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					Changes in the H2B visa law 2007!!

A Congressional law change took place on October 1st 2007, which effectively cut the number of
H2B visa’s being issued by more then half. The Cap on H2B visas had an enormous effect on the
resort industry, it left many winter resorts without the required staff for their winter season. See

How does this effect your application?

Most winter and summer resorts will continue to recruit staff on H2B visas, however the effects of
the Cap imposed by Congress will mean a scramble like no other seen before to secure H2B
employees. Resorts will simply start their recruitment process much sooner. In previous years H2B
visa deadlines were dragged out until August or September if not even later, however with the
prospect of the Cap being filled much sooner, most resorts will be looking at completing their
applications by July.

How early should you apply for a job vacancy that requires a H2B visa?

Due to the likelihood of fewer H2B visas being issued and the application deadline date being
brought forward candidates should start applying for vacancies 6/7 months before the deadline date,
i.e. January for the following winter season.

How should you prepare yourself for the H2B visa process?

Many applicants under estimate how much time and money is required to get to your dream job in
the USA. Candidates that apply to resorts that do not provide housing will need to factor in the time
that it will take them to organise this. The sooner applicants are guaranteed their jobs, the sooner
they will be able to start sourcing their housing.

Unlike companies offering work in European resorts you will need to pay for you own transport,
insurance and housing. This seems quite costly at the outset however, with financial preparation
well in advance of your departure date these costs will be less of a burden.

Being organised and having your paper work in order is very important when applying for your
visa. Passports, documents of proof of residency and proof of reason to return to your country of
residency, is crucial. Applicants need to prepare such documents well in advance to minimise the
risk of their visa being rejected.

How does the law change affect me if I am a Returning member of staff or extending my H2B visa?

If you are a returning member of staff your application is now being included in the Cap. With this
in mind returnees need to also consider how soon they inform resorts of their intentions of returning
to work in the USA.

Candidates that are extending their H2B visas do not have the same time restrictions as all other
applicants however they are still advised to organise themselves as soon as possible to avoid

All applicants are advised to check the US Immigration services website for updates to current
legislation (see Press Room).

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