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									Politics on Demand
New Directions in Media

Author: Alison D. Dagnes

Taking on today's brave new world of political reporting, Politics on Demand: The Effects of 24-Hour News
on American Politics examines how the technological changes and financial imperatives of the American
media have led to an entertainment-driven news system that cannot meet the needs of a democracy.Free
of partisan slant and easily accessible to all readers, Politics on Demand explains the evolving media
system, showing how politicians use the media to sell themselves and how the media uses politicians to
its own advantage. The book demonstrates that, with vast amounts of programming time to fill, the
spotlight has shifted away from substantive information to opinion, which, in turn, has helped perpetuate
partisan politics. Politicians now have to contort themselves to fit within media confines, and political
discourse has become extreme and over-simplified. Combining insider interviews with facts, statistics,
anecdotes, and analysis, the author, herself a former C-SPAN producer, argues that the American media
has become harmful for our nation and a detriment to our political system.

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