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The draft offer which you can down load form the link on this page is worded the way it is to reflect what we perceive as

good practice.

It says the contract or statement of terms is enclosed, why do we recommend this practice?

If the offer is accepted, then so are the full terms, there can be no argument.

It states what references etc are going to be taken up.

You will note it does not refer to any probationary period, we can see no benefit to the employer under current

employment conditions in implementing any such restrictive appraisal period.


Dear ####

Following your recent interview I am pleased to be writing to offer you the position of #### with #### company.

The offer is naturally subject to satisfactory references and verification of accuracy of the information provided by you on

your application form. References will only be taken up on receipt of your written acceptance of the offer.

Enclosed is a copy of the terms and conditions that apply to the position including the proposed start date. Should there

be any aspects of these terms that need clarification, please contact me.

I look forward to receiving your acceptance, with confirmation of the acceptability of the proposed start date, as soon as


Yours sincerely

For and on behalf of Company Name

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