Celebrate Being a Kid by ncalderbank

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									Celebrate Being a Kid
A poetry collection written by the students of Lake Lucina Elementary School Jacksonville, Florida 2009

Lake Lucina Elementary School 6527 Merrill Road Jacksonville, FL 32277 http://www.duvalschools.org/lle/

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In loving memory of our friend Ivan Vasquez.

This book is dedicated to all who love being kids.

Just Being Kids
by Icys Fahnbulleh

I Love Being a Kid!
by Carson I I I I can can can can I love being a kid! play, dream, run, jump.

I can rock, never stop, play video games, and get free stuff. We have time, we have money, we have friends, we have family.

I love being a kid!

by Babatunde (Oye) Shofolu

As A Kid
by Savannah

Being a Kid
by Josh Massey Being a kid is really fun because when you go outside and run run run. It is like the best and when you get tired you can rest rest rest.

I Like Me
by Amber Davis I like me Because I am Special and I Am good I Like me that’s why.

Being a kid is really awesome because probably you might get a pet possum. Being a kid is totally exciting because if you have night vision goggles you can go spying.

Why It’s Great to Be a Kid
It’s great to be a kid even after all the things you forbid. Your dad still loves you and your mom still loves you. That’s why it’s great to be a kid. And when your mom and dad trying to give you the life that they never had. That’s why it’s great to be a kid. by Elijah Zimmerman

If being a kid isn’t about fun to you or fun to me maybe it’s about life and family. Maybe its about the happy times, and flicking dimes.

by Mr. Brent
Kids are invincible, fearless and free, running and jumping, and climbing a tree. Kids are incredible, thoughtful and kind, always sure no one gets left behind. Kids are unstoppable, heroic and strong, playing creating, or writing a song.

Kids are imaginative, mindful and sincere, dreams that fill every day of the year.

Dream bigger each day, and never lose sight. Keep climbing and soaring with all of your might.


by Madison Peery

Candy, candy I eat candy. It’s so good. Mmm, I need a drink. I need 100 more candies. The end.

Being a Kid
by Kendra Cole Being a child is the easiest job. You get to eat homemade corn on the cob.

This is the Time
by Bethaney McWhorter This is the time Our lives are full of stories and rhyme This is the time We are knights saving the princess in our armor that has a chime This is the time We are free of crime

Laughing and playing all day long. Spending time with friends and getting along. Making time to study and finding study buddies,

Smiling, running, jumping, laughing, playing and being grateful. Time might be rough, but if your tough, you’ll make it through.

This is the time We make friendships and memories that will last longer than time This is the time we are a child Young, sweet, and wild!

I Love Being a Kid
by Accordia Washington I love being a kid because you get to pass 1,2,3,4,5, and 6…

If you do, you get to go to middle school and high school and college You can get a job if you pass and I want to be that person who passes everything and always makes good grades And never ditches school And that’s why I love being a kid.

I Love Being a Kid
by Deandre’ Douglas I love being a kid.

I can scream, shout, and be loud. Play, play, play with my friends.

I can run, go home every day and

Why Is It Great to Be a Kid?
by Joseph Harris Why is it great to be a kid? Because you can have fun Because that will be cool Sometimes you want to go to school And sometimes you don’t but you have to Because you need your education to go to college And you need knowledge And that is GREAT.

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