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					                                             Town of Rosalia
                                          Regular Council Meeting
                                            Community Center


ROLL CALL: Mayor- Ken Jacobs (Excused attending classes) Mayor Pro Tem - Nan Konishi, Council
Members: Bob Hill, Dan Brown, Jim Stenhouse, Ron Hilfiker (Excused).
Employees: Kerry Bourke - Clerk/Treasurer, Robert Fitzgerald – Marshal.

Dan made a motion to approve minutes from 3/10/09 Bob 2nd the motion, motion approved.

Jim made a motion to approve check numbers 21591 - 21629 for $23,294.07, Bob 2nd the motion, motion

Tom Carrothers – Tom came to Council to discuss a project he would like to do in order to obtain his merit
badge for Eagle Scouts. Tom would like to make flag holders for the decorative light poles downtown. Dan
said that he thought it was a great idea and would like to see a final proposal maybe a sample. Kelley
Messinger then mentioned that the lights actually belong to the Chamber, Dan then recommended to Tom
that he put forth his proposal to the Chamber rather than the Town Council as they would have the final say
with his project.
Kelley Messinger – Kelley came to Council to hand out a publication from Inland Northwest Car Club
Council showing an advert for Rosalia Rally 2009, and to mention that the budget for the rally is extremely
Brody Babb – Brody came to Council to request that the Association pay a minimal fee for the use of the
streets, enough to cover only costs incurred by the Town, overtime for the Town marshal, street sweeping,
street repair. The Association is a non-profit group, they have streamlined their budget and have very little
funding, Brody feels that a number of the business’s in Town depend on the Rally, its make or break this
year and should it be successful it will be a great benefit to the Community. Nan asked Brody for a list of
vendors and sponsors that they had lined up, it is the Towns name on the line and the Council feel we have
a right to ask these questions especially considering they want to pay the minimum in rental fees. Dan stated
that there has been a real problem with communication, no one from the Association has been turning up at
Council meeting’s and letting anyone know what was going on, they should try and come to every meeting
and keep Council up to date. Brody said that he is not able to attend every meeting and is a bit reticent about
letting anyone come in his place as he felt he had been attacked personally and did not want this to happen
to anyone else from the group, when pressed as to what he was referring to, Brody made a claim that it was
mainly the Mayor who had attacked his personally with accusations of writing blogs at a website regarding
last years Rally. Brody also made the comment that it’s difficult to get sponsorship without a firm commitment
from the Town that they have the streets. Nan asked if they could bring a copy of the sponsor request letter
and or vendor letter that they send to prospective recipients. Brody also told Council that they plan on
charging $15.00 entrance fee this year and are also adding a car show. Dan said that he would like the
Association to bring a proposal that shows a fixed fee amount rather than a reimbursement proposal. The
Council all agree that they would like the Rally to take place but they would like a lot more communication
and a more explicit proposal.
Jim Sharp - Jim came to Council to show support for the Motorcycle Association as a representative from
the Chamber, he said the Rally supports growth and business in the community. Jim reported that a number
of the surrounding towns hold events and do not charge for street rental, the towns are just happy to have
people coming to their towns; Jim then stated that fliers had already gone out and the bikers were coming.

Marshal Fitzgerald: Robert told Council that he and the Mayor had discussed the idea of getting another
motorbike this year and decided that it was just too expensive. The bike he still has does not have to go back
until the end of July which covers a lot of the summer. Dan asked Robert to check and see how much it
would cost to have it until the Rally was over. Robert reported that the Town is saving in the region of
$900.00 on petrol by not having John working part-time anymore. Robert told Council that he has been busy
recently with domestics and juvenile problems.

Bill Tensfeld: Bill reported that he had requested three other quotes from heating and air conditioning
contractors since the last Council meeting, the quote from Ackerman Heating had been the cheapest. Dan
made a motion to accept the bid from Ackerman Heating and Air Conditioning for $6879.80 for the purchase
of the two furnaces for the fire station, Jim 2nd the motion, motion approved.

Nan reported that a citizen had been overcharged $15.80 on their water / sewer bill due to an oversight, Dan
made a motion to issue a refund check for $15.80 Jim 2nd the motion, motion approved.

Nan reported that the Street Levy for 2010 had passed, and thanked the citizens for voting.
There will be a Town clean-up between April 13th and 25th, did the Council want to approve the renting of a
large dumpster, the cost to the citizens should they wish to take their trash to Whitman County recycling
center would be $35.00 per ton and it would be free to dump old appliances, the Town would charge $45.00
per ton and $15.00 per appliance to cover the Towns expenses, Council thought that this was a good idea,
Jim made a motion to approve the rental of a large dumpster and the charging of $45.00 per ton of trash and
$15.00 per appliance, Bob 2nd the motion, motion approved. Nan asked Council for the approval of Shawn to
attend a street sweeper operator class in Spokane, Dan made a motion to approve Shawn’s attendance at a
street sweeper operator class on April 21st, Bob 2nd the motion, motion approved.

Nan presented the updated ball field lease that will be between the Rosalia School District and the Park
Board, Dan asked Kerry to email a copy of the new agreement to Scott Degon. Dan reported that he had
taken a look at the fencing around the ball field and it was in serious disrepair, Dan said that he considered it
to be a safety hazard and motioned that the Town allocate up to $2,000.00 of the Park Boards funds to go
towards supplies for the rebuilding of the fence, Jim 2nd the motion, motion approved.

No report.

Nan reported to Council that Representative Don Cox may be interested in renting office space in possibly
Rosalia or Colfax; there budget is between $200 - $400.00. The space that used to be used by Town Hall for
its office is free and would be an ideal location. Bob made a motion to approve the rental of the old Town hall
office space to Representative Don Cox for $300 - $350.00 should he decide to choose Rosalia for his office,
Dan 2nd the motion, motion approved.
Nan asked Council to decide whether they wanted to hand over the quit claim deed to the Rosalia Chamber
of Commerce for the Texaco Station as the Chamber are anxious to get hold of it before they loose a chance
to get funding for the restrooms that they want to add. Jim made a motion to accept the quick claim deed and
pass it on to the Chamber for their signature, Bob 2nd the motion, two votes for, one against, motion carried.
Nan gave Bob the telephone number of Paul Nesbitt who would like to volunteer his services where needed
as he has experience in construction.

Nan reported that she had submitted two grant applications for the Church, one for the stairwell and one for
the roof.

No report.

Nan reported news from the Chamber – April 5th at 4:00 pm a Miss Rosalia contest will be held at the
schools. The Chamber is still working on the John Wayne Trail. There will be an Easter egg hunt and a
breakfast to benefit Grannies at the Methodist church on April 11th. Horizons will be holding a barbeque at
2:00 pm at the park; weather permitting or the Methodist Church; the event will be free of charge. The
Horizons group needs an attendance of 15% (about 90 citizens) in order to qualify for the first portion of the
grant money they have been allocated.

Bob asked if the annual yard sale was going to take place this year, Nan said that she would ask Chamber
and get back to him.

The regular meeting was recessed at 9:41 pm.
There was a break of four minutes and Council went into Executive Session at 9:45 pm to discuss the
benefits of the part-time maintenance position. The session ended at 9:50 pm.

The regular meeting reconvened at 9:50 pm.
Dan made a motion to pay Don Teal $10.00 per hour and to provide two hours vacation and 2 hours sick pay
after a probationary period of six months every two weeks, Jim 2nd the motion, motion approved.

Dan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:54 pm, Bob 2nd the motion, meeting adjourned.

Nan Konishi, Mayor Pro Tem

ATTEST: ___________________________
Kerry Bourke Clerk/Treasurer
Regular Council Meeting, 3/24/09


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