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UNAIDS B Roll: World AIDS Day 2008

Date: Released 27 November 2008
Location(s): various
Time: 3.47
Audio: natural sound

World AIDS Day 2008: A collection of video footage highlighting people and
communities engaged in the global response to AIDS.

Shot list

00.00 - 00.10          Black screen
00.10 - 00.13          UNAIDS logo
00.14 - 00.30          Ugandan street
00.31 - 01.06          Bujumbura, Burundi, 2008: ARDHO, Association for the respect of the
                       rights of the homosexual community.
01.07 - 01.26          Accra, Ghana, September 2008: Ghanaian association of people living
                       with HIV explains its work to UNAIDS Executive Director Dr Peter Piot.
01.27 - 01.58          Kenya, 2008: Pastor Patricia Sow of Anarella Network with a church
01.59 - 02.14          Beijing, China, September 2008: UNAIDS EXD with colleagues at the
                       UNAIDS country office.
02.15 - 02.36          Uganda, 2008: HIV-positive mother and HIV-negative daughter.
02.37 - 03.06          Kiev, Ukraine, October 2008: UNAIDS EXD giving a lecture at the
                       National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
03.07 - 03.43          Phnom Penh, Cambodia, December 2007: Hip hop festival featuring
                       dancers who were trained by former injecting drug users as part of a
                       harm reduction programme.
3.44 - 3.47            UNAIDS logo

UNAIDS video is available for use by journalists and broadcasters. For broadcast quality,
contact the UNAIDS press office: communications[at]

                           Uniting the world against AIDS

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