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Suncom Wireless

Eschelon Telecom, Inc.

CT Communications, Inc.

Northern PCS Services LLC

Kite Networks, Inc.

Impsat Fiber Networks, Inc.

Madison River Communications Corp
AT&T & Verizon (Fiber Assets in Select Cities)

AT&T (Fiber Assets in Select Cities)

Alltel Corp. (4 Minnesota Markets)

PrairieWave Communications

Telecommunicaciones de Puerto Rico, Inc.

LecStar Telecom (and its Fonix Telecom affiliate)

LecStar Telecom (and its Fonix Telecom affiliate)

RCN Corp. (San Francisco Assets)

Aspen Communications

PAETEC Communications


Norlight Telecommunications, Inc.

VitalStream Holdings, Inc.

West Virginia Wireless

Speakeasy and Seattle Wireless Network Broadband Assets

SAVVIS, Inc. (Content Unit)

Broadwing Corporation
Connex Services




ATX Communications Inc.

OneEighty Communications, Inc.


First Avenue Networks

Looking Glass Networks

Electric Lightwave

Conversent Communications





Oregon Telecom, Inc.

Progress Telecom
Next Web

WilTel Communication

AT&T, Inc.

Eureka Broadband Corporation

Acceris Communications

Choice One

Consolidated Edison Communications Holding Company, Inc.

New Edge Networks

Advanced Telecom Group
American Long Lines



Enventis Telecom

KMC Telecom

Lightship Telecom

MCI Metro (Worldcom)

SunWest Communications

Supra Telecommunications & Info System
US Unwired

Allegiance Telecom

Covista Communications

Focal Communications

Network Telephone

NewSouth Communications

Teligent Communications Group

Boulevard Phone Company
Ionex Telecommunications

Metromedia Fiber Network
Network Access Solutions

Talking Nets

ACC National Telecom

Access Network Services

Advanced American Telecom

American MetroComm Corp.


Electric Lightwave

MH Lightnet
Network Plus

Vanion, Inc.

Western Integrated Networks

Coast to Coast Telecommunications

Conectiv Communications

Creative Telecom


Intermedia Communications

MP Telecom
NA Communications

Net2000 Communications

Omniplex Communications Group


Rhythms NetConnections

BlueStar Communications

BRE Communications

BroadSpan Communications (Primary Network Comm)

CapRock Communications
GST Telecommunications



Light Networks

One Point Communications

Primary Network Communications

Thrifty Call

Trivergent Communications

US West

US Xchange, LLC

21st Century Telecom Group

Advanced Communications Group


Comav Corporation

Frontier Communications

InfoTel Communications

MetroNet Communications

OpTel Telecom

Ovation Communications

Pointe Communications

US MidTel Corporation

American Telco

IWL Communications

Jones Communications

Kansas City FiberNet
LCI International

National Telecommunications of Florida

Teleport Communications Group

Brooks Fiber

CBG (Communications Buying Group)

Consolidated Communications Telecom

Eastern TeleLogic


Linkatel California

Linkatel Pacific

Metro Access Networks

MidCom Communications

QST Communications


Alliance Maintenance & Services, Inc. (Satellite Division)

Arrival Communications

BroadRiver Communications
FDN Communications

InfoHighway Communications

Insight Communications Company Inc.

Liberty Bell

Mpower Communications Corp. of Illionois

Patriot Media & Communications


Sage Telecom, Inc.

Supra Telecom

Talk America, Inc.


PPL Corp (broadband service provider unit)

GrandCentral Communications

Dobson Communications

InfoHighway Communications

Neon Communications Group

Yipes Holdings, Inc.
Verde Communications

Rural Cellular Corp



Covad Communications Group

SkyTel Corp

Access Integrated

Digital Telephone

Alltel Corp.
WideOpenWest Holdings, LLC.

James Cable Holdings



Allegiance Communications


NewWave Communications

Xero Mobile, Inc.

eGIX, Inc.
Everest Broadband, Inc.
                                    What Happened?

Acquired by Digium

Acquired by T-Mobile

Acquired by Integra Telecom, Inc.

Acquired by Windstream Corp.

Acquired by Sprint Nextel

Acquired by Gobility, Inc.

Acquired by Global Crossing

Acquired by CenturyTel
Acquired by AboveNet

Acquired by Level 3

Acquired by Rural Cellular Corp.

Acquired by Knology

Acquired by America Movil S.A.B. de C.V.

Acquired by BroadRiver, Inc.

Acquired by BroadRiver, Inc.

Acquired by Astound Broadband

Acquired by Alpheus Communications
Acquired by American Fiber Systems

Merged with USLEC

Merged with PAETEC Communications

Acquired by Q-Comm Corp.

Acquired by Internap Network Services Corp.

Acquired by Verizon Wireless

Acquired by Towerstream

Acquired by Level 3

Acquired by Level 3
Acquired by Eagle Broadband

Acquired by AT&T, Inc. Corp

Acquired by WideOpenWest Holdings, LLC.

Acquired by Time Warner Telecom

Acquired by Broadview Networks Holdings Inc.

Acquired by Eschelon Telecom, Inc

Acquired by Qwest

Acquired by FiberTower

Acquired by TelePacific Communications
Acquired by Level 3

Acquired by Integra Telecom, Inc.

Acquired by Choice One & CTC Communications

Acquired by Level 3

Acquired by Sprint Nextel

Acquired by Level 3

Acquired by Netifice

Acquired by Eschelon Telecom, Inc.

Acquired by Level 3
Acquired by Covad

Acquired by Level 3

Acquired by SBC Communications

Merged with InfoHighway Communications

Acquired by First Communications

Merger of Equals w/CTC Communications

Acquired by RCN Corp.

Acquired by EarthLink

Acquired by Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
Acquired by PAETEC Communications

Acquired by Broadview Networks

Acquired by First Communications

Acquired by Hickory Tech

Acquired by TelCove and CenturyTel

Merged with CTC Communications 2005

Acquired by Verizon 2005

Acquired by Falcon Broadband 2005

Acquired by FDN 2005
Acquired by Sprint 2005

Acquired by XO in 2004

Acquired by PAETEC Communications 2004

Acquired by Broadwing 2004

Acquired by ITC^Deltacom 2004

Acquired by Nuvox 2004

Acquired by First Avenue 2004

Acquired by Birch Telecom 2003
Acquired by Birch 2003

Acquired by Broadwing (2003)
Acquired by 2003

Acquired by DSL 2003

Acquired by TCG

Acquired by Intermedia

Acquired by Plan B

Acquired by Cisco

Acquired by Xspedius

Acquired by Citizens Communications

Acquired by Comcast
Acquired by Broadview

Acquired by SunWest Communications through its subsidiary Apollo Communications

Acquired by SureWest Communications

Acquired by Allegiance 2001

Acquired by Cavalier 2001

Acquired by Auditel 2001

Acquired by Allegiance 2001

Acquired by WorldCom 2001

Acquired by Enventis 2001
Acquired by NTELOS 2001

Acquired by Cavalier 2001

Acquired by Global Com

Acquired by

Acquired by WorldCom 2001

Acquired by Covad (2000)

Acquired by Ovation 2000

Acquired by Mpower 2000

Acquired by McLeodUSA 2000
Acquired by Time Warner Telecom

Acquired by NetStream 2000

Acquired by Allegiance 2000

Merged with Network Telephone 2000

Acquired by Verizon 2000

Acquired by Mpower 2000

Acquired by Grande 2000

Acquired by Gabriel Communications 2000

Acquired by NewSouth 2000
Acquired by Qwest 2000

Acquired by Choice One 2000

Acquired by RCN Corp.

Acquired by Ionex in 1999

Acquired by MediaOne 1999

Acquired by Aquis 1999

Acquired by Global Crossing 1999

Acquired by Integra 1999

Acquired by CoreComm 1999
Acquired by AT&T (AT&T Canada) 1999

Acquired by AT&T, Inc.

Acquired by McLeodUSA 1999

Acquired by Telescape Int'l 1999

Acquired by Big Net

Acquired by Logix 1998

Merged with CapRock 1998

Acquired by Comcast 1998

Acquired by TCG 1998
Acquired by Qwest 1998

Acquired by Intermedia 1998

Acquired by AT&T, Inc. 1998

Acquired by WorldCom 1997

Acquired by ICG 1997

Acquired by McLeodUSA 1997

Acquired by TCG in 1997

Acquired by BTI (1997)

Acquired by STS Fairchild 1997 and then Intermedia 1997
Acquired by ICG in 1997

Acquired by NEXTLINK in 1997

Acquired by Brooks Fiber 1997

Acquired by WinStar

Acquired by McLeodUSA 1997

Merged with WorldCom (1996)

Acquired by Eagle Broadband

Acquired by TelePacific Communications

Acquired by Cbeyond
Acquired by NuVox Communications

Acquired by Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc.

Split joint-owned systems with Comcast

Acquired by eLEC Communications

Acquired by McLeodUSA

Acquired by Comcast

Acquired by Airband Communications

Acquired by Silver Point Capital

Acquired by Best Buy
Acquired by Cleartel Communications, Inc.

Acquired by Cavalier Telephone

Acquired by Airband Communications

Acquired by Communications Infrastructure Investments

Acquired by Google Inc.

Aquired by AT&T, Inc.

Acquired by Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc,

RCN Corp.

Acquired by Reliance Communications' FLAG Telecom Unit
Acquired by Sparkplug Inc

Acquired by Verizon Wireless

Acquired by PAETEC Communications Communications Holding Corp.,

Acquired by AT&T, Inc.

Acquired by Platinum Equity

Acquired by Bell Industries, Inc.

Acquired by Birch Telecom

Acquired by Comstar-United Telesystems

Acquired byTPG Capital
Acquired by Avista Capital Partners

Acquired by Broadstripe

MetroCast acquired Virginia assets

Cox Communicaitons acquired Arizona assets of CableAmerica

Allegiance Communications purchased cable systems from Charter Communications

NexHorizon Communications acquired Galaxy Cablevision

NewWave acquired 74,000 Kentucky and Southern Illinois subscribers from Charter

Acuqired by ROK Entertainment Group

Acquired by Cincinnati Bell
Acquired by SureWest Communications
Date Announced                   Date/Year Completed              Surviving Company Name

                     9/28/2007                  9/28/2007                               Digium

                     9/17/2007                  9/17/2007                              T-Mobile

                        Telecom,                 8/31/2007
  Integra Telecom, Inc.3/20/2007 Inc. Telecom Telecom, Inc. Telecom, Inc. Telecom, Inc. Telecom

                     5/29/2007                  8/31/2007               Windstream Corporation

                      8/2/2007                   8/2/2007                          Sprint Nextel

                      7/8/2007                  7/27/2007                          Gobility, Inc.

                    10/26/2006                  5/10/2007                       Global Crossing

                    12/18/2006                  4/30/2007                           CenturyTel
 4/4/2007    4/4/2007                       Abovenet

 4/4/2007    4/4/2007                        Level 3

 4/3/2007    4/3/2007            Rural Cellular Corp.

 1/9/2007    4/3/2007                        Knology

3/30/2007   3/30/2007   America Movil S.A.B de C.V.

3/27/2007   3/27/2007                 Broadriver, Inc.

9/18/2006   3/13/2007                 Broadriver, Inc.

8/18/2006   3/13/2007             Astound Broadband

 3/8/2007    3/8/2007       Alpheus Communications
10/19/2006         2/28/2007             American Fiber Systems

 8/14/2006        2/28/2007
             PAETEC Communications Communications Holding Corp

 8/14/2006         2/28/2007           PAETEC Communications

11/13/2006         2/26/2007                      Q-Comm Corp.

10/12/2006         2/21/2007      Internap Network Services Corp.

 2/14/2007         2/14/2007               West Virginia Wireless

 1/30/2007         1/30/2007                        Towerstream

12/23/2006         1/23/2007                             Level 3

10/17/2006          1/3/2007                             Level 3
 12/7/2006     1/2/2007                  Eagle Broadband

  3/5/2006   12/29/2006                  AT&T, Inc. Corp.

 8/14/2006    12/1/2006     WideOpenWest Holdings, LLC.

 7/27/2006   10/31/2006             Time Warner Telecom

10/12/2006   10/12/2006   Broadview Networks Holdings Inc.

  8/9/2006    10/2/2006            Eschelon Telecom, Inc.

 5/15/2006     9/5/2006                             Qwest

 5/15/2006    8/30/2006            FiberTower Corporation

  8/4/2006     8/4/2006                        TelePacific
 6/5/2006    8/3/2006                 Level 3

 2/7/2006    8/1/2006    Integra Telecom, Inc.

3/28/2006   7/24/2006    One Communications

 5/1/2006   7/24/2006                 Level 3

4/20/2006    7/1/2006            Sprint Nextel

4/17/2006   5/31/2006                 Level 3

2/26/2006   5/10/2006      MegaPath Networks

1/27/2006    4/3/2006   Eschelon Telecom, Inc.

1/25/2006   3/20/2006                 Level 3
 10/5/2005    2/21/2006                             Covad

10/31/2005   12/23/2005                            Level 3

11/18/2005   11/18/2005                         AT&T, Inc.

 8/31/2005    8/31/2005        InfoHighway Communications

 8/28/2006        2006                First Communications

 2/10/2006        2006    Choice One & CTC Communications

     2006     3/20/2006                         RCN Corp.

12/13/2005        2006                            EarthLink

     2004    12/31/2004              Eschelon Telecom, Inc.
2005      2005    PAETEC Communications

2005      2005        Broadview Networks

2005      2005       First Communications

2005      2005              Hickory Tech

2005   2/5/2005

2005      2005       CTC Communications

2005      2005

2005      2005

2005      2005
2005   2005

2004   2004

2004   2004

2004   2004

2004   2004

2004   2004

2004   2004

2003   2003
2003   2003

2003   2003
2003   2003

2003   2003

2002   2002

2002   2002

2002   2002

2002   2002

2002   2002

2002   2002

2002   2002
2002   2002

2002   2002   Apollo Communications

2002   2002

2001   2001

2001   2001

2001   2001

2001   2001

2001   2001

2001   2001
2001   2001

2001   2001

2001   2001

2001   2001

2001   2001

2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000
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2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000

2000   2000
2000   2000

2000   2000

1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999
1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999

1999   1999

1998   1998

1998   1998

1998   1998

1998   1998
1998   1998

1998   1998

1998   1998

1997   1997

1997   1997

1997   1997

1997   1997

1997   1997

1997   1997
    1997        1997

    1997        1997

    1997        1997

    1997        1997

    1997        1997

    1996        1996

3/23/2007   4/23/2007

12/6/2006   12/7/2006   TelePacific

    2006        2006
 3/22/2007    5/22/2007

 2/26/2007     6/7/2007

  4/3/2007    6/29/1905

 2/27/2006    6/28/1905

 3/26/2007    5/17/2007

  4/3/2007        2007

10/17/2006   12/31/2006   Airband Communications

 1/29/2007        2007

 3/27/2007        2007
7/31/2006        2006                   Cleartel

9/22/2006        2006         Cavalier Telephone

5/15/2006    5/15/2006   Airband Communications

5/23/2007    6/29/1905

 7/2/2007        2007

 7/2/2007   11/16/2007

 6/7/2007     7/7/2007

6/25/2007   11/13/2007

7/19/2007     7/9/2007
 7/10/2007    7/10/2007

 7/30/2007    7/11/2007              Verizon Wireless

 9/17/2007    7/12/2007     PAETEC Communications

 10/2/2007    7/13/2007                    AT&T, Inc.

 11/5/2007    7/14/2007               Platinum Equity

11/14/2006    7/15/2007            Bell Industries, Inc.

 11/5/2007                              Birch Telecom

11/16/2007   11/16/2007   Comstar-United Telesystems

11/16/2007   11/16/2007                    Alltel Corp.
12/19/2005     5/1/2007   WideOpenWest Holdings, LLC.

11/14/2007                                 Broadstripe

10/20/2007   10/20/2007                      MetroCast

 1/10/2006                        Cox Communications

              9/20/2006      Allegiance Communications


             30-Jun-06       NewWave Communications


 12/6/2007                               Cincinnati Bell
12/7/2007   SureWest Communications
Merger/Acquisition Value ($000)












Under 34,000









































terms not disclosed

AstriCon 2007, Phoenix, Arizona – Digium ( has purchased
Switchvox ( in a move expanding the company’s presence in
the SMB market and securing a ready-made, customer-tested Asterisk turnkey

Terms of the deal were not announced, but Joshua Stephens, CEO of Switchvox,

T-Mobile USA, Inc., the smallest of the U.S. national wireless service providers,
made arrangements today to get a little bigger with an agreement to buy SunCom
Wireless Holdings, Inc., a Berwyn, Pa.-based wireless carrier operating in the
southeastern U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. T-Mobile USA will pay
Effective today, Eschelon Telecom, Inc. (NASDAQ: ESCH) is a wholly owned
subsidiary of Integra Telecom, Inc. and will continue its operations doing business
as an Integra company.

The combined company is one of the largest competitive local exchange carriers
(CLECs) in the nation enjoying pro-forma 2007 revenues of more than $700 million
Windstream Corp. agreed to buy CT Communications, Inc., in a deal valued at $585
million, including assumption of cash and debt. CT serves 158,000 voice access
lines and 29,000 broadband customers in North Carolina, where Windstream also
has operations, in addition to providing service in 15 other states. The deal is
expected to be completed by the end of 2007.

Purchase of wirelss affiliate; for $312.5 million; includes assumption of debt; Sprint
gains over 167,000 subscriber & 69,000 reseller subscribers
 Gobility Inc, a US provider of wireless broadband data and voice services and an
off-deck mobile data service, has announced that it has acquired Kite Networks Inc,
a provider of municipal WiFi networks in the US, Kite Broadband, LLC and
NeoReach Inc, from their former parent company MobilePro Corp (OTC Bulletin

Global Crossing will pay $95 million in cash plus assumption and/or repayment of
$252 million of debt..
CenturyTel, Inc.will purchase the privately held rural incumbent local exchange
carrier Madison River Communications Corp. for $830 million in cash and assumed
debt. The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2007. The
merger enables CenturyTel to add properties in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, and
North Carolina and will lead to estimated annual cost synergies of $17
million.CenturyTel said the acquisition landed it 170,000 access lines in new
AboveNet announced it has acquired 60 building access fiber connections held by
AT&T in Los Angeles and Chicago as well as 180 building access fiber connections
held by Verizon in New York, Washington/Baltimore and Philadelphia.

has completed the acquisition of fiber assets from AT&T in Detroit, Hartford, Kansas
City, Milwaukee, San Francisco and St. Louis.

Alltel Corp. has closed on the sale of wireless licenses, customer accounts, and
other assets of four rural markets in southern Minnesota to Rural Cellular Corp.
Rural Cellular announced that it had completed the purchase of the Minnesota
markets for $45 million in cash.

Knology will acquire the Rapid City and Sioux Falls, South Dakota regions, including
portions of Minnesota and Iowa for $255 million in cash.
Verizon Communications, Inc. completed the sale of its 52% equity stake in
Telecommunicaciones de Puerto Rico, Inc., to America Movil S.A.B. de C.V. The
deal was completed after the FCC earlier this week signed off on necessary license
transfers and included a condition, among others, that America Movil invest $1
billion over five years to improve phone service in Puerto Rico. Verizon’s sale of its
interest in the Puerto Rico assets, which serve more than one million residential and

Terms of the acquisition were not detailed. BroadRiver said the acquisitions will
help it to accelerate deployment of voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) service
offerings in the southeastern U.S.

Citizens Communications Co. paid $1.29 billion

Bought for $45 million in cash, or approximately $2,500 per customer.

Alpheus acquired all the assets of Aspen Communications which includes several
data center facilities in Dallas, Fort Worth and Bryan/College Station, along with
Aspen’s DFW-based licensed fixed wireless network.
Privately held American Fiber Systems, Inc. today announced that it has completed
a ten million dollar transaction to acquire IDACOMM, the communications subsidiary
 PAETEC and US LEC will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of a new, publicly-
held holding company. US LEC security holders will own approximately 1/3 and
PAETEC security holders approximately 2/3 of the new company. US LEC Corp.
and PAETEC Corp. announced the completion of the merger that was announced in
August 2006. The combined company will conduct business as PAETEC Holding
Corp, and its common stock will trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under
PAETEC and US LEC will become wholly-owned subsidiaries of a new, publicly-held
holding company. US LEC security holders will own approximately 1/3 and PAETEC
security holders approximately 2/3 of the new company. US LEC Corp. and
PAETEC Corp. announced the completion of the merger that was announced in
August 2006. The combined company will conduct business as PAETEC Holding
Corp, and its common stock will trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under
Journal Communications Co. has completed the sale of its Norlight
Telecommunications, Inc., unit for $185 million in cash to Q-Comm Corp. Journal
initially had planned to spin off the Norlight unit to shareholders but cancelled that
plan in favor of the sale to Q-Comm. Norlight provides network and telecom
services to wholesale and commercial customers in upper midwestern states, and
generated $31 million of revenue in the third quarter of 2006, with an operating profit

Atlanta-based data network services provider Internap Network Services Corp., has
completed its acquisition of VitalStream Holdings, Inc., which provides audio and
video streaming products and services. The stock-swap transaction was valued at
$217 million.
The purchase includes West Virginia Wireless’ spectrum licenses and related
operations. The acquired licenses cover a population of 1.2 million people, include
22 counties in West Virginia, 5 in Kentucky, 3 in Virginia and 2 in Ohio, and also
contain the Interstate 64 and 77 corridors from Ashland, Kentucky, to the
Huntington, Charleston, Bluefield and Beckley areas of West Virginia. In addition to
the state capital, the coverage area includes The Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur

Towerstream is bringing its broadband wireless service to Seattle through the
purchase of certain assets of Speakeasy.

Level 3 paid $132.5 million in cash to acquire certain assets, including network
elements, customer contracts, and intellectual property used in SAVVIS’s CDN

Under the terms of the agreement, Level 3 will pay $8.18 of cash plus 1.3411 shares
of Level 3 common stock for each share of Broadwing common stock outstanding at
closing. In total, Level 3 currently expects to pay approximately $744 million of cash
and issue approximately 122 million shares.
 Officials with Eagle Broadband, Inc. (AMEX: EAG), a national provider of
broadband, Internet Protocol (IP) and digital communications technology and
services, today announced that Eagle has acquired the customer base of Connex
Services, Inc., a Houston-based IT services company providing national and
international project management services for data, voice, fiber-optic, wireless,
hospitality systems, access control, audio and satellite installations.
AT&T became the largest phone company in the United States after local phone
company SBC Communications acquired long-distance carrier AT&T last year for
$16 billion. The company, which changed its name after the acquisition was
completed, serves 13 states, mostly throughout the western and southwestern parts
of the country.
Sigecom, founded in 1999, has been owned by Vectren Corp., an Evansville-based
energy holding company. Sigecom serves 75,000 customers and 5,500 businesses
in Evansville, rural Vanderburgh County, Newburgh and rural Warrick County. It has
recently started expanding into Chandler, Boonville and Mount Vernon, Ind.

WOW, which is based in Englewood, Colo., provides cable television, high-speed
Communications solutions provider Time Warner Telecom has signed an
agreement to acquire Xspedius Communications, a privately held business
telecommunications services provider. TWT will pay a total of $531.5 million,
including $212.5 million in cash, with the difference coming in the form of TWT
Class A common stock. The stock consideration is subject to a 20 percent
symmetrical collar adjustment, based on Time Warner Telecom’s average share
Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc. today announced it completed the acquisition of
ATX Communications, Inc., an integrated communications and managed services
provider that serves business customers in the Mid-Atlantic region, on September
29, 2006. On a combined basis, the Company has annual trailing revenues of
approximately $400 million, driven by offering voice and data communications
solutions to small and medium-sized business customers. The Company will now

OneEighty provides business wireline telephone, broadband and transport services
primarily in Montana and has $7.2 million in annual revenue. Eschelon will pay
approximately $9.5 million in cash to acquire OneEighty. The transaction is expected
to close by the end of the third quarter of 2006.
Qwest has acquired OnFiber for $107 million in stock. The company has obtained
at least $146 million in venture funding over the years. At various times, OnFiber has
been backed by leading firms such as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Incepta,
Bear Stearns Merchant Banking, Telesoft Partners, Amerindo Investment Advisors,
and GE Capital.

Stock swap deal valued at 1.5 billion. First Avenue will issue 73.7 million shares of
common stock to FiberTower, giving FiberTower a 51% stake. Trading in the
Company's stock will continue on The Nasdaq Global Market under the Company's
new ticker symbol "FTWR."
Mpower Holding Corporation (AMEX:MPE), the parent company of Mpower
Communications Corp., a leading provider of data and voice services to retail and
wholesale business customers, today announced that it has signed a definitive
agreement to be acquired by TelePacific Communications, a privately-held company
which provides telecommunications services to businesses throughout California
and Las Vegas, Nevada.
 Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: LVLT) today announced that it has
completed its acquisition of Looking Glass Networks, Inc., a privately held facilities-
based provider of metropolitan transport services.

Pursuant to the purchase agreement dated June 2, 2006, Level 3 paid consideration
to Looking Glass security holders of 21,300,779 unregistered shares of Level 3
The competitive carrier industry continues to consolidate. This morning, Integra
Telecom announced it has acquired Electric Lightwave from Citizens
Communications for $243 million in cash and the assumption of $4 million in capital
lease oblications.

Both Integra and ELI operate in the Western portion of the U.S., but Integra will
CTC Communications and Choice One Communications, which on February 10,
2006 announced their agreement to merge, today announced they are jointly
acquiring Conversent Communications, Inc., an integrated communications provider
with significant facilities and customers in the Northeast as well as in West Virginia.
On a combined basis, the three companies currently generate about $800 million in
annual revenue and provide telecommunications services to over 150,000 business
Level 3 paid consideration to TelCove security holders of 149,944,647 million shares
of Level 3 common stock and approximately $445.8 million in cash. Also in
connection with the closing, Level 3 is using approximately $132 million in cash to
pay off outstanding TelCove debt. The transaction also included approximately $13
million in capital leases, which are expected to remain outstanding.
 Sprint Nextel Corp. (NYSE:S) announced today that it has successfully completed
its acquisition of UbiquiTel Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, announced in
April, Sprint Nextel acquired UbiquiTel in an all-cash transaction for approximately
$1.3 billion, including the assumption of approximately $300 million of net debt.

The closing of the UbiquiTel acquisition brings final resolution to the litigation
NEW YORK, April 17 ( – Communication and Information Services
provider, Level 3 Communications Inc (LVLT.NAS), Monday announced that it has
agreed to acquire ICG Communications for $163 million in stock and cash.

Broomfield, Colorado-based Level 3 Communications said that it would issue
unregistered shares worth $127 million, along with $36 million in cash, to acquire
The joined companies are expected to bring in about $125 million annually.

MegaPath has far more customers, with 14,000 under its belt, but only about half of
those are large enterprises. Netifice has 2,000 customers, which the company says
all are midsize and large businesses.
Eschelon Telecom, Inc., (NASDAQ:ESCH) a leading provider of integrated
communications services to small and medium sized businesses in the western
United States, today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Oregon
Telecom, Inc., a privately-held competitive services provider based in Salem,
Oregon. Eschelon paid approximately $20 million in cash to acquire Oregon
Level 3 Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:LVLT) today announced that it has signed a
definitive agreement to acquire all of the membership interests of Progress Telecom
LLC, a regional wholesale network services company based in St. Petersburg,
Florida. Progress Telecom, LLC is jointly owned by Progress Energy, Inc. (NYSE:
PGN) and Odyssey Telecorp, Inc.
A couple of months later than initially projected, Covad Communications Group Inc.
has completed its acquisition of NextWeb Inc., a provider of fixed wireless Internet
services for business that operates in California and Nevada.

Covad will pay approximately $3.9 million in cash and issue approximately 16 million
Covad shares in the transaction, for a total of approximately $24.7 million. Some of
Level 3's purchase of WilTel, a fiber-optic network operator based in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, would bring together two midsize communications backbone companies
in an industry that is boiling down to a few very big players and a number of small,
specialized service providers, said Jeff Kagan, an independent telecommunications
analyst in Marietta, Ga. He expects to see more mergers as new network
technologies and competition reshape the industry. Level 3, in Broomfield, Colo.,
The new company, which will keep the AT&T name, received final regulatory
approval from the state of California on Friday.

The Federal Communications Commission and the U.S Department of Justice gave
their approval of the merger last month with only a few minor conditions. Through its
subsidiaries and affiliates, AT&T is considered the largest telecommunications
Eureka Networks and InfoHighway Communications, two leading providers of
integrated communications services to small and medium-sized businesses, today
announced their merger plans. The combined entity will have annual revenue of
over $100 million, serve approximately 15,000 customers and 150,000 access lines
in 14 Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, and benefit from substantial
concentration in the New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas.
First Communications is proud to announce that is has entered an agreement with
the Pittsburgh Division of Acceris Communications to provide all
telecommunications services to its customer base. In addition to acquiring Acceris
Communications customer base, First Communications has purchased their Nortel
Passport Frame Relay/MPLS network. Acceris Communications customers are
now First Communications customers. First Communications is purchasing the
Choice One Communications, CTC Communications and Conversent
Communications jointly announced today the completion of their previously
announced combination. The merged organization will be called ―One
Communications‖ as of July 24th and will serve businesses in sixteen states within
the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and upper Midwest regions. With revenues of over $800
million, One Communications is the largest privately-held competitive local
RCN Corporation (NASDAQ: RCNI), a provider of total communications service,
today announced it has closed its acquisition of Consolidated Edison
Communications Holding Company, Inc. (CEC), the telecommunications subsidiary
of Consolidated Edison, Inc. (NYSE: ED). The acquired company will do business
under the name RCN Business Solutions. RCN has secured all the necessary
regulatory approvals; the transaction was previously approved by RCN's and Con
EarthLink today announced it is acquiring New Edge Networks, the Vancouver,
Wash., based CLEC known for its small to mid-sized enterprise (SME) data
services. EarthLink will pay approximately $144 million for New Edge, to include 2.6
million shares of EarthLink common stock and $114.3 million in cash, which
On December 31, 2004, the Company acquired all of the outstanding common stock
includes payment of some New Edge liabilities.
of Advanced TelCom, Inc. ("ATI") for $45,495, net of cash acquired. As a result of
the acquisition, the Company strengthened its presence in five markets, entered into
six adjacent markets, entered one new market and created significant opportunities
for cost savings and increased profitability.
PAETEC Communications, Inc., a nationwide communications solutions provider,
today announced that it has received final regulatory approvals and completed its
purchase of American Long Lines, Inc., a Horsham, Pa.-based privately owned
telecommunications company.
The acquisition further expands PAETEC’s penetration in the Philadelphia and New
Jersey markets, marking its second major purchase of an area telecommunications
 BridgeCom Holdings, Inc., and Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc., jointly
announced the two companies have received final regulatory approval and
completed their merger. The combined enterprise serves tens of thousands of
SME’s across a footprint of seven northeastern states with a highly integrated
network, which includes six digital circuit and packet switches, and 175 colocations.
Founded in 1997 and a pioneer in the competitive local telecommunications

First Communications is proud to announce that it has entered an agreement with
the Midwest Division of CoreComm to provide all telecommunications service to its
customer base located primarily in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana
Under terms of the agreement, HickoryTech paid $35.5 million in cash, subject to
normal working capital adjustments, for the transport and enterprise Internet
protocol (IP) Telephony sales business. Enventis Telecom is now a wholly owned
subsidiary of HickoryTech. Its assets include approximately 75 employees and
offices in Plymouth, Duluth, Rochester, Minn., and Sioux Falls, S. D. Enventis
revenues, for the year ended December 31, 2004, totaled $43 million.
KMC Telecom Holdings, Inc., one of the nation's largest private competitive local
exchange carriers (CLECs) and a leading provider of wholesale communications
services nationwide, today announced that they are selling their CLEC operations in
all their 37 markets to CenturyTel and TelCove in separate agreements. KMC also
announced that they would now focus all their resources on their highly successful
wholesale business. KMC will deliver traditional and IP wholesale services to
CTC Communications and Lightship Telecom, two of the leading facilities-based
telecommunication providers in the New England area, today announced an
agreement to merge the two companies. The newly merged company, which will
operate as CTC Communications, will be the pre-eminent competitive local
exchange carrier headquartered in New England, with its corporate offices located in
Waltham, MA. The merged company will provide businesses with a financially
Commercial assets acquired
Bankrupt - assets acquired by Cisco
SunWest formed Apollo Communications in order to purchase the assets of Vanion
and to serve the latter's former customers.
Some assets later sold to Broadview

Bankrupt 2001 - acquired by Global Com

Bankrupt 2001 - acquired by
Bankrupt assets acquired by TWT 2000
Bankrupt 1999 - customers acquired by AT&T

Bankrupt - Assets acquired by WinStar 1997

Expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2007, details were not disclosed.

BroadRiver agreed to be acquired by Cbeyond, but failed to maintain operations
long enough to transition customers.
NuVox Communications will have more than 90,000 customers, 1 million access
lines and more than $500 million in annual revenue, according to the two
companies. Estimated to close 7/1/2007
Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc. today announced that on May 31, 2007 it
completed the acquisition of InfoHighway Communications, a New York-based
provider of hosted and managed communications solutions serving business
customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the U.S. The combined
company serves approximately 80,000 small and mid-sized business customers in
20 markets from Maine to Virginia, including major metropolitan areas such as New
Both companies agreed to split up their Insight Midwest cable service partnership.
Comcast, which acquired its 50% share of the partnership when it bought AT&T
Broadband several years ago, said it wanted to convert its stake in the partnership
from a passive investment to a direct ownership position in cash-flow-generating
cable systems. Under the split arrangements, Comcast will take ownership of cable
systems in Illinois and Indiana serving 684,000 basic cable, 296,000 digital cable,

eLEC, a telecom holding company, has two other subsidiaries: VoX
Communications and New Rochelle Telephone.

The sale will enable Mpower and its affiliates that do business as TelePacific
Communications (TelePacific), to focus solely on serving business enterprises
throughout the Western region. Estimated to close 2nd qtr 2007
Comcast will acquire Patriot for a net cash investment of approximately $483 million.
 In the transaction, Comcast will acquire systems located in central New Jersey
including Princeton and other operations in Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris and
Mercer counties, which are contiguous to Comcast systems in Monmouth, Ocean,
Trenton and Northwest New Jersey. Estimated to close 3rd qtr 2007

Airband, a fixed wireless service provider, will purchase RedWire, a provider of high
speed Internet access, for an undisclosed amount.

for $97 million in cash. Estimated to close 5/1/2007
The acquisition of Supra Telecom will "nearly double" Cleatel's customer base, to
more than 300,000 access lines and annual revenues of approximately $200 million.

Cavalier will pay $251 million in cash

Airband, a fixed wireless service provider, will purchase the fixed wireless business
and all monitoring contracts associated with enterprise-deployed Wi-Fi networks
from WindChannel Communications.

in a deal worth $60 million, including assumption of $10 million of debt. PPL had
said earlier this month that it was seeking a buyer for the unit after concluding
broadband service was not core to the company’s mission. The sale to
Communications Infrastructure is expected to close in the third quarter of this year.

Rumors have it that the acquisition was north of $50 million
AT&T, Inc., said late yesterday it had completed the $2.8 billion acquisition of
Dobson Communications Corp. The FCC approved the transaction yesterday with
some conditions, including divestitures in four markets in three states (TRDaily, Nov.
15). The Department of Justice required divestitures in three of those markets, as
well as four others in two states.

Terms not yet disclosed; InfoHighway is a hosted and managed communications
solutions for business customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the
The two companies have entered iinto a definitive agreement for RCN to acquire
NEON for up to $5.25 per share of NEON common stock, in cash, for expected
total consideration of up to approximately $260 million. The transaction has been
approved by the board of directors of both companies and is expected to close
during the fourth quarter of 2007.
Reliance Communications Limited announces the signing of a definitive agreement
to acquire U.S.-based Yipes Holdings, Inc. through an affiliate, FLAG Telecom, in an
all-cash transaction. Yipes will operate as a strategic business unit, fully integrated
strategically and operationally within FLAG Telecom. With the backing of Reliance,
Yipes will double its coverage of the U.S. market. Yipes’ Ethernet services will be
overlaid on FLAG’s global network, allowing Yipes to expand its reach worldwide.
Verizon Wireless announced a $2.67 billion deal to acquire Rural Cellular Corp., one
of the nation’s largest rural carriers. The agreement will add RCC’s 700,000
customers to Verizon Wireless’ base—which currently stands at 62.1 million—and
will expand the No. 2 operator’s coverage in parts of the East Coast and the South,
as well as in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Idaho,
PAETEC Holding Corp. (NASDAQ GS: PAET) today announced that it has signed a
Washington and Oregon.
definitive agreement to acquire McLeodUSA Incorporated, a privately held company,
in an all-stock merger for $557 million. The merger price consists of $492 million in
PAETEC common stock and $65 million in net debt assumption. The company will
become one of the largest nationwide competitive communications service providers
focusing on business customers. With this acquisition, PAETEC adds an extensive
AT&T agreed to acquire voice, web, and video conferencing service provider
Interwise. The privately-held company employs 150 people and has its headquarters
in Cambridge, Mass.

AT&T will pay around $121 million in cash for the privately held company, with the
transaction expected to close by the end of the year. The purchase will put
Broadband connectivity vendor Covad Communications Group is getting out of the
stock market rat race and joining the ranks of the privately held.

In an all-cash deal valued at $304 million, private equity firm Platinum Equity will
acquire Covad's outstanding publicly traded common stock for $1.02 per share. The
deal represents a 59 percent premium over Covad's closing price on Oct. 26.

Bell Industries, Inc. has completed the acquisition of SkyTel Corp. for $23 million.
Bell financed the purchase with borrowings under a new $30 million credit line from
Wells Fargo Foothill.
Birch Telecom Inc. is merging with Access Integrated Networks to create a $200
million a year local phone company. The combined company will have more than
300,000 voice and data lines, about 100,000 small- and medium-sized business
customers and annual sales of about $200 million.Analysts believe the combined
company may grow to generate revenue between $200 million and $210 million.
Moscow-based voice and data services provider Comstar-United TeleSystems said
today it had acquired Digital Telephone Networks South for $167 million. Digital
Telephone, Comstar said, is the largest alternative telecom service provider in the
Southern Federal District of Russia and operates in the Rostov and Krasnodar
areas, serving 155,000 telephone numbers. The service provider generated $41.8
million of revenue in the first nine months of this year, with net income of $14.3
Buyout firms TPG Capital and GS Capital Partners have completed their acquisition
of Little Rock Ark.-based telecom services provider Alltel Corp. in a deal worth about
$27.5 billion.

Separately, Alltel said it was in negotiations with the FCC and Department of Justice
on a consent decree under which the company said it may make ―voluntary
In one of the year’s biggest and most profitable cable deals, Denver overbuilder
WideOpenWest has agreed to sell its 357,000 subscribers to private-equity
newcomer Avista Capital Partners for an estimated $800 million.

The deal represents a huge windfall for WOW’s two largest equity partners, Boston-
based Abry Partners and Fort Worth, Texas-based Oak Hill Capital Partners. Abry
In November 2007, Broadstripe announced that it agreed to purchase all assets of
James Cable, LLC for a reported $125 million. Upon the completion of the
acquisition, Broadstripe will add nearly 125,000 homes passed and over 30,000
customers bringing the Company’s customer base to over 160,000 people in 13
states. Currently, James Cable provides cable services to rural communities in
Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Tennessee, Alabama
MetroCast Communications recently purchased the Colonial Beach cable television
system and internet service from SuddenLink and Council is expected to approve
the franchise transfer as soon as October. Council learned of plans to install fiber
optic cable in order to make digital communications a reality in the town and in the
outlying areas. The Colonial Beach service will be linked to MetroCast systems in
King George County and Saint Mary's County, Maryland and the system's fiber optic
 Cox Communications, Inc. and Cable America Corporation today announced the
completion of Cox's purchase of the Arizona operations of Cable America. This
acquisition includes approximately 35,000 basic cable subscribers. Financial details
of the transaction were not disclosed.

The transferred cable systems are contiguous to Cox's Arizona cable operations,

In late 2006, Allegiance purchased several Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas cable systems from Charter Com

Call CEO Cal Smiley (303-404-9700) at NexHorizon or President Larry Martin (573-
472-8266) at Galaxy for terms or to see if the deal actually went through -
Information taken from several sources, including a NexHorizon press release
NewWave Communications, LLC (―NewWave‖ or the ―Company‖), a
communications services company offering video, voice and high-speed data
services within small to mid-size communities in Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky,
South Carolina, North Carolina, and Arkansas, announced today that it has closed
the acquisition of approximately 74,000 subscribers in Kentucky and southern Illinois
from Charter Communications, Inc.

Xero Mobile, Inc., a Los Angeles-based developer of cellphone services aimed at
college students, said today it was continuing to hold negotiations with ROK
Entertainment Group aimed at an acquisition of Xero Mobile. ROK is a U.K.-based
provider of video programming to mobile devices.
Cincinnati Bell, Inc., has agreed to buy eGIX, Inc., a Carmel, Ind.-based competitive
provider of voice and data services to business customers in midwestern states, for
about $18 million. eGIX generates about $16 million of annual revenue. Shane
Brown, a vice president with Cincinnati Bell, said the acquisition of eGIX provides
―an immediate footprint in the small and medium-sized business market throughout
Indiana and Illinois.‖ The deal is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of
SureWest Communications has announced the signing of a definitive agreement to
acquire Everest Broadband, Inc., a privately held competitive provider of broadband,
voice, and video services in the Kansas City area, for $173 million in cash. The
combined company generated $66.5 million in unadjusted revenue and $21 million
of unadjusted EBIDTA (earnings before interest, depreciation, taxation, and
amortization). SureWest Communications said the transaction will more than
le systems from Charter Communications, thus gaining 29,000 subscribers
                   Company Names                        What Happened?

3Way Networks                            Acquired by Airvana

Adaptif Photonics GmbH                   Acquired by Agilent Technologies Inc.

Aeroflex, Inc.                           Acquired by Veritas Capital

Agere Systems, Inc.                      Acquired by LSI Logic Corp.

Airgo Networks                           Acquired by Qualcomm, Inc.

AirIQ, Inc. (Vehicle Finance Division)   Acquired by CalAmp Corp.

AirLink Communications, Inc.             Acquired by Sierra Wireless, Inc.

ALC Microwave Inc.                       Acquired by Endwave Corp.
Alvarion (Cellular Mobile Unit)             Acquired by LGC Wireless

Andrew Corp.                                Acquired by CommScope Inc.

Andrew Corp., Resilience Capital Partners   Acquired by Resilience Capital Partners

Applied Innovation                          Acquired by Kentrox

Aptiv Digital                               Acquired by Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc.

Arroyo Video Solutions                      Acquired by Cisco Systems

Avamar Technologies                         Acquired by EMC

AZNA                                        Acquired by Fisinar

Baypackets                                  Aquired by Genband
BeVocal                        Acquired by Nuance Communications

Billing Services Group Ltd.    Acquired by Syniverse Technologies, Inc.

Bitfone                        Acquired by Hewlett Packard

Broadbus Technologies          Aquired by Motorola

Casabyte Inc.                  Acquired by JDSU

Cauldron Solutions             Acquired by Anystream

Cellstar                       Acquired by Brightpoint

Complete Tower Sources, Inc.   Acquired by Charys Holding Co.

Comsat International, Inc.     Acquired by BT Group PLC
Convedia Corporation   Acquired by RadiSys Corporation

Cramer Systems         Acquired by Amdocs

CTI Squared            Acquired by AudioCodes

Cybectec, Inc.         Acquired by Cooper Industries, Ltd.

Cygate                 Acquired by TeliaSonera

Destiny Conferencing   Acquired by Polycom

Doradus                Acquired by Ikanos

Eastern Research       Acquired by Sycamore Networks

Eastern Research       Acquired by Sycamore Networks
Emergent                                  Acquired by Stratus

EMS Wireless                              Acquired by Andrew Corp

Entone Technologies (VOD Software Unit)   Acquired by Harmonic, Inc.

Entrisphere                               Acquired by Ericcson

Evoxus                                    Acquired by InTechnology

Flashline                                 Acquired by BEA Systems

Followap                                  Acquired by Neustar

Gate5                                     Acquired by Nokia

Glenayre Messaging                        Acquired by IP Unity
Glenayre Messaging                             Acquired by IP Unity

Global Signal                                  Acquired by Crown Castle

GO Networks, Inc.                              Acquired by NextWave Wireless, Inc.                                    Acquired by Deltathree

Good Technology                                Acquired by Motorola

Greenfield Networks                            Acquired by Cisco Systems

Harbour Networks                               Acquired by Huawei

Harris Corporation (Microwave Comm Division)   Merged with Stratex Networks

Huawei Technologies                            Acquired by 3Com Corp. (Joint Venture)
i2i Enterprise                        Acquired by BT

ImmenStar                             Acquired by Cortina Systems

Inceptor                              Acquired by Verizon Directories

Incode Wireless                       Acquired by Verisign

Infinite Conferencing                 Acquired by Onstream Media Corporation

Intelligent Compression Technolgies   Acquired by ViaSat Inc.

IPeerX                                Acquired by XConnect

IPWireless Inc.                       Acquired by NextWave Wireless Inc.

IronPort Systems                      Acquired by Cisco Systems
Jamba                         Acquired by News Corp.

Jungo Software Technologies   Acquired by NDS

Kodeos Communications Inc.    Acquired by Fisinar

LoudEye                       Acquired by Nokia

LVL7 Systems                  Acquired by Broadcom

Matrix Communications Group   Acquired by USADatanet

Metasolv                      Acquired by Oracle

MetaSolv                      Acquired by Oracle

Metrobility Optical Systems   Acquired by Telco Systems
Minacom            Acquired by Tektronix

Minacom            Acquired by Tektronix

Mobile 365         Acquired by Sybase

Mobyson Holding    Acquired by Onetwocom AB

Movaz              Acquired by ADVA Optical Networking

Multimax, Inc.     Acquired by Harris Corp.

NeoPath Networks   Acquired by Cisco Systems

NetDevices, Inc.   Acquired by Alcatel-Lucent

Netopia            Acquired by Motorola
Netrake                                Acquired by AudioCodes

NextNet Wireless                       Acquired by Motorola

Nine Systems                           Acquired by Akamai Technologies

Nokia (Networks Business Group)        Merged with Siemens

Norlight Telecommunications            Acquired by Q-comm

Nortel's UMTS business                 Acquired by Alcatel-Lucent

nPhase                                 Acquired by Qualcom

Octalica, Inc.                         Acquired by Broadcom Corp

Optical Communication Products, Inc.   Acquired by Oplink Communications, Inc.
Orative             Acquired by Cisco Systems

Picolight           Acquired by JDSU

Picolight Inc.      Acquired by JDS Uniphase

Q Inc               Acquired by Fine Point Technologies

QOSymmetrics        Acquired by Symmetricom

Reactivity, Inc.    Acquired by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Ready Mobile        Acquired by Titan Global Holdings

Redback Networks    Acquired by Ericsson

RedWire Broadband   Acquired by Airband Communications
RFMicro Devices’ Bluetooth Assets   Acquired by Qualcomm, Inc.

Riverstone Networks                 Acquired by Lucent Technologies

Sensoria Corporation                Acquired by Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.

sentitO Networks                    Acquired by Verso Technologies, Inc.

SigValue                            Acquired by Amdocs

SmartLink Radio Networks            Acquired by CalAmp Corp.

Solectron                           Acquired by Flextronics

Spans Logic Inc.                    Acquired by Cisco Systems

SpectraLink Corp.                   Acquired by Polycom, Inc.
Stratos International, Inc.                Acquired by Emerson Electric Co.

Symbol Technologies                        Acquired by Motorola

Tandberg Television                        Acquired by Arris

Tandberg Television                        Acquired by Ericsson

Tekelec (Switching Unit)                   Acquired by Genband

TeleCIS Wireless (Engineering Assets)      Acquired by Qualcomm, Inc.

Teleo, Inc.                                Acquired by Microsoft

Teradyne, Inc. (Broadband Test Division)   Acquired by Tollgrade Communications, Inc.

Terayon                                    Acquired by Motorola
TRAQ Wireless, Inc.    Merged with Tangoe, Inc.

Traverse Networks      Acquired by Avaya

Tropic Networks        Acquired by Alcatel-Lucent

TTP Communications     Acquired by Motorola

Tut Systems            Acquired by Motorola

Vallent                Acquired by IBM

Vertasent              Acquired by Motorola

Waverider              Acquired by Vcom

WebEx Communications   Acquired by Cisco Systems
Wireless Facilities, Inc. (Engineering Business)       Acquired by LCC International, Inc.

WPI Interconnect Products                              Acquired by Cooper Industries, Ltd.

Zetron, Inc.                                           Acquired by Kenwood Corp.

Cordless & VoIP terminal units of NXP Semiconductors   Acquired by DSP Group, Inc.

Allworx Corp.                                          Acquired by PAETEC Holding Corp.,

3Com                                                   Acquired by Bain Capital LLC

Navteq Corp                                            Acquired by Nokia

Precision Communications                               Acquired by Telmar Network Technology, Inc.

Rhozet Corporation                                     Acquired by Harmonic Inc.
Boston Communications      Acquired by Megasoft Limited

AePona & Appium AB         Merger of AePona Ltd. with Appium AB

Andrew Corp.               Acquired by CommScope

UNICOM                     Acquired by Eschelon Telecom, Inc.

Sphera Optical Networks    Acquired by OnFiber Communications

Fibernet Telecom Group     Acquired by Global Crossing

DataFlow Communications    Acquired by Covad

Clearwave Communications   Acquired by Mobilepro Corp

Global Locate, Inc.        Acquired by Broadcom Corp
Sling Media             Acquired by EchoStar

C-COR, Inc.             Acquired by Arris Group, Inc.

Sling Media             Acquired by EchoStar

Network General Corp.   Acquired by NetScout Systems, Inc.

Codian                  Acquired by Tandberg

Cognio Systems          Acquired by Cisco Systems

AccessLine              Acquired by Telanetix

Leapstone Systems       Acquired by Motorola Inc.

Inter-Tel Inc.          Acquired by Mitel Networks Corporation
Mobile Media Researcher                           Acquired by Nielsen

Servecast Ltd.                                    Acquired by Level 3

Cybertrust                                        Acquired by Verizon Communications, Inc.

Ascent Entertainment Group, Inc                   Acquired by LodgeNet Entertainment Corp.

White Rock Networks                               Acquired by Turin Networks

Counterpane                                       Acquired by British Telecom

Prizm Advanced Communications Electronics, Inc.   Acquired by Moog, Inc.

Tektronix, Inc.                                   Acquired by Danaher Corp.

Firethorn Holdings, LLC                           Acquired by Qualcomm, Inc.
Century Man Communications   Acquired by ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

LGC Wireless                 Acquired by ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

Golden Telecom, Inc.         Acquired by Vimpel Communications

Quintum Technologies         Acquired by Network Equipment Technologies

Azea Networks                Acquired by Xtera Communications

Coding Technologies          Acquired Dolby Labs

EqualLogic                   Acquired by Dell Computers

Ingenio                      Acquired by AT&T, Inc.

Inplane Photonics            Acquired by CyOptics
J6 Technology                Acquired by U4EA Technologies

MIG Information Technology   Acquired by Glu Mobile
       Date Announced
Date/Year Completed *Some dates are estimates    Surviving Company Name

               5/2/2007               5/2/2007

              5/30/2007             5/303/2007

              5/24/2007              5/24/2007

              12/4/2006               4/2/2007                   LSI Corp.

              12/3/2006              12/3/2006             Qualcomm, Inc.

              3/16/2007              3/16/2007

               3/7/2007              5/24/2007

              4/19/2007              4/19/2007
6/28/1905             11/21/2006                 LGC Wireless

6/27/2007   predicted end of 2007            CommScope Inc.

11/6/2007              11/6/2007    Resilience Capital Partners

2/23/2007              5/10/2007            Applied Innovation

 1/1/2007              3/29/2007

8/22/2006              9/13/2006                Cisco Systems

6/28/1905             11/15/2006                          EMC

3/23/2007              3/26/2007

8/30/2006              8/30/2006                     Genband
 2/22/2007   2/22/2007   Nuance Communications

  4/2/2007    4Q 2007

12/20/2006    2/1/2007                     HP

 7/25/2006    9/8/2006                Motorola

  1/4/2007   1/23/2007

 2/20/2006   2/20/2006

12/19/2006   3/30/2007

  9/5/2006   2/27/2007

 4/20/2007    Q1 2007
 7/26/2006    9/1/2006

 7/18/2006   8/16/2006

  2/1/2007    4/4/2007          AudioCodes

 1/29/2007   1/29/2007     Cooper Industries

11/16/2006   1/29/2007          TeliaSonera

  1/1/2007    1/8/2007             Polycom

  1/1/2006   7/31/2006

  1/1/2006    9/6/2006   Sycamore Networks

  1/1/2006    9/6/2006   Sycamore Networks
 9/12/2006    9/12/2006

  1/1/2006    12/1/2006       Andrew Corp

 8/23/2006    12/8/2006    Harmonic, Inc.

11/28/2006     2/1/2007           Ericsson

 1/11/2007     6/1/2007      InTechnology

  1/1/2006    8/22/2006

  1/1/2006   11/27/2006            Neustar

 8/31/2006   10/12/2006

12/14/2006     1/3/2007   IP Unity Glenayre
12/14/2006    1/3/2007              IP Unity Glenayre

 10/6/2006   1/12/2007                  Crown Castle

  1/4/2007   2/22/2007                     NextWave

 2/17/2007   2/19/2007

11/10/2006    1/5/2007

11/13/2006   12/7/2006

  6/6/2006    6/6/2007

  9/5/2006   1/26/2007   Harris Stratex Networks, Inc.

11/28/2006   3/29/2007
  2/6/2007     6/7/2007

  1/1/2006    2/26/2006

  1/1/2006    7/21/2006

11/27/2006   11/30/2006     Verisign

 3/26/2007    4/30/2007

 2/20/2007    2/20/2007   ViaSat Inc.

 9/12/2006    9/12/2006

  4/9/2007    5/11/2007

  1/4/2007     1/4/2007
 9/12/2006            1st Q 2007

 12/4/2006              1/2/2007

 3/15/2007              4/5/2007

  8/8/2006           10/16/2006

11/29/2006              1/3/2007                     Broadcom

  1/1/2006            10/31/2006
             Matrix Communications Group, a USA Datanet Company

10/23/2006           12/15/2006

10/23/2006           12/18/2006                          Oracle

 6/22/2006             6/30/2006
 11/6/2006   11/27/2006

 11/6/2006   11/27/2006        Tektronix

  9/6/2006    11/8/2006         Sybase

 11/6/2006     2/1/2007   Onetwocom AB

  6/5/2006    7/20/2006

 5/31/2007    6/15/2007

 3/13/2007     4/3/2007

 5/14/2007     Q2 2007

11/14/2006     2/7/2007        Motorola
  7/6/2006    8/14/2006

  7/5/2006    8/29/2006

11/20/2006   12/13/2006      Akamai Technologies

 6/19/2006     4/1/2007   Nokia Siemens Networks

11/13/2006     3/5/2007                 Q-comm

 12/4/2006     1/2/2007            Alcatel-Lucent

11/16/2006   11/16/2006                  nPhase

 5/28/2007    5/29/2007

 4/23/2007     6/6/2007
10/25/2006   11/20/2006            Cisco Systems

 2/27/2007    5/29/2007

 2/27/2007    5/29/2007

 1/23/2007    1/23/2007   Fine Point Technologies

  1/4/2007     1/4/2007             Symmetricom

 2/21/2007    3/21/2007

 2/16/2007    5/11/2007      Titan Global Holdings

12/19/2006    1/25/2007        Redback Networks

10/17/2006    12/1/2006   Airband Communications
12/3/2006   12/3/2006   Qualcomm, Inc.

2/27/2006   4/27/2006

1/24/2007   1/31/2007

 4/5/2007   4/18/2007

 1/3/2007    2/8/2007          Amdocs

3/27/2007    4/5/2007

 6/4/2007   10/2/2007

3/28/2007   3/28/2007

 2/7/2007   3/26/2007
5/14/2007   7/12/2007

9/19/2006    1/9/2007

1/15/2007   Canceled

2/26/2007    4/1/2007

3/20/2007   4/23/2007

4/13/2007   4/13/2007

8/31/2005   10/1/2006

 6/1/2007    8/1/2007

4/23/2007   7/20/2007
 3/16/2007    3/16/2007   Tangoe, Inc.

  1/1/2006   11/16/2006         Avaya

  4/3/2007     4/5/2007

  6/1/2006     8/1/2006

12/21/2006    3/30/2007

11/28/2006    2/14/2007

 9/25/2006    9/25/2006

  7/4/2006   10/20/2006

 3/15/2007    5/29/2007
 5/29/2007     6/1/2007

  1/1/2007     1/3/2007

  4/5/2007    5/10/2007

 5/14/2007    6/29/1905

10/12/2007   In Progress                         PAETEC

 10/2/2007   In Progress                            3Com

 10/1/2007   In Progress                            Nokia

 8/13/2007    11/1/2007    Telmar Network Technology, Inc.

 7/26/2007    7/31/2007
 7/11/2007         2007

  6/5/2007         2007

 6/27/2007   In Progress

 2/19/2007         2007

     2002          2002

 8/25/2006   11/30/2006    Global Crossing

10/11/2006         2006            Covad

 6/27/2006    8/31/2006

 7/132007      7/132007
9/25/2007   9/25/2007                EchoStar

9/24/2007   9/24/2007         Arris Group, Inc.

9/25/2007   9/25/2007                EchoStar

9/20/2007   9/20/2007   NetScout Systems, Inc.

9/20/2007   9/20/2007                Tandberg

9/18/2007   9/18/2007          Cisco Systems

9/18/2007   9/18/2007                Telanetix

7/10/2007   8/20/2007            Motorola, Inc.

8/16/2007   8/16/2007                Inter-Tel`
 8/10/2007    8/10/2007            Nielsen

 7/11/2007    7/16/2007

 5/14/2007     7/9/2007   Verizon Business

  4/4/2007     4/4/2007

10/16/2006   10/27/2006    Turin Networks

10/25/2006   10/25/2006

11/21/2007   11/21/2007         Moog, Inc.

11/21/2007   11/21/2007     Danaher Corp.

11/14/2007                Qualcomm, Inc.
11/13/2007               ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

 12/3/2007   12/3/2007   ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

 12/3/2007                     Vimpel Communications

 12/5/2007   12/5/2007 Network Equipment Technologies

 12/6/2007   12/6/2007          Xtera Communications

 12/6/2007   12/6/2007                     Dolby Labs

 12/6/2007   12/6/2007                 Dell Computers

 12/6/2007   12/6/2007                     AT&T, Inc.

 12/6/2007   12/6/2007                       CyOptics
12/6/2007   12/6/2007   U4EA Technologies

12/6/2007   12/6/2007          Glu Mobile
Merger Value ($000)























































6,000 + 6,526,529
   shares ADVA
  common stock























































Airvana, Inc. a leading provider of network infrastructure products used by wireless
carriers to provide mobile broadband services, today announced it has acquired 3Way
Networks, a provider of home base stations and industry-tailored solutions for UMTS
markets. Terms of the deal are undisclosed.

Financial details were not disclosed

Veritas Capital, which is paying about $1.08 billion for the company. Aeroflex indicated
it will hold a shareholder vote on the new deal sometime in June or July.

LSI will trade stock worth US$4 billion for Agere. The move will push LSI to double its
size, growing to 9,100 employees and an estimated $3.5 billion in annual revenue.
(Mobile/access chip technology)

acquired Airgo to complement its core wireless technology offerings. (Multiple-
in/Multiple-out or MIMO technology)

CalAmp Corp. acquired the vehicle finance division of AirIQ, Inc., for $19 million. The
acquired assets, which generated $15 million of revenue in 2006, provide GPS and
cellular-based wireless asset tracking products and services to vehicle lenders that
specialize in high-risk automobile financing services.

Sierra Wireless, Inc., a Vancouver-based maker of wireless modems agreed to
acquire AirLink Communications, Inc., a maker of mobile wireless connectivity devices
and remote device management software, in a $24.6M deal.

for approximately $6.6 M in cash.
Acquired by LGC Wireless for approximately $15M
CommScope will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Andrew for $15.00 per share,
at least 90 percent in cash. The transaction, which is valued at approximately $2.6
billion, is expected to be accretive to CommScope’s cash earnings per share,
excluding special items, in the first full year after closing.
Andrew Corp. said it agreed to sell its "underperforming" satellite communications
business to a Cleveland private equity firm, in a transaction that will generate a pretax
charge of up to $20 million for the Westchester maker of communications-related

Under its agreement with Resilience Capital Partners, Andrew said, it will receive up to

Acquired by Kentrox for $52.8M. Estimated to close Q2 2007

Gemstar-TV Guide International has put up $16 million in cash to acquire one of its
competitors in the interactive program guide (IPG) and set-top applications arena -
Aptiv Digital.

Cisco will pay $92,000,000 in cash (IPTV technology)

Acquired by EMC for an undisclosed amount

For $19.7 million in initial consideration comprised of $2.7 million in cash and two
convertible promissory notes in the principal amount of $15.6 million and $1.4 million
that will be payable, at Finisar's option, in cash or in shares of Finisar common stock
Genband hopes BayPackets will strengthen its play in the cable market by adding
messaging and video telephony applications operators want, Bennett said. Genband
already has contracts to supply switching and voice-over-IP systems to Canadian
cable operator Vidéotron, reaching more than 200,000 subscribers, and has deals with
RCN Corp. and Blue Ridge Communications. (IMS Technology)
Acquired by Nuance Communications for $140.0M

Syniverse will pay $290 million in cash for the assets including debt to be refinanced at
closing and expects that the acquired assets will contribute to its earnings this year.

Bitfone will be integrated into the Handheld Business Unit of HP's Personal Systems
Group. (Mobile device management technology) Estimated to close February 2007

The deal is valued at $168 million in cash by one "analyst company" but the terms
have not actually been disclosed. (Video On-Demand Technology)

JDSU expects to complete the acquisition of Casabyte in the current fiscal third quarter
ending March 31, 2007. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisistion will expand its Anystream Media business beyond video production to
reach operations and business management. Cauldron Solution's flagship product
known as On Demand Workflow Manager will be reintroduced in Anystream's product
line as Anystream Velocity™
Brightpoint to pay CellStar $88 million in cash upon closing, which is expected in
March or April. (Mobile Logistics Technology) Brightpoint, Inc. closed on the purchase
of CellStar Corp.’s U.S. operations and its Miami-based Latin American operations.
Purchase price for the assets was reduced to $62.4 million, from the $88 million
agreed to in December 2006, due to net asset adjustments. Brightpoint funded the
acquisition through borrowings under a credit line with Banc of America Securities

Charys Holding Co., Inc. completed the acquisition of Complete Tower Sources, Inc.,
for $77.4 million in cash and stock. Complete Tower is headquartered in Lafayette, La.,
and makes up the core of Charys's wireless communications and data infrastructure
business group.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Rumored purchase price of $200m. As at the last audited balance sheet on 31
December 2005, the gross assets of Comsat International were $145 million.
The consideration for the transaction will be $105 million in cash, subject to certain
adjustments, plus an earnout of up to $10 million if Convedia achieves certain
profitability goals over the next year. (Convedia-IMS technology)

Amdocs acquired all of Cramer’s shares of capital stock for approximately $375 million
in cash. Cramer Systems will become the new service activation division within
Amdocs. (OSS technology)

AudioCodes completed the exercise of an option to acquire the remaining outstanding
shares of CTI2, for a purchase price of $10 million, $5 million paid in cash at the
closing and $5 million payable in cash by February 28, 2008.

Cybectec will become part of the Cooper Power Systems division of Cooper Industries

Acquired by TeliaSonera for approximately $80.2M

Acquired by Polycom for $47.6M

The acquisition of Doradus will enhance Ikanos’ push with digital TV consumer
premises equipment. Ikanos will add a team of seven Doradus engineers to its
facilities in Fremont, CA. but will not necessarily add any new VDSL2 expertise.(IPTV

Sycamore Networks paid $80,000,000 in cash.

Sycamore Networks paid $80,000,000 in cash.
The purchase amount is $11 million, with provisions for additional performance-based
payments. (IMS Technology)

Acquired by Andrew Corp. for $50.5M

Harmonic will purchase Entone for $45 million: $26 million in cash and the value of
approximately 3.54 million shares of Harmonic common stock. (Video-on-demand

Ericsson will pay $290 million

Acquired by InTechnology for $8.1M
Flashline's repository will be a key component of the AquaLogic product family
enabling tracking, governing and managing liquid assets in a common repository for
sharing across multiple projects and measuring the resulting business value. The
Flashline repository will become BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Repository and fulfill a
strategic role as a critical component for providing a more unified environment for
SOA. (OSS technology)

Acquired by Neustar for approximately $139M

Nokia to acquire gate5. gate5 is a leading supplier of mapping, routing and navigation
software and services. By acquiring gate5, Nokia will offer consumers maps, routing,
navigation and other location based applications on its mobile devices. (Mobile
Content technology)

IP Unity paid $25 million (Unified Messaging Technology)
IP Unity paid $25 million

Acquired by Crown Castle for $5.78B
NextWave paid $13.3 million in cash and $25.7 million of NextWave common stock
based on results generated by GO Networks over an 18-month period, and to assume
$7.4 million of debt. San Diego-based NextWave is developing WiMAX network
equipment and software and is working with service providers to use its spectrum
holdings to deliver next-generation wireless broadband services.

Acquired acquired the service provider and consumer businesses of,
Inc., for $7.5M

Sum undisclosed as of 11/10/06 (Mobile e-mail Technology) Estimated beginning of

(Metro Ethernet Technology)

Harbour will transfer part of its assets, routers, optical networks and employees to
Huawei. (Mobile Infrastructure technology)

Under terms of the agreement, Harris Corporation will contribute its Microwave
Communications Division and $25 million of cash in exchange for approximately 56
percent ownership of the combined company.

3Com Corp. has completed the purchase of the remaining 49% stake in its Huawei-
3Com venture, which makes and sells communications equipment in China, from its
venture partner Huawei Technologies for $882 million.
Acquired by BT for an undisclosed amount

Acquired by Cortina Systems for undisclosed amount

The transaction complements existing search engine marketing products both
companies provide. (Search technology)

The acquisition purchase price is approximately $52 million and is being accounted for
as a purchase transaction.

in an exchange deal for $14 million in cash and approximately 1.38 million shares of
Onstream Media restricted common stock.
Terms of the transaction include an initial purchase price of approximately $20 million
(comprised of approximately $6.5 million of cash and approximately 416,727 shares of
ViaSat common stock) and additional consideration of up to $34.3 million to be paid in
cash and/or stock based on ICT meeting certain financial performance targets over the
next two years. The acquisition is expected to have no material impact to ViaSat non-
GAAP (pro forma) earnings during the next twelve months. However, ViaSat has not

The acquisition expands XConnect’s membership to about 300 service providers in 30
countries and more than 8 million VoIP numbers, with another 120 million numbers
registered for future use. (IP Peering Technology)

for $25 million in cash and $75 million in stock.

Cisco Systems will pay $830 million in cash and stock
News Corp paid $188 million for the controlling interest (51%) and will merge the
company with its existing Fox Mobile Entertainment businesses. The Jamster and
Jamba brands will be kept. The most immediate changes will be Jamba content being
sold on MySpace and the ability to use content from The Simpsons . (Mobile Content

NDS paid $90.5 million in cash for the Israel-based technology startup, which has
140 employeesIn addition, under the terms of the deal, NDS will pay $17 million
contingent on Jungo reaching certain fiscal targets in the next 12 months.
Kodeos will pay approximately $7.0 million in cash. Finisar may be required to pay
additional consideration of up to $2.5 million in cash to certain equity interest holders
contingent on the achievement of certain financial and technical milestones. In
addition, Finisar may pay up to $1 million to current Kodeos employees for
achievement of certain milestones.

Nokia to acquire Loudeye for approximately USD 60 million. Loudeye is a global
leader of digital music platforms and digital media distribution services. (Mobile Music
In connection with the acquisition, Broadcom paid total consideration of approximately
$62 million in cash to acquire outstanding shares of capital stock and vested stock
options of LVL7 and liquidate outstanding LVL7 debt. A portion of the cash
consideration payable to the stockholders was placed into escrow pursuant to the
terms of the acquisition agreement. Broadcom may record a one-time charge for
purchased in-process research and development expenses related to the acquisition in

USA Datanet acquired all of Matrix's assets, including the customer list inventory,
trucks, and equipment, says John W. Turner, executive vice president and chief
strategy officer for USA Datanet. The company declined to disclose the financial
details of the acquisition.

Oracle acquired Metasolv through a cash merger for $4.10 per share, or approximately
$219.2 million (OSS Technology)

Oracle will pay $219.2 million in cash.
Tektronix will acquire Minacom in an asset purchase for approximately US $27.0M
(Network Management technology)

Tektronix acquired Minacom in an asset purchase for approximately US $27.0M plus
certain assumed liabilities.

Sybase will pay $400,000,000 in cash.

Onetwocom AB will pay approximately $25.1M.

ADVA will buy Movaz for about $6 million in cash and 6,526,529 shares of ADVA
common stock

for $400 million. The deal, which is expected to close by the end of June, will beef up
Harris’s technical services business and give it new growth opportunities through
Multimax’s current portions of government-wide acquisition contracts.

Cisco will add NeoPath’s technology into its Services Oriented Network Architecture,
where it will establish a tighter link between file-based data and network acceleration,
the company said. Cisco may also add NeoPath’s SMART virtualization technology to
its director-level multiprotocol switches. Estimated to close 3rd qtr 2007

Alcatel-Lucent did not report financial terms of the acquisition but said it should be
completed before the end of June.

Motorola paid about $208 million in cash. (Access Technology)
The purchase price consists of $10 million payable in cash at closing, plus an
additional $1 million if Netrake achieves certain financial measures as of the closing
date. Following the transaction, Netrake will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of
AudioCodes. (IMS technology)

NextNet is now part of the Networks and Enterprise business unit of Motorola, and the
Expedience solution is now part of the MOTOwi4 portfolio of products. (WiMAX

Akamai will pay $7 million in cash and nearly $153 million in stock.
Nokia and Siemens have announced that they are merging the Networks Business
Group of Nokia and the carrier-related operations of Siemens into a new company to
be called Nokia Siemens Networks. The new company will instantly become the third
largest communications equipment provider in the world with annual revenues of over
$30 billion. (Mobile Infrastructure technology)

Q-Comm acquired 100% of the stock of Journal Communications’ telecommunications
subsidiary, Norlight Telecommunications, Inc., for $185 million, subject to certain
working capital and long-term liability adjustments.
Alcatel-Lucent to acquire its UMTS radio access business (UTRAN) and related assets
for USD 320 million (Euro 250 million). This agreement follows the Memorandum of
Understanding Alcatel and Nortel signed on September 1, 2006. Approximately 1,700
people will join Alcatel-Lucent, of which about 1,100 are R&D engineers, based mainly
in France, Canada and China.(UMTS technology)

nPhase will continue to sell products under their own name.

for $31 million
Oplink Communications, Inc., a Fremont, Calif.-based maker of optical networking
components, has agreed to buy a 58% equity stake in Optical Communication
Products, Inc., which makes fiber-optic modules that are used in fiber-optic
transmission systems, from Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. for $98.4 million in cash and
Cisco paid approximately $31 million in cash for Orative.

The acquisition significantly strengthens JDSU's position in high-growth pluggable
optics for the enterprise market and adds an established, vertically integrated
manufacturing model.

DSU will acquire Picolight (designer and manufacturer of optical pluggable
transceivers) for approximately $115 million in JDSU stock, plus up to an additional
$10 million in cash subject to the achievement of certain revenue targets during
calendar year 2007. Estimated to close in June 2007

Purchase price of approximately $16 million was paid in cash.

Cisco Systems, Inc., agreed to buy Reactivity, Inc., a Redwood City, Calif.-based
developer of XML networking equipment, for $135 million in cash. Reactivity, which
has 56 employees, will have its operations integrated into Cisco’s datacenter switching
and security technology group. Estimated to close in April 2007

Ericsson will pay an estimated for $2.1 billion for Redback but will retain its name and
operate as a subsidiary. (IP edge routing technology)
Qualcomm, Inc. will pay $39 million for RFMD’s Bluetooth assets (Bluetooth technology)

Lucent Technologies will pay $207M in cash

Tranzeo announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of
Sensoria Corporation.

Terms of the deal call for Verso to pay out up to 7.7 million shares of its common stock
- worth about $7.2 million at current trading prices - plus common stock purchase
warrants and an additional approximately $3 million of stock of sentitO generates $12
million of revenue in the one-year period following completion of the acquisition.

Amdocs acquired the 86% of SigValue Technologies that it didn't yet own for $54
million in cash.

CalAmp will pay $8.1 million for SmartLink, which generated $2.3 million of revenue
over the past 12 months.

for about $3.6 billion.

Terms weren't disclosed, but are being estimated at $6 million. Estimated to close 3rd qtr 2007

For $246.4M (Wireless telephony solutions)
for $8 per share in cash, or a total of $118 million.

Motorola has agreed to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Symbol for $15 per
share in cash. The transaction has a total equity value of approximately $3.9 billion on
a fully-diluted basis. (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Technology)

Arris will receive a merger breakup fee of about $18 million from Tandberg.

Ericsson to buy the company in a deal valuing the firm at about $1.4 billion

For a 19.9 percent common equity interest in GENBAND, $1 million in cash and
GENBAND’s assumption of certain SSG liabilities. Tekelec will have no operational
role in GENBAND, although it will be a GENBAND shareholder.

Qualcomm has bought the system-on-a-chip engineering assets from WiMAX chipset
maker TeleCIS Wireless for an undisclosed sum, bolstering its OFDM portfolio and
giving Qualcomm a possible Mobile WiMAX portfolio if it chooses to support the

Microsoft and Teleo did not provide financial details on the acquisition, but did say that
members of the Teleo executive team would continue to work with MSN following the
acquisition, and product developers from the company are expected to now join the
MSN team. (VoIP Technology)

for $12 million plus assumption of unspecified liabilities.

Motorola will pay about $140 million for the supplier of digital-television equipment.
Terayon's gear helps cable, satellite and phone companies manage their video
The merger took place as a stock transaction that both CEO's term a merger of
equals. While neither company disclosed who will have controlling interests

Avaya announced that it paid $15 million to acquire Traverse Networks

The acquisition brings in-house technology that Alcatel funded 2.5 years ago. In July
2004, Alcatel led a $33 million investment round (Tropic’s other investors are venture
capital firms).

The offer values the entire existing issued and to be issued share capital of TTPCom
at ₤103 million. (Mobile Software technology)

Motorola paid $39 million and said it intends to maintain Tut Systems' operations in
Lake Oswego, N.Y., Oregon, San Diego and Pleasanton, Calif. (IPTV processing

Vallent is a leading supplier of network performance monitoring and service
management software for wireless service providers worldwide. (Network
Management technology)

Financial terms of the completed transaction were not disclosed. Vertasent’s
management team and employees are expected to remain based in Colmar, Pa and
be integrated into the Motorola Connected Home Solutions business. (Vertasent-IPTV
Under the terms of the agreement, VCom has purchased WaveRider Communications
(Canada) Inc., WaveRider Communications (USA) Inc., Jetstream Internet Services
Inc., and Avendo Wireless Inc. from their parent WaveRider Communications Inc, a
subsidiary of Wave Wireless Corporation. The shares of all the companies will be
purchased for approximately $1 million USD, to be paid in cash. (Wi-Fi/VoIP

Cisco will pay a purchase price of approximately $3.2 billion, or approximately $2.9
billion net of WebEx’s existing cash balance. Estimated to close 4th qtr 2007
LCC will fund the deal, expected to be completed by the end of June, in part through
borrowings under a $30 million credit facility from Bank of America.

The transaction is valued at approximately $74.5 million

Zetron will operate as a Kenwood subsidiary in order to expand its business scope
beyond supplying radios to providing turnkey system solutions.

DSP will pay $200 million in cash and $70 million in shares through an issuance of
common stock, for NXP's cordless and VoIP terminals businesses, which generated
$220 million revenues in 2006.
FAIRPORT, N.Y. (October 12, 2007) - PAETEC Holding Corp. (NASDAQ GS: PAET)
announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Allworx Corp., a
privately held company, in a $25 million all-cash acquisition. Allworx develops, designs,
markets, and sells a complete phone and network system. Upon the closing of this
acquisition, PAETEC will add a subsidiary with manufacturing, distribution, and
software and digital hardware engineering services that are designed to benefit small
PENDING DEAL: Affiliates of Bain Capital LLC agreed to acquire network equipment
maker 3Com Corp. for $2.2 billion, or $5.30 in cash for each share. That's a 44
percent premium over the stock's closing price Thursday. China's Huawei
Technologies would hold a minority stake of 3Com.

WHAT 3COM GETS: The publicly traded company would become privately held, and
In a deal worth $8.1 billion, Finnish cell phone giant Nokia plans to buy Chicago-based
Navteq Corp., one of the world's two major makers of digital maps.

Navteq is one of Chicago's biggest technology success stories in recent years. Its
sales have growing fivefold between 2001 and 2006 and its stock has more than

Telmar Network Technology, Inc., a global resource for product and service solutions to the
communications industry, announced today that the Company has acquired Precision
Communications (PCS).

The $15.5 million dollar purchase price is comprised of cash and the value of
approximately 1.1 million shares of Harmonic stock, as set forth in the definitive
agreement. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and is
anticipated to cl
Megasoft Limited will pay Boston Communications shareholders $3.60 per share in
cash, or a total of about $65 million.

CommScope said it will pay $15 per share, a 13% premium over Andrew’s average
closing share price for the past 30 days. The transaction is not expected to close until
late 2007.

Eschelon will pay approximately $13.9 million in cash to acquire UNICOM. Estimated
to close 2nd qtr 2007

Sphera provided local fiber loops. The company entered bankruptcy in 2001.

Global Crossing will pay $96.1 million in cash.

Covad will acquire substantially all the assets of DataFlo for approximately $1.4 million
in cash.

Broadcom’s purchase price for the company was $143 million in cash plus another $80
million that may be paid out depending on the acquired business’s future performance.
EchoStar said it will acquire Sling Media in a deal worth $380 million in cash and
options, and intends to spin off "most" of its technology and infrastructure assets to
create two separate publicly-traded companies.

Dish Network will remain its consumer-based satellite pay TV arm while a new
wholesale arm would include EchoStar's set-top box design and manufacturing,
Arris Group, Inc., has agreed to purchase C-COR, Inc., for $730 million in cash and
Arris stock, the companies announced today. The merger, the companies said, would
create the ―leading pure-play cable solutions provider‖ with more than $1.2 billion in
sales over the last 12 months.

EchoStar said it will acquire Sling Media in a deal worth $380 million in cash and
options, and intends to spin off "most" of its technology and infrastructure assets to
create two separate publicly-traded companies.

Dish Network will remain its consumer-based satellite pay TV arm while a new
wholesale arm would include EchoStar's set-top box design and manufacturing,
NetScout Systems, Inc., a Westford, Mass.-based maker of network management
software to the wireless service provider and other industry sectors, said today it had
agreed to buy Network General Corp., which provides similar software and services, in
a cash and stock deal valued at $205 million. The acquisition, which NetScout
reckons will double its revenues by fiscal year 2009, is expected to be completed by
November. NetScout common stock gained 37 cents per share today, to $9.49.
Norway-based videoconferencing equipment maker Tandberg said today it had
completed the acquisition of Codian, a San Jose, Calif.-based developer of
videoconferencing infrastructure products, for cash and stock worth $270 million.
―Intellectual capital from Codian R&D and sales personnel will further strengthen
Tandberg’s existing expertise,‖ the company said.
Cisco Systems, Inc., said today it had agreed to buy Cognio, Inc., a Germantown, Md.-
based provider of wireless spectrum analysis and management technologies.
Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Cisco said the Cognio business,
which will be incorporated into Cisco’s wireless networking business unit, will bring it
both complementary and new technologies.
Telanetix, Inc., a San Diego-based developer of Internet-protocol-based
videoconferencing systems, has completed the acquisition of AccessLine
Communications, which provides hosted voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) services
to business customers, for $34.9 million. ―AccessLine has a large customer and
reseller base that complements our market strategy nicely and offers us immediate
recurring revenue,‖ said Tom Szabo, Telanetix’s chief executive officer. AccessLine

In order to to create an integrated, end-to-end video system Motorola acquired
Leapstone Systems
OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada and TEMPE, AZ, USA – August 16, 2007 – Mitel Networks
Corporation and Inter-Tel (Delaware), Incorporated (NASDAQ: INTL) today announced
the completion of their merger. As a result of the merger, Inter-Tel is now a wholly-
owned subsidiary of Mitel® and Inter-Tel stockholders will receive $25.60 in cash for
each Inter-Tel share they held prior to the closing.
The Nielsen Company today announced that it had completed the acquisition of San
Francisco-based Telephia, Inc., a provider of syndicated consumer research to the
telecom and mobile media markets. Nielsen said the transaction puts Nielsen at the
―forefront of independent measurement and analysis of media and data content on
mobile devices worldwide.‖

Level 3 will pay €33 million (approximately $45 million) for Dublin-based Servecast,
looking to beef up its content delivery network (CDN).

Terms of the purchase were not disclosed. The combined entity will offer services
under the "Verizon Business Security Solutions powered by Cybertrust" brand.

deal valued at $380 million in cash or stock.

Turin will pay $3.4 million in cash for most of White Rock’s assets and will be used to
repay White Rock's creditors first. The remainder of cash will go to the company's

The acquisition will allow BT to benefit from Counterpane’s security management
technologies and let it deliver a proactive managed security service with auditing and
reporting capabilities to its global customers.
Moog, Inc., an East Aurora, N.Y.-based maker of satellite and space vehicle
components, among other business lines, has announced the acquisition of PRIZM
Advanced Communications Electronics, Inc., for $12 million in cash. PRIZM, which is
headquartered in Baltimore and makes fiber-optic and wireless video and data
multiplexers, generated $6 million of revenues in the past year.
Danaher Corp., a Washington-based industrial conglomerate, said today it had
completed the acquisition of Tektronix, Inc., which makes test and measurement
equipment for the communications and other sectors. Terms of the transaction
announced in October put the value of the deal at about $2.8 billion including debt
assumption. Tektronix generates annual income of about $1.1 billion, and its assets
will become part of Danaher’s electronic test platform business. Danaher common
San Diego-based wireless technologies provider Qualcomm, Inc., said today it had
agreed to buy Firethorn Holdings LLC, an Atlanta-based developer of mobile banking
technologies, for $210 million in cash. The deal is expected to be completed within 30
days. The acquisition, said Len Lauer, Qualcomm’s executive vice president, ―will
allow Qualcomm to help drive the evolution of mobile banking by leveraging Firethorn’s
industry expertise, reputation, and success in developing relationships with financial
ADC Telecommunications, Inc., has agreed to buy Century Man Communication, a
maker of communications equipment in China, for $55 million in cash plus up to
another $15 million based on the firm’s operating performance going forward.
―Century Man strengthens ADC’s presence in China with telecommunications service
providers, including most of the major operators and original equipment manufacturers
that are in China already or relocating manufacturing to China,‖ said Robert Switz,
Minneapolis-based communications equipment maker ADC Telecommunications, Inc.,
has completed its acquisition of LGC Wireless, a San Jose, Calif.-based maker of in-
building wireless communications equipment, for $169 million in cash and debt
assumption. The acquisition, ADC said, will more than double the company’s revenue
base attributed to wireless equipment, to about 9%, and is expected to boost ADC’s
overall revenue growth rate going forward. LGC generated about $83 million of sales
Moscow-based wireless services provider Vimpel Communications disclosed it is
holding acquisition talks with Golden Telecom, Inc., a provider of telecom and Internet
services in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, for $105 per share
in a deal that would value Golden Telecom at about $4.2 billion. The companies gave
no assurance they would reach any agreement. Vimpel, which holds wireless licenses
covering Russian and other republics with a combined population of about 250 million,
Network Equipment Technologies, Inc., a Fremont, Calif.-based maker of
communications networking platforms, has completed the acquisition of Quintum
Technologies, which makes voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) access switching and
gateway equipment, for $41 million in cash and stock. ―With the acquisition of
Quintum, we have broadened our VoIP product solutions and increased the scale of
our VoIP business,‖ said Nicholas Keating, chief executive officer of Network

Azea is a supplier of optical network solutions

Coding Technologies is a provider of audio compression solutions for mobile, digital
broadcasting, and the Internet

EqualLogic develops scalable iSCSI storage solution for IP SAN Environments

Ingenio is a provider of live-search commerce solutions

Inplane Photonics is a manufacturer of Planar Lightwave Circuits for optical networks
J6 is a supplier of network singaling gateways

MIG is a developer and publisher of mobile games

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