 residents, but most importantly, to         John
 have been born in Texas. The pre-
                                                 Matthew Doe        Pamela T.                                        angel              Bible          cross
 mium icon is offered to those who                 Doe
 want to identify their loved one                                            Doe
 as part of this diverse and proud                             Tracey Doe Bailey
                                             Doe Johnson
 group and honor their birthplace.           Mary Stevenson
                                                 Don          McAllister Wilson                                      dove                lily          prayer

                                                                                   EXAMPLE NOT SHOWN TO SCALE

                                                                                                                     Rosary             rose           heart

                                                                                                                      Fire            Police           soldier


                                                                                                                        Star of David           flag


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