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									Obama's 'National Civilian Security Force'
Call: Scary 11th-Hour Revelation
by Scrivener | November 2, 2008 at 01:20 am | 3463 views | 35 comments
• Victims of state-supported gang stalking should be outraged by
little-publicized rally comment

As a long-time journalist and a human rights advocate, I've written
extensively about my personal experiences with state-supported
"extrajudicial targeting" -- commonly known as "gang stalking" or
"community stalking," or, as I've called it, "The American Gestapo."

I've also expressed my support for Barack Obama (once Hillary
Clinton eliminated herself from contention for the nomination with
her half-hearted convention challenge).

Now, on the eve of the election, the McCain campaign has launched a
fear and smear fusillade of attack ads, videos and direct mail pieces
intended to give pause to those who came late to the Obama party.

Well, one of those efforts has succeeded mightily in raising alarm
bells in this quarter. 

It's a clip from an Obama speech delivered last July in Colorado, in
which he said that the security of the nation requires a "civilian
national security force" that is "just as powerful" and "well-funded"
as the existing U.S. military.

True to form, this comment failed to provoke much attention in the
mainstream media, although today I learned that the clip was posted
on YouTube almost immediately.

As someone whose personal experiences indicate that American
citizens already are being terrorized by so-called "extrajudicial
targeting" at the hands of a state-supported vigilante network --
operating under the cover of volunteer community watch programs
and "service" corps -- I was extremely troubled when I viewed the
brief clip:

Yes, it's taken out of context.  But that Obama could utter these
words is so disconcerting to me -- revelatory, and not in a good way
-- that I must hear an immediate explanation and amplification from
Obama himself before I can give him my vote and feel good about it.

It's apparent that Obama is oblivious to the great injustices against
American citizens already being committed by these state-supported
vigilantes in the name of "homeland security."  (The very
nomenclature chosen by the Bush administration is evocative of
fascist Third Reich rhetoric.) 

Many of those targeted are innocent citizens who have been labeled
as "dissenters" or have been falsely and slanderously targeted as
suspected wrongdoers by a neo-fascist element within the security

The existing civilian vigilante network, apparently interconnected by
communications links established by federal, state and local law
enforcement, is employing civilians as its extrajudicial "street
muscle" in under-the-radar stealth fashion.  Local officials deny this
is happening, and attempt to portray those who raise the issue as
delusional or worse -- the very methodology employed by fascist
regimes to put down those who dare to protest against such abuses
of power.

That Obama seeks to give legitimacy to what's already a Stasi-like
network of civilian stormtroopers who stalk, vandalize and employ
hi-tech "directed energy" weaponry is naive pandering at best, and
dangerous demagoguery at worst.

If Obama does not renounce this concept immediately, and
demonstrate his recognition of the danger and folly of using civilians
as a domestic security force, I will seriously consider casting my vote
for Bob Barr or Ralph Nader.

I don't even know if either of those candidates is on the ballot in
Pennsylvania, where I live.  If not, I will consider a write-in vote.

Please, Sen. Obama, clarify your position in a manner that restores
my confidence in you -- a confidence which has been shattered
overnight by a viewing of your disturbing Colorado rally comment.

What do you think about this?   Feel free to register your opinions

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