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									Christian’s voice is like a drop of water in the ocean…why?...
Government and its politics and Christianity and its Truthfulness are two different kingdoms that is the main reason why there is a day by day increase in disagreement between these two every time there is introduction / initiation or amendments in terms of laws that govern the country. Further deep down into the core of the cause of this disagreement, there is a remarkable variability in the governmental laws, this can be noticed when “right” is right today when it suits somebody; and same right changing to “wrong” when it does not suits somebody anymore which is a thing that happens from time to time like a chameleon until… When this is in the process of happening, Christianity on the other hand is still standing on the one and the same Word which was and is and is still to come… But at the end of the day every attempt that Christians put forward to counteract deviation of the nation which come into being as a result of governmental laws variability seem to be like a drop of water in an ocean… The mystery question that remain is…why?... When governmental laws deviate from the main route of Truth; it takes along with it the whole nation into the bottomless pit.

Mathew 5:13-16 is invalid? No, not at all: 2Timothy 2:13; 3:16 Besides the fact that Christians do not fight against flesh and blood or on the bases of physical strength; a pity about this is that they constitute a large part of the community. But still, why darkness and bitterness in terms of wicked laws seem to increase drastically? Why are those who are actively involved in terms of accepting and manifesting wicked law through their lives are feeling guiltless like there is nothing wrong happened? Do the Christians on earth truly reflect the BODY of Christ which they are referred to as? No, it does not prove to be so as their mouths seem to talk about it as though it is happening. The reason for this might be that they think they have done all they had to do in terms of conveying the Kingdom of God here on earth; and they think the only step left is Jesus coming back for them. Who will mobilize who so that they finally and actively do build/form the BODY of Christ?... THE LIGHT SHINES ONLY IN THE DARKNESS. (The lights of the world. You are the light of the world. Mathew 5:14) What is the use for the light if it shines only during the day and remain under the basket when it is dark in terms of laws that govern the country? What is the use for the salt if it remains in its container the church while there is bitterness in the world in terms of poverty, orphans, street kids, drugs and alcohol addiction etc?

(The LIGHT of the world. John 8:12) While it is true that Christianity is not meant for destruction of or to fight against government and its What shoulld be done? What shou d be done? politics, But the question that remains unanswered is: “Why The lights according to (Mathew 5:14) have one last thing Christian voice is like a drop of water in the ocean?
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If Christians voice is like a drop in the ocean;

left for them to do; that is to lift up the LIGHT according to (John 8:12, 28)

The Body of Christ.

The Body of Christ is made up of a framework of bones (which might literally mean: be “one”) because the framework of bones gives one shape and weld the body together to become one. The bones are the building blocks and the strongest part of the body. A man may die and his flesh rot, but his bones never die, But there is no where on earth where you will find the head of the body fighting in the battlefield while its hands and legs are remaining at home. If you do find it that means that that body is defeated and dead wherever it may be found.

There is no way through which Christians’ saltiness can be felt in the earth except through building up one world-wide recognized BODY of Christ. The Body of Christi is made up of strongest bones that can never be broken just like that of Jesus Christ when he was hanging on the cross. There might be rattling (conflict) sound when the bones are coming together to form one BODY after a long time of separation, but that cannot change the fact they are coming back together again. The main reason why the Christian’s voice is like a drop of water in the ocean is because its parts function independent or apart from the BODY. The departments like healing gift, teaching, prophets, evangelists etc are there, and are so powerful, but they function independent of the BODY which make it difficult for them to convey the light and saltiness which they are.

When or if you meet either the hand or any part of the BODY in the parliament trying to stand and speaking on behalf of the BODY/CHURCH while it functions independent of the BODY, that basically result to CHRISTIAN’S VOICE BEING LIKE A DROP OF WATER IN THE OCEAN. A named part of the Body is not the whole body and It is only one world-wide recognized BODY of cannot represent and fulfill the purpose of the whole Christ that will remove shame of the world. body. It will remove darkness of the world because as it shines brighter and brighter it becomes more fiery Why craftiiness of polliitiicalllly based in nature so that nothing is left in darkness. Why craft ness of po t ca y based

government so strong? government so strong?

An answer to this question is simple and straight forward, it is because it is a well organized body. It consist of many huge departments which are but operating under one world-wide recognized body as opposed to a named church which speaks oneness so But the flames themselves according to Hebrews 1:7, Daniel3:24-26 will rejoice right in the fire because much. Though it has so many departments, its being one they are like the CONSUMING FIRE their Father. body makes it easy for it to deal with so many and But others will be burned by the same Consuming problems of different types at the same time such as Fire. problems relating to health while dealing with Visit us : or problems relating to education. Safety and security E-ma btzuma@gma com while dealing with problems relating to economy or E-maiill:: finances of the country and so forth.

The lights and those who will repent will have no problem to be swallowed into that fiery LIGHT, however those who refrain and resist the LIGHT will become flammable and get burned as the fiery Light expand to fill the whole world.

Christians, how is it with you?

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