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Ref: R07006

Academic Urology Unit
School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Urology (Fixed Term)
NTN(A) Attached

Job Description

Brief outline: Applications are invited for the post of Clinical Lecturer in Urology. This post,
awarded by the NCCRCD, represents a rare and exciting opportunity to train in Academic Urology
and attracts an Academic National Training Number [NTN(A)].

This is a full time post for a period of four years. The post is intended to provide 50% clinical and
50% academic time, which will be achieved through a combined weekly timetable, with dedicated
research days away from clinical work. This post will interdigitate with other Specialist Registrars.

The successful applicant will have evidence of academic achievement, with previous research
experience and will have undertaken a higher degree (PhD/MD), with a thesis submitted prior to
taking up this post. They should be aiming to pursue a career in academic urology while pursuing
further clinical training.

The post is open to established Specialist Registrars and Senior House Officers about to enter the
Specialist Registrar Grade, and the postholder will be eligible to hold an NTN or may already hold
an NTN. As the post carries an SpR training number (NTN(A)) the tenure of the post would be
expected to terminate at around the time of award of a CCT.

The post is based within the Academic Urology Unit, University of Sheffield. Clinical training will
be provided on the North Trent Urological Surgery Rotation based at the Royal Hallamshire
Hospital (RHH) and rotating through four district general hospitals and the Spinal Injuries Unit at
the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield. The post has training recognition for Urology and has an
NTN(A) attached. There is a considerable emphasis on research as well as clinical service/training
aspects of the post.

Report to: Mr James Catto, Senior Clinical Lecturer, Academic Urology Unit.
Main Duties and Responsibilities

All members of the academic department are expected to be research active. The group has a
number of research interests and involvement with any of these will be encouraged. There is ample
opportunity for help with supervision during research but the successful applicant would be
expected to be involved with the process of raising funds for their research.

The academic urologists participate in the teaching of undergraduate medical students throughout
the course and the successful applicant will be expected to become involved with this work. In
addition, there are MRCS courses and SHO teaching which the clinical lecturer would also be
required to participate in. The postholder also be involved with the assessment of students and
have personal mentoring responsibilities for a small group of students on the MB ChB programme.

The Academic Urology Unit specialises in Urological Oncology. Mr Derek Rosario and Mr James
Catto run full time clinical practices with a total of two whole days operating and two outpatient
service days (specialist oncology clinics, a general urology clinic, endoscopy and TRUS) per week.
The unit emphasis is centred upon providing a high quality of patient care and surgical training, and
expects a clinical lecturer to maintain these values.

The RHH is the urological centre for Sheffield and is one of the largest units in the country. The
Department of Urology provides tertiary and secondary urological services for a population of over
1 million and has 13 Consultant Urologists in post. The unit’s workload is sub-specialised and the
successful candidate will rotate through each post during their training and finishing with a
constant period within one sub-specialty (of their choice). Urological oncological services are
provided by 5 Consultant Urological Surgeons in partnership with 3 Clinical Oncologists from
Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield. The laparascopic surgical lead is Mr Neil Oakley. Four surgeons,
Mr John Anderson, Mr Derek Rosario, Mr James Catto and Mr Patrick Cutinha specialise in pelvic
oncology, and one specialises in renal malignancy (Mr David Smith). The RHH is the referral centre
in North Trent for all complex uro-oncological cases. The Endourological and stone service is
provided by Mr James Hall and Mr Ken Hastie, and is a regional referral centre for complex cases
and ESWL. The Reconstructive Urological team is nationally recognised for outstanding quality and
is lead by Professor Chris Chapple with Mr Richard Inman and Ms Sheilagh Reid at the RHH and Mr
Paul Tophill at the Spinal Injuries Unit, Northern General Hospital. The Laparoscopic Urological
team has one of the highest laparoscopic caseloads in the country and is lead by Mr Neil Oakley
with Mr Vaithianathan Natarajan. Andrological services are provided by a dedicated Psychiatrist,
Mr Kevan Wylie and his team.

The North Trent Urological Specialist Registrar program (Programme Director Mr James Hall) is
based at the RHH and rotates through four district hospitals: Barnsley District General Hospital,
Rotherham District General Hospital, Chesterfield and North Derbyshire District General Hospital
and Doncaster Royal Infirmary. The successful applicant will be based at the RHH and will rotate
through some of these hospitals during their training. Whilst at the district hospital, the clinical
lecturer will still have research days at the University of Sheffield. The postholder is expected to
take part in the urological on-call rota for each hospital, whilst in post. This currently attracts a
band supplement of 2A for most of the posts and 2B for the Chesterfield rotation.

The postholder is expected to take and pass the FRCS(urol) during this post in order to obtain CCT.
They will attend the regional teaching (a whole day once a month) which alternates between
Sheffield only and a North Trent training day (mostly based in Leicester).

Sample timetable from RHH post:

  Week 1                  Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday         Thursday          Friday
                AM       MDT Meeting       Operating        Research     Academic Ward       Research
                         TRUSS Clinic       Theatre                          Round
                                                                          Out Patients
              Lunch                                                          Clinic
                         Admin / Audit     Operating
                                                            Research        TRUSS or         Research
                PM                          Theatre
  Week 2        AM       MDT Meeting       Research         Research     Academic Ward      Operating
                                                                             Round           Theatre
                                                          Grand Round
                           Teaching                                       Out Patients
              Lunch                                                           Clinic
                                           Research         Research        TRUSS or
                PM       Admin / Audit                                                       Theatre

Teaching: The successful applicant is expected to incorporate teaching of medical students and
junior doctors into their timetable (for example on Monday am)

The postholder will be required to undertake administrative work in support of the needs of the
Academic Urology and the University of Sheffield. Administrative duties will be determined with
the Head of Section/Unit but should not detract from the research needs of the postholder.

Personal Profile
The successful applicant will be committed to developing further research in urology from within
this post. The post is likely to suit someone who has already demonstrated research potential.

Office Accommodation
The Clinical Lecturer will be provided office space within the School of Medicine & Biomedical

Outline of Typical Week
The academic job plan will be flexible, varied with each rotational appointment and will be agreed
by discussion with senior academic staff. Above is a specimen timetable for the initial RHH Post as
it currently exists. This post alternates a two week cycle with a specialist registrar also working with
the academic unit, and will involve service weeks to cover the ward and on-call commitments
(rotational with the other specialist registrars based at the RHH). The timetable will vary depending
upon the holders training needs, as determined by Annual Review of Competence Progression
(ARCP) assessment and the Clinical Lecturer themselves. The postholder will be expected to
comply fully with the curriculum requirements of the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum
Programme (ISCP), participating with ISCP electronic documentation and demonstrating
satisfactory clinical development with ICSP defined competence progression at the Annual Review
of Competence Progression (ARCP).

2009 Person Specification
Application to enter Specialty Training at ST3: Urology

Applicants should demonstrate evidence of the following:
Essential                                                    When Evaluated1
Qualifications    • MBBS or equivalent medical qualification                                     Application form
                  • Successful completion of MRCS or equivalent at time of application

Eligibility       • Eligible for full registration with the GMC at time of appointment           Application form

                  • Evidence of achievement of Foundation competences by time of                 Application form
                  appointment in line with GMC standards/ Good Medical Practice including:       Interview /
                           o Good clinical care                                                  Selection centre
                           o Maintaining good medical practice                                   Application form
                           o Good relationships and communication with patients
                           o Good working relationships with colleagues                          Interview /
                           o Good teaching and training                                          Selection centre
                           o Professional behaviour and probity                                  Application form
                           o Delivery of good acute clinical care
                                                                                                 Interview /
                  • Evidence of completion of CT/ST 1 competences in urology at time of          Selection centre
                  application, and projected completion of CT/ST 2 competences in urology
                  by August 2009                                                                 Application form
                  • Eligibility to work in the UK

Fitness To        Is up to date and fit to practise safely                                       Application form
Practise                                                                                         References

Language Skills   All applicants to have demonstrable skills in written and spoken English       Application form
                  adequate to enable effective communication about medical topics with
                                                                                                 Interview /
                  patients and colleagues demonstrated by one of the following:
                                                                                                 Selection centre
                            o a) that applicants have undertaken undergraduate medical
                  training in English; or
                          o b) have the following scores in the academic lnternational English
                  Language Testing System (IELTS) – Overall 7, Speaking 7, Listening 6,
                  Reading 6, Writing 6
                  • If applicants believe they have adequate communication skills but do not
                  fit into one of these examples they must provide supporting evidence
Health            Meets professional health requirements (in line with GMC standards/Good        Application form
                  Medical Practice)
                                                                                                 health screening
Career            • Ability to provide a complete employment history                             Application form

Progression       • Evidence that career progression is consistent with personal
                  • Evidence that present achievement and performance is commensurate
                  with totality of period of training
                  • At least 24 months experience in surgery at SHO/ST level (not including
                  Foundation modules), of which at least 6 months has been in urology by

                          August 2009

Application               ALL sections of application form completed FULLY according to written                        Application form
Completion                guidelines

‘when evaluated’ is indicative, but may be carried out at any time throughout the selection process
 A selection centre is a process not a place. It involves a number of selection activities that may be delivered with the Unit of Application.
 Any time periods specified in this person specification refer to full time equivalent.

Essential              Desirable                                                                              When Evaluated
Clinical Skills        Technical Knowledge & Clinical              Personal Attributes:                       Application form
                                                                   • Shows aptitude for practical             Interview / Selection centre
                       • Capacity to apply sound clinical          skills, e.g. hand-eye co-
                       knowledge & judgement &                     ordination, dexterity, visuo-
                       prioritise clinical need.                   spatial awareness
                       • Demonstrates appropriate                  • Attendance at relevant
                       technical and clinical competence           courses, e.g. ATLS, Basic
                       and evidence of the development             Surgical Skills or equivalent,
                       of diagnostic skills and clinical           CCrISP
                       • Validated logbook
                       documentation of surgical
                       exposure to date

Academic /             Research Skills:                                                                       Application form
Research               • Hold a PhD/MD in a relevant               • Evidence of relevant academic            Interview / Selection centre
Skills                 discipline                                  & research achievements, e.g.
                                                                   degrees, prizes, awards,
                       • Demonstrates understanding of
                                                                   distinctions, publications,
                       the basic principles of audit,
                                                                   presentations, other
                       clinical risk management &
                       evidence-based practice
                       • Understanding of basic research           • Evidence of participation in risk
                       principles, methodology & ethics,           management and/or
                       with a potential to contribute to           clinical/laboratory research


                       • Evidence of active participation
                       in audit

                       • Evidence of contributing to
                       teaching & learning of others

Personal Skills   Judgement Under Pressure:                                                Application form
                  • Capacity to operate effectively under pressure & remain objective in   Interview / Selection centre
                  highly emotive/pressurised situations
                  • Awareness of own limitations & when to ask for help
                  Communication Skills:
                  • Capacity to communicate effectively & sensitively with others
                  • Able to discuss treatment options with patients in a way they can
                  Problem Solving:
                  • Capacity to think beyond the obvious, with analytical and flexible
                  • Capacity to bring a range of approaches to problem solving
                  Situation Awareness:
                  • Capacity to monitor and anticipate situations that may change
                  Decision Making:
                  • Demonstrates effective judgement and decision-making skills
                  Leadership & Team Involvement:
                  • Capacity to work effectively in a Multi-Disciplinary Team
                  • Demonstrate leadership when appropriate
                  • Capacity to establish good working relations with others
                  Organisation & Planning:
                  • Capacity to manage time and prioritise workload, balance urgent &
                  important demands, follow instructions
                  • Understands importance & impact of information systems

Probity        Professional Integrity:                                                        Application form
               • Takes responsibility for own actions                                         Interview / Selection centre
               • Demonstrates respect for the rights of all                                   References
               • Demonstrates awareness of ethical principles, safety, confidentiality
               & consent
               • Awareness of importance of being the patients’ Advocate, clinical
               governance & responsibilities of an NHS Employee
Commitment     Learning & Development:               Extracurricular activities:              Application form
To Specialty   • Shows realistic insight Into        • Achievements relevant to               Interview / Selection centre
               Urology Surgery and the               urology, including elective or
               demands of a surgical lifestyle       other experience
               • Demonstrates knowledge of
               training programme &
               commitment to own
               • Shows critical & enquiring
               approach to knowledge
               acquisition, commitment to self-
               directed learning &
               reflective/analytical approach to


                                ESSENTIAL                              DESIRABLE                    WHEN EVALUATED
ELIGIBILITY           Evidence of achievement of              Evidence of commitment to          Application Form
                       Foundation competences or                specialty
                                                               Intercalated honours degree
                      Higher degree (MD, PhD or                and/or additional
                       equivalent)                              qualifications e.g. MSc etc
                      Evidence of good progress in
                       clinical training and that
                       completion of specialty
                       training may be
                       accommodated either during
                       or after the 4 year period of
                       the CL award
KNOWLEDGE &           Demonstration of acquisition            Knowledge of the centre            Application Form and
ACHIEVEMENTS           of the level of knowledge and            hosting the research and           selection centre
                       skills necessary for the                 how this is best placed to
                       achievement of Foundation                support the research,
                       and clinical (matched to the             education and training
                       entry level) competencies or             needs
                                                               Prizes or distinctions
                      Demonstration of
                                                               Presentation of work at a
                       understanding of, and
                                                                national or international
                       commitment to, an academic
                                                               Significant publications in
                      Demonstration of the

                                     ESSENTIAL                            DESIRABLE                  WHEN EVALUATED
                             potential for scientific               peer reviewed journals
                             independence and the ability
                             to lead a research team
                           Potential to become a leader
                            in chosen field
EDUCATIONAL &              Demonstration of                                                        Application Form
PERSONAL ASPECTS            understanding and
                            commitment to academic
                           Indication of medium and
                            long-term career goals
                           Demonstration of educational
                            reasons for applying for
                            Clinical Lectureship

PROFESSIONAL               Evidence of team working                                                Application Form and
SKILLS                      skills                                                                  selection centre
                           Evidence of leadership

This person specification should be used in conjunction with a person specification for assessment of clinical

Further Information
This is a full-time post for a fixed term of four years.

The appropriate honorary clinical contract will be requested from the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
NHS Foundation Trust.

Informal enquiries: Informal enquiries may be directed to Mr James Catto at (0114 271 2295) or Mr Derek Rosario at (0114
271 2581).

Salary: £30,231 - £52,346 per annum, with the expectation of annual incremental progression.
Supplementary on-call payments will be paid and are currently 2A with the exception of
Chesterfield which is currently 2B.

Terms and conditions of employment: Will be those for Clinical Lecturers.

Closing date: 13 February 2009

Criminal records check: Please note that due to the duties of this post, the appointee will be
required to obtain a satisfactory Subject Access Check.

Please note that as this post is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, a satisfactory
Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure will be required for the appointee. If you have a spent criminal
record and are invited to interview for this type of post, you are requested to provide details of your
convictions, with the job reference number, in advance of the interview to the Department of
Human Resources, Box 101, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield, S10 2TN (mark the
envelope PERSONAL). This information will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be
considered if you are invited to interview for the post.

Health assessment: Please note that due to the duties of this post, the appointee will be required
to complete a satisfactory health assessment from the University Staff Occupational Health

The University of Sheffield is committed to achieving excellence through