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					   Preparing for
  Graduate School
          University Career Services
          Robin Kazmarek, Director
     Patrece Robinson, Assistant Director
John Sheehy, Career Development Coordinator
            Flagler Hall room 100
 Is Graduate School Right for You?
 Will a degree help you to advance in your career or is it
  required to enter your profession?
 Are you dedicated to the number of years and energy it
  will take to complete a degree?
 Do you LOVE the field you want to go into?
 Are you going because you don’t know what kind of job
  to look for?
 Do you have financial resources to cover graduate
 Are you burned out academically?
 Will getting an internship or working for a year or two
  help you get into schools you would like to attend?
 Do you have the qualities and skills that are needed to
  be successful in graduate school?
    Exploring Careers & Programs
   FOCUS online self-assessment - Research Occupations

   Occupational Outlook Handbook

   What Can I do with a major in?

   Professional Associations

   Networking with Alumni
                  Making Choices
 Reputation
 Competition
 Geographic Location
 Recommender’s Recommendations
 Number of Students
 Urban/Rural Campus

Adapted from Dave Burrell’s “Getting In: An Applicant’s Guide to
  Graduate School Admissions”
          Making Choices
 Research   Interests
 Academic Resources
 Curriculum Choices
 Social Life
 Job Placement
 Rate of Attrition
              Making Choices
 Graduate/Undergraduate         Status
 Accreditations
 Well-Known  Faculty
 For Master’s Students – do they offer
  Ph.D. too?
 For Doctoral Candidates
     Average length of time
     Previous dissertation topics
     Funding
            More Choices
 Age  of Professors
 Possibility of Funding
 Big Fish / Little Pond?
 Language Requirements
 Costs or Workload?
 Special Concerns?
            Resources for
         Researching Schools

The Dupont Ball Library offers excellent
 Grad School resrouces
     More search resources
 Gourman   Report
        are your best resource

Stetson Faculty

Faculty at Grad Schools
 Department   websites
 Dissertation Abstracts (ask a librarian)

              The Big 3 – GSR
 Grades - how do you get a SEALED
 Scores
 References

 Plan   in reverse order
     Making Friends with Faculty
 “Take    the time to get to know faculty
    outside of class– and, more importantly,
    give them an opportunity to know you. The
    best letters of recommendation will be
    from those persons who know you well,
    and who can write a letter that speaks
    specifically to your strengths and
   Dr. Karen Kaivola, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences,
    Stetson English Department
           Application Forms

 Where   to find them?

 Be   complete and careful




 Millers   Analogies
 Stetson's Counseling Center is a testing
 site for LSAT, GRE, and MCAT

 Stetson Office of Continuing Education
 offers resources for test preparation
 The Dupont Ball Library also offers test prep
  resources including free practice exam. Go to
  the Library's database page
 In the alphabetical list of databases (right side of
  page), scroll down to, then click on Testing &
  Education Reference
 Click on Graduate Search, then “Get Ready to
  Score High!” The following graduate-level exams
  are included: GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, and
  Miller Analogies (MAT)
              Personal Statement
   “Don’t discount the importance of the personal
    statement or how hard it will be to write one that
    stands out from the crowd. Writing a good one
    will take multiple revisions and critical readers:
    your task is to write something that only you
    could write, given your particular combination of
    interests and strengths, and in language that
    shows something of how your mind works.”
   Dr. Karen Kaivola, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences, Stetson
    English Department
 Ask   Early, tell them about your interests
 Provide samples of your work, transcript,
  and resume
 Fill out your part of the form
 Provide a stamped envelope.
 Keep them updated
       Other Requirements
 Resume
 Cover  Letter
 Portfolio – especially for fine arts students
 Auditions
 Interviews
 Explanation Letter for poor performance, if
               Financial Aid
 Fellowship  or Assistantship - Google
 Loans & Grants
 Tuition Reimbursement
 In-State vs Out of State
 Don’t forget insurance
   Register for College Central

 Tolearn about upcoming events, job
 postings, internships postings, and more
 go to:

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