Top 3 Tactical Rifle Scopes for 2010

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					Top 3 Tactical Rifle Scopes for 2010
Each year, the best known companies in optics manufacturing come out with better designs
and quality in rifle scopes, thus making it easier and accurate with each new model for shooting
and targeting. The three top tactical rifle scopes for 2010 come from these brands:

   1) Schmidt & Bender
      The United States Marine Corps is now using the Schmidt & Bender scopes on all of their
      Scout Rifle Day Scopes for use on the Corps' sniper weapons. The modified version of
      the Schmidt & Bender 3-12 x 50 Police Marksman LP II scope is the Marine’s standard
      equipment on all .308 and .50 caliber USMC sniper rifles as it gives quality glass and high
      elevation, enabling you to engage targets up to 2000 meters. The Schmidt & Bender
      tactical scopes are called the best in the world by fire arm writers and users and their
      specialty as well as focus is on producing fine quality scopes. Latest in 2010 is the
      company’s 1.1-5X24 Zenith tactical rifle scopes that comes with 11 different illuminated
      dot settings, for the lowest light to the brightest sun.

   2) Leupold
      The best tactical rifle scope for 2010 from Leupold is the Mark 4 and is currently used by
      the police SWAT team as well as the police patrol unit. This scope is built to suit various
      conditions from the frigid mountainous terrains in Afghanistan as well as the searing
      heat of the Iraqi landscape to the wet, humid jungles of the Philippines. This scope has
      incredible accuracy and impeccably optical quality. It is also waterproof and has
      outstanding ruggedness enabling it to withstand worst conditions in combat.

   3) Bushnell
      Buhsnell’s offering for 2010 is the Elite 6500 Scope that comes with an outstanding
      magnification ratio of 6.5 and all-weather clarity of RainGuard HD, something which no
      other scope in the world can rival especially in versatility. It also comes with bright,
      razor-sharp optics making the combination of this rifle scope with the rifle a pretty
      deadly instrument. The rifle scope is suitable to be used in thick woods and wide open

From combat to hunting, these three tactical scopes are what any civilian, hunter or military
personnel should look into when browsing around for a new tactical rifle scope.

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