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									Help Desk Service

What You Get
When you sign up for Help Desk Service you’ll
enjoy live, U.S.-based, 24/7 technical support on
software and hardware products from certified
frontline-support technicians.

Please contact us for a complete list of supported
software, hardware and applications.

The Human Touch
Our friendly customer-service team will use             Key Help Desk Features:
industry-leading internal processes to expertly         • Domestic call center
troubleshoot your technical issues.                     • ITIL best practices
                                                        • Round-the-clock support by certified technicians
Quality Assured                                         • Access to the eSupport Portal for easy reporting
Phone calls are randomly recorded and monitored         • Choice of multiple service offerings
by a trained quality-assurance team.                    • Customized, dedicated ACD phone line with an
                                                          optional script
Two Levels of Support:                                  • Call-dispatch capabilities for on-site repairs
Level 1 Help Desk: Benefit from a call-answering        • 24/7/365 service
service, troubleshooting and call-logging, using a
populated knowledge base to resolve the incident at     Key Benefits of Help Desk Services include:
first point of contact.                                 • Freeing time for your internal resources to focus
                                                          on core business and development projects
 • Windows and Apple workstation troubleshooting
                                                        • Reducing operations costs
   and triage
                                                        • Outsourcing help desk services, faster than
 • Desktop peripheral hardware included
                                                          building and staffing your own
 • Issues resolved using remote control
                                                        • Receiving 24/7/365 service
                                                        • Eliminating drain on your resources, staff
Level 2 Help Desk: Additional troubleshooting
assistance is provided. If a call can’t be resolved,      or infrastructure
predefined call-escalation processes will elevate the
issue to a qualified expert.
 • Includes all support features of Level 1
   Help Desk
 • Server-based password resets

  Web site:
  Phone: (000) 000-0000
                                                                           Logo here
We can assist with multiple call types,              Measuring Success
including:                                           We strive for excellence. Our solution center
 Internet/Network connectivity                      maintains the highest standard of service-level
 Password resets                                    metrics, including:
 Peripheral support (e.g., printer issues)          • First call resolution
 Dispatch/Call management services                  • Average speed of answer
 Answering service                                  • Abandonment rate
 Desktop applications
   • Core Microsoft OS                               All measurements are reviewed and managed daily.
   • Apple Mac OS X
                                                     Trust Experience
   • Custom/Vertical/Line-of-business applications
                                                     Our experts respond to an average of 40,000
Put Us to Work                                       incidents per month. We have the experience to
                                                     efficiently support our customers with many help
Our Help Desk Service can be employed to
complement your current staff during times of        desk clients, including numerous Fortune 500
increased call volume, such as software rollouts     customers.
and upgrades. Benefit from 24/7 technical support
and after-hours user interface, as well as answers
to how-to and technical or error-resolution

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