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          Sears Tower Plotters Want Islamic Regime
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            From the DNC’s Associated Press:

                     Wearing white shirts, unidentified family members of a group of men charged with plotting to destroy
                     the Sears Tower in Chicago and other buildings across the country react during a news conference
                     Thursday in the Liberty City neighborhood in Miami. Jack Lieberman of the South Florida Peace and
                     Justice Network, podium left, and Max Rameau of Copwatch look on.

                     Official: Suspects Sought Overthrow
                     June 30, 2006

                     By GIOVANNA DELL’ORTO

                     ATLANTA — Seven men charged with plotting to destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago also
                     are accused of planning to scout out FBI buildings across the country for potential
                     attacks with the goal of overthrowing the U.S. government and replacing it with an
                     Islamic regime.

                     New details about the suspected terrorist ring came out during a federal court hearing
                     Thursday in Atlanta when one of the suspects was denied bail and was ordered
                     transferred to Miami, where the other six were arrested and await trial.

                     The men are suspected of pledging to support what they thought was an al-Qaida
                     operative’s plan to bomb FBI buildings in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and
                     Washington. They shot footage of some of those locations after swearing allegiance to
                     Osama bin Laden in a March meeting videotaped by the FBI, said Assistant U.S. Attorney
                     Richard Getchell.

                     Lyglenson Lemorin, a permanent resident from Haiti who was arrested separately in
                     Atlanta last week, is accused of belonging for more than eight months to the Miami-
                     based group, the "Moorish Science Temple." He showed no emotion during the three-                                             Page 1 of 2
Sweetness & Light » Sears Tower Plotters Want Islamic Regime » Print                                            5/13/09 10:55 AM

                     hour hearing.

                     Lemorin and the other men are charged with four counts of conspiring to provide support
                     to al-Qaida, to destroy government buildings and to wage war against the U.S.
                     government. The charges carry maximum imprisonment terms of 15 to 20 years.

                     In the prosecution’s timeline, an Arabic man whose identity has not beel released
                     contacted law enforcement in Miami in October 2005 to say suspected ringleader Narseal
                     Batiste had told him he wanted to meet "Muslim brothers" from Yemen to "wage a holy
                     war." The informant then introduced Batiste to another Arabic informant, who posed as a
                     member of al-Qaida and worked to prevent Batiste from seeking out real al-Qaida

                     In several dozen other meetings and phone conversations monitored by the FBI and the
                     Joint Terrorism Task Force, mostly in a Miami warehouse the group used as
                     headquarters, prosecutors say Batiste said he wanted to start his jihad with a dynamite
                     attack to destroy the Sears Tower. He said he knew the building and its below-ground
                     floors because he had worked for a delivery firm in Chicago.

                     Batiste also said he had about 100 "soldiers" in Florida, Chicago and other parts of the
                     U.S., as well as land he wanted to use as a training camp in Louisiana. He told the
                     informants that with resources, he could start the Chicago attack in much less than a
                     year, the prosecution said. Batiste asked for weapons including machine guns and a
                     sniper rifle. He also said he planned to attack a National Guard armory to get more
                     weapons and was hoping to get an "explosive expert" from alQaida to train his men.

                     At a March 16 meeting prosecutors say was attended by all defendants, Batiste said he
                     thought bin Laden "an angel," and he was "excited and overwhelmed" that the terrorist
                     would form an alliance with his group and he was speaking for all his men when saying
                     he liked bin Laden’s work, Assistant U.S. Attorney Getchell said.

                     The FBI informant then led the group in an oath to bin Laden, in which the defendants
                     pledged to be loyal to "the path of holy war until God’s word is exalted."

            But remember, our one party media has assured us these
            bravos aren’t Muslims.

            They went to church every Sunday.

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