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Managerial and Strategic Levels

             Who are the         CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS (CIMA)                                                         WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF STUDYING FOR THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE
    Chartered Institute of
                                 MANAGERIAL AND STRATEGIC LEVELS                                                                              OF MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANTS AWARD?
             Accountants’        Six good reasons to study at the University of Wolverhampton Business School:                                There are many reasons why you may choose to study for the Managerial and Strategic Levels with
         Managerial and                                                                                                                       us; the following are just a few examples:
          Strategic Levels       • Excellence in teaching – our business and management programmes have been rated as
            designed for?          ‘excellent’ by the Quality Assurance Agency (October 2001), a rating that is supported by the              • The achievement of an internationally-recognised and acclaimed financial and strategic
                                   Sunday Times                                                                                                 management qualification
            Our professional
                 accountancy     • Established reputation – since 1931, we have enjoyed an enviable reputation as a leading                   • The confidence to develop effective financial strategies at operational and strategic levels, and
            qualifications are     provider of high-quality, innovative and vocationally-relevant academic programmes                           lead organisational decision-making, in complex international environments
    designed for individuals
                                 • Supportive learning environment – our learning environment is designed to be friendly and                  • Accelerated career progression and enhanced professional capabilities
      who aspire to become
    fully-qualified Chartered      flexible, and support you throughout your academic career                                                  • The ability to study for a professional qualification, and gain a toolkit of essential skills, without
                Management       • CIMA approved – we are a Learning Through Partnerships approved centre, and an accredited                    losing your career momentum
                 Accountants.      tuition centre, for the Managerial and Strategic Levels                                                    • A learning environment that is informed by the latest developments in theory and practice, and
                                 • Experienced lecturers – our faculty of over 80 teaching staff is drawn from a wide spectrum of               uses CIMA’s own study materials
                                   management disciplines and backgrounds                                                                     • Access to a diverse network of business contacts
                                 • Outstanding facilities – our Learning Centres offer state-of-the-art technology with 24-hour,              • The ability to gain some exemptions from the Business School’s MBA and Diploma in
                                   online access to high-quality learning resources.                                                            Management Studies awards.

                                   WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSITY OF WOLVERHAMPTON
                                   BUSINESS SCHOOL
                                   Welcome to the University of Wolverhampton Business School – a School with an acknowledged
                                   reputation for providing high-quality, professional accountancy programmes.
                                   As world markets become more complex and interrelated, organisations are required to make
                                   increasingly risky decisions in order to maintain growth rates and profitability. They are looking to
                                   their financial specialists to support and participate in these decisions, and help manage the
                                   consequences and changes these decisions create. Professional accountants need to use the latest
                                   financial strategies, and a range of management practices, in order to succeed in today’s business
                                   The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) award is a unique financial
                                   qualification as it extends beyond pure accountancy to embrace the principles of general
                                   management. It combines the latest financial, statistical and strategic tools with a range of core
                                   management disciplines to give you the knowledge and skills you need to lead organisational
                                   Successful completion of the CIMA award will not only give you an internationally-recognised
                                   financial and strategic management qualification, a qualification that year after year tops the
                                   world’s most influential employers list of preferred financial qualifications, but it will also help you
                                   develop time management, communication and leadership skills.
                                   Our vibrant and diverse accountancy department has over 20 years experience of providing
                                   financial education. Rated as ‘excellent’ in recent quality audits (October 2001), the department
                                   has developed an enviable reputation for achieving the highest academic standards, an
                                   achievement that demonstrates our commitment to innovation, student support and programme
                                   design. Our dedicated team of financial lecturers, many of whom have strong professional links
                                   with CIMA and have held senior positions in multinational and blue chip organisations, are active
                                   in the field of accountancy as both practitioners, through consultancy, and as researchers.

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    MANAGERIAL LEVEL                                                                                             To complete the Strategic Level, you will need to study three modules:
    Building on the knowledge gained at the Certificate in Business Accounting Level or through a                Business Management Pillar
    business degree, the Managerial Level is the second stage of the three-staged CIMA award. It                 • Management Accounting – Business Strategy
    introduces you to more advanced principles of financial and management accounting, management
    principles and taxation. It considers the tools used in the creation of management information,              Management Accounting Pillar
    including statistics, and in performance appraisal.                                                          • Management Accounting – Risk and Control Strategy

    Successful completion of the Managerial Level will lead to the award of CIMA Advanced Diploma                Financial Management Pillar
    in Management Accounting and provide an automatic entry route to the Strategic Level. You must               • Management Accounting – Financial Strategy
    complete all the modules at the Managerial Level before you progress to the Strategic Level.
    To complete the Managerial Level, you will need to study six modules:                                        ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
    Business Management Pillar                                                                                   Entry onto the Strategic Level is through successful completion of the Managerial Level. Before you
    • Integrated Management                                                                                      start the programme, you will need to register with CIMA as a student member.
    • Organisational Management and Information Systems
    Management Accounting Pillar
    • Management Accounting – Decision Management                                                                ATTENDANCE
    • Management Accounting – Performance Evaluation                                                             Both the Managerial and Strategic Levels are studied part-time on an afternoon and evening basis at
                                                                                                                 our Compton Park Campus. The Managerial Level is usually studied over two academic years; the
    Financial Management Pillar                                                                                  Strategic Level is usually studied over one academic year although the pace of your study on both
    • Financial Analysis                                                                                         awards can be tailored to suit your personal or professional circumstances.
    • Financial Accounting and Tax Principles                                                                    Recruitment to each level takes place in September each year.

    ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                                                           PARTICIPATIVE TEACHING METHODS
    As the professional body, CIMA will determine your eligibility to join the programme. We can offer           A wide variety of teaching methods is employed on the Managerial and Strategic Levels. They have
    advice and guidance on your suitability, but you are advised to contact CIMA for clarification.              been designed to reinforce the philosophy of applied learning and create a stimulating teaching
                                                                                                                 environment. Teaching focuses on using CIMA’s own study materials and past examination papers.
    Typical entry requirements include:
                                                                                                                 Formal lectures, seminars, workshops and group discussions will also be used. You are expected to
    • CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting                                                                    undertake guided independent study in your own time.
    • Fully-qualified AAT status
    • An accountancy degree                                                                                      ASSESSMENTS
    • A business studies or business administration degree                                                       Each module is assessed by a three-hour examination that is set and marked by CIMA. The
                                                                                                                 examinations are held in May and November. A fee is charged by CIMA for each examination taken.
    • A management degree
    Before you start the programme, you will need to register with CIMA as a student member.
    Some of the higher-level qualifications may give you exemptions from several of the modules at the           STUDENT SUPPORT
    Managerial Level. All exemptions are at the discretion of CIMA and are subject to the payment of an          During the course of your programme, you will have the opportunity to develop your academic and
    exemption fee.                                                                                               personal skills by attending a number of specialist workshops and by using the University’s support
                                                                                                                 You will be able to join a series of study-skill workshops that are designed to give you the tools
    STRATEGIC LEVEL                                                                                              needed as a postgraduate student and to help build your academic confidence.
    Combining the latest financial and management accountancy tools with contemporary management                 You can also use the University’s Careers Development Service to gain practical advice and guidance.
    theory, the Strategic Level will prepare you for the challenges of professional accountancy. The award
    expands on the practices introduced at the Managerial Level and considers the strategic aspects of
    management accountancy. It explores business and financial strategy, risk analysis and financial decision-   Practical Experience and Practical Competence
                                                                                                                 On successful completion of all ‘Strategic’ level subject examinations, you will be required to submit
    Successful completion of the Strategic Level and the Test of Professional Competence in Management           your ‘CIMA Career Profile’, directly to CIMA. For assessment of personal practice experience and skills
    Accounting, together with three years relevant work experience and an approved career profile, will allow    development. In addition, you will be required to sit and pass CIMA’s test of Professional
    you to qualify as a Chartered Management Accountant and give you full membership of the Institute.           Competence in Management Accounting (TOPCIMA) – a three-hour case study assessment,
                                                                                                                 completed within a supervised environment.

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    When you enrol on the Managerial and Strategic Levels, you will go through a comprehensive
    induction programme that will introduce you to the University of Wolverhampton, the Business
    School, our lecturers, the Learning Centres and your award.                                                THE UNIVERSITY OF WOLVERHAMPTON BUSINESS SCHOOL
    If, during the course of your programme, you have any questions or problems, you will have access          From our beginnings in 1931 as a leading provider of business and commerce programmes to
    to a range of dedicated professionals who will be on hand to answer your questions and give you            our current position as one of the leading providers of professional programmes in the region,
    advice on any concerns you may have, either personal or academic.
                                                                                                               the School has grown in size and importance by focusing on the needs of participants and
                                                                                                               organisations locally, nationally and internationally. We continue to build on our excellent
    OUTSTANDING FACILITIES                                                                                     reputation for providing management education that meets the needs of participants and
    The University of Wolverhampton Business School is part of a multi-million pound University wide           employers by working closely with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
    facilities investment, making it 14 out of 119 in the UK when rated on investment per student.
    (Times Higher Educational Supplement).                                                                     Rated as ‘excellent’ in the most recent Quality Assurance Agency audits (October 2001), we
                                                                                                               combine the highest academic standards with the latest management research.
    The facilities have been designed to make studying with us a pleasure rather than a chore. The
    Learning Centres are open seven-days-a-week during term time and offer access to over 40,000               We have a faculty of over 80 teaching staff drawn from a wide spectrum of management
    dedicated management texts.                                                                                disciplines and backgrounds. Many have held senior positions in multinational and blue chip
    They have in excess of 11,000 full-text electronic journals and more than 100 electronic databases,        organisations while others have worked in the public sector and in not-for-profit organisations.
    including full-text business databases. Most of them are available online 24 hours a day from your         We are active in research and consultancy, ensuring that our programmes are underpinned by
    own computer. The web-based OPAC cataloguing system means that your books can be renewed at                the latest management and organisational thinking.
    a time that suits you, and you can order books from our other campuses.                                    Committed to providing high-quality, education for all, we offer an innovative and growing
    The Learning Centres at Compton Park and Telford have networked drop-in computers, with 24-hour            portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes, all designed to
    access at Telford, that run a range of standard office software. Learning Resources offers a wide range    accelerate career progression and provide the skills needed by high-achieving managers in
    of services across extensive hours. There are printing, copying and binding facilities, study skills       today’s ever-changing business environment.
    materials, loanable laptops, presentation equipment and individual study rooms for group work or
    silent study. Staff are available to give you support in finding information and using the software. You
    can also have access to learning resource services at a distance using telephone (24/7), e-mail and        THE PORTFOLIO INCLUDES:
    the web.                                                                                                   • MBA (part & full-time)
    Our dedicated teaching rooms use the latest presentation media including internet access and video         • MA Management (part & full-time)
                                                                                                               • Diploma in Management Studies (part-time)
                                                                                                               • MA International Business (part & full-time)
                                                                                                               • MSc Marketing (part & full-time)
    For further information about the Managerial           For more information about the Chartered
    and Strategic Levels, or to request an                 Institute of Management Accountants, please         • MSc Finance and Accounting (full-time)
    application form, please contact:                      contact:                                            • MSc Corporate Direction (block-release)
    The University of Wolverhampton Business School        Chartered Institute of Management Accountants       • MSc Healthcare Leadership (Forthcoming attraction in 2007)
    Postgraduate and Professional Office                   26 Chapter Street                                   • MSc Business Informatics (Forthcoming attraction in 2007)
    Compton Park Campus                                    London                                              • MSc Enterprise (block-release) (Forthcoming attraction in 2007)
    Compton Road West                                      SW1P 4NP
    Wolverhampton                                          Tel: 020 8849 2251                                  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Managerial Level (part-time)
    WV3 9DX                                                Fax: 020 8849 2450
                                                                                                               • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Strategic Level (part-time)
    Tel: 01902 321081                                      E-mail:
                                                           Website:                         • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Diploma in Marketing (part-time)
    Fax: 01902 323737
    E-mail:                                                                            • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
    Website:                                                                                 (part-time)

    HOW DO I APPLY?                                                                                            • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Development (part-time)
    To apply for the Managerial and Strategic levels, you can either contact the Postgraduate and              • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (part-time)
    Professional Office at the address above or download an online application form from our website:          • MA Human Resource Management (part & full-time)                                                                    • MSc Human Resource Development and Organisational Change (bloc- release)
    Once you have completed the application form, please return it to the Postgraduate and                     • MA Coaching and Mentoring (block-release)
    Professional Office.                                                                                       • Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education (block-release)

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