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									Ohio Historical Society                                                             Request for Sales Tax
                                                                             Exemption and/or PO Request
Business Office
1982 Velma Ave.                                                                            For more information:
Columbus, OH 43211                                                                   taxexempt@ohiohistory.org
                                                                                          Phone: (614) 297-2399
                                                                                            Fax: (614) 297-2411

                               Request for Sales Tax Exemption Form
     Please provide the following information:

     State of Ohio Tax Exempt ID (If applicable): _____________________________________________

     Purchase Order Number:_____________________________________________________________

     First name: _______________________________Last name________________________________


     Address 1: _______________________________________________________________________

     Address 2: _______________________________________________________________________

     City: ______________________________________ State: _________ Zip___________________

     Phone: ___________________________________ Fax:__________________________________

     Primary e-mail: __________________________________________________________________

  Required: Attach a copy of your Blanket Tax Exemption Form from the State of Ohio to this form (if tax-exempt)
  and a copy of the Purchase Order (if requesting to use a PO). Forms can be submitted via fax to (614) 297-2411 or
   e-mail to taxexempt@ohiohistory.org. Call (614) 297-2399 for any questions regarding the Tax Exemption form.

  Note: Completion of this form will register your Company/Organization into the Ohio Historical Society e-
  commerce system. If you do not want to be registered in this system, please check the box below:

         Do not open an e-commerce account for this Company/Organization. (Note: By checking this box you will
         need to submit a Blanket Tax Exemption form for all store purchases and will not be able to purchase tax-
         exempt on the Ohio Historical Society website).

       You will receive your username and password for your e-commerce account within 1-3 business days
           after receipt of your paperwork. Thank you for shopping with the Ohio Historical Society!


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