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					Spring 2010                           Now’s the Time to Order Up
Vol. 46 No. 2
                                      Some Spring and Summer Greenery                                                by Joan Muraro

In This Issue                              Now that February has run its cold and
                                      snowy course, spring seems a more likely
Spring Plant Sales
                                      possibility and for efficient gardeners, Lincoln
Lunch in Bloom                        Memorial Garden is readying its annual plant
Yoga in the Garden                    sales.
                                           The 2010 Spring Wildflower and Tree Sale
Ar t in the Garden
                                      will be held on April 10th and 11th, and the
Photo Exhibit at Trout Lily Café      Prairie Wildflower Sale will be on May 15th
Memorials                             and 16th. As usual, both events will be held at
Annual Meeting Notice                 the Garden’s Nature Center, and will run from
                                      9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, and 1 p.m. to 4
Spring Bird and Flower Hikes
                                      p.m. on Sundays.
Annual Fund Campaign Still Needs           The Garden tries to offer a variety of options
Your Support                          at its sales, says Larry Miller, the head gardener
Share a Meal for the Garden           and arborist at the Garden. This year he has
                                      ordered 25 varieties of trees, shrubs and one
Volunteer Spotlight: Polly Danforth
                                      vine—the American bittersweet. Because orders
Elkhart Wildflower Hikes              sometimes outrun quantities available, he
Summer Ecology Camp                   suggests some flexibility in planning. Larry and
Garden Wish List                      other staff will be on hand to answer questions
                                      and help with choices during both sales.
Calendar of Events
                                           Miller says the trees being offered this year
                                                                                               Tables crammed with choice spring wildflowers await savvy
                                      will include sugar maple, white flowering                shoppers who take advantage of the Garden’s plant sales.
                                      dogwood, paw paw, river birch, common                    (Photo by Virginia Scott)
                                                                        —continued on page 2

                                      Spring: Time to Re-Member
                                          This time every year, as the woodland                lights on, pay the staff, and maintain a hundred
                                      renews its crown of green, the Garden invites its        acres of property and the Nature Center.
                                      friends to renew their annual membership or to               Membership dues alone however are not
                                      become a Garden member for the first time.               enough—that is why we make an Annual Fund
                                          Members provide a critical base of support,          appeal in the fall, seek grants, and welcome
                                      both financially, and through their personal             donations—but it is the indispensable mem-
                                      interest in the Garden. Our membership is vital          bership income we build on.
                                      to our annual budget, allowing us to keep the
                                                                                                                                         —continued on page 8
                                                  PLANT SALE— continued

                                                  hackberry, red bud, American filbert/hazelnut,          Trees are sold bare root because they adapt
                                                  American persimmon, white ash, Carolina             better to transplantation than those in pots or
                                                  silverbell, fall witch hazel, winter witch hazel,   balled and in burlap.
                                                  American plum, Shumard oak, willow oak,                 “I tell people to plant them and jump back,”
                                                  staghorn sumac, weeping willow, sassafras, and      Miller says, “because they grow fast.”
                                                  bald cypress.                                           Prices for trees range from $4 to $15. Ferns
                                                       Shrubs will include serviceberry, black        are $5, and woodland wildflowers range from $4
                                                  chokeberry, red osier dogwood, eastern              to $6, depending on pot size.
                                                  ninebark, sand cherry, and nannyberry. The sand         The prairie plant sale in May will feature
                                                  cherry, Miller says, is a newcomer this year.       favorites such as purple coneflower, Joe Pye
                                                       Among the woodland wild flowers and ferns      weed, prairie smoke, cardinal flower, pasture
                                                  available will be wild iris, hepatica, cinnamon     rose, royal catchfly, and dozens more. Prairie
                                                  fern, wood fern, blood root, blue cohosh, cow       plants will be priced at $5 and are primarily

Visit the Garden!                                 slip, wild geranium, ginger root, golden poppy,
                                                  Jack-in-the-pulpit, Mayapple, bellwort, shooting
                                                                                                      second year plants.
                                                                                                          Start planning now to get out of the house
Hours of Operation:                               stars, trillium erectum, trillium grandiflorum,     and into the Garden in a few weeks and see
NATURE CENTER                                     trillium luteum, and Virginia bluebells.            what’s waiting to help usher in springtime.
   10 - 4 — Tuesday - Saturday
   1 - 4 — Sunday
   Closed Monday
GARDEN                                            April and May are Peak                              2010 Annual Meeting
  Garden is open every day
  sunrise to sunset.                              Times for Birds and
                                                                                                          The Annual Meeting of the Abraham Lincoln
Phone: (217) 529-1111                             Wildflowers                                         Memorial Garden Foundation will be held on
Email:                                                                            Wednesday, April 14th, at the Nature Center. A
                                                      Spring has arrived, which means it will soon
Web:                                                                                    social hour will begin at 6:30 p.m. followed by
                                                  be peak time for migrating birds and blooming
                                                                                                      the meeting at 7 p.m. Business will include the
                                                  wildflowers at the Garden. In order for you to
STAFF                                                                                                 yearly financial report, and election of new
Executive Director .......... Jim Matheis         learn more about our feathered friends and
                                                                                                      board members and officers. All Lincoln
                                                  native blossoms, a series of bird and blossom
Education Coord. .............. Betsy Irwin                                                           Memorial Garden members are invited to
                                                  time hikes will be held once again this spring.
Head Gardener ................. Larry Miller                                                          attend.
                                                      Bring your binoculars as Kevin Veara leads
                                                                                                          This year’s slate of officers and board
Gardener ....................... Charles Allen    bird walks at 8 a.m. on Saturdays, April 17th &
                                                                                                      members are:
Admin. Assistant ...... Stella Mansfield          24th, and May 1st & 15th. Kevin is an extremely
                                                                                                         Treasurer ........................... Keith Burg
                                                  knowledgeable and friendly bird expert. You’ll
President, Board of                                                                                      Secretary ........................... Neil Brumleve
Directors ........................ Joan Walters   be sure to enjoy his hikes. Experts and novices
                                                                                                         First full 3-year term ........ Alan Loken
                                                  are both welcome.
Split Rail Shop Mgr. ....... Jackie Carey                                                                  .......................................... Nicky Stratton
                                                      The Garden’s wildflowers carpet the wood-
Newsletter .................. Polly Danforth,                                                             ........................................ Bruce Strom
                                                  land floors in late April, and the redbuds and
     Julie Dutton, Peggy Boyer Long,                                                                                                                  Sylvia Miller
                                                  dogwoods are also at their peak. Join one of our
            Jim Matheis, Joan Muraro,                                                                    Second 3-year term ........... Bill Donels
                          and Virginia Scott      expert guides to learn more about the life and
                                                                                                           .......................................... Keith Burg
                                                  lore of our native woodland wildflowers.
Webmaster ....................... David Hope                                                               .......................................... Barbara Rogers
                                                  Blossom time hikes begin at 2 p.m. on Sundays,
                                                                                                         Past President ................... Joyce Munie
                                                  April 18th, 25th, and May 2nd.

                 2                                                                                                                            Spring – 2010
Annual Fund Drawing To A Close — Still Needs Your Help
   We are still a few thousand dollars short of this year’s goal. If you have not yet made your Annual Fund donation, I hope you will
take this opportunity to once again make a very important contribution to this year’s campaign. Your gift truly does make a difference,
no matter the size.
   Thank you so much to the following individuals and organizations who have made a recent donation to this year’s Campaign (Jan.
6th – March 2nd).

Patron                                        Alan and Susan Loken                           Field & Flower Garden Club
                      $1,000 - $9,999         Mel-O-Cream Donuts International, Inc.         Valle H. Funk
Berta K. Cochran                              Michael and Kathleen Nenaber                   Florence Gibson
                                              Carolyn Patterson and Martin Jordan            Judy and Robert Gray
Sustainer                                     Mike and Jennifer Ramm                         Charles A. Hanson
                           $250 - $499        Jack and Juleann Randles                       Luella Hedden
Helen and Dick Adorjan                        Homer and Carol Rieken                         Illinois Valley Garden Club
Mike and Vickie Armstrong                     Nicky Stratton                                 Itasca Garden Club
Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden                     Dr. and Mrs. Bart Troy                         Jerry and Dorraine Jacobson
Charles and Janet Crane                       Ron and Ann Tucker                             Scott and Julie Kaiser
Kathy and Randy Germeraad                     Kevin Veara and Diane DeLeonardo               Shep and Pat Kelly
Scott and Karen Kirk                          Mr. and Mrs. James Weis                        Carol and Tom Kerins
Caroline Nelson                               Dr. and Mrs. Neville White                     Melva Krey
Hiram and Gaile Phillips                      Dennis and Kate Wilson                         Melinda and Pete LaBarre
David and Virginia Scott                      Donna Wolaver                                  Lemont Garden Club
Springfield Lakeshore Improvement             Cathy Yeaman                                   Kay E. MacNeil
  Association                                                                                Arthur W. Meyer
                                              Donor                                          John and Sally Noble
Benefactors                                                               Up to $100         Dorothy M. Nolan
                           $100 - $249        Kris Alverson                                  Kathy Rewerts
Edward and Barbara Alewelt                    Jim and Cindy Appenzeller                      Karen and Kent Richmond
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Benson                   Sandra Armbruster                              John E. Roberts, Jr.
Jim and Kay Caruso                            Ed and Mary Ann Armstrong                      Wayne Schimpff
Delinda Chapman                               Celeste Bailey                                 Susie Shackleton and Pat Dennis
Edward and Caroline Cunningham                Roger, Lisa and Anna Ball                      Cathy and Doug Slater
Dan and Carolyn Dungan                        John and Roberta Beall                         Duane and Pat Slater
Eugenia Eberle                                Mr. and Mrs. John Berman                       Anna Spengler
Mary C. Eglin                                 Mrs. K. E. Bowen                               Dick and Carol Suhs
Linda and Mark Flotow                         W. David Braddock                              Doris Y. Swope
Berry E. Gay                                  Connie and Larry Bussard                       Sally Tamizuddin
Kelly and Karen Grant                         Mrs. Lonnie H. Carter                          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson
Mrs. Gersham K. Greening                      Ray Case                                       The Traina Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harmon                    Lois J. Copper                                 Mike and Polly Ulm
Highland Garden Club                          Loren and Sue Cowdrey                          Robert F. Uthoff
Donald Hoffmann                               Bob and Marilee Cramer                         Jim Veselenak
Glenn and Jan Jones                           Russell and Mary Lou Davis                     John and Judith Washburn
Jan and David Kerwin                          Donald C. Durbin                               Charles and Rebecca Wilkin
Rick and Kim Lawrence                         Don Ecklund                                    Jerry and Helen Zoellner
                                              Lisa Fendrich and Dan and Zach Loyd

Lincoln Memorial Garden                                                                                                    3
                              Celebrate Spring With Lunch in Bloom                                        by Peggy Boyer Long

                                  The birds are tuning up early and our                field of yellow/orange rudbeckias at Lincoln
                              gardens are trying on colors. The bees can’t be          Memorial Garden at the height of their
                              far behind. Even to the faint of heart, it’s clear       season. It won Best of Show in the juried
                              that spring has arrived, and we think this merits        exhibition of the Garden’s inaugural Art in
                              a celebration.                                           the Garden event last June. This prize is
                                  Come join friends and supporters of Lincoln          courtesy of Garden Board President Joan
                              Memorial Garden on Sunday, May 2nd, as we                Walters.
                              mark the season’s renewal with Lunch in Bloom,       ❖ An exquisite hand-cut Austrian Swarovski
                              an annual fundraiser at Island Bay Yacht Club.           Crystal “Oyster with Faux Pearl” donated by
                              We’ll host a social hour from 11 a.m. to noon,           Jo Alessandrini.
                              and a plated lunch from noon to 1 p.m. Pro-          ❖ A unique Lincoln Memorial Garden Bench
    Welcome                   ceeds from this spring event help support the            inscribed with a Lincoln quote, newly

  New Members                 Garden’s environmental education programs.               constructed by our staff for your yard. This
                                  The social hour on the lower level will              beautiful bench can serve as a centerpiece or
    Scott and Lori Reimers    include champagne punch, and feature the                 complement your patio, garden or yard, or as
          Ruth Liken          talent of Bells in Motion with Mike and Tami             an accessory in a recreation room, or
  Rose and Bryan Hutchcraft   Lamb. Volunteers from the Garden’s Split Rail            dormitory. This prize is courtesy of Betty Legg
                              Shop will be on hand to offer nature-related             and LMG.
                              items for sale, perfect as gifts for Mother’s Day.       The lunch is $40 per person ($21 of that is
                              We’ll also be selling chances for a drawing of       tax deductible). A single raffle ticket is $5. Three
                              fabulous prizes.                                     raffle tickets are $10. (Those who have pur-
                                  Lunch will be served upstairs. The menu          chased tickets don’t have to be present to win.)
                              includes grilled chicken with a dried cherry             Invitations and raffle tickets will be in the
                              sauce, French Gruyere AuGratin potatoes, and         mail soon. Reservations must be made by April
                              asparagus, or a vegetarian option of Portabella      27th. Call 529-1111 for more information.
                              mushroom stuffed with a spinach Florentine.
                              Dessert will be Choc Choc rum brownies served
                              warm with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with
                                                                                   Bridge Closed for
  “The road to success        raspberry sauce.

   is dotted with many
                                  At the conclusion of the lunch, members of       Construction
                              the Garden Board will award door prizes and
tempting parking places.”     conduct the raffle.                                      The foot bridge on Arrowwood Trail on the
                                                                                   north end of the Garden will be closed for
  —Author Unknown               Among the raffle prizes:                           several months. Weakened and rotting supports
                              ❖ St. Louis Cardinal Tickets. Sizzling summer        made the bridge dangerous. Plans call
                                sports action is available to the winner of        for construction of a
                                these four field box seats for a home game of      new bridge this
                                choice (based on availability), including a        summer. We’re sorry
                                parking pass. This prize is courtesy of Kerber,    for any inconve-
                                Eck & Braeckel LLP.                                nience this may cause
                              ❖ George King’s “Rowdy Rudbeckias.”                  our visitors.
                                This giclée print of King’s pastel, which has
                                been matted and framed, depicts a blooming

          4                                                                                                         Spring – 2010
Volunteer Profile – Polly Danforth                                  by Julie Dutton

    Newsletter readers will recall that Lincoln        Grove, she and her family would walk the trails,
Memorial Garden debuted its Art in the Garden          taking in the bluebells of spring and the
event last year. But in actuality, it has long had     fabulously-hued trees of autumn.
someone involved in art for the garden. That’s              “I always felt a special connection to that
art as in graphic art.                                 place and craved the peacefulness that pervades
    Meet Polly Danforth, a behind-the-scenes           old-growth forests,” she recalls. It was destined
graphic artist/volunteer who crafts the many           to become a special place for another reason as
newsletters, annual reports, brochures and             well. In the fall of 1983 she and her husband
newspaper ads that just magically appear for the       married in the woods of Funk’s Grove.
Garden.                                                     “I was thrilled to discover that Springfield
    Why is it needed?                                  also had a natural woodland area open to the
    “Jim (Matheis) understands that in this            public,” she recalls. “I’ve participated in a
modern world there are many worthwhile causes          number of nature hikes and seasonal events at
competing for attention,” Polly explains. “For         LMG over the years, and tell people about it           Polly Danforth

the Garden to attract participation and involve-       every chance I get.”
ment, we must use the technology and advertis-              Love of nature is at Polly’s core, but some-
ing that appeals to our target audience and            thing else is as well. The belief in giving back.
attracts visitors to experience the Garden for              The small business owner asserts that, “Every
themselves.”                                           business should have at least one local ‘pro
    For 10 years, Polly has wielded her design         bono’ account — especially not-for-profit              “There are many ways to
skills on LMG’s behalf, forging a more polished,       organizations or causes that add to the quality
                                                                                                                 make a difference.
coordinated and colorful public presence/              of life in our community.”
persona for the organization.                               Polly further notes that the amount of time
                                                                                                              Start a ripple effect that
    It represents the perfect intersection of her      given to LMG depends on the particular project;           will encourage your
skills and passion. The self-employed graphic          a typical newsletter issue takes some eight to ten       friends and family to
designer says that “.... designing for the Garden      hours for layout, editing and print preparation.        make a difference, too.”
gives the perfect opportunity to incorporate my        The graphic designer also contributes her talents
love of nature into my work.“                          to various publications at her church, and is
    It’s a long-held love. A native of southern        supportive of the Illinois Native Plant Society.
Illinois, Polly learned from her mother and                 But if Polly’s interest in native plants and
grandmother about gardening, tree identifica-          prairie preservation speaks to her appreciation
tion, and all things nature. Growing-up years          of how things were, she also brings a keen eye to
often found her on her bike, out in the country        how she hopes things will be.
looking at plants and insects. Her high school              Noting that the Garden is poised to mark its
science project involved raising butterflies from      75th anniversary in 2011, she voices a wish for
caterpillars.                                          its future: “I hope that the community recog-
    Sometimes Polly’s nature quests took her           nizes what a great asset we have, and that more
farther afield: “Just after college, I traveled with   people will take an active role in preserving it
Grandma to visit several botanical gardens near        for future generations.”
the Gulf coast.”                                            Polly urges a roll-up-your-sleeves mentality.
    Closer to home, Bloomington — where her            “Not everyone can give money, but we can all
grandparents lived — looms large in Polly’s            donate time or talent to keep the Garden
childhood nature experiences. At nearby Funk’s         programs and events moving forward.”
                                                                                       —continued on page 8

Lincoln Memorial Garden                                                                                                        5
                                Art in the Garden Goes Green                                 by Peggy Boyer Long

                                    Lincoln Memorial Garden continues to find              The Springfield Art Association has offered to
                                new ways to promote the environment. This              display artwork accepted for the juried exhibi-
                                spring, were encouraging area artists to turn          tion in its gallery through the first three weeks of
                                trash into treasure and submit green creations to      June.
                                a new category in our juried exhibition, part of           Entries to the juried exhibition will be
                                our Art in the Garden summer fundraising               accepted in the Garden’s Nature Center May 1st
                                event.                                                 through May 14th. En plein air artists must
                                    Art in the Garden will be held on Saturday,        submit registration forms to the Garden by June
                                June 26th. A rain date has been set for Sunday,        15th. Entry and registration forms, as well as the
                                June 27th.                                             rules, are available on the Garden’s website at
                                    Artists have been invited to submit original
                                work reflecting the spirit of the Garden for the           Artwork accepted for the exhibition or
                                       juried exhibition and/or spend the day of       created en plein air will become the property of
                                       the event creating original art outdoors,       Lincoln Memorial Garden, and will be auctioned
                                            en plein air, along the Garden’s trails    off to raise funds for the management and
                                            and lanes.                                 maintenance of the not-for-profit Garden.
                                                In honor of the new juried                 The public will be invited to the Garden to
                                            category, a Green Ribbon will be           watch the en plein air artists at work between
                                awarded for the best Reused Artwork. “This new         10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the day of the event, and
                                medium fits the Garden’s sustainability goals by       to bid on the juried art. Children and their
                                challenging people to repurpose materials              families also will be invited to create their own
                                otherwise destined for a landfill, and instead         art outdoors using natural materials found in
                                create interesting artwork for the home or             the Garden, including sticks, leaves, and bark.
                                garden,” says Garden Board President Joan              This guided activity begins at 11 a.m. and will be
                                Walters. Ribbons also will be awarded for Best         based on Andy Goldsworthy-inspired art.
                                of Show and five Honorable Mentions. A                 Goldsworthy is a world-famous sculptor,
                                People’s Choice Ribbon will be awarded on the          photographer, and environmentalist who creates
                                evening of the event.                                                                   —continued on next page

Call for Artists
❖   Artists may choose to participate in the juried exhibition or the en plein air activity or both.
❖   For the juried exhibition and silent auction, a maximum of 50 works will be selected.
❖   For the en plein air activity and public auction, artists must register before the event.
❖   Artists of all ages are welcome to enter
❖   All media, except video, will be accepted
❖   Artwork must reflect the spirit of Lincoln Memorial Garden
❖   Artwork must be original
❖   En plein air artwork must be completed in the Garden on the day of the event
❖   The public will be invited to watch the en plein air artists at work

   For complete details on the rules and copies of entry and registration forms,
go to the Gardens website at or call 217-529-1111.

      6                                                                                                                 Spring – 2010
ART IN THE GARDEN— continued
                                                    Yoga For Gardeners
natural sculptures and land art from objects            Come join Carol Dunaway for a beautiful
found in nature and at the site of his creations.   May morning of Yoga at the Garden. This
His temporary and permanent sculptures draw         workshop will be for those with green thumbs,
out the character of their natural locations and    and those who would like to have green
often disappear after time back into nature.        thumbs! Together we will explore yoga
    A public reception, including silent and        postures and breathing techniques that
public art auctions, will be held from 5 p.m. to    help strengthen and stretch backs,
7:30 p.m. in the Nature Center.                     knees, shoulders, and hands to make
    Valuable assistance with this initiative came   the physical task of gardening
from members of the Illinois Prairie Pastel         easier on our bodies.
Society, the Sangamon Watercolor Society, the           We will also be using poetry,
Springfield Art Association, the Prairie Art        and guided imagery to explore
Alliance, and acrylic artist Delinda Chapman.       the spiritual side of gardening,
                                                    and caring for the earth. Participants
                                                    should bring a yoga mat, and blanket.
Call for Sponsors                                   Proper body mechanics will be
    Individual or business                          taught so that students can learn
sponsorship of Art in the Garden                    how to go from lying, squatting,
offers exposure to the Springfield                  sitting, and kneeling to standing,
area cultural community, Garden                     easily and safely.
visitors, and members.                                  Class size will be limited to ensure indi-
                                                    vidual instruction. Chairs will be available for
For $500, Major Sponsors will receive:              those not comfortable sitting on the floor.
❖ Prominent display at the all-day event                The cost is $35 for Garden members, and
❖ Recognition and a logo in the Garden’s            $40 for nonmembers. The price includes
   newsletter, which is mailed to 1,500 house-      educational materials. To register, send payment
   holds and businesses                             and contact information to YOGA, Lincoln
❖ Recognition and a logo on the Garden’s            Memorial Garden, 2301 East Lake Drive,
   website for several weeks prior to the event     Springfield IL 62712-8908. You can register by
                                                                                                         “Only in quiet waters
❖ Recognition in all printed and promotional        phone using a credit card.
   materials, including a postcard mailing to                                                           things mirror themselves
                                                        Carol Dunaway is a Certified Yoga Therapist,
   1,000 households, news releases, the events      a Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance at          undistorted.
   program, and promotional fliers                  the 500 hour level, and a Certified Stott Pilates    Only in a quiet mind is
The deadline for Major Sponsorship is May 1.        Trainer. She is also a former nurse, and has been    adequate perception
                                                    teaching yoga and fitness classes for the past 8         of the world.”
For $200, Associate Sponsors will receive:          years. Carol specializes in helping individuals
❖ Recognition in the Garden’s newsletter            overcome illness and injury on all levels,
                                                                                                          — Hans Margolius
❖ Recognition in the event program                  helping people truly connect mind, body, and
   Remember, your partnership with the                  For more information about Carol please
Garden means support for our important work,        visit her website, For questions
and public recognition of your sponsorship. For     please email her at
information, contact Jim Matheis at 217-529-
1111 or

Lincoln Memorial Garden                                                                                               7
                                           Thank You To....
VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT—                           Joan Walters for presenting her Semester at            Club for their donations of building supplies.
cont’d from page 5                         Sea program at the Garden.                                     Everyone who donated items to our silent
                                               Tom Day Business Machines for donating a               auction. A list of donors will be published in the
    She goes on to list a variety          new copier.                                                next issue of the newsletter.
of ways to be of service to LMG,               Prairie Farms Dairy for donating jugs to use               The Sangamon County Community
pointing to the need for                   at Maple Syrup Time.                                       Foundation and an Anonymous Fund Donor
volunteers to lead hikes, work                 Rosemary King, Fred and Kathy Hoffmann,                for a grant which will allow children from the
at events, or even run errands.            and Sexton’s Landscape Concepts, Inc. for their            Early Learning Center to visit the Garden on
“There are many ways to make               pancake breakfast sponsorships.                            field trips next fall and spring.
a difference,” Polly maintains.                Chris Martin for painting the bench for our
“Start a ripple effect that will           silent auction.
encourage your friends and                     Kathy and Randy Germeraad, and Daniel,
family to make a difference,               Carolyn, Caitlin, and Colin Dungan, for their
too.”                                      donations in honor of William Schnirring’s
                                               Sue Lohrenz, and Stanley and Mary Jo
                                           Wasser, for their donations in honor of Edie
                                           Glosecki’s birthday.
                                               Colleen Lavin for her auction donation.
                                               Janice Hahn for donating her beautiful cards
                                                                                                      On behalf of the Garden, Jim Matheis accepts a grant check
                                           to the gift shop.
                                                                                                      provided by the Sangamon County Community Foundation and an
                                               Members of the Springfield Civic Garden                anonymous donor, presented by Karen Pletsch.

                                                                                                      SPRING — TIME TO RE-MEMBER—
                                                                                                      continued from page 1
   LEVEL OF INVOLVEMENT                    ❑ RENEWAL
                                                                                                          Members receive benefits such as Seasons, our
  ❑ Railsplitter .................$ 150    NAME(s)
                                                                                                      illustrated newsletter; first notice on programs;
  ❑ Family Membership ..... $ 75           ADDRESS
                                                                                                      reduced fees for Summer Ecology Camp and
  ❑ Individual .................... $ 40   CITY                                                       various events; and a ten percent discount on
  ❑ Senior Citizen (65+) .... $ 30         STATE & ZIP                                                most items in the Split Rail Shop.
  ❑ Life: Couple ............... $ 750     PHONE (               )                                        Membership renewal letters will be in the
  ❑ Life: Individual .......... $ 500      E-MAIL                                                     mail soon. When you receive it, please fill out
                                           ❑ CHECK ENCLOSED                                           the renewal form, and return it with your check
  ❑ Business ..................... $ 75
                                           ❑ CHARGE MY:      ❑ VISA       ❑ MasterCard   ❑ Discover   to Lincoln Memorial Garden, 2301 East Lake
  ❑ Additional suppor t for the
                                           CREDIT CARD NO.                                            Drive, Springfield, IL 62712-8908. You can also
    Garden’s operation $ _____
                                                                                                      renew your membership on-line at www.LMGNC.
  ❑ Interested in volunteering,            EXP. DATE         /
                                                                                                      org, or use the form on this page. Your annual
    please contact me.                     NAME ON CREDIT CARD
                                                                                                      membership makes the Garden grow!
                                           ADDRESS ON BILLING STATEMENT
  Membership fees are tax deductible
  to the extent allowed by law.

              8                                                                                                                              Spring – 2010
                                                        Cardinal posing on ice-covered branches, photo taken by Virginia Scott

                                                                                    Our Wish List
Photo of Trout Lilies taken by Virginia Scott                         Thank you to everyone who has donated funds for specific
                                                                   items on our wish list. In particular thank you to Danny and
Lincoln Memorial Garden                                            Judith Morres, Marilyn Davison, Rosemary King, Rita Kugler,
                                                                   and Myrtle Brady (In Memory of Gladys Gewe) who made wish list
photos at Trout Lily Café                                          donations since our last newsletter. Our current wish list includes:
during April
                                                                   ✔ Potting soil and supplies for our spring wildflowers — $50 or more
     If you are in downtown Springfield during                     ✔ Aquarium Lights and Filters — 4 @ $35 each = $140
April, stop in at the Trout Lily Café to see color                 ✔ Junior Naturalist Supplies — $50 for one session
photos of Lincoln Memorial Garden on display.
                                                                   ✔ Endowment Fund Donations (interest used for operations) — any amount
Trillium, redbud, bluebells—and yes, trout
                                                                   ✔ Donations to Rebuild our Bridge (see page 4) — any amount
lilies—will bloom on the café walls April 1st
through 30th. All photographs are matted and                       ✔ Art In The Garden Sponsorship — $200 or $500
framed and will be for sale.                                       ✔ A new air compressor for the shop — $200
     Trout Lily Café is located at 218 S. 6th Street,              ✔ Oil change for our truck — $40
between Monroe and Adams. Its owner, Kate                          ✔ New Members — Tell a friend about the Garden
Hawkes, is a long-time supporter of the arts and                   ✔ Fund a summer worker for a week — $400
exhibits the work of a different artist each
month. Kate supported the Art in the Garden                        If you can help, send a check for the cost of the item, or a portion
event last June with a display of artwork to be                    of the cost, to the Nature Center at 2301 East Lake Dr., Springfield,
offered at auction.                                                62712. You can also place your donation in the Nature Center’s
     The photographs in the April exhibit are                      donation box.
the work of Virginia Scott, whose Natural
Impressions photo greeting cards are available
at the Garden’s Split Rail Shop and other local
Lincoln Memorial Garden                                                                                                                   9
                                      Share a Meal for the Garden
                                          Raise money for Lincoln Memorial Garden         creative fundraiser in 2004 to help support its
                                      as you savor a fine meal—now there’s a              member organizations. The concept has now
                                      fundraiser you and your friends can really sink     spread to other parts of the country; hundreds of
                                      your teeth into!                                    restaurants will partner with state or regional
                                          On Tuesday, April 13th, Maldaner’s, Tai Pan,    Community Shares to raise money for local
                                      and Augie’s Front Burner will participate in the    groups.
                                      annual Community Shares of Illinois Share-a-            “This is a great excuse to enjoy a meal with
                                      Meal event. On this day, participating restau-      friends while supporting the Garden and a local
                                      rants will donate a significant percentage of       business,” says Joyce Munie, former president of
                                      their proceeds to Community Shares of Illinois,     the Lincoln Memorial Garden board of directors.
                                      which promotes workplace giving and other           “Chris Davis and I have been volunteer hostesses
                                      forms of support to some 80 community-based         at Maldaner’s for this event for the past four
                                      organizations throughout the state. Using           years, and the food there is wonderful. We really
                                      pledge cards provided at the restaurant, diners     enjoy seeing all the regular Garden supporters
                                      may direct a donation to a specific organization,   and meeting new people whom we can intro-
                                      including Lincoln Memorial Garden.                  duce to the Garden.”
                                          Community Shares of Illinois initiated this

                                      Wildflower Lovers Take
                                      Note                                                shoes and bring insect repellent.
                                                                                               Bill is willing to lead a special walk during
                                          The Elkhart Historical Society is sponsoring    the spring flowering time just for your group if
Got Plants?                           Elkhart Hill Wildflower Nature Walks this year.     you have 15 people registered. If you are
Don’t forget the Illinois Native      Elkhart Hill is a great place to view spring        interested in setting up a separate field trip for
Plant Society’s annual plant          wildflowers.                                        your group, Bill McClain is available April 16th–
sale which will be held at the             The walks will be led by botanist Bill         18th, and April 23rd–25th.
Washington Park Botanical Garden      McClain, retired program manager from the               For more information contact Peggy Lee,
on Saturday, May 1st, from 9 a.m.     Illinois Department of Natural Resources.           Secretary, Elkhart Historical Society at 217-947-
until 2 p.m.                          McClain has studied the flowers and history of      2046, or
Another plant sale sure to interest   Elkhart Hill for over 25 years. Everyone on the
our members is the Springfield        walk will receive a wildflower “bingo” card to
                                      learn the names of the flowers and to keep track
Civic Garden Club’s annual
plant sale which will be held on      of the beautiful wildflowers they see.
Saturday, May 8th, from 8 a.m.             The walks are on Saturday, April 17th and         A memorial donation for Robert
until Noon in the U of I Extension    April 24th at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The nature    (Bob) Waldmire was received from J. William
Building #30 at the Illinois State    walk lasts approximately 90 minutes and the         Hammel and Carol Whitehead.
Fairgrounds.                          cost is $7.50 for adults and $5 for children.          John Hammel and Carol, Dennis, Kathryn
                                      Registration closes on April 14th, and registra-    and Sean Whitehead made a donation in
                                      tion forms are available at www.elkharthistori      memory of Diane Hill.
                             The outing is on foot, so walkers      A donation in memory of Gladys Gewe was
                                      should dress for the weather, wear good walking     received from Myrtle Brady.

            10                                                                                                            Spring – 2010
Register Now for Summer Ecology Camp                                                         by Virginia Scott

    School will be out before you know it! You                   Camp sessions run for five days, 8:30 a.m.
can give your children a great summer experi-                until 3:30 p.m., and are organized by age group.
ence by signing them up for a week of Ecology                Please note that Session I, for four-, five- and six-
Camp at the Garden.                                          year-olds, will be offered in the morning only.
                                                                                                                       ECOLOGY CAMP 2010
    What do kids do at camp? They explore the                The camp schedule is shown at the right.
woods, perform water studies at the cypress                      Camp sessions are strictly limited to 36
                                                                                                                       Session I  4, 5, 6 years
grove, discover wildlife, and picnic near the                participants. To register, please fill out the form
                                                                                                                                  June 7 - 11
Ostermeier prairie and pond. They listen to                  below and mail it to the Garden. No phone
                                                                                                                                  8:30 - 11:30 a.m.
stories, sing, play games with their fellow young            registrations can be accepted.
                                                                                                                       Session II 6, 7, 8 years
naturalists, and engage in nature crafts—and                     Cancellations made at least two weeks prior
                                                                                                                                  June 14 - 18
much more. Activities are led by the Garden’s                to the camp session will receive a 50 percent
                                                                                                                                  8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Educator, Betsy Irwin, assisted by three camp                refund. No refunds will be available for cancella-
counselors and several volunteers who are                    tions made less than two weeks before the camp            NO ECOLOGY CAMP:
Ecology Camp veterans.                                       session begins.                                           JUNE 21 –JULY 2, 2010

                                                                                                                       Session III 8, 9, 10 years

  2010 Summer Ecology Camp Registration                                                                                            July 5 - 9
                                                                                                                                   8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
   NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________________                   Session IV 7, 8, 9 years
                                                                                                                                   July 12 - 16
   ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                   8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
   CITY _________________________________________________________________ ZIP ________________________                 Session V 9, 10, 11 years
   EMAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________________________                               July 19 - 23
                                                                                                                                   8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
   PARENT’S NAME(S) ________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                       Session VI 11, 12, 13 years
   PHONE (H)__________________MOM (W or Cell)___________________DAD (W or C)____________________
                                                                                                                                   July 26 - 30
   CONTACT PERSON’S NAME (other than parents) ______________________________________________________                               8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
   PHONE (H) ____________________________(W or C)___________________________

   CHILD’S AGE _________ SESSION _______________________                                                               The cost per session is as
   ❑   LMG MEMBER             ❑ LMG NONMEMBER                                                                          follows:

   Please let us know if there are any special conditions or allergies that LMG staff should be aware of concerning    Session I (half day) — $65 per
                                                                                                                       child for members (family
   your child. _________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                       memberships*), $80 for
    __________________________________________________________________________________________________                 nonmembers.
   Additional comments: ______________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                       Sessions II - VI (full day) —
    __________________________________________________________________________________________________                 $120 per child for members
   Photographs are sometimes taken of participants in our activities for use in Garden materials. Please indicate by   (family memberships*), $150 for
   checking the box below if you give permission for the child you are registering to be included in these photo-      nonmembers.
   graphs.     ❑ Yes ❑ No
   PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE ____________________________________________________________________                      * If you have not renewed your
                                                                                                                       membership yet this year, a
                                                             DATE __________________________________________
                                                                                                                       membership form is printed on
   Mail with payment to: Summer Ecology Camp, Lincoln Memorial Garden, 2301 East Lake Drive, Springfield, IL
                                                                                                                       page 8.
   61712-8908. Thank you for your continued support of our environmental education programs. Questions?? Call
   Betsy at 529-1111 or
        Register early to avoid disappointment, because the sessions often fill quickly!

Lincoln Memorial Garden                                                                                                                  11
Calendar of Events
          Saturday, April 3rd    Junior Naturalists: Peter Cottontail and Friends—6 to 9 year-olds will meet from 9 a.m. to
                                 Noon; and 9 to 12 year-olds will meet from 1 to 4 p.m.

       Saturday and Sunday,      Annual Spring Wildflower and Tree Sale—9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, and
         April 10th and 11th     1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

  Saturdays, April 17th, 24th,   Spring Bird Hikes—Led by the Garden’s volunteer bird expert, Kevin Veara.
         May 1st & May 15th      Meet at the Nature Center at 8 a.m.

   Sundays, April 18th, 25th,    Blossom Time Wildflower Hikes—This is the peak blooming period at the Garden. Join one of
                  & May 2nd      our expert guides to learn more about the Garden’s wildflowers. Hikes begin at 2 p.m.

            Saturday, May 1st    Junior Naturalists May Day Celebration—6 to 9 year-olds will meet from 9 a.m. to Noon; and
                                 9 to 12 year-olds will meet from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

            Sunday, May 2nd      Lunch In Bloom—See newsletter article.

          Saturday & Sunday,     Annual Prairie Wildflower Sale—9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday; and 1 to 4 p.m
             May 15th & 16th     on Sunday.

         Saturday, May 22nd      Yoga Session with Carol Dunaway. See newsletter article.

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