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									                                                               Georgetown University
                                                                        Pennsylvania Monthly Sales Tax Report

Sales Tax Month & Year:                                                               This Report is due to Tax Department on the 10th of each Month
Date Completed:
Cost Center:                                                                          Our webpage:   
Prepared by:                      Enter Your Name Here                                Contact for questions:   Laura D. Benner, CPA
Your Title:                       Enter Your Title Here                               Title:                   Manager of Tax & Asset Management
Your Department:                  Enter Your Department Here                          Department:              Financial Affairs - Office of Financial Planning & Analysis
Your Location:                    Where is Your Office?                               Location:                2121 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 400
Your Phone Number:                (202) 555-5555                                      Telephone Number:        202-687-1158               Fax Number: (202) 687-2080
Your E-mail Address:                                  E-mail Address:
                                                                                      This form must be completed electronically and e-mailed to Laura Benner.
Fill in all applicable grey highlighted cells:                                        Do not fax or send via campus mail. If you do not have a scanner, back-up can be faxed.
          Column A                                                                           Column B                 Column C
                                                                                                                                        Enter Acct #     Enter Journal
                                                                                                                                        that the Sales   ID for Entry to   Enter
                                                                        GL Revenue                                                      Tax Credit       Book Liability    Journal ID
                                                                        Account    Revenue Amount to                                    Balance was      to Acct #         Posted
Sales Tax Rate for Revenue        Desription of Revenue                 Number(s) Report                        Sales Tax Amount        Booked to:       20409:            Date:
6.00%    General PA State Sales                                         55183                               -                       -   20409
1.00% Allegheny Local Tax                                               55183                               -                       -   20409
2.00% Philadelphia Local Tax                                            55183                               -                       -   20409
Total Taxable                                                                                               -                       -
Total State Exempt Sales                                                55162                               -                       -
Total Allegheny Exempt Sales                                            55162                               -                       -
Total Philadelphia Exempt Sales                                         55162                               -                       -
                                   Local amounts do not need to equal
Grand Total                       the sum of the State Amounts                                              -                       -

Change account number if sales did not post to the following accounts as noted above:

Change to the GL Account Number(s) that the Liability posted to:
Col. C = Col A x Col B. (Make sure amounts tie to the ending balance in the State's Sales Tax Payable (Tax Liability Account)

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