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Partners for Growth Program
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Name of District: LirAci Onton <nr\\on I Dtofncf'
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Physical Address: 5812.	Q flCCr ^SiCXSj
city So.cramen-i-0	
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Partners for Growth Program
712 Bancroft Road. No 508
Walnut Creek. CA 94598-1531
Date. /O ~ O fh
Pioneer School is a Title 1 school located in a small, suburban neighborhood of
Sacramento, California. We are one of twenty two schools in the Rio Linda Union School
District. Most of our students are bused to what was a neighborhood school. We draw
from several apartment complexes and our students are increasingly mobile in the
number of schools attended. We serve a large at-risk population and better than one sixth
of our students are second language learners and 62% of our students participate in a Free
and Reduced lunch program. Currently our elementary school population is 550 students
in grades kindergarten thru sixth. We also have a preschi
ool with a student population of
In previous years, Pioneer School has been identified as both a California Distinguished
School and a Title 1 Achieving School. In the 2005-2006 school year our students made
a significant increase in their English Language Arts API score. This was a significant
increase to 762 points after several years around the 740 mark. We attribute this increase
to many factors including, changes in the delivery of instruction during the school day, as
well as, the creation and expansion of a targeted extended day program.
In January of 2005, we created our first After School Academy for Reading at Pioneer
School. It was quickly followed by a Math Academy. We look at data from recent tests,
identify key standards, and invite a group of children from the below basic and basic
range to receive an additional hour of instruction on that standard after school. Our Math
Academies run for three weeks, our Reading Academies run for four weeks. All of our
programs arc taught by current Pioneer School teachers. The teachers are paid out of site
funds at an hourly substitute rate.
Wc have refined our increasingly popular extended day program over the last year and a
half. We are only three months into our current academic year and wc have already
offered thirteen different Academy programs to students in a variety of grade levels. We
continue to look at recent assessments, understand key learning, and invite participants to
attend. This year we are putting an additional emphasis on pre and post assessment, as
Curriculum Associates offers two products that we are especially interested in
refine our extended day need. The FOCUS on Strategies series fits a missing piece for
students who struggle in specific Reading Comprehension areas. Our district tests
well as, strategic learning.
as we
measure the exact strategy and standard, however, targeted materials to guide strategy
instruction are rare. Just as important, we are interested in the measurement tool of
instruction in the Comprehensive Assessment of Reading Strategics 1 and II (CARS) to
use as a pre and post assessment for the FOCUS on Strategies instruction.
It is our intention to order the FOCUS collections Book B, C, D, F. @ 184.00$ each as a
starter set for the Reading Academy. We plan to order the corresponding CARS Series I
and II for our pre and post assessment pieces in the Pioneer School Reading Academy.
The CARS series purchase we estimate, at a starter set, of approximately SI 50.00
including the CARS Management CD. We have funds from our Title )
match the Partners for Growth Program grant.
pplication to support ot
Thank you in advance for your consideration of our a
Curriculum Associates.

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