Don t use Hydrogenated cooking oils and margarine Don t eat Wild Yam Extract by benbenzhou


Don t use Hydrogenated cooking oils and margarine Don t eat Wild Yam Extract

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									                                  F AT REDUCT ION (NOT MUSCL E), IT S AL L ABOUT MODERAT ION
                                DO                                                                    D ON ’T
ο   (Low fat cooking) (body fat is a form of stored energy               ο Don’t use Hydrogenated cooking oils and margarine
    fuel), when we eat more than we burn (don’t), steaming                   (plaque forming genetically altered). Toxins are stored in
    and waterless cooking, in pressure cooker best with glass                fat, particular hydrogenated fats CELULITE. Reduce fat
    inserts, reduces cooking time 1/3, undercook if you can.                 intake to 10%-15% to reduce toxin uptake & storage. Use
ο   Increase organic fruit and vegetable, rice, maize, pasta,                olive oil only, butter next best.
    beans and fibre rich food, legumes: peas and lentils                 ο   Don’t eat fast and processed dead foods. High in fats,
    peeled to reduce pesticides, fungicides and herbicides,                  sugars, carcinogens, salts chemicals (they alter DNA)
    (yes, the farmers are killing us). OK by government                      reducing oxygen uptake = cancer causing).
ο   Restricting FAT calories and increasing the calories you             ο   Don’t eat sugar or salt. Interferes in hormonal, thyroid
    burn (exercise) makes fat loss three times faster than diet              mental, allows water retention and kidney slow down.
    or thermagenics individually. This is fat switch # 1.                    Alters body’s electronics drastically. Cigarettes do the
ο   Eat lean protein, less red meat and more white meat and                  same. Plus 3 000 carcinogens,
    fish (dice and shred, heat + more surface kills all parasites        ο   Don’t       eat    fats   and      carbohydrates     together.
    & eggs) and complex carbohydrates; heat-generating                       Carbohydrates release insulin IGF #1 causes muscle
    foods burn more calories. Use marinade, reduces                          synthesis (new muscle cells) –causing fats to slide into the
    carcinogens by 90%.                                                      cell.
ο   Do herbalax Saturday PM to flush the week’s toxins. Do 3             ο   Don’t consume more than 40g of fat per day – if you
    day monthly detox to remove compactions, parasites and                   consume 20g fat you can eat as much other food as you
    restore intestinal flora. Compactions store cholesterol                  like. 1500 calories for 60kg body with normal exercise is
    and fat. Use Herbalax into ½ cup boiling water with a                    about right. 25 calories per kg body weight per day.
    heaped teaspoon for extra flush
ο   For breakfast consume whole grains – see breakfast
                                                                         ο   Don’t eat margarine, canola (gm altered) rape seed
                                                                             (contains transfatty acids and hydrogen) rather use butter
    formula (low fat) pg 3 of brochure. Very important. One
                                                                             (but preferably cut it out) Fat = fat, period. You don’t need
    third down and two meals to go.
                                                                             excess ever. Its cancer forming.
ο   Increase natural fruit and veggie juice intake (nature’s
    detox) – not synthetic drinks. Eg. Diet colas, out forever           ο   Don’t eat potato chips or fried food (hidden fats), they
                                                                             have twice the fat content of steamed or boiled potatoes &
    and especially drinks in plastic – Yuk, it’s a killer.
                                                                             most fried foods are prepared in hydrogenated oil.Yuk, it
ο   Do eat organic sprouts into salads daily. Wheat, soya.
                                                                             will kill you. Just keep going. Its just how many years.
    Alfalfa, oats, rice, broccoli (very low fat). Best for
    enzymes and detox sterols and sterolins. Spray (uses                 ο   Don’t put fats and carbohydrates on bread together. = fat
    less) olive oil and lemon as dressing or yoghurt.                        storage.Cut the butter on bread = 7gm less fat per slice.
ο   Do use natural herbal hormone precursors –WILD YAM                       A major deal. 365 days x 7gm = 2.5kg x 20 year = 51 kg
    Ha-Saw (ladies) and GH Release (men). They restore                   ο   Don’t eat sweeteners. Contains Aspartane (toxic
    muscle mass +- 8.8% (burn fat +-14%, increase silica                     substance) Chemicals sweeteners pose big health risks.
    collagen for smoother skin, slow hair loss & greying,                    All manmade = negative energy.
    increase energy (fat burning) improve cholesterol, liver,            ο   Don’t consume alcohol it contains 7 calories per gram.
    heart, and pancreas function, normalizing blood pressure,                Very close to fats 9 calories per gram. Carbohydrates and
    normalizing immune and sexual function.                                  protein equal 4.5. (Red wine if you must). Most of US
ο   Do exercise, preferably with free weights (dumbbells)                    consume 3600 calories each day. Now 45% obese. Most
    while your bath is running, 5 exercises x 20 reps takes 7.5              from fat! You will dig your grave with your teeth.
    minutes with 30 second rest periods (creates muscle and              ο   Don’t drink water that is not filtered. The water contains
    bone which burns the fat) and is critical to quality of life.            every pollutant you can imagine, 80k of chemicals and
                    nd       st
    Once fit do 2 set, 1 set,20 2nd 12 repetitions. Take a                   causes the bodies’ electrics to malfunction. Water is the
    hot bath immediately. NB. This keeps the metabolism up                   simplest most powerful key to fat loss and flushing liver,
    for 6 hours, burning more fat and drains the lymph system                kidneys and other waste accumulation. Chemicals cause
    of toxins. After 30 years you will lose 450g p/a without exercise.       the heart muscle to swell altering DNA in cells – then
ο   Exercise and baths before bedtime again keeps you                        valves don’t fit! What a surprise! It kills 724K in US.
    metabolism up longer for 8 hrs. Muscle is 37.5 times                 ο   Don’t eat high fat salad dressings. 10% of the US fat
    more metabolically active than fat (50-90%fat is burned up               intake comes from salads. READ ALL LABELS. Spray
    in muscle) depending on activity. Regular exercise daily.                olive and use less fat.Yoghurt can also be used.
    Most important weight loss switch # 2. (A little each day)           ο   Don’t eat main meal at night, eat at midday. 57% of
ο   Exercise produces lactic acid which melts plaque in blood                calories are burned before 2:00 PM. 38% after 2:00 PM,
    vessels, increasing blood circulation, lowers blood                      5% at night. 2000 calories per day with main meal at
    pressure, mobilises fats, decrease toxins. If you don’t                  lunchtime will shed weight. Consumed in the evening will
    exercise, you will loose 30% muscle mass at 60. 2% p.a.                  gain weight. Limit evening meal to 500 calories. I.e a
    after 30 years.                                                          salad., fruit salad or soup. Baked or steam vegetables
ο   Do exercise in the morning versus exercise in the evening                maximum. This decreases free radical damage = youthful
    burns more fat. This automatically revs up hormones                      appearance and longevity quality of life.
    neurotransmitters that prime an active day. Keep sharp               ο   Don’t eat hidden high fat foods. Read the LABLE. It will
    mentally & physically all day.                                           be in grams so work out the percentage. Anything higher
ο   Do plenty of deep breathing – it fuels a 100 trillion cells 13           than 15% is out, out, out, out.
    billion brain cells and with biological positive energy              ο   Don’t cook chicken or fish with their skins on. 031 572
    increasing ATP increasing lung capacity fat burning and                  3998meat) It doubles the fat content. Use water instead of
    detoxing.                                                                oil when cooking & only olive when you have to.
ο   Therrmogenic aminos & herbs (heat producing) Switch                  ο Don’t eat red meat more than once a week and then
    #3 substances demonstrate a 12 % decrease in body fat                     make it low fat. This will lower the blood pressure,
    without exercise. These substances are Chromium                           cholesterol level and heart disease plus all the other diseases.
    picolinate, Vanadyl Sulphate, Carnitine, Hydroxycitrate (HCA) ο Don’t eat white bread – it is leached and bleached. Ideally make
    Garcinia        Cambogia,        Pyruvate,      Ephedrine/Caffeine,       whole-wheat home made bread (buy yourself a bread machine),
    Guggulsterones, Topical Forskolin, Aminophylline and/or                   most contain colorants and Mono Sodium Glutamates (msg).
    Yohimbine and Green Tea Extract (Egg) See our 3 pack.                     Remember – fat stores toxins.
    Thermo fat burner, GH Release
                                                                          ο Don’t put off intestinal abnormality. Flow must be 24 hours, if
   ο      Pure H20, Carbon, silver impregnated KDF water filters              not fat accumulates in compactions with mucous and it
    have positive polarity 7.8 MHz as mother earth and cleans up              increases cholesterol drastically. (Do 30 day detox). Herbalax
    water 93%. As your body is electric and ± 70% H20. Water is the           weekly and detox four days each month. Or Major 20 day
    simplest most powerful key to fat loss. It is the medium for every        detoxing every six months. (prevention is better than cure)
    chemical reaction and flushes toxins from all the organs and
    metabolism of waste accumulation.            Water = 0 calories.
                                                                          ο Don’t take weight off too fast it throws the body into defence, fat
                                                                              reserving (reduction 1% – 2% max of body weight per month).
    Consuming too little water produces the hormone aldosterone
    which signals tissue to hold on to liquid. Body ph level should be    ο Don’t consume commercial diets or drugs, temporary with side
    ± 7. Drink 400ml 20 minutes before meal, you will consume less            effects. Don’t give up. It took years to gain excess weight.
    food.                                                                     Making subtle changes in diet and lifestyle (habits) will lead to a
                                                                              fitter, leaner future.
ο Do Winning monthly detox to eliminate parasites, flush bowels
    and restore intestinal flora. Yearly kidney and liver cleanse. NB ο Don’t neglect exercise, muscle and bone growth is critical
    for absorption & muscle producing. (Do Remelax or Herbalax                (directly related), you loose bone and muscle mass without
    detox weekly)                                                             weight training
ο Use E.D.T.A (chelation therapy slowly (200mg per day) to clean          ο Tick boxes & don’t count this box:
    out plaque from blood vessels if obese). Increases circulation if <15 you will gain weight, out of 41
    diseased or over 50 and removes heavy metal from brain. 20+ you are on track,
    200mg per day max. Plaque is toxic so detox slowly.                    25+ you will slowly loose weight,
ο High fat 9 cal./gm food consumed in evening will store. 30+ you will maintain reduction and your correct weight for life.
    Consumed fats at midday. Eat soups, fruit salads, veg, pastas 40% of world population is on diet!! Eat right and stop the madness.
    and salads for evening meal. No meats. Fat at night slides THIS IS A STAYTRIM SYSTEM LIFESTYLE®
    straight into cells. It’s a no no. Heavy meals require energy to                            CHANGE YOU HABITS
    assimulate and the body requires rest to restore and rebuild at
                                                                                                                         Tel: 033-342 4917
    night, that’s why more mucus a.m.                                                                                   Fax: 033-342 4831
ο Consume powdered skim milk only. (2% fat), so-called low fat                                              
    milks = 17% and goes off because it contains high bacteria over                                           
    working immune system.
ο Do eat organic ostrich, venison, fish (free of mercury), and                        Health Naturally®
    crocodile, alligator. Low fat (once or twice a week) only. Lamb
    veal best of the rest. Take fat & skin off before cooking halves fat
                                                                                RM  ” AYT M”
                                                                               FI UP. ST RI .
ο Do get sunlight first thing in the morning. Direct light to the “Exercise at 20 is an option. At 30+ it is a
    retina of the eye (no glasses or contacts) 7,000 to 12 000 lux.
    This triggers the metabolism to burn fat (particularly if you warm necessity.” Clarence Bass
    up (brisk walk), stretch light weights 5 exercise x 10 reps 10 Kg             SKILL POWER NOT WILL POWER
    = 500kg lifted. NB). Lying on the lawn facing north south realigns
    the body’s positive magnetism (positive energy). This burns fat Carbohydrates 4 cals per gram              Fat     9 cals per gram
    and gives good electrical reaction for health.                        Protein           4 cals per gram Alcohol 7 cals per gram
ο Do listen to slow relaxing music. Use a smaller plate, you will eat Severe calorie restriction diets have shown to extend Mammals life
                                                                          span, reducing Cancer 40% and delaying onset of all age related
ο Do drink Chinese Green Tea Natural thermogenic and fat diseases. Bottom line stay lean and keep your intestine clean and
    blocker also filter coffee only, black tea ok. No tea bags. = you will stay healthy.
10 Ways to burn 50 calories and get heart up to 130+ - 1. Weight train for 8 minutes, 1. Walk briskly for 7 minutes, 3. Golf for 10 minutes,
         4. Vacuum for 18 minutes, 5. Mow your lawn for 7 ½ minutes, 6. Play basketball for 6 minutes, 7. Swim for 6 minutes, 8. Ride a bike
         leisurely for 9 minutes, 9. Dance for 10 minutes, 10. Shop for 14 minutes.
Pack 1 Herbal burn (Tincture): Thermogenics Certain herbs that assist the body to burn fat by raising the metabolism 1 – 2 degrees
         Celsius. These 14 herbs have been used for centuries. They also assist in liver and kidney cleansing.
Pack 2 Amino Burn (Capsules) Certain amino acids and nutrients utilise and mobilise fat as an energy source, they also increase muscle
         mass allowing for further fat burning.
Pack 3 GH Release tincture (male) Ha Saw (female) Herbal hormone precursors assist the body to absorb and release growth hormones
         building muscle. Fat is burnt in the muscle cells as energy. If over 40, essential for hormonal balance.
Pack 4 GH Release Caps, Amino acids and nutrients mobilise and burn fat. Increased GH Release = more muscle cells.
Step 1: Decide which program to use or call us for further advice. Step 2: Deposit relevant amount into our account, fax/e-mail deposit slip
         with full name, postal address, phone and e-mail for future information, or phone through your credit card details. Step 3: We will
         contact you within the hour to give you a tracking number for your parcel to all fast overnight mail.
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Pricing includes fast mail:         Pack 1 & 2: R216                Pack 1, 2 & 3: R310                     Pack 1, 2, 3 & 4: R400
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