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					             2008 Grants
     The Trustees of the Cuesta Foundation
     authorized $117,883 in grants to
     organizations and institutions primarily in                                                 HISTORY AND PURPOSE
     Tulsa, Oklahoma.                                     The Cuesta Foundation was formed on May 16, 1962 by Charles W. Oliphant and his sister, Allene O. Mayo, to
                                                   continue the philanthropic legacy of their father, A.G. Oliphant. The founding directors were Charles W. Oliphant, Arline B.
                                                   Oliphant, Carl R. Kauffman, Francis Hawkins and Otho Flippo.
Arts & Humanities: $25,000
     Tulsa Children’s Museum, Tulsa Glass                 Major philanthropic accomplishments of A.G. Oliphant, his family and the Cuesta Foundation were the developments
     Blowing Studio, Tulsa Symphony                of Swan Lake and Woodward Park, the building of Oliphant Hall on the University of Tulsa Campus, and the creation of the
     Orchestra                                     Oliphant Chair in Mathematics at the University of Tulsa. The Foundation continues its efforts under the active leadership of
                                                   the second, third and fourth generations.
Education: $10,000
                                                        The Trustees want to bring joy to their communities and its citizens by funding charitable organizations who are serving
     Hopkinton Independent School                  mankind buy assisting people who are in need and who have a desire to better themselves. Organizations that can
                                                   demonstrate this philosophy will be considered above others.
Youth Services: $18,000
     Operation Aware of Oklahoma, Tulsa                                                          MISSION STATEMENT
     Boys’ Home, Tulsa Community                         The mission of the Cuesta Foundation, Inc. is to continue the philanthropic legacy of the A.G. Oliphant Family by
     Foundation, Youth at Heart, Youth             funding 501 (c)(3) charities in the communities of the Foundation’s Trustees. Cuesta Foundation will support operating
     Services of Tulsa                             expenses and capital needs of qualifying organizations. The Foundation’s areas of emphasis are Health, Social Services and
                                                   Community Needs.
Social Services: $64,883                                                                         APPLICATION PROCESS
     American Red Cross of Tulsa, Y-ME,
     Child Abuse Network, Clarehouse, Dillon              The trustees invite proposals from 501(c)(3) organizations. Please log onto and
     International, Domestic Violence              click on the “Foundations” tab. Beneath “Cuesta Foundation” you will find a link that will take you to the online grant
     Intervention Services, Family and             application process. The Grants Committee will review all request letters received through the online grant application
     Children’s Services, Greater Manchester       process by the March 31, 2009 and will email instructions on how to complete an application to qualifying charities. Grant
     Family YMCA, Mental Health Association        applications will be due June 30, 2008. The trustees will review all grant applications during their August trustees meeting.
     in Tulsa, Parent Child Center, Plowshares     Approved grants will be funded in September 2009. Questions may be directed to the offices of Foundation Management,
     Institute, Tulsa Day Center for the           Inc. at 405-755-5571 or toll-free at 877-689-7726.
                                                                                                       15%                                 21%

                                                        2008 Areas of Support



                                                                               A r t s & Humanit ies       Ed ucat io n       So cial Ser vices         Y o ut h Ser vices
                                                              Oklahoma City, OK 73120-1955
                                                              2932 NW 122nd Street, Suite D
                                                              Cuesta Foundation
            Cuesta Foundation, Inc.

The Cuesta Foundation’s major areas of interest are:
Health, Social Services, and Community Needs. Our
geographic areas of interest are Tulsa, Oklahoma and
the communities of our Trustees. We will consider
grants to fund operating expenses and capital needs
of qualifying organizations.

            Cuesta Foundation, Inc.

                      Eric B. Oliphant
                         Balboa, CA

   Gregory W. Oliphant               Richard E. Wright, III
  Vice President/Treasurer                 Secretary
         Tulsa, OK                        Tulsa, OK

     Jamie D. Oliphant                Thomas J. Oliphant
        Tulsa, OK                        Weare, NH

     Arline B. Oliphant              Elizabeth G. Oliphant
         Tulsa, OK                        Weare, NH

                                      Donald P. Carpenter
                                          Tulsa, OK

          For additional information contact:
                  Frank W. Merrick
            2932 NW 122nd Street, Suite D
              Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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