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Great reasons to visit Westonbirt Witch Hazel by benbenzhou


Great reasons to visit Westonbirt Witch Hazel

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									Great reasons
to visit Westonbirt
Great reasons to visit Westonbirt:
Spring spectacular                                                The fabulous Festival of the Tree
From April to June Westonbirt is awash with spring flowers.       Every August thousands of people come to Westonbirt for this
From the tallest magnolias to the carpets of bluebells. Over 17   fabulous week-long event. The last four days bring together
miles of paths for you to explore. See our website for what is    international giant tree sculpture, family fun and a magnificent
flowering and when.                                               150+ exhibitor tree craft fair. Lots to see, do and buy for all ages.

 Spring                                                             Summer

A journey into the world of trees
For what’s looking good now and a comprehensive plant list see our website
Perfect for groups
through all seasons

  Autumn                                                         Winter

Outstanding autumn colour                                      The Enchanted Christmas
The magnificent National Japanese Maple collection             Take an evening stroll through the magic of the Enchanted Wood
(over 400 different types), coupled with many other trees      in the four weekends before Christmas. Every Friday, Saturday
and shrubs from around the world means that Westonbirt         and Sunday evening this illuminating experience attracts
is the best place in the UK for autumn colour. One of our      thousands of visitors. With carol singers, mince pies and a
most popular times of the year!                                visit from Father Christmas, this is a great event for all ages.

A journey into the world of trees
For what’s looking good now and a comprehensive plant list see our website
Botanical highlights
16,000 catalogued trees and shrubs • More than 2,500 trees and shrubs from around the world • 83 champion trees • Over 100 rare or endangered species •

       Magnolia                               Native bluebell                        Great white cherry                    Camellia
       Magnolia x wieseneri                                                          Prunus ‘Tai-haku’                     Camellia japonica

                                       A   s February turns to March we see the                  heart shaped leaves and a mass of pink

                                           first flowering of rhododendrons, azaleas             bell-shaped flowers.
                                       and camellias. Throughout the arboretum
                                                                                                 In Silk Wood, spring brings a spectacular
                                       the magnolias begin to flower including
                                                                                                 blooming of native flowers including
                                       the splendid Magnolia campbellii (some
                                                                                                 celandines, wood anemones and primroses.
                                       of the tallest specimens in the country).
                                                                                                 In late April to early May the glades are
                                       Early flowering cherries begin to bloom,
                                                                                                 flooded with a sea of bluebells, and in Maple
                                       among them Prunus sargentii. By mid-April
                                                                                                 Loop, the new leaves of the Japanese maples
                                       flowering is in full swing with a display from
                                                                                                 open in a surprising array of bright colours.
                                       Rhododendron williamsianum with its unusual

                                              Indian horse chestnut                  Japanese strawberry tree              Tulip tree
         Eucryphia glutinosa                  Aesculus indica                        Cornus kousa                          Liriodendron tulipifera

                                       A  mong the most beautiful flowering                      Equally stunning are the Japanese strawberry

                                          trees are the Indian horse chestnuts                   trees Cornus kousa, whose numerous flowers
                                       Aesculus indica and Laburnum x watereri.                  deck the drooping branches before giving
                                                                                                 rise to the fruits that give the tree its name.
                                       In mid-summer (July normally) the magnificent
                                       tulip trees Liriodendron tulipifera are                   In Silk Wood a number of unusual orchids
                                       in flower. Late summer flowers include                    can be seen including a great show of
                                       Stewartia, a relative of the ‘tea’ plant,                 butterfly orchids on Palmer Ride.
                                       with its beautiful rose-like flowers.

A journey into the world of trees
For what’s looking good now and a comprehensive plant list see our website
Botanical highlights
16,000 catalogued trees and shrubs • More than 2,500 trees and shrubs from around the world • 83 champion trees • Over 100 rare or endangered species •

       Spindle fruit                          Japanese maples                                                              Sumach
       Euonymus                               Acer palmatum                         Clerodendrum trichotomum               Rhus trichocarpa

                                       T   he glorious spectacle of turning leaves and             A long-time favourite is katsura Cercidiphyllum

                                           colourful fruit is one of the main reasons              japonicum. As the leaves begin to turn they
                                       for Westonbirt’s popularity.                                release a mouth-watering scent of candyfloss
                                                                                                   into the air. Japanese maples dominate the
                                       By mid-September the first signs can be seen
                                                                                                   autumn show, with over 300 varieties
                                       in some of the spindles Euonymus and full moon
                                                                                                   producing a dazzling display. They are joined
                                       maples Acer japonicum. Persian ironwood
                                                                                                   in late October/early November by the native
                                       Parrotia persica is particularly conspicuous as
                                                                                                   oaks and beech changing colour – the
                                       it turns through yellow and orange to a deep
                                                                                                   combined result is a sight to behold.
                                       plum-purple. The American sweetgum
                                       Liquidambar styraciflua is equally colourful.

         Red dogwood                          Paper-bark maple                       Witch hazel                           Western red cedar
         Cornus alba                          Acer griseum                           Hamamelis                             Thuja plicata

                                       T  he strong outlines of evergreens and
                                          conifers ensure that the arboretum’s
                                       landscape retains shape and interest.
                                                                                                   and yellow/green of C. stolonifera ‘Flaviramea’
                                                                                                   often planted together for best effect.
                                                                                                   Among the winter flowering trees are the
                                                                                                   witch hazels Hamamelis.
                                       Serbian spruce Picea omorika, cedar of Lebanon
                                       Cedrus libani and Incense Cedar Calocedrus                  In Silk Wood Cornelian cherry Cornus mas
                                       decurrens display a variety of shapes, colours              forms a large spreading shrub and the striped
                                       and texture. Hollies are the most conspicuous of            bark of the snake-bark maples are to be
                                       the broad-leaved evergreens for their glossy                admired including Acer davidii. New planting
                                       leaves and berries. Various dogwoods display a              in the cherry collection will add to the winter
                                       variety of stem colours; the red of Cornus alba             and spring interest of this popular area.

A journey into the world of trees
For what’s looking good now and a comprehensive plant list see our website
Find your very own acer
or just sit down for lunch

Visit our Plant Centre                        Maples                                   Courtyard Cafe
Selling a wide range of trees and plants      Offering delicious hot lunchtime meals   Outdoor tasty snacks and
including the unique Heritage Collection,     and cold snacks.                         lunchtime meals.
and a good selection of books and
                                              Open every day 10am – 5pm                Open daily from March to December
gardening accessories.
                                                                                       10am – 5pm
Open 7 days: 10am – 5pm

Browse in the Forest Shop                     Picnic area                                Why Westonbirt?
Offering a wide range of special              Benches amongst the trees,                 • Perfect for groups
handcrafted gifts and products,               near coach parking.                        • Free coach parking
many from the local area.                                                                • Coach driver lunch voucher
                                                                                         • Meet and greet service
Open 7 days: 10am – 5pm                                                                  • Accessible site for all abilities

A journey into the world of trees
For what’s looking good now and a comprehensive plant list see our website
                                                                                Guided tours
                                                                               for anyone, any
                                                                                   time of year

                           Tour A: Old Arboretum                                               Tour S: Silk Wood
                           An introduction to the beauty and                                   Reaching into the rich variety
                           complexity of this superb collection                                of colour and landscape of
                           of trees, coloured with fascinating                                 our native woodland and
                           glimpses into the lives of the                                      ornamental plantings, in an area
                           Holford family who founded the                                      encompassing the oldest and
                           arboretum in the 19th Century.                                      youngest parts of the arboretum,
                           Easy walking and suitable for                                       enriched with the human history
                           wheelchairs.                                                        of our relationship with trees.
                                                                                               Woodland walking and
                                                                                               unsuitable for wheelchairs.

Guided Tours                                                        Inspirational walks through Westonbirt
The Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum Volunteer Guides offer          Use our free leaflets to follow a selection of trails through
popular tours lasting 1½ to 2 hours. Sturdy waterproof boots        the arboretum throughout the year.
are recommended!                                                    Native Tree Trail (1 hour):
The cost for one of our guides is £30 for up to 25 people in        Discover the remarkable story of our native trees through
addition to the normal admission.                                   our interactive trail.
                                                                    Seasonal Trails (1 hour plus):
                                                                    Each season, we prepare two special trails (one in the
                                                                    Old Arboretum and one in Silk Wood) which provide visitors
                                                                    with the chance to explore our beautiful surroundings.

A journey into the world of trees
For what’s looking good now and a comprehensive plant list see our website
Coach & groups booking form
Group details
Name of group:                                                              Leader’s name:
                                                                            Leader’s mobile number:
Address:                                                                    Email:
                                                                            Coach/travel company:

Visit details
Date of visit:                                                              Approximate number in group:
Arrival time:                                                               Adults:                          Seniors:                  Children:
Wheelchairs required:                             Yes q       No q          Disabled visitors:               Carers:
Wheelchair requirements:                                                    Total:
                                                                            For guided walks, please use booking form overleaf.

Prices                                     Payment method (please tick)
Adults:                          £6        Payment on day:                                 q         As group organiser it is my responsibility
                                                                                                     to tell my group members that Westonbirt
Seniors                          £5        Invoice company:                                q         is an outdoor venue and that suitable
                                           Coach companies only please
Children:                        £2                                                                  clothing and shoes for walking on grass
Concessions:                     £5        Pre-payment cheque attached:                    q         should be worn.
                                           Value of cheque: £                                        Signed:
Pre-booked guided walk: £30
                                           Payable to Forestry Commission
Walks payable in advance to                                                                          Date:
‘The Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum’,
please use booking form overleaf.          Please return this form to Helen Daniels, The National Arboretum, Westonbirt, Tetbury, Glos GL8 8QS.

Confirmation office use only
We look forward to welcoming:                                            Wheelchairs required:             q       Company invoice:                q
                                                                         Pre-payment made:                 q       Payment on arrival:             q
On:                                                                      Amount:                                   Guided walk:                    q
Arriving at:
Guided tour
booking form
Please book at least a month in advance to avoid disappointment. Tours cost
£30 for groups of up to 25 people in addition to normal admission.
                                    Tour A: Old Arboretum
                                    Easy walking on grass and                       Choice of tour:             q Tour A: Old Arboretum
                                    hardcored paths. Wheelchair users                                           q Tour S: Silk Wood
                                    will have to remain on paths and
                                                                                    Time tour to commence:
                                    must be accompanied by a carer or
                                                                                    (Please arrive at least 15 minutes before start time to enable your group to visit
                                    pusher. The Old Arboretum is                    toilets etc. Leaders should report to Great Oak Hall on arrival to meet your guide.)
                                    a dog-free zone.
                                                                                    Number in group:
                                                                                    (If over 25 people, you will need to book two guides.)
                                    Tour S: Silk Wood                               Main interest of the group:
                                    Includes mild gradients and                     (Our guides are all experienced volunteers, many with special areas of expertise
                                    woodland paths, which may be                    that may suit the interests of your group.)
                                    muddy, so waterproof footwear
                                    is strongly recommended. Not
                                    suitable for wheelchair users.

Arrival                                                                             Payment
We will arrive by:         q Coach/minibus                                          I enclose a cheque for £
                           q Individual cars
(At busy times vehicles may have to queue on entry.)
                                                                                    Made payable to ‘The Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum’ charity.
                                                                                    This must be paid in advance to secure your booking and is
Additional information:
(E.g. mobility restrictions or wheelchair users in your group.)
                                                                                    non-refundable if you cancel your trip.
                                                                                    Unfortunately the Friends do not have credit or debit card facilities.
                                                                                    You can contact the Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum
                                                                                    on 01666 881222 or visit

Group information
How to get to us:                           Drive times:                            Visitor accessibility:                       flat shoes suitable for walking on grass
• 3 miles SW of Tetbury on A433             • 2 hours from London.                  Paths throughout the arboretum are           which can be muddy at times.
  (Tetbury to Bath Road)                    • 1.5 hours from Birmingham and         accessible to wheelchairs. A limited         Opening times:
• 10 miles NE of junction 18 of M4 and      Cardiff.                                supply of wheelchairs are available –        Open all year from 9am – dusk
  SE of junction 13 M5.                     • 45 mins from Bristol and Cheltenham   reservation line: 01666 881218, open         (closed Christmas day and Boxing day).
                                            • 30 mins from Bath.                    9am – 5pm. For issues of safety, please
                                                                                                                                 Free coach parking on site.
                                                                                    ensure all members of your group have

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