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Art Purchase Contract - DOC


Art Purchase Contract document sample

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									                     BUFFALO FISCAL ST F ILITY AUTHORI

Bertha H. Mitchell
Executive Director

      July 8, 2008

      Jim Kane
      Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
      Buffalo Public Schools
      Fax: 851.3834/851.3937

      The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority has approved the following Sch ool District contractual
      matters, as requested by the Superintendent:

           1.    Purchase Contract: Food Stuffs and Non-Food Items
                 Vendor: Sysco Food Services
                 Amount: $4,650,000

           2.    Service Contract: Technical Support at Academy #131
                 Vendor: The Citadel Group, Inc. t/a ResulTech
                 Amount: $1,670,004

          3.     Purchase Contract: Software Maintenance
                 Vendor: ERIE I BOCES
                 Amount: $1,441,000

          4.     Service Contract: Reading Instruction Support–K-6
                 Vendor: J/P Associates, Inc.
                 Amount: $922,000

           5.    Purchase Contract: USDA Government Food Commodities
                 Vendor: Multiple Vendors
                 Amount: $769,226

           6.    Service Contract: District Wide IT Support
                 Vendor: Edutech Support Services, Inc.
                 Amount: $720,720

          7.     Purchase Contract: Breads & Baked Goods
                 Vendor: Midstate Bakery Distributors, Inc.
                 Amount: $525,000

          8.     Service Contract: Manage 403 (b) Tax Shelter
                 Vendor: The Omni Group
                 Amount: $437,421

           9. Purchase Contract: Produce
               Vendor: Boulevard Produce
               Amount: $400,000

                                arket Arcade Building, 617 Main Street, Suite 400
                                             Buffalo, New York 14203
                                       (716) 853-0907 / (716) 853-9052 (fax)
      10. Service Contract: LAN, PC, and Server Support
          Vendor: Sirekis Consulting
         Amount: $278,982
      11. Purchase Contract: Packaging Material
          Vendor: Multiple Vendors
         Amount: $267,097
      12. Purchase Contract: MUNIS Upgrade
          Vendor: MUNIS, Inc.
         Amount: $181,585
      13. Purchase Contract: Frozen Desserts
          Vendor: Perry's Ice Cream
         Amount: $172,481
      14. Purchase Contract: Refrigerated Transportation and Distribution
          Vendor: Maple Leaf Foods
         Amount: $135,000
      15. Capital Construction: Asbestos Abatement & Ceiling Replacement PS#98
          Vendor: Allstate General Contracting, Inc.
         Amount: $107,500
      16. Service Contract: SAT & PSAT Prep
          Vendor: Princeton Review
         Amount: $105,000
      17. Service Contract: Project Management Services
          Vendor: Niagara IT Solutions
         Amount: $99,023
      18. Purchase Contract: Classroom Fans
          Vendor: W.W. Grainger
         Amount: $91,500

      19. Service Contract: MSP Grant
         Vendor: State University College at Buffalo
         Amount: $78,000
      20. Purchase Contract: Virus Protection for Computer's
           Vendor: DynTek, Inc.
           Amount: $57,221

Please notify the appropriate individuals of BFSA's action on these contractual matters.


g   3 etitfia JL   Mitchete
Bertha H. Mitchell
Executive Director

cc:           Crosby (851.3650)

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