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					                           DEFENSE LOGISTICS AGENCY
                          DEFENSE ENERGY SUPPORT CENTER
                        8725 JOHN J. KINGMAN ROAD, SUITE 4950
                          FORT BELVOIR, VIRGINIA 22060-6222

 Instruction Number: DESC-I-6                                               January 12, 2010



    (a) DoDM 4140.25-M, “DoD Management of Bulk Petroleum Products, Natural Gas, and

    (b) DESC-I-21, “Sales and Credits of DWCF Fuel”

    (c) NAVSUP 4026.1, “Fuel Management and Accounting Afloat Instruction.”

 1. GENERAL. This interim instruction was coordinated with the Military Service Control
 Points (SCP) and approved by the Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) pending inclusion to
 DoDM 4140.25-M, Volume VII, “Accounting.”

   a. Applicability. This interim instruction is applicable to Defense Fuel Support Points
 (DFSPs) that process Non-DoD transactions from Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF) fuel
 inventories to the DESC System of Record.

   b. Supersession Date. This document supersedes DESC-I-6, “Non-DoD Aviation, Marine and
 Bulk Ground Fuels Customer Sales Report,” dated April 24, 2008.

    c. Content Review. The Supply Chain Policy and Procedures Branch (DESC-OSP) reviewed
 this instruction in accordance with DESC-S-D-09-04, “Supply Chain Management Publication
 Development.” All changes are administrative and coordinated with the Office of Primary
 Responsibility (OPR).

 2. PURPOSE. Aviation, marine, and bulk ground fuels sale/credit transactions to foreign
 governments require additional detailed information prior to fuel invoice payment and Defense
 Working Capital Fund (DWCF) reimbursement/disbursement. This interim instruction provides
 procedures to access Non-DoD fuel customer “T” Department of Defense Activity Address Code
 (DoDAAC) account information required to process sale/credit transactions, and provides
 instruction for the monthly Non-DoD Sales Report submission to the Financial Support Branch

                                                                                January 12, 2010

   a. Non-DoD Fuel Customers. The DESC Web Page provides Non-DoD “T” DoDAAC
customer account information at

     (1) Locate Business System Modernization – Energy (BSM-Energy) on the Text Menu box
and select the “Non-DoD Fuel Customer Information” hyperlink.

    (2) Select the hyperlink for the appropriate Non-DoD customer category to view customer
account information. Customer categories include:

       (a) Aviation Into-plane Reimbursement (AIR) ® Card Program Customers

       (b) Cash Sale Customers

       (c) Commercial Purchase Agreement Customers

       (d) Contract Sale Customers

       (e) Local Purchase Agreement Customers

      (f) Moral and Welfare Recreation (MWR) & Non Appropriated Funds (NAF) Credit

       (g) State Purchase Agreement Customers

       (h) Foreign Commercial Customers

       (i) Foreign Government Customers

       (j) Replacement in Kind (RIK)/Fuel Exchange Agreement (FEA) Customers

       (k) Foreign Military Sale (FMS) Case Customers

   (3) Scroll through the listing or use the search/find function to locate specific customer “T”
DoDAAC and other information required to process sale/credit transactions.

   b. Non-DoD Sales Report Submission to DESC-RRF. All DFSPs that process aviation,
marine and bulk ground fuel sale/credit transactions to foreign government customers shall
submit a Non-DoD Sales Report to DESC-RRF no later than the fifth workday of each calendar
month as follows:

      (1) Access the FAS Enterprise Server (FES) through Netscape or Internet Explorer.

      (2) Select the “Utilities” hyperlink from the main menu options.

      (3) Select the “Non-DoD Interface” hyperlink and the appropriate report month.
                                                                               January 12, 2010
     (4) The program will display Non-DoD customer categories, the seller DoDAAC and
name, and summary of total sales by customer category. Customer categories include:

       (a) RIKs/FEAs

       (b) Federal Government Sales

       (c) Commercial Sales

       (d) Miscellaneous Sales

       (e) Foreign Government Sales

       (f) Accounts Payable

    (5) Each DFSP that appears on the FES Non-DoD Interface report for RIKs/FEAs, Foreign
Government Sales, and Accounts Payable categories shall submit the Non-DoD Sales Report to
DESC-RRF as follows:

    (6) Print the Non-DoD Sales Reports for “RIKs/FEAs,” “Foreign Government Sales” and
“Accounts Payable” categories only.

    (7) Forward a legible copy of all fuel sale/credit documents for aviation, marine and bulk
ground fuel transactions processed with an “F” in the 2nd position of the “T” DoDAAC
(example: TFASB5, TFAGB1, TFARAG, and so forth) with the Non-DoD Sales Report to

     (8) Retain original copy of the sale/credit transaction document(s) in accordance with
(Reference (b). DFSPs may use DD Form 1898-D, “Alternate US DoD or Federal Civil Fuel
Customer Billing,” copies 2, 3 and 4 for the Non-DOD Sales Report submission. If copies are
unavailable, DFSPs may copy original sale/credit documents and submit with the Non-DoD
Sales Report. DFSPs may also scan and email copies of transaction documents and the Non-
DoD Sales Report which is the method preferred and encouraged by DESC-RRF, especially by
DFSPs with low volume Non-DoD customer sales.

     (9) Reconcile fuel transaction documents with the Non-DoD Sales Report, arrange them in
the same order as they appear on the report, and secure the transaction documents so they remain
in the same order.

    (10) Forward the Non-DoD Sales Report and fuel transaction documents to arrive at
DESC-RRF not later than the fifth working day of the month. Advise DESC-RRF at
Commercial (210) 925-0740 or DSN 945- 0740 or by email at if the 5
working day suspense cannot be met. Negative responses are not required for DFSPs that do not
make any sales to a Non-DoD customer.
                                                                               January 12, 2010
                               Attention: Accounts Receivable
                                  1014 Billy Mitchell Blvd
                                  San Antonio, TX 78226

    FAX: 210-925-0555 or DSN 945-0555 or secondary fax with the last four numbers of 9520.

      (11) Retain all other Non-DoD (“T” DoDAAC) customer fuel transaction documents in the
DFSP document control file in accordance with (Reference (b) and other applicable guidance.
DFSPs shall provide transaction documents to DESC/RRF upon request to resolve customer
billing disputes.

     (12) Capitalized Navy ships that process fuel transactions through the Material Financial
Control System (MFCS) are not required to print and submit the FES Non-DoD Sales Report,
but shall forward a legible copy of all foreign government sale/credit documents to DESC-RRF
not later than the fifth work day of each month. Message notification of foreign government
sale/credit transactions shall also be completed in accordance with (Reference (c).

                                                //Signed original on file//

                                                MICHAEL D. BRODERICK
                                                Director, Business Process Support
                                                Defense Energy Support Center


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