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Purchase Order in Xls Format for India

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Purchase Order in Xls Format for India document sample

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Tender No…………….. Issued against payment of Rs. 2000/-(Non Refundable and non transferable tender
Vide Cash Receipt No……..…….Dated……………for the year 2009-2010.

                                                                                  G.M.&Associated Hospitals,

Sub: Conclusion of rate contract tender for medicines, General Drugs (Disinfectants) & Surgical Consumables
     required for the year 2009-2010.

Dear Sir,
        You are invited to tender for medicine, General Drugs (Disinfectants) & surgical consumables and
Sutures to be supplied to this hospitals in the year 2009-2010

      Please quote tender number on the top of your envelope. The sealed envelope containing the tender
document should be addressed to “The Superintendent, G.M. & Associated Hospitals (CSMMU), Lucknow.

         (a) Technical and financial bid should be submitted in separate sealed envelop mentioned with full
             Name, Address, E- mail, Fax, Phone, Mobile No., of the tendering firm on top of the envelops and
             put in a large envelop duly sealed.
         (b) The bids should be submitted in the tender box placed in the Committee Room of the Hospitals on
             dated 10.06.09 to 13.07.2009 Up to 4:30 pm.

Mailing Address:      The Superintendent, G.M. & Associated Hospitals, Lucknow. All other communication
                     must be addressed to the office by designation only.

        It is proposed to enter into a running Rate Contract for supply of items enumerated being schedule of
Annexure (B-1, B-2, B-3 & B-4). You may furnish your quotations subject to the terms and conditions
acceptable to you in full. Modification if any included in your quotation shall not be accepted and you shall be
bound by the terms and conditions of tender/order.

        The tender should be submitted after carefully reading the instructions for filling tender which is
enclosed with Annexure A-1, A-2 & A3 (a) /A3 (b). The Technical Bid shall be opened on dated 14.07.2009 at
1:00 pm onward. Financial Bid shall be opened after ward for those tenderers only who pass the Technical Bid
and will be informed accordingly. In case of date mentioned above is declared holiday, it shall be
automatically shifted to the next working day.

                                                                                G.M. & Associated Hospitals,

                                                                                                ANNEXURE: A-1

1.     Technical and Financial Bids should be submitted in separate sealed envelops. Only Annexure A-3 (a) &
    A-3 (b) to be submitted as per Proforma in duplicate with Technical and Financial Bids respectively. In
    case of violation the tender shall be rejected.
2.     Tenderer should read carefully all the terms and conditions including those enclosed at Annexure“A-2”.
    (a) Only manufacturing/re-packing firm having an annual turnover above Rs. 40 Crore (Rs.Forty Crore)
    during the last 3 consecutive financial years are eligible to participate in the tender.
    (b)Only the Surgical consumable, general drugs, disinfectant mentioned the Items of Annexure B-2 of S.No.
    G1 – G28 may be quoted by the Authorized Sole Selling Agent/ Distributors and the bar of turnover will not
    apply to them.
3.     (a) The Tenderer should quote only those life saving and Hazardous drug for which they have
    manufacturing unit as per norms of the revised schedule- “M” of the Drug Act and for which they have any
    of the quality/safety certification of National/International standards like GMP/WHO-GMP/IPF/US-
    FDA/CEE/ISO/ DGQA etc. certificate valid on the date of opening the tender.
4.     Bidders must purchase separate tender documents for each company. Single tender documents shall
    contain the technical and financial bid of only one company. Non compliance shall be liable for cancellation
    of the bid.
5.     (a) The rates offered by manufacturer/importer will only be accepted. Dealer/Distributor can purchase
    tender document on behalf of their principal company, but not authorized to quote rates or submit tender
    on behalf of the manufacturer/importer .
    (b) Manufacturer/importer, execute their supply through authorized distributors, the supply can be accepted
    through the distributor/dealer based on the authority letter of the principal company at the sole responsibility
    of principal company. The name of distributor must be mentioned in the Technical Bid.
    (c) Dealer/Distributor can quote the rates on behalf of the manufacturer/importer only for Items of
    Annexure B-2 of S.No. G1 – G28.
6.     That the Tenderer should also furnish along with tender a notary affidavit on Non Judicial Stamp Paper
    of Rs. 100.00 stating their in as under:-
(a) That the firm has been manufacturing and marketing the quoted products for more than three consecutive
    financial years.
(b) I. That the firm is never being blacklisted /penalized/defaulted by any government Institution /Hospitals with
    in last 5 year.
    II. That there is no Judicial case pending against the firm & the firm has not been convicted by any Court of
(c) That the firm has deposited up to date sales Tax and Income Tax. (Attach copy of clearance/Return
(d) That the rates quoted by the firm are the lowest and not higher than the wholesale market rates/quoted in any
    other Institution or Hospitals. Rates have been checked by me/us and if approved I shall supply that items in
    the specified period.
(e) That the firm is having its manufacturing unit as per norms of revised schedule “M” of the Drugs Act & is
    having GMP/WHO-GMP/IPF/US-FDA/CEE/ISO/DGQA certificate valid till date. (Mention whichever is
8. Rate quotation must be on the letter head of the company as per the tender proforma Annexure A-3 (b)
   and must have signature of the Proprietor/Manager orAuthorized Signatory of the firm with full name along
   with the stamp,the authority letter in his favour shall be enclosed with tender documents.
9. (a) That the tenderer should quote only rate for each item without any variation. Any discount or offer must
   be mentioned in the Financial Bid only.

    (b) The tenderer should quote the rate inclusive of all the levies and duties /charges (trade tax, VAT and
    excise duty etc.) in figure and also in words. F.O.R.destination Hospitals Store. It will the sole responsibility
    of the tenderer to the door deliveries of goods on his own.
10. Strength of active ingredients of drugs should be quoted clearly under the column no-5 of Annexure A-3(a)
    (Technical Bid) & A- 3(b) (Financial Bid).
11. (a). All the photocopy of the supporting documents should be self attested with stamp of the firm.
    (b) Sales Tax, Income Tax clearance /Assessment certificate along with the notary affidavit must be attached
    along with the tender, failing which the tender will be rejected.
    (c) Tenderer must enclose the Drug Manufacturing licence/re-packing licence, as per norms of revised
    schedule “M”of the Drugs Act along with approved Drug list issued by the State Drug Control
    Authority/Licencing Authority.
    (d) All the tenderer must submit quality, safety certification of any authorised National/International
    standards like GMP/WHO-GMP/IPF/US-FDA/CEE/ISO/ DGQA etc. certificate.
    (e) Tenderer must enclose the Performance of manufacturing & marketing certificate issued by the State
    Drug Control Authority/Licencing Authority.
    (f) If quoted items are approved in any Rate Contract in your favour, then please submit photocopy of rate
12. Tender must be accompanied with Rs.25,000/- as earnest money, which is accepted only in the form of
    FDR/TDR in favour of “The Superintendent”, G. M. & A. H. Lucknow payable at Lucknow, U.P. At
    the back of FDR/TDR mention the complete Name & Address of the firm. The minimum validity of EMD
    would be one year from the tender date. Tender without earnest money shall be rejected.
13. At least two Samples of the units being offered in the tender, packed in a sealed white transparent
    polythene/glass bottle of each item must be submitted along with the tender by the tenderer otherwise tender
    may be rejected.
14. The sealed technical and financial bids of the tenders should be super scribed separately as “Tender Bid for
    Medicine”, Tender Bid for Surgical consumable, general drugs, disinfectant or Tender Bid for
    Surgical sutures and packed in separate sealed envelops.
15. Terms and conditions duly signed by the competent authority of the firm must be enclosed along with the
    tender documents and the hard copy. An electronic copy of financial bid in Microsoft Excel Sheet format
    (in the prescribed format provided along with the tender document without deleting unquoted Items)
    on a CD should also be provided for ease of editing in making the comparative. File name should be
    <Company name>.xls. otherwise tender may be rejected.
16. No relaxation in terms and conditions will be granted to any tender companies/firms who are registered with
    any organization/corporation.
17. Tender should reach on or before the date and time specified in the tender notice .Tender received after
    expiry of the due date and time shall not be entertained. Office shall not be responsible for any reason or
    postal delay.
18. Tender documents can also be downloaded from the website But the Tender fee.
    ie.,Rs2000.00 in form of DD drawn on any scheduled Bank, in favour of Superintendent, G,M.&
    Associated Hospitals, Lucknow, payable at Lucknow, will necessarily be attached with the bid otherwise
    tender will be rejected.
19. In case of any discrepancy between the downloaded bid documents and that available with concerned office,
    the bid document available in the office would be considered authentic.

                                                                                                ANNEXURE: A-2

1. Period:-
   Rates quoted against this enquiry will remain effective for financial year 2009-2010. This period may be
   extended for a maximum period of another one year or till the tender for next year is not finalized, which
   ever is later. During the period the tenderer agreed to be bound by the terms and condition mentioned in the
2. Supply:-
a. Goods are to be supplied F.O.R. Hospitals Store / Destination at the quoted rates.
b. Hospitals will not be own the responsibilities of (i) Issuance of sale tax concession form 3-D (U.P. Govt.),
   road permits, form 31/32/39, from C or D or any concessional forms or (ii) Clearance of consignment from
   any road, rail, air and postal terminals.
c. Supply of Indents will have to be executed within one week from the date of receipt of supply order. In case
   of force de majure prior information to the hospitals (prior to the expiry of one week) stating reasons must
   be provided by signed FAX/letter on the company’s letter head and prior permission obtained from the
   Superintendent to avoid activation of the penal clauses.
d. Each bottle/vial/phial/ampoule/packing must be stamped with “G.M. & A.H. SUPPLY, NOT FOR SALE” in
   red ink, failing which supply will be rejected or the amount shall be charged as per the discretion of the
   hospitals authority.
e. The firm shall be bound to supply on the rates quoted in the tender throughout the contract period.
f. Each drug should bear the manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number etc. on the body of the product/
   packing and packing must be labeled in accordance to the provisions of the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1945.
g. (I)Drugs supplied must be of standard quality and as per specifications. Analytical test report/Data
   material safety sheets of each and every batch of supply should be provide.
   (II)Random sample may be subject to testing through Govt. Analyst/Private Analyst and testing charges
   shall be deducted from the bill of the supply.
   (III)Incase of discrepancy being reported between the sample and the supply, the Tenderer shall be liable to
   return the whole amount of the bill charged along with 2% compound interest compounding monthly from
   the date of clearance of the cheque / draft issued by the hospitals. The Tenderer and not the hospitals will
   bear all the legal and financial responsibility for any damage caused to patients as the result of the
   substandard supply.
h. The Drugs shall be procured on the basis of as and when required.
3. Expiry of Drugs:-
a. No drugs supplied under this contract shall bear less than 3/4th of self life from the date of receipt by
   the store. In case such drugs are received, they are liable to be returned /replaced at the cost of the supplier
   at any subsequent date.
b. List of drugs approaching expiry due to slow consumption will be intimated to the supplier at least 2 months
   in advance and will have to be replaced at the supplier's cost. Also slow moving items may be returned and
   replaced with other approved items of equal cost.
c. If the drugs expire due to non compliance with the clause 3(b) in the hospitals store, the supplier agrees to let
   hospitals authorities deduct the cost from the subsequent bill of the supplier.
d. Supplies found broken/damaged or evaporated on opening the parcel will have to be replaced, failing which
   the bill shall be passed after deduction of the amount of quantities found broken or evaporated.
4. Penalty Clause:-
a. Failure to supply the drugs in the specified time will empower the hospitals to acquire the drugs at L II or
   L III or in case of patient needs even market rates and the excess payment will be adjusted against the
   pending bills / the security money of the supplier.
b. Default in supply or non adherence to the terms and conditions in the order may also cause the black listing
   of the firm and forfeiting of the security money.

c. If any drug has been found to be inferior or substandard, the balance stock shall be returned to the supplier
    and the payment of the consumed stock shall not be made to the firm. Simultaneously disciplinary action
    will be taken against the firm which may include black listing.
5. Payments:-
a. Bill of supply from within Uttar Pradesh will only be accepted in order to ensure that supplied goods are
    UPTT and Local Tax paid.
b. Payment of the bill shall be made within 30 days from the date of receipt of the bill and supplies subject to
    availability of funds and completion of the processing of the bills.
c. Bill must be submitted in triplicate along with photocopy of supply order and copy of challan duly received
    by the Store-In-charge.
d. Incomplete or improperly submitted bills will not be processed and the delay will be the responsibility of the
6. The tenderer will not be allowed to revise (Increase) the rates quoted throughout the contract period, due to
    any reasons like change in bulk drugs prices of the raw material or rate variation in foreign exchange etc..
    However variation in statutory levies/duties on items will be given due consideration.
7. The supplier must quote a fresh in case the price or taxes on any of the items reduces during the period of
    operation of tender and should charge only at reduced rates from the date of reduction.
8. Name of Distributor/Agent/ Stockist at Lucknow may be given for Emergency purchase. The supplies from
    local depot will be preferred, if offered at the rates quoted in the tender. In case of change of the Dealer/
    Distributor, the name is to be informed well in advance by the original tenderer otherwise wrong issuance of
    cheques/drafts will be the Vendors responsibility.
9. After approval of rates the firm shall have to execute an agreement deed on a Non Judicial Stamp Paper of
    Rs. 100.00 or as per Govt. rules. Earnest money will be adjusted towards security money, which shall be
    released after expiry of rate contract period.
10. The Tenderer/Supplier shall have to confirm the purchase order within 7 days from the date of the dispatch
    of the purchase order; otherwise it will be deemed that order is acceptable to the firm.
11. Purchase order will be treated as binding on “Errors & Omission accepted Basis”. However, if the supplier
    notices any mistake in the content of the order, he must bring the same to the notice of the hospitals and seek
    modification. Supplier will bear the responsibility for failure to take this action.
12. Sales Tax, Income Tax clearance certificate along with the notary affidavit must be attached along with the
    tender, failing which the tender will be rejected.
13. Compliance with all laws governing sale of the items including taxation is the responsibility of the Vendor.
14. Right Reserved:-
a. The tenderer will not be allowed to add any terms and conditions on his own.
b. As delay in supply of these items to the hospitals harms patients and are life and death issues, all tenderers
    will accept the decision of the hospitals authorities on the comparatives on technical and financial bids as
    final and not subject it to representation or litigation.
c. The Purchase Committee reserves the right to approve any item on the basis of quality (safety, affectivity
    preference or experience of prescribing clinicians) rather than price and there decision shall not be
    questioned by the tenderers in any Forum.
d. The Superintendent G.M. & A. H. Lucknow reserves the right to reject any or all the tenders without
    assigning any reason.
15. Settlement of dispute:-
    In case of any dispute, the decision, of the Vice Chancellor, C.S.M.M.U, U.P. Lucknow, shall be final.
16. Jurisdiction of Court:-
17. Lucknow Civil Court shall have the Jurisdiction for any litigation arising out of this tender.

                                                                           G. M. & Associated Hospitals


             I/We……………………………………………….on behalf of M/s………………………………
……………………………………….. submit this tender after reading the tender notice, instructions, terms and
conditions contained here in and subject to all terms and conditions being accepted by me/us. I/We agree that if
at any time it is found that the facts mentioned in the tender are false, we will be liable to return the whole
amount of money paid by G.M & A.H.(CSMMU) Lko to us againsed our bills along with an interest of 2%
compound monthly besides any other legal action that may be taken against us.

Name of authorized signatory                       Signature of the Tenderer/Authorised Signatory
(With seal )                                       Address________________________________
                                                   Drug Manufacturing Licence No._____________
                                                 UPTT/CST No.___________________________
                                                   Phone & Fax No. _________________________

Details of Earnest Money:-
F.D.R/T.D.R. No………….. Dated………..
Rs. (Figure & Words) …………………….…
Name & Address of Bank…………………..

A-Technical Bid-
          1. Earnest Money of Rs. 25,000/- in the form of F.D.R/T.D.R. The minimum validity of EMD
              would be one year from the tender date.
          2. Terms and Conditions along with declaration/ acceptance duly signed in original with seal.
          3. Notary Affidavit as per instructions No.7 of Annexure No. A-1 (Non Conviction Certificate, not
              more than six month old).
          4. Self attested photocopy of Sales Tax and Income Tax Clearance Certificate /return with Seal.
          5. Self attested photocopy of Drug Manufacturing licence, re-packing licence/Sole sale drug
              licence valid till date.
          6. Self Attested photocopy of GMP/WHO-GMP/ISO etc. certificate (Which is applicable).
          7. Certified Balance sheet from Chartered Accountant about yearly turnover above Rs. 40.00 Crore
              (Rs. Forty Crores) must be enclosed with Technical Bid.
          8. Performance of manufacturing & marketing certificate for three preceding years issued by the
              State Drug Control Authority/Licencing Authority.
          9. Non Conviction Certificate issued by the State Drug Control Authority/Licencing Authority.
          10. Approved Drug list issued by State Drug Control Authority/Licencing Authority.
          11. Quoted Items as per proforma Annexure A-3 (a) in duplicate.
          12. Authority letter of firm for authorized signatory.

B-Financial Bid-
            Financial Bid shall contain only rate quotation sheet in sealed envelop as per proforma Annexure
            A-3 (b) in duplicate along with CD in the provided/prescribed Microsoft Excel Sheet format.
Note: Please tick mark  whichever are enclosed.

(The bidders must submit separate tender documents for each category of goods against the list of items
required under above reference. The general terms & conditions of the tender are common and the sealed
envelops should be super-scribed accordingly)

                                                                                                                             ANNEXURE: A-3(a)

  1                      3                       4                  5             6            7                   8                  9
  tem Inj./Tab/ Description of items    Specification of product Strength of    Since when   Packing   Name of Agency for quality    Sample
no. as Cap. etc. shown as in the tender alongwith Brand name if     active    firm has been    Per     certification eg. GMP/WHO-   enclosed
  per               form Annex (B)                 any           ingredients manufacturing Box//Strip GMP/IPF/ US-FDA/CEE /ISO        Yes/
tender                                                              of the   & marketing the          /DGQA etc, revised schedule      No
   list                                                            product        product              “M” please quote whichever
                                                                  (Specify)                                    is applicable

                                                                                                                                     ANNEXURE: A-3(b)
                                                                                                                                         (Financial Bid)

  1                        3                     4             5          6         7               8              9            10          11
 Item Inj./Tab/   Description of items    Specification of Strength of Packing    Offered     Offered Rates in   Offered    Percentage      MRP
no. as Cap. etc. shown as in the tender        product        active     Per      Rates in   words inclusive of Rate per       wise        as per
  per               form Annex (B)        alongwith Brand ingredients Box/Strip    figure    trade tax & excise Tab/Cap/    difference    column 6
tender                                       name if any      of the             inclusive    duty etc. As per Amp/ Vial/   from MRP
  list                                                       product            of trade tax     column 6         Phial      on Rates
                                                            (Specify)            & excise                        As per      quoted at
                                                                                 duty etc.                      column 6      column
                                                                                   As per                                     No. 7/8
                                                                                 column 6

                                                                                                                                                   Annexure A-3(b)

                                                                                                                                                   Financial Bid
                                                                                                                                                   Only for Sutures

  1      2                     3                                                  4                                    5         6         7              8             9

Sl.     Item   Description of items shown as in          Specification of Product along with Brand Name if any                Offered    Rate      Percentage wise    MRP as
No.      No.   the tender from Annex (B)
                                                  ITEM      SIZE OF     LENGTH        TYPE OF    SIZE      DOUBLE   PACKING    Rates      per      difference from      per
                                                  CODE      SUTURE        OF          NEEDLE      OF       NEEDLE
                                                                        SUTURE                  NEEDLE                         as per   Foil/Pc.    MRP on Rates      column
                                                                                                                              column                  quoted at          5
                                                                                                                                  5                 column No. 9
S.No.             Description of Sutures


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