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									Until He Met Rachel
Spotlight on Sentinel Pass

Author: Debra Salonen

Rufus Miller is a mystery.It's the one fact the entire town of Sentinel Pass can agree on. And Rufus has
no intentions of solving the riddle. He likes his privacy. His cabin and his work suit him just fine,
thanks.Then Rachel Grey shows up.The energetic entrepreneur has decided Rufus is her ideal client and
is full of marketing ideas to make him a household name. And he's tempted. Not by her impressive
strategy, but by her. Suddenly the guy least likely to answer a direct question wants to open up. Wants
to share his space with her. Wants her to know all the skeletons in his closet. And that urge to be with
Rachel so completely is the biggest mystery of all.
Author Bio
Debra Salonen
Debra Salonen wrote her first screenplay at age 11 for the television series Flipper. The plot involved the
older brother's romantic interest in a young girl, presumably Debra. The story — like Debra's showbiz
career — never evolved past the "what if?" stage, but Debra's addiction to writing has never faltered."I've
always found a way to incorporate writing into any job I happened to hold at the time...well, except for my
stint as a flaxseed counter in college," she said dryly. "Don't ask — it wasn't pretty."As an aide in a
preschool, she went from distributing milk and cookies to writing the monthly newsletter. Her stringer
work for a local newspaper turned into a full-time position as a feature writer and assistant editor. Salonen
says that exposure to human-interest stories fed her writer's soul, laying the groundwork for a wealth of
imaginary characters and situations."Modern fiction provides the medium to touch people's lives. If your
characters are real, in the sense they face real problems and possess real hopes, wants, needs and
flaws, people can identify with them. My stories are about imperfect people who must learn life's lessons,
heal old wounds and find inner forgiveness before they can truly love another person. I think these are
universal themes most people, men and women, can relate to."Salonen, who lives in the foothills near
Yosemite, credits the support of her family with a hand in her success. "My ivory tower is on the second
floor of our house. My son recently used an extension ladder to hang a wind-chime outside my window to
encourage the creative spirits to stop by for a visit."She also recognizes the value of networking and
associating with fellow writers. "The first hurdle you face as a writer is admitting you are one — like any
other addiction.""I'm thrilled by the validation publication provides, but I also feel a sense of
accomplishment for all those people who have helped me learn my craft and encouraged me to believe in
myself. Writing

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