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Firearm Purchase Agreement

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					                    Eastern North Carolina Firing Range & Shooter’s Club

Expiration Date:_________________         ID#: ENC-_______, ENC-_______ TOTAL PAID,$_________

Yearly Membership $100 Yes___ No___(no range fee)                                Renewal? Yes____ No_____

Economy Membership: $50 Yes___ No___ (requires $5 fee each time you use the range)

Non-life member gate key Fee: $100 (7 day access) Yes____ No____

Can you, or each of you, Legally possess a firearm?                                      YES     NO       Initials_______

Name(s) (please print):__________________________________ , ________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________Zip Code ____________

Telephone# (include area code)___________________Cell _______________

E-Mail Address: (please print clearly)_____________________________________

“ACTIVE” duty Military? Yes_____ No _____ Name of Base ___________________
(“active” duty Military receives 18 month membership for the price of 12 months)

By signing this Hold Harmless Agreement I am agreeing to the following requirements, terms, and conditions
regarding being a member of the Eastern N.C. Firing Range & Shooter’s Club ;
I swear /and or affirm that I am of at least 18 years of age and I am legally entitled to possess and/ or purchase a
firearm, that I have no criminal convictions, pending criminal charges, indictments, or suffer from a form of mental
illness that would prohibit me from legally & safely possessing and using a firearm, or would be detrimental or
dangerous to me or others while utilizing the facilities of the E.N.C. Firing Range. & Shooter’s Club. Prior to being
allowed to use the range I agree to attend a safe weapon handling and range safety course provided by members of
the Staff of the Eastern N.C. Firing Range.& Shooter’s Club.
I agree that I will never be careless/ and or negligent with my firearm, I will abide by and obey all rules pertaining to being a
member/ and or participant of the E.N.C. Firing Range & Shooter’s Club, and I will abide by the commands of the range safety
Officer(s) while utilizing the facilities of the Eastern N.C. Firing Range & Shooter‘s Club, I also swear and or affirm that I am of
good character and good moral standing.
I, including any of my survivors or heirs, also agree to hold harmless and indemnify any employee or assistant of the Eastern
N.C. Firing Range & Shooter‘s Club, proprietor, owner, co-owner or possessor of the land/ and or facilities, manager, or any
associate of the Eastern N.C. Firing Range & Shooter’s Club for any harm, injury, death, or property damage sustained or
endured while utilizing the facilities of the Eastern N.C. Firing Range & Shooter’s Club that occurred as a result of, but not
limited to, a member’s negligent or unsafe actions, personal equipment, any act of nature, or any unforeseeable event, chain of
events or incident. (weapons, ammunition and other personal equipment furnished by any member , daily shooter, or guest
must be safe & reliable) I agree and understand that if I violate any rules, regulations, or guidelines of the Eastern N.C. Firing
Range & Shooter’s Club that my privilege to use the range may be temporarily suspended or permanently revoked , and I also
agree that if I have provided any false statement or information, that my membership will be immediately revoked with the
complete and total forfeiture of any paid dues or fees to the Eastern N.C. Firing Range & Shooter‘s Club.

Signature(s):_______________________________/ _____________________________


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