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									Defect ID   Part        Summary                        Status    Severity   Type
1162        File        Enhanced FM functionality,     Open      3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     Batch sending
1395        Forms       network mode: synchronous Open           3-Medium   Defect
            General     signing should not be possible

1428        File        thin client use with restricted   Open   3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     o/s user rights (WinXP) tries
                        to write to fmi_cl.ini

1438        File        internal.xml and                  Open   3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     ep1001_BO.xml included in

1486        File        Working Folder for            Open       3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     Attachments is not used
1567        File        system settings not kept when Open       3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     upgrading

1573        File        File Manager incorrect sort       Open   3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     order for Status column
1577        File        CD-R filing errors                Open   3-Medium   Defect

1601        File        Sign PDF Preview cannot be        Open   3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     confirmed via the Keyboard

1606        File        eOLF client does not request      Open   3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     retry receiving receipt

1618        Installer   Much Garbage left after Un-       Open   3-Medium   Defect
1630        File        Cancelling 'sent' gives wrong     Open   3-Medium   Defect
            Manager     error message

1685        Forms       Preview shows also data.xml       Open   3-Medium   Defect
            General     and load_data.xml
1687   File       Applicant name in signing     Open         3-Medium   Defect
       Manager    window not completely visible
1691   EP (1038E) Inconsistent Preview Behavior Open         3-Medium   Defect
                  between Forms

1703   E-PCT        EP1200: wrong validation      Open       3-Medium   Defect
       (1200E)      after import for empty EP
                    number with wrong check digit

1718   Forms        German plug-in crashes with       Open   3-Medium   Defect
       General      access violation exception
                    when saved to Ready to Sign
1736   File         Only first Application is taken   Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      when selecting multiple
                    Applications and exporting
1740   File         Bigger Address Books cannot       Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      be exported any more
1743   File         Database Connect Error when       Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      opening a Template from a
                    v2.10 Procedure
1744   File         Formfilling and Filing from       Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      Trash possible

1745   File         Fees Table cannot be              Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      updated - are always
                    overwritten by zero
1747   File         Settings in Preferences are       Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      not respected
1757   File         Undo Menu item always             Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      disabled
1763   File         Delete Application missing in     Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      User Management

1764   File         FR About Page chopped off         Open   3-Medium   Defect
1766   File         Text chopped off in FR         Open      3-Medium   Defect
       Manager      System Preferences
1769   Forms        Year chopped off in Internal   Open      3-Medium   Defect
       General      Notes Window
1777   EP (1001E)   Signing of v2.10 plug-in forms Open      3-Medium   Defect
                    is too restrictive
1784   File        UK length of User Reference   Open     3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     filed varies depending on
                   previous form opened
1785   File        UK v3 adress book entries     Open     3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     can not be viewed from a UK

1798   Forms       US certified priority document Open    3-Medium   Defect
       General     verification check does not
                   always work

1808   File        Old Plug-Ins User Referece Open        3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     Change creates improper
1810   Installer   XML acrobat not needed on Open
                   Adobe                                  3-Medium   Defect
                   server installation

1811   Installer   install french language issues Open    3-Medium   Defect
1814   Installer   "Complete Installation" does Open      3-Medium   Defect
                   only install EP and PCT

1815   EP (1001E) PDF request and package-      Open      3-Medium   Defect
                  data.xml are exported without
1831   EP (1001E) validation not firing on      Open      3-Medium   Defect
                  combined translation PDF

1833   File        Protocol problem with client or Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     server

1837   File        Several Menu Items in FM's    Open     3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     Edit Menu do not work

1844   File        FR Adress book issue          Open     3-Medium   Defect

1845   File        FR INPI NO plugin - Pdf       Open     3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     display not correct during
1848   File        PCT Filing without confirming Open     3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     the Validation Log Window
1850   Installer   Access Violation after FM     Open     3-Medium   Defect
                   Restart and weird FM Look-
1851   File        Column Selection not kept       Open   3-Medium   Defect
       Manager     after closing and re-starting

1855   Installer   Spanish still an installation   Open   3-Medium   Defect

1863   File       Live Update dialogue appears Open       3-Medium   Defect
       Manager    behind the window of the
                  eOLF v3 File Manager
1867   Forms      signing capacities in English Open      3-Medium   Defect
       General    appear in German on EP1001
                  and EP1038
1869   EP (1001E) moving back to draft from e.g. Open     3-Medium   Defect
                  ready-to-send changes GUI
                  behaviour and allows false
Workflow: Select more than 1 application -> choose "Send" option: Only the last application is selected.

we managed to open the same form at the same time for signing without a problem - only one signature was
performed and the other ignored without due information - this should be blocked i.e. if one form is open for
signature another should not be able to sign at the same time.
thin client use with restricted o/s user rights (WinXP) tries to write to fmi_cl.ini (normally the userID as last_logon)
although a normal user is not permitted to write to the WINNT directory (standard WinXP setting) - hence the error
message comes up when starting the thin client.

it is not clear why internal.xml and ep1001_BO.xml are now included in the export - are these files needed for re-

If not they should not be exported. It seems that the epo1001_BO.xml contains some relevant validation
information and that the internal.XML contains information about the referenced files and the stylesheets used.
Perhaps these are geared towards the PMS interface in development?

However, for a manual exporting which purpose is archiving these two files have no meaning.
The working folder for attachments specified in “User preferences” is not used when attaching files to the UK
When upgrading a server which had the user management enabled - this setting is not kept but reset to disabled.
Hence, first action for the Administrator is to enable it after installation. Should be added to documentation if not
Sorting on Status column in File Manager DE seems to produce random result, not alphabetical (see attached).

Detected in Build 1.126 (not in TD list at time of reporting)
Attempted with ep1001e and CZ plug-in.
Set system setting to Send to CD-R and make a CD filing.

Error 1: The FM does not create the *.hsh file required for pre-registration on the server.
Error 2: In the CZ plug-in the *.zg1 file is also reported as "invalid", although it appears to be OK for the ep1001e.
Workflow: Create a new v3 application such that it does not have any red validations any more -> save as ready-to-
sign -> back to FM -> start signing -> PDF preview opens: Button "Sign Now" is not reachable via the keyboard
(TAB key or shortcut like ALT-s or something like that), but the mouse must be used. One (known) requirement for
the client was that the whole workflow can be done via the keyboard without any mouse interaction.
In some cases, not very often, the receipt data returned to the client from the server has a faulty hashcode.
It was noticed that the client does not request a retry. The
To do: at least retry and request the same package to be transmitted.

The issue was noticed with both eolfv2.10 and V3 client.
On V2.10 for example with the DK server, see file attached.
Workflow: Install eOLF v2.10 -> Install eOLF v3 on top of v2.10 -> re-boot machine -> un-install the v3 client: Much
garbage is left (whole directory structure, more than 130 files with an overall size of 20MB). See screenshot
At the stage where the PIN is requested for establishing the ssl session, if the user cancels this PIN entry the error
message suggests that:

Transmission error. Please notify your network administrator or epoline Customer Service of the following error:
Error code is: "-30001"
"Error: client certificate missing"

This is not what the user would expect as he conciously cancelled the action i.e. there should be no error message
at all apart from maybe that no submission took place and the form is kept in ready to be send.
Confusing to user as these files are client internal only and will not be sent
Applicant name in signing window not completely visible. Please insert a carriage returm or adjust text to window.
Not sure about the priority for this one.
Workflow: Open new EP(1038) -> Form-Fill it -> click on the Preview Button: On the left-hand side, where the file
names are displayed, the original names in parentheses are missing. Correct is that they are shown as it is done in
EP(1001E) and Euro-PCT(1200E). See screenshots
EP1200: wrong validation after import for empty EP number with wrong check digit:
If a WAD is imported - the empty EP application number (non-mandatory) is incorrectly validated with severity 3
level message that the check digit is wrong i.e. space is classed a wrong digit?!
The validation message dissappears as soon as one has clicked once in and out of the EP application number
Start new DE application. 2. Attach 1.tar.gz. 3. Allow for data from tar.gz to populate the form.
4. Try save the form as "Ready to Sign". 5. Access violation error pops up.

Workflow: Create 2 or more applications -> back to FM -> select them in the FM overview window (multiple
application selection) -> File-Export XML [to folder or to file]: Only the first application is exported. Correct is that all
of them are exported.

Workflow: Start FM -> Start Address Book -> import "big" CSV file -> delete CSV file -> export Address Book:
Nothing happens at all. Export appears only to work for small Address Books (say, less than 10 entries).
Workflow: Start FM -> Select "Forms" -> Select a v2.10 procedure -> right-mouse click ->context menu opens ->
select "New Template" -> create application window opens -> enter name and click on "Create": Database connect
error occurs. See screenshot
Workflow: Create new application -> save -> close application -> back to FM -> delete application -> select Trash:
Application is not supposed to be further treated, only be moved back to a folder or to be deleted completely.
Actually, the form can be opened by hitting Return key and moved forward by mouse double-click. Even filing out
of the Trash is possible!
Workflow: Start FM -> go to Fee Management -> create a new Fee Schedule -> overwrite any fee with a new value
not equal to zero: The value is afterwards set to zero.

Workflow: Start FM -> open User Preferences -> change Confirmation checkboxes (i.e. untick them) -> open new
EP form -> attach file -> delete file: Confirmation popup occurs.
Workflow: Open FM (any language) -> open Fee Management -> create a new schedule: Undo toolbar button is
enabled (correct), but undo menu item is disabled (wrong).
In the User Management, an entry is missing which allows / forbids to delete applications. Currently, only emtpying
the Trash can be controlled via User Management. Since when one allows to move applications to a folder and
disallows to empty the Trash, one cannot delete an application any more (i.e. moving it to the Trash), I conjecture
that "Empty Trash" is currently misused.
Workflow: Start FR FM -> choose Help - About: The rightmost part of the "Gestionnaire de fichiers" (the "s") is
chopped off.
Workflow: Start FR FM -> open System Preferences -> select Mise à jour: "Serveur" is chopped off.

Workflow: Start new EP procedure -> open Internal Notes -> create a new Internal Note: The year is chopped off.

If one tries to sign a PCT/RO101 or a DE2007 form - the only options given are the names of applicants and
representatives entered previously in the form plus

1. A legal person is not recognized but instead assumed to be a natural person in the signing dialogue (contrary to

2.There is no way of signing multiple times for one applicant (contrary to v2.10)

3. If only an applicant was entered - no representative can be added at the stage of signing (contrary to v2.10)

4. No <other> option is offered for applicant and representative (which is the feature which would solve point 2. and
3. above)
The maximum length of the User Reference that can be entered seems to vary according to how a new form is
instantiated and what the previous form was. It should be constant for a given form type.

The Address book icon within the Details Concerning... Names window of UK forms does not work for all names
and addresses. Names and addresses added to the Address Book in the version 3 File Manager are not copied
into the form. However, those addresses can be copied via the Address Book Exchange window on the Names
window itself. NB. Imported CSV files from v2 have ;( none) at the end and can be accessed from within the Details
Concerning... window (maybe something to do with v2 categories?).
If the user attaches a PDF under additional documents in EP1001 and EP1200 and then switching between tabs or
closing and re-opening the form before selecting a document type - when coming back to the section in order to
complete the document type selection and one selects US certified priority document - the verification check
performed correctly in EP1038 is not performed and any PDF document is accepted.
Reported by UKPO and FI NO: Workflow: Open new UK/FI form -> form-fill it -> save as ready-to-sign -> popup
asking for User Reference occurs -> change suggested User Reference -> XML is generated: XML is improper.
When installing the server EOLF3.exe on a brand new machine. It requires adobe acrobat to be installed.
I do not believe that we need acrobat when configuring the machine as a server.

Several typos in FR installation screens.
Workflow: Start Installer -> select local or server installation -> window for kind of installation
(typical/complete/custom) appears. The complete installation may install all plug-ins, not only the EP and PCT
The client XML exporting facility exports copies of package-data.xml and EP1001.pdf without signature(s).
Dimitri's P comment: It's not all that bad, however, since the correct files (with signatures) can be found inside of
when attaching a document in a non-EPO admissible language and then attaching a combined file with translation,
NO error validation message appears when not specifying pages for abstract.

However, when ONLY a combined file in an official EPO language is attached, one gets the error validation

The above missing validation is activated though after having saved the form as template and then re-opening it.
Clearly, the validation message should fire at first instance as any filing without the correct page numbers will result
in a processing error on the receiving server. As combined PDF is a preferred mode the impact appears to be high.

There is clearly an issue with the http protocol when sending a filing. This happens randomly and CANNOT be
reproduced for now. This requires investigation from both client and server developers. This also happens with
Workflow: Start FM -> select a user-defined folder -> rename folder: Menu items cut/copy/paste should be enabled
(paste only if a string is in the buffer).
Select an application: Menu item select all should be enabled. Rename folder: Undo/Redo should be enabled.
When inserting a new person in the address book and then using the entry in the FR National PLugin, The
company field is not showing correctly.
It does work fine when copying the content from the plugin to the address book and using it after.
Issue indicated only happen when creating a new entry in the address book directly.
In v2 of the File manager, the default file shown was requetefr.pdf.
In v2 of the File manger, the default file shown is the first one.

Workflow: Start new PCT form -> form-fill it until there is no red validation rule firing any more -> save as draft (not
as ready-to-sign!) -> close -> back to FM -> move forward to ready-to-sign by using the triangle button from the
toolbar: The validation log window does not occur any more. Filing is possible.
Workflow: Start FM -> Select All Applications View -> choose menu Validation - docked -> choose menu Tools -
User Preferences -> change preferred language -> popup occurs asking for FM restart -> confirm -> FM closes ->
login window appears -> log in: Access violation occurs and FM looks weird afterwards (column names and column
contents are missing).
Workflow: Start FM -> choose menu View - Columns -> untick one or more columns -> columns are hidden in FM's
overview -> close FM -> start FM -> columns are back again. Correct is that the column settings are kept. See
Spanish is still offered as language of installation in the first installation screen (drop-down menu). If the user
chooses it, the routine continues with untranslated GUI texts. See screenshots attached. I presume that Spanish
should be removed.
When the Live Update dialogue appears, it is hidden behind the FIle Manager window. It must appear in front of
the File Manager.

Instead of (Applicant) and (Representatives) the German terms (Anmelder) and (Vertreter) appear instead of the
English - in Forms EP1038 and EP1001.

moving EP1001 back to draft changes the GUI behaviour such that the radio buttons on the inventor panel are
emtpy which leads to the inventor details not being uploaded in the backend

and the kind option on the Priority tab is also empty which leads to an XML parsing error on the receiving server.

This behaviour cannot be easily explained as the ebl is correct with a default statement for the radio button and a
table and a value statement for the priority kind field.

Moving forms back to draft is relatively frequent but whether the corrective action is the addition of an inventor or a
priority is perhaps less likely - hence medium severity proposed.
Workaround / Comment
The functionality itself is correct, i.e. all applications are actually sent.

Was only reproducible by really intentionally trying to sign at the same

Write permission in the WINNT (Windows 2000) / in the WINDOWS
(Windows XP) directory is needed. The .ini file is updated during
usage, i.e. it does not suffice to install the thin client with admin
privileges and afterwards use it without the wirte permission.
Does not have any known side effects.

Holds for all v2.10 / v2.20 procedures

Please turn on User Management manually.

The sort order is not random, but takes the internal representation
which is English.
Workaround: 2nd-level Support can generate the hash file. Nothing to
do for the applicant.

Workaround: Press ALT-F4 -> window closes -> popup occurs asking
whether one wants to sign now -> select OK button with TAB key and
hit RETURN key

Workaround: Please file again.

Workaround: Please delete the epoline* directory afterwards manually.

There is definitely no need to call anyone here. Please simply confirm
and ignore the popup.

Please ignore these files. There are no side effects.
Right part is chopped off. Mostly, it is anyway clear who is meant.

Files can be checked by previewing them.

Please correct check digit

Occurs under certain circumstances. Please re-start the form, in the
worst case, first stop and re-start the eOLF server.

This functionality (multiple application export) is not implemented yet.
Will be available in the next release.

No workaround known.

Workaround: Please start a new v2.10 application, form-fill it and then
save as template in the form. All conversion in the FM of v2.10
procedures to templates return the database connect error.
Please do not work from the Trash, but only from folders.

Works fine in local installation, but not in server installation.
Functionality should not be needed under most circumstances.

It turns out that these confirmation popups' disabling gets "forgotten"
when starting a new application.
Workaround: Please use the "Undo" toolbar button.

Will be implemented in next release.

It is clear what is meant.

It is clear what is meant.

Only a part of the last digit of the year is chopped off.

General behavior for all v2.10 procuedures. Is automatically solved for
v3 procedures.
Vary by two characters. No side effects on receiving server side.

There are some inequalnesses in v2.10 vs. v3 Address Book contents.
Workaround: Copy addresses which are needed for v2.10 procedures
from v2.10 procedures to the Address Book instead of entering them
from the File Manager.

Please do not override the certification check mechanism in the way as
described on the left.

Please do not change the User Reference after opening an application.

Actually, Acrobat is not needed on the server side, but the installation
routine believes so. Workaround: Install Acrobat and un-install it
afterwards, if not needed.
We apologize for the typos.
Currently, "Typical" and "Complete" are the same (see Installation
Guide). Only "Custom" allows to install national procedures.

The correct files (with signatures) can be found inside of *.zg1:
Rename it to *.rar and open it using WinRAR (freely available in the
Very unlikely to occur. Occurs only when first attaching the translation
and then the original.

It appears that the problem occurs when the network is too fast, i.e.
there is too much bandwith. A quick fix is done on the server side.

Both functionalities are not implemented yet.

See defect #1785

Workaround: Please select the requetefr.pdf manually, if you want to
see it.

Workaround: The validation log can be looked at as a PDF in the
preview form when moving to the signing dialog.

Unfortunately, the Access Violation occurs again when closing the FM
and also when re-starting it. Please first shut down the eOLF server
and manually kill the FileManager. Afterwards restart them.
Will be implemented in next release.

Spanish is not an EPO language, hence, not available in the FM. Only
available in the Spanish National Procedure.

Workaround: Please move it manually to the foreground.

No side effects on rights.

Please when moving back from ready-to-sign to draft and adding an
inventor / a priority:
  - Inventor: Please select manually one of the 3 available possibilities
    (employer, successor in title, agreement)
  - Priority: Please select manually one of the 4 available possibilities
    (patent, provisional patent, utility model, world patent)
Defect ID Part       Summary                                                Status   Severity
861       EP (1001E) Title of invension, Issue when 601 characters is       Open     4-Low

1143      Forms       Bulgarian examination request, letters incorrect      Open     4-Low
1301      File        incorrect workflow behaviour in user administration   Open     4-Low

1312      Forms       Memory Leak in Server Services                        Open     4-Low

1362      File        Memory Leak in e3fmscm.exe                            Open     4-Low
1392      File        Weird Characters in Fee Schedule                      Open     4-Low
1445      FR SFD      Formatting and header FRSFD.PDF                       Open     4-Low

1475      Admin Tool Refreshment problems in User administration            Open     4-Low

1511      File        Recognition of new smartcard before signing           Open     4-Low

1527      Admin Tool Wrong Password Error Message                           Open     4-Low

1530      Installer   Hard-coded English in Installation Procedure          Open     4-Low

1551      File        strange look of "find" icon in FM                     Open     4-Low
1561      Installer   Packaging: show also National plug-ins build          Open     4-Low
1562   Forms       Unnecessary files are exported while exporting XML Open        4-Low
       General     from forms.
1569   File        Batch sending behaviour in FM                      Open        4-Low
1574   File        English title in DE dialog box                          Open   4-Low
1580   File        PCT incorrect display for system preferences            Open   4-Low

1585   Admin Tool user management: 'move' action is listed but doe not Open       4-Low
                  exist - instead an 'edit' action is missing

1595   Forms       Empty Viewer Window remains after killing               Open   4-Low
       General     AcroRd32

1598   Installer   Still Translations missing in Installation Procedure    Open   4-Low

1617   Installer   2 entries in the Control Panel for the eOLF client v3   Open   4-Low
                   with wrong Sizes
1624   File        Corba server error on local pc                          Open   4-Low

1634   File        Available Applications not listed in EZF Import     Open       4-Low
       Manager     Overview
1639   File        Signatures missing in Request PDF's of old Plug-Ins Open       4-Low

1640   Installer   Language of Proceedings not always respected            Open   4-Low

1647   E-PCT       EP1200: GUI text not in line with PDF and wrong         Open   4-Low
1649   Forms       Address book fields no longer match form fields         Open   4-Low

1652   Installer   Typo in EN Installation Procedure                       Open   4-Low
1659   EP (1001E) spellos in EP1001 and File Manager - english version Open        4-Low
1660   File       language mix when in network version with varying    Open        4-Low
       Manager    user language settings

1661   Forms       Wrong German Grammar when attaching faulty PDF Open             4-Low

1663   Forms       Search in Address book does not set focus                Open   4-Low
       General     automatically

1666   File        arriving still at blocked forms which cannot be used     Open   4-Low
       Manager     unless server services restart

1667   EP (1001E) wrong descriptor for Country of Residence in PDF of Open         4-Low

1672   Installer   French GUI incorrect                                     Open   4-Low
1673   Installer   overwrite fee schedule buttons not translated            Open   4-Low

1678   File        getting into unstable situation - blocking all further   Open   4-Low
       Manager     actions

1681   File        not all items ready to send get a 0 counter for 'Retry' Open    4-Low
1683   File        Batch sending gets interrupted                           Open   4-Low

1697   Forms      menu option - import in form not logical                  Open   4-Low
1699   EP (1001E) Wrong Wording in FR EP(1001E) Inventors Part              Open   4-Low
1702   File         language of imported WAD not kept - instead File     Open   4-Low
       Manager      Manager language offered

1707   EP (1001E) validation message for different designating states    Open   4-Low
                  for different applicants does not work correctly

1711   File         Line separator in signatures on PDF                  Open   4-Low
1730   Forms        Umlauts not rendered correctly on the smartcard      Open   4-Low
       General      signature
1732   EP (1038E)   No APP Files can be attached to EP(1038E)            Open   4-Low

1733   Installer    Windows hangs in MClient.exe when shutting down      Open   4-Low

1734   Forms        Pre-set Export Path is not used -> leads to          Open   4-Low
       General      malfunction of Client

1737   File         Typo in FM Menu                                      Open   4-Low
1738   File         Column Menu does not respect Changes due to          Open   4-Low
       Manager      Filtering
1741   File         Revert Changes Menu Item does not work in            Open   4-Low
       Manager      Address Book
1742   File         About Address Book shows About FileManager           Open   4-Low
1748   Forms        Translation missing in Title Bar                     Open   4-Low

1752   File         Number of Retries may be centered                    Open   4-Low
1753   File         New Entries are not counted up in Address Book       Open   4-Low

1754   File         States in DE Address Book are in English             Open   4-Low
1756   File         Calender in DE Fees Table is in English              Open   4-Low
1759   File         "Benutzerkennung" chopped off                        Open   4-Low
1761   File         Inconsistent and irritating Translation in DE User   Open   4-Low
       Manager      Management

1762   Forms        Help contents not in line with functionality         Open   4-Low
1765   File         Accent aigu wrong in User Preferences                Open   4-Low
1767   File        Text not translated in User Administration              Open     4-Low

1770   EP (1001E) Filing Offices not translated                            Open     4-Low
1772   EP (1001E) Countries not translated                                 Open     4-Low

1778   Forms       country lists and filing office list do not appear in GUI Open   4-Low
       General     language but only in English

1817   EP (1038E) ep1038 french translation                                Open     4-Low
1819   EP (1038E) ep 1038 french mandataire                                Open     4-Low

1821   EP (1038E) EP1038: DE header in fee payment list needs better Open           4-Low
                  word wrapping

1828   Installer   Thin client uninstall missing                           Open     4-Low

1829   Installer   server Install issue with help/webserver                Open     4-Low

1836   EP (1001E) Embarrassing German in Front of our Developers           Open     4-Low
1839   File       Number of Retries not centered                           Open     4-Low
1842   File       Delete Menu Item always disabled in Address Book         Open     4-Low

1846   File        Export XML Popup takes Language from Form               Open     4-Low
       Manager     instead of from the File Manager

1847   File       Typo in German Sending Dialog                            Open     4-Low
1849   EP (1001E) Wrong German Grammar in DE Validations                   Open     4-Low
1852   File      Triangles missing in Menu Item when sorting by      Open   4-Low
       Manager   Column

1854   File      Weird Data Population of FI Maintenance Table       Open   4-Low
1857   File      Weird Typos in DE User Management                   Open   4-Low
1861   File      Typo in FR Address Book                             Open   4-Low
1862   File      A check box in LiveUpdate dialogue appears          Open   4-Low
       Manager   inactive.
1864   File      Better indication is needed when Live Udate         Open   4-Low
       Manager   installation is complete.
1865   File      Wrong and irritating French in FM's File Menu       Open   4-Low
1868   File      imported form with already same user reference is   Open   4-Low
       Manager   killed when opening older form in parallel









































































How to reproduce:
Please use attached file to enter data
Test step:
Enter Input 601 characters from the section of EPASYS data item: TIFR, into any of the 3 language input fields
Exspected result (from testcase):
Text as pasted (or typed), truncated to 590 characters (final word=BACH)
Actual result (in GUI):
Text is entered (copy - paste has been used in this case), the amount of text differs when user moves to another
field and then go back, in no of the cases is the final word BACH
When the user is in the field (he can scroll, text stays) the last word is: BACH P
When the user moves to another field, the text changes and last word is: MED FLØDE
Bulgarian examination request, letters incorrect

After saving a new Profile (name) the curser jumps back to 'administrator' instead on staying on the 'Profile
Name' you just created. You need to go back to the correct Profile to continue your work in order to save the
correct privileges to the correct Profile. Incorrect behaviour.

Once you are in your correct Profile the list of Privileges of the Administrator is presented to you but unticked than
rather presenting you with a fresh new unticked set of all privileges.
Workflow: Start Task Manager -> look at Forms' services -> make screenshot -> start new form -> memory is
allocated -> close form (with / without saving) -> memory is released -> compare to screenshot: Not all memory is
released, a part of the memory is still allocated. See screenshot
There is a memory leak in the e3fmscm.exe. See two screenshots, one after a certain time, one after re-start.
Currently, it consumes in our installation 37MB.
Workflow: Open FM as Administrator -> select Tools-Fees -> select EP Fee Types on the left: There is a weird "|"
in the fees. See screenshot
Please change the formatting of the telephone so that it looks the same as fax number ie : with dot as separator.

Also please change the header so that it looks the same as the receipt see attached files.

Please use attached header file.
network mode: changes done and saved by the Administrator in the User Administration screen are not
automatically visible in the User Administration screen open in read-only mode by another client.
I have observed that with the FM opened, if I switch smard cards before "signing" (simply take it out from the
reader and insert a new one), the new smarcard is not automatically recognised by the FM, that is I cannot sign
the application stright-away -> an error "smartcard could not be found.." pops up. The solution is to close and re-
start the FM. No problems detected so far, if the card is switched before sending.
Workflow: Log in as Administrator -> go to User Administration -> change password of an existing user, but put in
something different in the confirmation edit field -> save changes -> error message occurs (correct) -> both the
password and the confirmation fields are automatically emptied (correct) -> save again: Again error message
occurs that the passwords are different. Correct is that the "save changes" button becomes disabled (and, thus,
the error message cannot occur under this circumstances). See screenshot
The part in the installation of the server components where one can select the different national procedures is in
English without underscores, even when another installation language was chosen. It appears that this part is
hard-coded. See screenshot FM. See screenhot, please. It happens when the FM is empty, that is with NO
strange look of "find" icon in
applications in defaul folder.
Packaging: show also National plug-ins build numbers in eOLF3.EXE properties>Contents, if included. See
Files ep1001e_BO.xml, internal.xml and application-body-1.xml should not be exported when exporting XML from
forms. Application-body.xml should contain PatXML attachment in case it was attached.
In build 127. With some applications in the " ready to send folder", as soon as the batch starts, the application
being sent appears twice in the File manager. See screenshot.
Detected in 126. "Please enter PIN" title in English instead of German (see attached).

Detected in build 127. In System Settings > PCT/RO/101> the options for demo and production servers are
displayed although there can never be a selection as the receiving office feature of the form will determine the
URLs which are handled by the db designer.

The screen should be blank just as for the EP1001E
user management: 'move' action is listed but doe not exist - instead an 'edit' action is missing

In the list of available options for a profile, there is
- Move Group
- Move User

I can not see any function associated with those rights, instead an 'edit group' and 'edit user' is missing
Workflow: Open two Forms -> Attach and preview PDF in the first form -> Attach and preview PDF in the second
form -> Popup message occurs (for killing the Acrobat Reader (correct)) -> AcroReader is killed (correct) -> New
Preview Pane opens (correct) -> close new preview pane: Old preview pane is still there, but without the Acrobat
running. Correct is that the whole preview pane is closed after confirming the popup. See screenshot
Workflow: Start Installer in DE or FR -> Select "custom installation" -> select any national procedure: The
selection menu is English. See screenshot1
Start installer in DE or FR -> install v3 over v2.10, have the database being updated: The title and the buttons in
the popup asking for overwriting are in English, only the body text is in German. See second screenshot.
Workflow: Cleanup machine -> Install eOLF v2.10 -> install eOLF v3 on top of it -> go to Start-Settings-Control
Panel -> select "Add/Remove Programs: eOLF occurs twice with a totally wrong size (2.98GB!!!). See screenshot
On a local installation one gets a Corba error when disconnecting the pc from the network.

To test: go to settings-Liveupdate, check now.
If one disconnects the cable before check now --> corba error and the client aborts.

On a local installation, Corba error should not be triggered by (un)availability of LAN network.
Workflow: Take existing EZF file -> go to FM -> File->Import->Forms -> select EZF file in Mini-Explorer ->
overview occurs: Overview tells that no files are available. See screenshot
Workflow: Start an old plug in (UK, FI, FR, ES, DE) -> fill in data -> save as ready to be signed -> Back to FM ->
sign (smart card / facsimile / alphabetically) -> move forward to ready-to-send -> open preview: Signature is
missing on the PDF, but is available in the package-data.xml. Correct is that it is the same as in v2.10.
Workflow: Cleanup machine -> install v2.10 -> create templates for each language -> install v3 on top of v2.10 ->
open an instance of the templates: The pre-selected language of proceedings is not always the same as the
language originally chosen when creating the templates in v2.10.
The addition '(such annexes must always be filed)' is wrong and obsolete and should no more appear in the GUI
(see cl_picture) - the PDF is correct.
1. The address book now has PO Box and Building and District in addition to the address field but the former two
have no equivalents in any persons address in any of the EP forms.

2. In address book there the 'residence' field is inactive but in the EP forms it is active for legal person type
addresses - should be de-activated or hidden in all instances of legal type persons as these do by definition not
have a residence (if at all it should be domicile see defect 1645)
Replace "if you want the modify them" by "if you want to modify them". See screenshot
see screenshot
see screenshot, the folder view area shows language mix with French and German expressions when having
several users working in the network version and all with differing language settings in the user setting - the same
happened to the static navigation buttons in the file manager (not on the screenshot)
Workflow: Create new text file file.txt -> rename it to file.pdf -> open any EP procedure -> attach file.pdf (e.g. in
documents tab, as sequence listing, as annotation etc.): Weird German error message occurs. Correct: Delete
the "ist" before "passt", i.e. may read as "...file.pdf passt nicht zum..." See screenshot
When wanting to copy an address from the address book into a form - and the first action is to set the cursor
focus in the 'search' field - enter the criteria and click (or even better press return) on the search button - the
match is not focused and brought into the visible scope of the window - this only works after having entered the
list of addresses once with the mouse and when repeating the exercise the match is brought into the visible area
(i.e. automatically scrolled) - unfortunately, the match is at the bottom of the visible part of the list instead of the
top where the focus of forms which cannot be used unless server services restart
arriving still at blocked the user's eyes is

During a network workshop with 10 users it happened twice in one day that we managed to get a form blocked
without anyone actually having it open. This would be very unfortunate in a distributed world as a server re-start
would require high coordination effort by all other users stopping and saving their work before continuing after the

Unfortunately, the exact circumstances have not been logged.
see screenshot:

The Country of residence for applicant 1 (legal type) should not be there at all as a company has no residence
hence, this should be dropped completely (see also point 2 of defect 1648, and defect 1645)

but more importantly, for applicant 2 the final line should not be 'Address for Correspondence' but 'Country of
Residence' (as this is a natural person)
see clb_picture (very funny) and clb_picture1 where the text and the button title do not match.
The buttons when overwriting the fee schedules during installation are not translated into DE and FR, namely:

Overwrite, Overwrite all, Skip, Skip all
Running network installation without user management:

I managed now for the second time to get into a situation where no form can be opened anymore - instead the
server machine appears to be overly busy but does not return any GUI for minutes >15 - this is not acceptable!!
when trying to force the Guardian to re-start, it becomes clear that the EP1001 service is stuck as it stays at the
'stopping' step and does not progress any further after 10 mins - ending with the attached error message very

This could be partially caused by subsequently trying to open the same form again as it appears too long or
nothing happens - instead of the message that form is blocked a sandclock appears and never goes away or the
A form show to response" in by title bar.
windowmoved"noready to send the the fact that it is already signed and wrapped does not get the counter 0 but all
forms moved manually to ready to sign do get this 0 counter - inconsistent.
Batch sending stops if the uses clicks somewhere on the GUI, for example on the tab "draft", while a submission
is going on.
A disadvantage for the user who has to stop working until sending is finished.
if one opens a the the menu option export makes
Not sure aboutformpriority, please revise with John.sense but import does not as any import creates another form
i.e. the import option should only be offered in the file manager.
In the FR EP(1001E) PDF, replace "Détail à l'inventeur indiqué séparément" with "Les détails concernant le ou les
inventeurs sont indiqués séparément". See screenshot
language of imported WAD not kept - instead File Manager language offered:

If one imports a WAD or unpacked WAD, normally the language of the form is already defined in the WAD,
however, the new form dialogue pops up with the language always set to the language of the file manager -
should take the language settingdesignating states for different applicants does not work correctly:
validation message for different of the WAD.

although clearly several states are selected for each applicant - there is still one severity 2 message that no
states are selected per applicant - see attached jpg.
Line separator under "Capacity" in signatures on PDF request gets broken, if applicant name is long. See
Umlauts not rendered correctly on the smartcard signature. Prio set to "low" although quite annoying for the user.

Workflow: Open new EP(1038E) -> go to Documents tab -> select Biology -> attach document -> mini-explorer
opens: No APP file format selectable.
Workflow: Do local installation -> start FM -> start any form -> close form -> close FM -> shut down Windows:
Task Manager appars telling that MCleint.exe is still busy.
Workflow: Install client in standalone mode -> start FM -> start any EP form -> form-fill it -> save it -> File-Export
XML to Folder -> confirm popup (takes the application directory of the respective procedure): Data is saved there.
This leads to malfunction of the procedure: Start a new (empty) form of that respective procedure: It is pre-filled
with the data from the exported procedure. See screenshot
Workflow: Start FM -> Open Menu View-Status: Last entry is "Send". Correct is "Sent". See screenshot

Workflow: Start FM -> Select "all applications" view -> filter by "Sent" (either in filter bar or via View-Status menu) -
> Choose View-Columns menu: The columns available there do not match the columns given in the window. See
Workflow: Start FM -> Start Address Book -> apply a change, but do not save the change -> choose Edit - Revert
Changes menu: Nothing happens. When clicking on the respective button (green arrow), the change is undone.
See screenshot FM -> Start Address Book -> choose Help - About Address Book: Shows "About File Manager"
Workflow: Start
window. Menu item may be renamed to "About File Manager".
Workflow: Start any EP procedure in any language -> choose File - Import -> Import popup opens: Title of the
window is "Load_from_ZIP" (in all 3 languages). Correct is that it is the same as in the FM (e.g. Import from File,
analogously for DE and FR). See screenshot
The number of retries may be centered. Currently, it is left-aligned, what looks strange. See screenshot

Workflow: Start FM (in any language) -> Open Address Book -> create new entry (legal or natural does not
matter) -> do not form-fill the new entry -> save -> create new entry -> do not form-fill the new entry -> save: Error
message occurs, since the second entry has the same name as the first entry. Correct is that it is counted up
(EN: unnamed1, unnamed2, DE: N.N.1, N.N.2, FR: ???). See screenshot
Workflow: Start DE FM -> Open Address Book -> create new entry -> choose a nationality state: List is in English.
See screenshot
Workflow: Start DE FM -> open Fees table -> select a fee schedule: Calendar is in English.

Workflow: Start DE FM -> Open System Preferences -> choose "Allgemeines": "Benutzerkennung" is chopped
off. See screenshot
Workflow: Start DE FM -> Open User Management -> go to Profiles -> open File Manager privileges: "Folder" is
twice translated with "Verzeichnis" and otherwise with "Ordner". "Ordner" is correct. Especially, the opposite of
"Verzeichnis erstellen" (create folder) is "Ordner löschen" (delete folder). See screenshots
import forms for instance is not possible at all but still offered in HELP

Workflow: Start FR FM -> Open User Preferences: An accent aigu is wrongly done. Should read as procédures.
See screenshot
Workflow: Start DE or FR FM -> Open User Administration -> go to Groups: The headline of the users being
contained in a group is not translated at all. DE: Benutzer/Gruppen, die in der Gruppe "xxx" enthalten sind. FR: I
could try, but this will be no good thing.
Workflow: Start DE or FR EP(1001E) -> Open Filing Offices drop-down list: It is in English. See screenshot
Workflow: Start DE EP(1001E) -> go to Names tab -> create new applicant or inventor: List of available countries
is in English. See screenshot
In all EP form modules i.e. EP1001, EP1200 and EP1038 - the complete lists of countries in the Name tab
appears only in English even if the GUI language is German or French. This is even more irritating as the list of
countries for the representatives i.e. only EPC countries is translated correctly, the general one for
all applicants and correspondence addresses in the EP form modules is always in English.

Furthermore, the list of Filing Offices in EP1001 is not translated into the correct GUI language (although the
translations are on hand and implemented for PCT)
Please change the word "objet" by "sujet" see attached picture
Représentant habilité does not correspond to Mandataire, Agréé.

All error messages should start by Mandataire, Agréé.

The 2 others types of mandataire are correct in the sense they display the same wording in the application and
On error message.
the the EP1038.PDF the German word for fee schedule is currently displayed in two lines as:

This should be displayed as:

cosmetic but very obvious and on all EP1038 forms in German - hence set to medium
When installing thin client only, the uninstall icon is missing, thus confusing.
Please add a link to uninstall function.
When installing the server on a server that is already running a webserver (iis for example),
 the help pages do not work anymore.

See attached pages.

Either use existing http server or install on another port and check port is available.
It's not "Weißrußland", but "Weißrussland". What may our German speaking developers in Belarus think about
Worflow: Start FM -> select "All Applications" view -> select "Ready-to-Send" in Navigation Bar: The number in
the "Retries" column is not centered. Correct is that it is centered. See screenshot (German, sorry...)
Workflow: Start FM -> Start Address Book -> select an entry -> choose Edit menu: The "Delete" meni item is
always disabled, though the "Delete" toolbar button is enabled. Furthermore, the shortcut DEL works, while CTRL-
DEL does not work. See screenshot
Workflow: Start FM e.g. in German -> take an existing application in another language (e.g. French) -> choose
Menu File - Export - Export XML to Folder -> Export application: Popup telling that export was complete is in
French instead of German, i.e. the language of the application is taken instead of the one of the form. See
See screenshot: Replace "desendet" with "gesendet"

Workflow: Start DE EP(1001E) -> Do not fill in EN and FR title of invention -> open validation window: Text is
grammatically wrong. Correct is "Französische Erfindung" and "Englische Erfindung", respectively. See
Workflow: Start FM -> choose menu View - Sorting and sort by a column: A triangle is shown in the column (if the
column is visible, can also be hidden by de-selecting it in the View - Columns menu!), but not in the menu.
Correct is that it is also shown in the menu (space is available on the left, and I remember for sure that I have
seen it working somewhen in the past). See screenshot.
Workflow: Start FM -> choose menu Tools - Maintenance Table Viewer - FI Maintenance: What is contained
there is a copy of the FR maintenance table. Looks very weird (FR is an FI language, but FI is not....). See
screenshotStart FM as Administrator -> choose menu Tools - Administration -> go to Profile tab -> open
"Arbeitsablauf": Twice it shows "Statur". Correct is "Status". See screenshot
Replace "Postal" by "Postale"

Check-box on the LiveUpdate dialogue (see attached) appears to always be inactive. Suggested solution - to
make it active (if it can be applicable for multiple downloads) or remove it completely.
When LiveUpdate steps of downloading and installing are finished, the view of current dialogue is as attached.
The "Cancel" button should change to "Done". The status in the "Status" column should change to "Installed" after
the installation is complete.
Workflow: Start FR FM -> select menu Fichier - Importer: There is a sub-menu "XML d'un dossier (Zip)..." what is
completely wrong. Dossier = Folder, i.e. it is _not_ Zip! Correct: Remove "(Zip)" in the menu item. See screenshot
imported form with already same user reference is killed when opening older form in parallel

in order to compare the data between an import and an already sent form with same user reference, I imported
from XML and kept the GUI open (no save) and then open the older form - effect is that the import dissappears
and the older GUI opens.

It is not clear to the user that nothing is saved automatically unless the GUI is closed.

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