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                                                                                                60 Years
                                                                                                   1950 - 2010

Volume 24, Number 45 / May 6, 2010                                                                                          Thursdays at Noon,
                                                                                                                      Rose Quarter, One Center Court

April 29th Musings                                                                                                                       Kim Seid, President
by Guest writer Margaret Pynchon                                                                                                 Randall Lewis, Co-Secretary
                                                                                Diamond Anniversary
                                                                                                                                  Dick Ferreira, Co-Secretary
    With the mere sound of a bell, intense conversations
surrounding the solutions to a myriad of world problems came                                                                  PROGRAMS
to an abrupt halt - President Kim was calling the meeting of EPRC to order.
    An invocation was given by Renita Gerard. She was followed to the podium by Lisa                             May
Allen who led us in the flag salute. She was also tasked with selecting the song for the                          6     Rose Court Princesses
day. That pop chart topper on the early 70’s “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ‘Round the Old Oak                                    The 2010 Rose Court will present
Tree”, that perennial favorite penned by Irwin Levine and L. Russell Brown, was sung by                                 the Rose Festival Princesses.
the EPRC chorus. Not quite up to the standards set by Tony Orlando and Dawn (or for that
                                                                                                                                      Michael B arker
matter Dean Martin or Perry Como), but a fun song nonetheless. Visiting Rotarians and

                                                                                                                           GREETER    Jack UBik
guests were then introduced by John Howell.                                                                                   HOST    Spencer Vail
                                                                                                                        INVOCATION    randy lewiS
ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                                            INTRO DESK   karen p ierce
                                                                                                                                      ron enna
    This was followed by several announcements. A report from                                                                 SONG

                                                                                                                   SERGEANT-AT-ARMS   TBa
the Rebuilding Together folks who worked on a house last                                                                 CARD GAME    liSa oken
Saturday indicated that the property owner was pleased with the
results. A good time was had by all and are looking forward to                                                   13 Everybody has something to sell
next year’s project.                                                                                                    Allan Zell, retired and volunteer
    President Kim has two tickets to the Woodburn Drag Strip May                                                        Executive Coach for the SBA, will
15th Season Opener. If interested see Kim - first come, first                                                           talk about Zell Brothers.
served. (Also see for additional details.)
                                                                                                                 20 TBA
JUNiOr rOTAriAN viSiTS                                                                                                  TBA
     Adriana Rojas-Enchenique, our Junior Rotarian for the month               Junior Rotarian from Grant
of April, told us of her impressions garnered from visiting our                High School, Adriana
                                                                               Rojas-Enchenique, talked              MEALS ON WHEELS
Club. She stated that she was very impressed with our community
service programs and would like to join a Rotary club after she                about her own commit-
finishes college. She has been accepted by and is going to go to
                                                                               ment to young people, just
                                                                               like East Portland Rotary.        May
                                                                                                                 10 h     ank GrooTendorST              ScoTT harTley
                         COMMUNiTY SErviCE & FELLOWSHiP                                                                 B oB deMUTh                     need VolUnTeer

                                If you are interested in going to Costa Rica with the World
                         Community Service folks for the planned project this coming
                                                                                                                 17 d    ick rUSSell                    rocky JohnSon
                                                                                                                        char cUrry                      and Friend
                         August see Dana Clark for details. Kristi Govertsen told of the
                         New Membership firesides taking place at the upcoming District                             UPCOMING EVENTS
                         Conference. Firesides will be on Friday, May 21st. See her if
                         interested.                                                                             May
                                Grant Marsh also encouraged attendance of the upcoming
                         EPRC firesides. Sign-up sheets are posted at the entrance. New                          21-23        District 5100 Conference
                         members are strongly encouraged to attend. Kevin Pasion then                                   The Resort at the Mountain
                         gave an update on the Neil Kelly Scholarship Luncheon sponsored
                         by the Albina Rotary club, Friday, May 21st. Please attend if                                  Welches, OR
Grant Marsh promoted the possible. See Kevin if you have any questions.
various Fireside Socials
coming up in the month of            CArD GAME
May and the opportunity in                 The card game, with its $1374.50 pot, will grow even larger
getting to know your fellow          for next week’s drawing as the winning ticket drawn by Jim
Rotarians better.                    Backenstos did not result in the selection of the correct card. If
                                     you don’t buy a ticket, you cannot win!

    Sgt.-at-Arms activities supplemented the Club’s coffers because of Kevin Pasion’s
electrical talents, Lazere’s and Vail’s cell phone ringing during the meeting, Dave Vernon’s
candy bribery, and other such unsavory behavior.
     RotaRy Club            of East P oRtland
                                                                              PrOGrAM OF THE WEEK:
               OffiCERs 2008-2009                               GUEST SPEAKErS: TOM HOGGArD AND CHriS ACHTErMAN
               p reSidenT   kiM Seid                              Speakers for the day were Tom Hoggard and Chris Achterman, doctors with
             p reS. elecT   JeFF Spere                     Medical Teams International (formerly Northwest Medical Team). They spoke to us
           co- ecreTary     randy lewiS                    about their experiences in Haiti shortly after the earthquake. Many interesting aspects
           co- ecreTary     dick Ferreira                  about providing medical services
               TreaSUrer    richard knox                   were presented.         Things we
         p aST p reSidenT   Mary Jane hUnT                 probably all take for granted here
   p aST diST. GoVernor     laUrie carlSon                 were not available there. Cited as
                     DiRECTORs                             examples were the availability of
                                                           clean water, hot water, reliable
           2008-2010                2009-2011
                                                           electrical power, and x-ray
          GranT MarSh                liSa allen
          John howell              B oB Mccall
                                                           machines. There were also language
           STar Moore              GreG SchMidT            barriers (Haitians speak Creole of
                                                           French) so interpreters were in
     The Club b oard MeeTs The 4Th Tuesday,
     7:30aM aT 2145 sW NaiTo ParkWay, bsa                  high demand.
                                                                  Given the scarcity of today’s
       foundation b oaRd offiCERs                          hi-tech medical tools, Tom and
              p reSidenT    Mark chapin                    Chris found themselves utilizing Program speakers Dr. Tom Hoggard (L) and Dr. Chris
         Vice- reSidenT     B arBara cardinale             “back to the basics” type of Achterman (R), both of Portland Rotary club, told us a
              SecreTary     ron aTwood                     medicine of a century ago. These compelling story of their visit to Haiti with the Medical
             TreaSUrer      Gwyn hilden                    methods work, but take a longer Teams International group after the recent earthquake.
             ex oFFicio     Mary Jane hUnT                 time to see results. There was a
                     DiRECTORs                             lively Q and A period following. An extremely interesting and timely topic brought to
    2007-2010        2008-2011           2009-2012         us by EPRC’s outstanding Program committee.
    ron aTwood      B arBara cardinale   lorrie daViS             FYI: Margaret Pynchon, played by Nancy Marchant, was the editor of the Los
    Mark chapin      worTh caldwell      Gwyn hilden       Angeles Tribune - The Trib, on the Lou Grant show 1977-82. She played Livia
   The FouNdaTioN b oard MeeTs The 3rd Thursday
           oF eaCh MoNTh aT 11:00aM

                                                                                                 Another update from
                                                                                                 Ellie Oken in Finland
                                                                               It's been 4 months here now in Finland and a lot has happened over the past few
                                                                               1. VANHOJEN TANSSIT. It finally happened!! After almost 3 months of preparation,
                                                                        we finally had our performance. There were almost 130 dancers and over 500 people
                                                                        watching. Everyone looked fantastic. All the boys had tuxedos and every girl had a STUN-
                                                                        NING dress and hair you would not believe. I think every girl spent about 2 hours at the
                                                                        hair dresser that morning (but it does make for lovely pictures). The next morning we split
                          Kevin Pasion (classi-
                                                                        up and went to several elementary schools where we did a smaller version of the perfor-
                          fication Somewhat
Dave Malcolm (whom                                                      mance for the children. In the afternoon we did the whole performance for the last time
                          Contractor) con-
President Kim alluded                                                   at our own school in the gym. It was sad to see it end, but so much fun to finally have
                          fessed how he
used Gestapo type tac-                                                  the performance!
                          almost electricuted
tics) told about the suc-                                                      2. LEVI. Levi is a ski resort the likes of Bend in Lapland. There are miles and miles
                          fellow member Dale
cess of our Rebuilding                                                  of lit ski tracks and slopes. And something around 9 lifts I believe. My first family, the
                          Dobbins at the
Together Project. Dry                                                   Lehtonens, took me there for our week long ski holiday. It was packed full of people
                          Rebuilding Together
weather and beer after-                                                 since the Helsinki, Turku, and Tampere areas all have their ski holidays the same week.
wards!                                                                  Also lots of foreigners there. I went cross country skiing every day with my sister Pipsa
                                                                        and sometimes my host mom Anne. The boys were down hill skiing and snowboarding
 (Ellie Oken update continued)                                          the whole week. We also stayed in a lovely vacation home (exactly like you would find
 severe winters on record in Southern Finland with                      around Sun River). If you're interested in checking it out, visit You can also change
 record snow fall and the most consecutive days                         the language of the page, so don't worry about the Finnish!
 with sub-freezing temperatures. I picked one heck                             3. MOVING. Last weekend we returned from Levi on Friday night.
 of a year :)                                                           Saturday I did laundry and packed, and Sunday I moved in with my second family, the
       If you are interested in seeing pictures from all                Schreys. My new host dad Matti is a special education teacher and also a local politician.
 of the events I mentioned above, you can find them                     My host mom Anu works for a pharmaceutical company and often travels to Helsinki. I
 at I hope you are                      have 3 sisters: Essi (13), Elena (11), and Eeva (9). They are super sweet girls and they've
 all doing well and enjoying the beginning of spring                    helped me a lot with Finnish since I have to speak Finnish with them.
 in beautiful Portland. Take care!                                             Things are going well at school and we're finally seeing the first signs of spring! 2
       Moikka,                                                          days of sunshine in a row! Though it's still below freezing. And we have several feet of
       Ellie (                                     snow that aren't promising to go away any time soon. This has been one of the most
                                                                                                                                                      (continued far left)

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